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14 years-old real name Sarah Murnaghan my favorite characters are Rainbow Dash,Thorax,Queen Chrysalis,Starlight Glimmer and Temptest Shadow


MLP movie · 10:13pm Mar 13th, 2017

OK all Bronies and Pegasisters
The My Little Pony movie is on it,s way and I want to do a poll who is your favorite new charator from the My Little Pony movie? I personly Love Temptest Shadow I also think Grubber is pretty cute :raritywink: Hear is a list of new charactors in case you forgot anypony

Princess Skystar 'Sea pony'
Queen Novo 'sea pony'
Capper 'cat'
Temptest Shadow 'unicorn'
Captain celino 'griffin'
Grubber 'not really sure'
The Storm King ;also not sure :twilightblush:

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Fair enough. Also, if you click/press the button with the arrows on the top right of my comment, I'll get a notification to check it instead of having to come back on my own.

Because i just want to follow a few people thats all

Why did you follow me? Am I doing something special?

Not tryna be rude, I'm just genuinely confused.

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