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I know most of you don't want Chrysalis to look like what the changelings look like now and some of you do, but one thing is for sure, we want her to be one of the good ones.

Imagine what if Chrysalis did accept Starlight's friendship, where would that lead her, quite simple really, don't know where but on the path of her redemption. Well at least she friends like Thorax and Starlight to help her along the way.

This group is for stories where Chrysalis is on her path to Redemption whether she is a purified version of herself or the way she looks right now.

This group is also a relative group of Sympathy for the Queen.

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Come on Hasbro! Answer our call to have Chrysalis as a Reformed Changeling in Canon Material! :D

I'll admit, while I did like the new colors, I did not like how the changelings looked in their new forms, especially Thorax's:ajbemused:! I mean seriously, who would think to give him antlers, especially when he's not even a deer:facehoof:! If they were going to be reformed, the least that could've been done was make them look more pony-like and Alicorn-ish, like Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Twilight. Not to worry though:scootangel:! When I get to Season Six of my AU series, I'll make sure that the changelings will have a much better looking appearance:raritystarry:, and that Chrysalis is reformed, because I really can't see her continuing to be a villain:applejackunsure:. Especially when she had the chance to no longer have to liver her life starving all the time, as Starlight had so kindly stated near the end of the Season Six finale:twilightsmile:.

yay Reformed Crissy

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