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Welcome to a group dedicated to the shipping of Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst!

Any story with Starlight or Sunburst can go here, as well as shipping and/or friendshipping.


1. Stories posted here must have Starlight or Sunburst as a main character.

2. Always put your stories into the right folder.

3. Be respectful and mindful of others when posting in the forum.

4. Please, no clopfics or NSFW stories.

If you have any cute pictures of this ship, post them in the Got Any Pictures? thread!


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I agree with the last comment even tho it’s from a couple years ago - this ship (and group) needs more fics! They’re such an adorable couple:heart:

ok but this ship needs more fanfics


YAY! I uploaded a new chapter to my Starburst story!

thanks for inviting me!! cute cute ship xDD

Juicy ship is juicy! :heart:

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