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Are you huge fans of the treacherous trio of villains? We’re you disappointed/saddened by their fate at the end of the series? Did you wish for them to be reformed and have a better fate?

Well this is the group to go to.

In here, you can either post stories surrounding different fates for the trio, or just discuss stories about them entirely. You can even post videos or photos in the forum! Don't forget to check out the forum in case something is posted.

Here are some rules:

-You can either post sequels to the series finale or alternate takes entirely. As long as the trio is a main focus and they have a better ending.

-You can post stories taking place before or after the finale.

-You can post stories focusing on only one or two of the villains.

-Post the stories in the respective folders.

-No NSFW stories. Only stories rated E or T are accepted.

-Try to get along in the discussions forum.

-Self-promoting is permitted here, but don’t go overboard.

-Have Fun!

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I'm leaving this group since no one is willing to accept my idea for how they can be reformed.

I’ve been reading it, and I’ve been enjoying it. Thanks for putting it here.

hope ya'll like Unexpected Aftermath

Hey. Hope to find good stories here that do justice to these characters. (Mainly Cozy)

Personally I was satisfied with their fate but I joined anyway to try to make up for this by suggesting a possible idea for a redemption story/headcanon.

Because they DID leave open this possibility by turning them to stone (specifically for symmetry with Discord, and remember what happened with him afterwards) instead of vaporizing them like Sombra or shattering them to pieces like the Storm King.

Here's their Theme Song:

Hi :)

Welcome to the group.

Hello! :)

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