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Feeling a little spooky this month- because it’s October? Okay I’ll stop.


In these dark hours of Equestria, caused by an entity unknown, nearly the entire population of ponies and creatures turn from their innocent selves into c̶o̷r̶r̵u̶p̸t̴e̶d̷ mindless monsters. Survivors are scattered throughout the land, and all hope seems slim.

With unlikely allies, friends turned to foes, and danger lurking in every corner, could Equestria be truly salvageable, or is this the end as we know it, the world’s fate sealed to the d̷a̶r̴k̴n̶e̵s̶s̶ forever?

It started with a scream when the clock struck midnight.

A story about the "Learning with Pibby" corruption in Equestria.

If by chance you don't know much about the original idea, then feel free to click here to see the original source: https://youtu.be/Btu0O47u3rY

Note: Gore tag is present due to descriptions of some corrupted characters. However one chapter does contain a scene of dismemberment, and another a slight description of impalement

(Credit for glitch texture goes to someone on YouTube, JimmytheDrawer. No, he doesn't make MLP content or is even a fan of the show as far as I know, just giving credit where it's due)

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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: The Days of New Equestria (Season 2)

When it's your task to save Equestria, the story doesn't end that fast. From simple things like severe snow days or simple bonding time, to treacherous villains such as a revived Windigo and a mechanical beast, this season will be a blast like the last.

*Constructive criticism is appreciated if needed.*

The fifth story in The Reformverse.

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Non-listed tags include: Romance (due to some Chrysalis X Tirek shipping) and Dark (which will be rare but occasional).

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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: The Days of New Equestria (Season 1)

Welcome back to Equestria, the magical land of friendship! The team of four returns once again in all new adventures and slice-of-life stories. Equestria continues to bring many new things such as a new romance, a new pet, a new ally, and a new villain.

They'll learn the hard way that one of their greatest enemies are their inner demons.

Watch as our heroes continue their adventures, and soon learn the importance of choosing love and forgiveness over hate.

Cover art made by Little Tigress

Thanks to Indigo Lightning Strike and MarlonCalpe40000 for helping me edit.

The fourth story in The Reformverse.

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Non-listed tags include: Romance (due to some Chrysalis X Tirek shipping) and Dark (which will be rare but occasional).

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None of you know me. And I know why. I'm just an average 20 year-old MLP G4 brony... who is going to a college for graphic-novelists... in the year 2025.

But take my advice: life finds a way to screw with you at every turn. I know that because I had a first-hand experience with something nobody has ever experienced before.

I fell unconsious and turned into Princess Cadance. During a college class! And I woke up in a horse trailer post-transformation!

Life can be so f'ed up!

Now I'm in danger and being held hostage by a bunch of crazy people! But you all know how that ends. Right? Probably not. But do you know what? I don't know either.

This just goes to show that you should never wish to transform into a pony. Ever!

IMPORTANT NOTE! The first 9 chapters are a bit depressing. Read at your own risk!

ANOTHER NOTE: I know some things don’t make sense such as the fact that the government wouldn’t pay for having aliens discovered. But in my defense, the story happens in 2025, and real aliens haven’t really been brought down... I think.

Violence is minor, but the tag is there anyway.

Character tags will be added as the story progresses.

Featured on 7/9/2020, and 7/26/2020. Thank you all :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:!

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This story is a sequel to The Dusk of Troubled Views


Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow are reformed, and now living normal lives in Equestria. At the same time, Leo, a human-turned alicorn, must adjust to living in Equestria instead of his original world. Watch as these four experience their new daily lives, while the evil ram Grogar plots world conquest along with his evil allies.

The third story in The Reformverse.

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Non-listed tags include: Romance (brief, due to some Chrysalis X Tirek shipping) and Dark (which will be rare but occasional).

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WARNING: If you don't like FNaF, then this story is NOT FOR YOU!!!

You all know me. I'm just a guy named Leo. I'm a HUGE brony, writing fanfics here and there. But I'm also a FNAF fan. I favor a lot of the characters. The twisted ones are the coolest. Especially Twisted Freddy.

But then one night, I am writing a Fimfiction about being sent to Equestria. Everything is fine, and I have zero worries.

The next day, I am IN Equestria AS Twisted Freddy. I'm not the only one though! Some random stranger was sent here as well, and transformed into Nightmare from FNAF 4. Oh, and he hates FNAF and MLP.

While we work to gain trust, figure out how this happened, AND search for a way back home, we soon discover that something more sinister is afoot.

A story for fans of FNaF and MLP alike.

There are more main characters than the ones tagged.

Story begins before the season 2 finale of MLP.

This is one of those stories where I am sent to Equestria. And it won't be the last...

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What made Cozy Glow evil?

That was the question that everypony would wonder whenever that peculiar name would be heard. Was it her cutie mark? Was it her parents? Was it both? Or was it something more?

A few nights before Twilight's coronation, the Princess of Friendship ponders those exact questions.

Then, there was a knock on her castle doors.

Note: Just a random idea I had. Just a heads up though, this is NOT canon with The Dawn of a New Mission, or ANY of its sequels, present or upcoming. This is a standalone fic, and NOTHING more!

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This story is a (optional) sequel to The Dawn of a New Mission

After reforming, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy have low confidence in gaining the trust of Equestria's citizens. But when a mysterious cult banishes them to an unknown world, the three former villains end up on a wild adventure... with three odd bipedal creatures.


The second story in The Reformverse


Wanna see more updates, previews, or plans for this story and its sequels? Be sure to check my blog every once in a while!

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When the cutie map calls for Luster Dawn after being dormant for a long time, many questions stir within her mind. However, her anxiety increases when she discovers her friendship problem may be one of the hardest ones anypony ever had to endure.

(Optional) Sequel: The Dusk of Troubled Views - Fimfiction

Takes place a month after The Last Problem

Featured on 4/26/2020, and 7/21/2020? Wow.

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