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A group for Cozy Glow and her adventures in friendship.

Look at all my new friends!

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I agree, she is just the most precious little thing; even if she is evil:rainbowkiss:!!! Agh, I'm just feeling my heart clenching just thinking about it:heart:!!!

May be evil, but Cozy Glow is also cute! :heart:

Cozy Glow a cute!

In my mind, she reminds me of a sadistic Shirley temple for some reason.

Me too...even though she turned out evil, I just can't get over how adorable she is:scootangel:! I just wanna pinch those cheeks so much:rainbowkiss::heart:!

Sweet, and like all of her kind, really bucking metal!


Welcome! Isn't she the sweetest?


I had been waiting for a group of her to form!


She would outdo Light in cheerfulness any day.

Who else think Cozy Glow would make the best Kira (Death Note)?

Maybe because the finale hasn't been released worldwide yet?

Spoiler alert: Cozy Glow is best (and cutest) villain. :D

I'm honestly surprised there aren't a lot of fans of her yet. :P

I really really don't wanna believe that Cozy is a villain:applecry:, but if she is...well, I've got some reforming to do with her:raritywink:. Come to think of it...after seeing what I've seen, especially with CG been Tirek's Protege/Pen-pal, and theories about CG being Neighsay's daughter...and the fact that she was the one draining magic from all of Equestria...this gives me an idea:rainbowdetermined2:!


Sorry! A comedy folder has been added. I might have placed the story in it already, though.

A new story uploaded but it's a comedy and I don't know were to sort it

Hi, I'm just here awaiting a influx of cozy glow fics

  • Viewing 7 - 26 of 26
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