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You know, what. I’m accepting the finale we got. Sure there is that awful Grogar twist, and a certain evil filly. But the finale and epilogue are find episodes objectively. Even though if I don’t really like the 2 part finale that much. While the epilogue has some flaws. I don’t think that the finale should pander; to the vocal minority who hate the finale.
Also Star vs the forces of evil’s finale even if I haven’t seen it yet. Has the heroes committing genocide in the end. As well as the Queen Moon twist. Which is just like the Grogar is Discord twist. Also I’m just stating my opinion. I don’t want this to turn into an argument again.

I think it's wrong that Cozy Glow got turned to tone, I mean, they never gave a filly a chance. It's totally unfair.

I feel like the Royal Sisters got a pretty bad sendoff.
On their very last days as rulers, they just get taken out yet again and such..

You know what I’m starting to warm up to the finale.
But I do have some other problems.
-Every pony being racist to each other. (I know that “The Summer Sun Setback” forshawdowed it). But I hardly find it believable that lies from strangers turn every pony against each other. Mind control magic would be more believable.
-The Pillars, and Princesses fights were crap.
-Grogar’s bell was unimpressive.
-Cozy. This show tries to make a freaking child. An irredeemable villain, like Chrysalis, and Tirek. Wait a second that is that is just why I dislike her now.
The rest I’m starting to think are meh to good. Like every creature joining in the fight. Or the mane 6 being at the donut shop.

What other issues you have with the finale aside from the Grogar twist?

My fic being in here isn't something i expected.

I actually like the finale. my fic is merely a take on what would happen if someone with the brain's to avoid the Rainbow Laser of Death would do if suddenly stuck in Cozy's situation.

I may not be a big fan of "The Last Problem." But it does work as a good finale. But "The Ending of the End" is an awful finale. Oh and its not just that Grogar twist. Even though this twist is complete trash.

I joined this group because of the banner alone. Alicorn Starlight, you had me at that. Oh and the adorable profile pic of Cozy Glow drew me in too.

If I may ask,

What do you guys think of the comment stating my reasons for joining this group?

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Yeah. Good thing we have this site. I feel better about the finale after writing my story, and reading others.

“The Ending of the End” is and always will be what I consider to be one of the best episodes. I actually believe Discord turning out to be Grogar was a wiser move instead of it being the real deal, particularly because of how much focus was put on the Legion of Doom as antagonists and how useless and unnecessary having the real Grogar around would’ve been.

“The Last Problem”, though...I will admit that it’s charming, and “The Magic of Friendship Grows” is definitely one of my new favorite songs. However, the future events depicted in the episode were what I was bothered by, because there were things about them that I couldn’t help question and have a hard time discerning the accuracy of, especially the time span between it and Twilight’s coronation and how old some of the characters were. Too many questions also seemed to be left by that episode, and while there are some that I wouldn’t mind basing stories on...there are some that I’d like Allspark and Allspark alone to answer.

And these days, because of the brief scenes shared between Fluttershy and Discord, and Rainbow Dash and Applejack, people keep insisting that FlutterCord and AppleDash are canon despite nothing being shown to confirm that.

And theres the issue of what would happen to the trio if Discord's plan didn't go haywire.
Its a pretty unsettling thought that makes it look like Discord treated them(and Sombra) as disposable pawns.
And the issue of how it affects the Royal Sisters. Like I am pretty sure even if his plan went off without a hitch, the sisters would still fall flat on their faces and ultimately needing Twilight to save the day. Really, Discord's plan made the sisters look bad. Like big time.
On their very last days as rulers(Luna's case is worse since she didn't get to enjoy her rule much due to losing a 1000 years), they just get screwed over.
He made the sisters look like "failures"(no, distracting the trio and turning them to stone after they got dealt with does not make the sisters not "failures". Not one bit).
While his plan was trying to boost Twilight's confidence, I bet deep down it damaged the Royal Sisters' confidence. Especially Luna's since she only returned from the moon only to keep falling flat on her face again and again.
I would go on more on the issues I feel but I don't want to make this comment to long..

Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted May 9th, 2020
Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted May 3rd, 2020

436766 Not to mention, Discord's plan was unnecessary and ultimately backfired. Plus, what would he do if somehow Twilight failed or died?!

Yeah, what was the point in having the father of monsters if he turned out to be a phony.

"The Last Problem" was pretty satisfactory, even if it's an optional epilogue. But that "Discord was Grograr" twist for "The Ending of the End" really soured most of the two parter and shouldn't have been dreamt up.

The ending of MLP was so disheartening. Hopefully we can fix this!

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