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Welcome! :twilightsmile:
This group is for homeschoolers, if you are not homeschooled please do not join. You are still welcome to join if you are in your first or second year of college and you were homeschooled at least most of your life.

This group is a community of homeschoolers on Fimfiction. In the group you can create or participate in discussions, read stories in the library by other homeschoolers (and submit your own!), create polls for the group to answer, and whatever else you can think of that might be fun or beneficial :twilightsmile: . I can run events, like a writing contest for example, if there is enough interest.

Here are the Rules for the “Homeschoolers of Fimfiction” group.

Other important threads:

Questions link

Suggestions, Ideas, and feedback for the group link

Chat Thread link

There are no old threads in this group, feel free to add a new comment to any given thread at any given time.

Please spread the word to any homeschoolers you know of on Fimfiction. Thanks!

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Yes, I read your blog post :twilightsmile: Welcome to the group!

Hello Melody. I thank you greatly for inviting me to this group. I think I'll enjoy it:twilightsmile:

Also, I'm guessing you realized I was homeschooled by looking at my one blog post.

408788 beats me. my computer is acting up.

Why does it say you joined the group 1 week 4 days ago if you just joined
today? :pinkiegasp:

same!! that's all i can say! lol

yay a group for other homies!

Homeschooled for a reason!

Thank you for inviting me!:pinkiehappy: this is cool!

Sounds like fun.

Hi everypony! I noticed there are groups for lots of different things, but not one for homeschoolers. I decided to create one! I hope everypony enjoys! :twilightsmile:

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