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Anyone Like Creepypastas? I have a youtube channel that you might like · 1:45pm August 22nd

Anyway, about two months back, I started a Creepypasta channel called TheShadowReader, and it's..................not doing to well for some reason. If you guys could give my channel a hand, i'd appreciate it a lot. ALSO comment down below what creepypastas you want me to narrate! Love you guys! PAX VOBIS!


One of my videos;

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Potatoooooo chiiiips

From what I've noticed, there seems to be a lack of fanfictions between Spike and Thorax (shipping wise). Could you make a really cute, adorable, fanfiction between these two? I read your PartyDiamond fanfic, and loved it! So, could you do that for me. OH, and before I forget, I'm going to be making another fanfiction involving Rummy XD! However, it's going to be a story that will surprise you in many ways!!! Hope to hear from you soon, friend! LUV U!

Hey, can I ask you a favor?

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