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This group is dedicated to all fics that attempt to fix the MLP series finale and/or epilogue (The Ending of the End and The Last Problem, respectively). Whether it's creating a sequel to patch things up or rewriting the episodes in question, every story in this group is either an attempt to fix the end of MLP or directly related to one (a prequel to a fixfic, for instance).

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Hello I’m just posting a link on my current thoughts on Cozy’s punishment.

Spoilers: I hate it!

Comment posted by AleximusPrime deleted Oct 16th, 2021

Hello guys. Here is a blog where I apologize for acting like a toxic hypocritical jerk.

I'm leaving this group, there is no way I can engage in civil discussion here.


Here is a tutorial on how to form your own opinions without having to quote sites that everyone can edit to their narrative.

Comment posted by Splashtraveler47 deleted Jul 7th, 2021

They said they were joking about it....

And so I heard there was a 'fixing the finale' group.
"I'm so there." I told my imaginary self and he gave me his thumb up.
So here I am! :twilightsmile:

She's older than she physically appears. The writers said so.

You know, what. I’m accepting the finale we got. Sure there is that awful Grogar twist, and a certain evil filly. But the finale and epilogue are find episodes objectively. Even though if I don’t really like the 2 part finale that much. While the epilogue has some flaws. I don’t think that the finale should pander; to the vocal minority who hate the finale.
Also Star vs the forces of evil’s finale even if I haven’t seen it yet. Has the heroes committing genocide in the end. As well as the Queen Moon twist. Which is just like the Grogar is Discord twist. Also I’m just stating my opinion. I don’t want this to turn into an argument again.

I think it's wrong that Cozy Glow got turned to tone, I mean, they never gave a filly a chance. It's totally unfair.

I feel like the Royal Sisters got a pretty bad sendoff.
On their very last days as rulers, they just get taken out yet again and such..

Comment posted by Splashtraveler47 deleted Jun 17th, 2021

What other issues you have with the finale aside from the Grogar twist?

My fic being in here isn't something i expected.

I actually like the finale. my fic is merely a take on what would happen if someone with the brain's to avoid the Rainbow Laser of Death would do if suddenly stuck in Cozy's situation.

Comment posted by Splashtraveler47 deleted May 19th, 2021

I joined this group because of the banner alone. Alicorn Starlight, you had me at that. Oh and the adorable profile pic of Cozy Glow drew me in too.

If I may ask,

What do you guys think of the comment stating my reasons for joining this group?

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