• Published 10th Nov 2019
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The Dusk of Troubled Views - CartoonopolisAdventures

In this sequel to The Dawn of a New Mission, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow question the trust of everypony a day after reforming. But a single spell from a vile cult will change everything.

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Chapter 6: Letters and Television

It took a while, but I FINALLY managed to find a place for the trio to sleep.

Oh, wait. I forgot.

Hello. I'm Leo. I'm 15. My Fimfiction account is CartoonopolisAdventures. And I have three former MLP villains living in my house.


You didn't expect ME to start telling the story, did you?


The place I chose for the former villains to reside in was... the shed I found them in. Usually, my stepdad, named Jason, uses it. But he's gonna be gone for a couple of days, along with the two dogs we have. And the chances of my Mom using the shed are slim, since I usually see Jason use it. So we settled on the former villains sleeping in there until we figure something out.

Getting it set up wasn't easy. Mostly because they needed room to sleep and NOT just stand. Due to that, we needed to hide everything inside WITHOUT getting in trouble. Moving the items wasn't an issue since Tirek has strength and Chrysalis has magic.

We settled on moving them outside in a spot where Mom wouldn't come across them. Thankfully, Chrysalis knows how to make things invisible. It was both shocking and NOT shocking, since I don't recall her owning books. Then again, she could have learned the spells at some point or stole some spell books.

Anyway, it took about ten minutes to unload everything, put them in the desired spot, and cast an invisibility spell on them.

I collected some blankets, food, and books so they can adjust. I promised they could go in the house when I was home alone.

It took five minutes for her to get home, and luckily, I was able to make it seem like nothing happened. The rest of my Saturday then carried on like normal, but I did check on the former villains at least twice. Just a simple knock on the shed and asking if they were fine, and I was back in the house in minutes.

I wonder what they talk about in there, but I could ask later.

Today, I was supposed to leave for church. But I was quick enough to unlock the shed so the trio would be able to leave. Then, I slid a note under the door. I was trying to be as careful as I could, because I had a feeling the trio was still asleep

Five minutes later...

Third person/creature POV

When the trio woke up, each of them was dismayed to learn that their incident is actually reality.

Tirek was the one to notice the note on the ground. Chrysalis picked the note up and read it.

Hey, guys.

So, I'm gonna be gone for at least an hour after I wrote this. I went to this place called "church". I'll explain later.

The shed is unlocked. So are the doors to the house. I want you to go to my house and enter it. There is some toast and eggs on the counter. My mom doesn't know because I told her I'd walk to church. So I took the opportunity.

After eating, on the couch, there is this a remote on the couch. In case you don't know what it is (you probably do), it is a small black box with buttons. I want you to point it to the BIGGER box, a TV, on the wall in front of the couch. Press the button that says "Netflix". When the TV shows five images, go to the one that has my name under it (if you don't know it, press the right arrow button). Press the button in the middle of the arrows. There, you will get multiple images. Use the arrow buttons to look for the one of Twilight and her friends, titled "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic". Select the image, and press "Play season 1, episode 1". There, you will get to see the broadcasting of Twilight's adventures. If you want to take a break or review what you saw, press the two parallel vertical lines. When you want to keep seeing it, press the sideways triangle.

I hope this letter is useful. Yours truley,


P.S: Don't go downstairs. The my bird is down there in his cage. I'll ALSO explain that later.

The trio uneasily looked at each other before going to the house. As promised, there was three plates of eggs and toast. After enjoying their meal, they went to the couch and saw a small black box with buttons. The remote!

Chrysalis and Cozy got on the couch while Tirek moved the table, picked up the remote, and sat on the floor in front of the couch.

As they followed the instructions on the letter, they were mesmerized when the five images appeared on the screen.

"Wow. This is more advanced stuff. Is this magic?" asked Tirek.

"Actually, there were projectors at the school of friendship," Cozy said. "This is probably more advanced stuff than that. You don't know because you were in Tartarus so long."

Tirek chuckled, embarrassed.

They resumed the instructions on the letter until they had their next reaction: the image of Twilight and her friends.

"Is this it?" Chrysalis asked.

"It's title is what was said in the letter. I think we found what we're looking for," replied Tirek.

A couple more button taps later, and for the first time ever, the trio got their first glimpse of Twilight's trip to Ponyville.

"Wow," Tirek said, pausing the show when season 1, episode 2, began.

"This is... something," Cozy said. "Do you think we could learn more about friendship through this... show?"

"Seems likely," Chrysalis said. "Luster told us that Twilight learned a lot about friendship in the past. Maybe we could hear some of those lessons."

"Well then, I see no reason to keep this paused," Tirek said. He then pressed the button that would resume the show.

Suddenly, the door bursted open, causing Tirek to pause the show again.

It was Leo. And he seemed out of breath.

"You... you've got to...to hurry."

"What's wrong?" asked Cozy.

"Church ended... Mom stayed... I asked if I could... walk home early... to warn you... she will be back... any minute now!"

Author's Note:

NOBODY expected that POV change.

Neither did I. Except I did. :pinkiehappy:

We won't hear from Judgement for a while, by the way.

Feel free to make theories on what will happen. And always let the brony or pegasister within conquer your creativity.

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