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I've gone emo lmao


Happy Holidays Everyone!! <3 · 10:30pm Dec 25th, 2017

Happy Holidays!! Or whatever you celebrate, Anyways....I started to finish my story it's just like a little far from done!! I'm so happy I have almost finished this book I was writing some of it in a book and now I have to find the book (80 years later) :rainbowlaugh: anyways I hope you all are enjoying your time with your family, hope to finish this story soon but for now....BYE :rainbowlaugh:

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Show me your story when you're done with it :)

If Possible My Story Should Be Done But If I Submit It Can I Still Update Chapters Or No? I Said It Was Complete But I Wanna Ask Someone That Has A Lot Of Stories To Be Sure & That Actually Makes Me Feel Like A Friend <3

That's perfectly fine with me, take your time.

Okie (I Fell Asleep Sorry!!) <3

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