The Dusk of Troubled Views

by CartoonopolisAdventures

First published

In this sequel to The Dawn of a New Mission, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow question the trust of everypony a day after reforming. But when they are banished to an unknown world, the fate of Equestria relies on them... and three bipedal creatures.

After reforming, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy have low confidence in gaining the trust of everypony. But when a mysterious cult banishes them to an unknown world, the three former villains end up on a wild adventure... with three odd bipedal creatures.


Chapter 1: Votes and Black Cloaks

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The morning was almost like every other morning. Princess Twilight Sparkle raised the sun and everycreature got up to start their day.

However, there was one significant difference.

Three reformed villains were added to the mix.

Getting out of bed was dull for them. All that happened was Cozy getting out of bed and waking the other two reformed villains. Nopony even made a fuss. Cozy just told them to sit where they did last night when they played cards (and lost to Tirek every time).

The three villains sat in a circle in their room. In the same spots the were in last night when they were playing cards. They really didn't know what to do today. Especially since it was only yesterday when they reformed.

They didn't know if many ponies would trust them after learning that they changed their evil ways.

"What did you want us to sit here for?" Tirek groggily asked, rubbing his eyes.

"To discuss what we're gonna do! We only reformed last night, so I just don't feel SAFE leaving the castle for the time being?"

"Why?" Chrysalis asked.

"Because, we've done SO much in the past to make ponies and other creatures think that our reformation was only a ploy!" Cozy said.

"But they can trust us. Right? Luster did. Princess Twilight did! Even Gallus did!" Chrysalis said.

"Let's see here..." began Tirek. "Chrysalis attacked Canterlot. Then, I almost destroyed Equestria by draining the whole place of magic. Soon, Chrysalis returned and captured some of the most important ponies. Eventually, Cozy Glow nearly got rid of every single ounce of magic using artifacts. Then the REAL kicker was when we spread rumors, destroyed Canterlot, NEARLY destroyed Twilight and her friends, and brought back the Windigos. So it really wouldn't be suprising if ALL of Equestria didn't trust us."

"Well, we HAVE to leave this place SOMETIME!!!!" Chrysalis said. "Maybe she already spread the news! After all, Princesses have their ways of spreading news, and usually, the ponies ALWAYS trust the Princess."

Cozy and Tirek looked at Chrysalis.

She immediatly caught on.

"Then again, there is that belief of trickery," she said.

"Ok. I have an idea. Let's all place a vote. Who wants to stay here and wait for somepony to convince us to leave?" asked Cozy.

All former villains lifted a hoof (or HAND in Tirek's case).

"Ok. We stay and wait for somepony to find us," Cozy said.

"And let's try to convince whoever finds us to teach us friendship in HERE!!! At least until we're comfortable with getting out," Tirek said optimistically.

"Agreed!" Chrysalis said.

And they all did hooves (and hand) in the middle before putting them back at their sides.

"Who's up for more cards?" Tirek asked, getting up.

"ME!!!!" Chrysalis and Cozy said.

"Ok... but prepare to lose to me every round like last time..." Tirek said, a mischevious grin on his face.


Deep in the grounds of Ponyville, where an unknown lair resides, a large group of ponies wearing hooded black cloaks sat in a large round table, with only one seat rendered empty. A door suddenly opened and another pony, a stallion, in a hooded black cloak walked in, his hooves clicking on the floor with every hoofstep.

The pony went to the empty seat and pulled out the chair before he sat down and cleared his throat.

"Greetings," he said in a deep voice. "I am Judgement Law, the leader of this group. And I thank you all for coming to this very important meeting. In case you didn't know, this meeting is centered around the release and so-called 'reformation' of Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and Cozy Glow, the same villains that drove us to form this cult to defend Equestria! The same villains that have laid seige on Equestria more than once in the past! The same villains that brought back the Windigos and nearly destroyed ALL of Equestria with the legendary Bewitching Bell!"

All ponies slapped their forehooves on the table and chanted "Hear, hear! Down with the threats! Down with the threats!" The cult repeating the chant two more times before Judgement held up his right forehoof to silence them.

"Now on to business! News from Princess Twilight Sparkle says that this student of hers, a unicorn named Luster Dawn, was sent by this... cutie map... to reform these three villains. And apparently it worked within two days! Just hearing that sentence gives the belief that it worked too well. It shouldn't take these villains only TWO days to reform! It is quite obvious they are trying to TRICK us! If these villains are capable of nearly destroying Equestria or its inhabitants MANY times in the past, they seem capable of LYING about their ways."

A hooded pony, a mare, raised her hoof.

"State your question," Judgement said.

"I have a question..." she said. "HOW could they have changed their appearences or physical features WiTHOUT magic?"

"It's simple: there was something in the forest that surrounded their campsite! According to the Princess, the forest they were in was even MORE dangerous than the Everfree because it replicated the powers of King Sombra! Only worse! So it probably was some sort of PLOY inflicted upon the pony that reformed them!"

"Well then, what do you suggest we do about them?"

"I say we try to show Equestria the TRUE colors of those FIENDS! Show this whole world that those VILLAINS have ALWAYS deserved to be imprisoned in stone! Show this place that the cutie map, Princess Twilight, and EVERYPONY else who sided with the villains were commiting MUTINY!!!! As for Princess Twilight, WE could defend her and tell her it wasn't her fault. Because it WASN'T! She and her guards were just manipulated by those pathetic FAKERS!!!"

"And if the plan doesn't work, what do we do? Destroy them?"

Judgement shook his head.

"No. That will be our last resort. We all have a decent amount of magic, that, when combined, could perform a powerful spell."

"What do you have in mind?"

All the hooded ponies could see Judgement Law's yellow teeth as he grinned.

"I have a few ideas..."

Chapter 2: Apologies and Plots

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Headmare Starlight Glimmer creaked open the castle doors. She had heard the news that Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow reformed, but she wanted to see it for herself.

And maybe even share what it was like when SHE reformed. That is, if the reports were true.

Starlight stepped in, with a certain draconequis following her.

"I still don't see why you called me here," Discord said.

"You've heard that Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy reformed, right?"

Suddenly, a second Discord wearing a papercolt costume appeared, stopping Starlight and the original Discord in her tracks. He started dancing around them with a grin on his face, holding a newspaper with his talon.

"Extra, extra, read all about it!" he said, before stopping and throwing the paper at Discord, who caught it in midair (no chaos magic included).

Papercolt Discord then waved before vanishing.

Discord looked over the paper before saying, "Oh, I may have known at some level." The paper suddenly vanished.

"I was hoping that I could see if that was true," Starlight said.

"How would you know?"

"You'll see."

It only took ten minutes, but Starlight and Discord soon found the door that led into the former villains' room.


The three villains, who appeared to be playing a card game turned their gazes to Starlight. Chrysalis and Cozy ooked the most flustered. Not suprising, since they went against her the most. Chrysalis swore revenge on her. Later, Cozy held her captive to drain Equestrian magic.

"I just thought I'd check up on you to see if the reports were true," Starlight said, walking in. "I guess they were correct."

"So you believe we reformed?" Tirek asked.


Discord entered and stood next to Starlight.

Chrysalis and Cozy looked like they struggled to speak. Starlight could tell.

It only took a few seconds before Chrysalis finally decided to speak first.

"Starlight, we-"

"Don't," Starlight said. "Don't apologize."

"Huh?" asked Cozy.

"You don't need to apologize. Neither to me OR Discord. Yes, you attacked Canterlot. Yes, you soon returned, and when I defeated you, you swore revenge and loathed me for a long time. Yes, I've heard of the story where Tirek escaped Tartarus, stole power from ponies, and even convinced Discord to join him , only to betray him later. And yes, Cozy held me captive in order to drain every ounce of magic out of Equestria. And let's not forget that one attack on Canterlot where you all worked together and harnessed the powers of the Bewitching Bell. But you know what?"

Starlight stepped forward.

"I forgive you. All of you."

The villains smiled.

"Thank you." Cozy said.

Starlight turned her gaze to Discord.

"Oh, OK! I guess I forgive you all too!"

Starlight nodded and returned her gaze back to the villains.

"You know, I brought Discord here just in case you really WERE reformed. And since it it obvious, we can tell you how to get over your post-reformation guilt."

"I can understand Discord, but why YOU?" Tirek asked.

"Actually, come to think of it, before AND after Starlight reformed my hive, she would tell me things that implied that SHE was once evil," Chrysalis said.

"Yeah... she's correct," Starlight admitted, her face blushing out of embaressment. "I... DID do some PRETTY bad things in the past."

"Would you mind telling us?" Cozy asked.

"I would like to hear as well," Discord said. Suddenly, multiple Discord clones appeared in the room, staring at Starlight with intrest in her story. A few of the clones had popcorn with them.

Starlight seemed hectic (and kinda annoyed at Discord) for a few seconds, before she gave in.

"Ok. I GUESS I could tell you my story."

"SPLENDID!" Discord yelled.

She took a deep breath.

"Ok... here goes..."


The hooded ponies finally finished combining their magic to use a spell, allowing them to see different visions of the world Judgement Law had in mind.

"That place seems... interesting," a hooded stallion said. "Some of the creatures look EXACTLY like the ones at that OTHER place."

"Indeed," Judgement said. "But remember, THAT world and the one we SAW are different. For one thing, there is more misery and strife. Animals have lower intellegence, and there is absolutely NO magic!! And some the creatures in THAT world are more violent than the ones in the world we are more familiar with. And that is a GOOD thing. Because if any of them try to attack the villains, the creatures may be recruited due to their twisted nature."

"That seems likely."

Judgement nodded in agreement before he continued.

"However, while seeing the visions, I've recieved a rare magical surge that is somewhat... interesting."

"What is it?" asked the hooded stallion.

"Apparently, many of the dominant creatures in that world are AWARE of the villains' existance, along with the ponies that DEFEATED them."

"Is there something we could do about that?"

"Simple: We put them in a locked building. If anyone finds them, we can only hope it's someone who either HATES them, or doesn't know what they are."

"We can only hope..."

"Another thought popped up in my head as well..."


"Those villains could of had the time to PRACTICE controlling their villainous urges while out in town. So no matter HOW hard we tried, they would just brush off our actions like NOTHING! So that's why I decided to turn the banishment plan to plan A!"

The hooded stallion put his hoof on his chin.

"You know... that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Plus, as you've implied, there is a decent population of those creatures that don't even KNOW what they're CAPABLE of!"

"Exactly," replied Judgement. "So here is the plan: we go into Ponyville, but try our best to hide in the shadows. At some poiny, we'll lure that trio somewhere hidden once they have nopony else to watch them. Once they are restrained, physically and magically, we combine our magic to send them to the world that we desire to send them to the place that I'd like to call..."

Judgement took a sip of his drink before finishing his sentence.

"... Planet Earth."

Chapter 3: Freedom and Capture

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"Well..." Chrysalis said when Starlight finished her life story. "THOSE deeds were nearly bad enough to exceed MY standards."

"Yeah..." Starlight said. She didn't like explaining the story, but she had to tell the villains about it SOMETIME so they can understand the reformation process better.

"Well, I don't see the need for anyone to hear MY story. We ALL know what it is," Discord said, the multiple clones vanishing.

"So... what happened when Twilight took you in?" asked Cozy.

"I dealt with post-reformation. It was tough. I felt guilt, and an extreme amount of worry, ESPECIALLY when I was assigned to reunite with Sunburst at Flurry Heart's crystalling. But you know what? I overcame it, and became the pony I am today."

"Any suggestions on how WE can deal with it?" Tirek asked.

"Many residents have already heard about the news. They didn't seem angry or anything. If anything, even some of the School of Friendship students said that if you all really WERE reformed, they would be HAPPY to be your friends. So my advice? Give it a try. Go outside, and if you can, try to bond with somepony you think is right for you, as I have done once before. It may work."

Starlight looked at Discord and gave him the signal that it was time to leave. Discord nodded, snapped his talon, and vanished in a flash.

Starlight finally turned and headed for the exit, before looking back at the trio.

"Think about it, ok?"

With that, the unicorn left and closed the door, leaving the trio alone once again.

"Well..." began Cozy. "We DID all agree to wait until somepony convinced us to leave."

"Indeed," Tirek said. "We did things nearly as extreme as SHE did."

"But she wasn't turned to stone," Chrysalis said. "Then again, reformation got to her first. Considering that it was the only way to defeat her in the first place."

"Well, I think we should leave. We can't stay here forever," Cozy said, standing on all four hooves.

Tirek hesitated a bit before getting up as well.

Cozy and Tirek looked at Chrysalis.

Chrysalis closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and got up on her hooves.

The trip in town was going a lot better than they thought. Ponies and other creatures would smile and wave at the villains, with even the occasional greetings. A grey pegasus, whose eyes weren't facing correctly, even gave them coupons for a free movie night. Not out of fear, but out of being friendly.

"Thank you," Tirek said.

The pegasus nodded and then flew off.

"What movie should we go see with these?" questioned Chrysalis.

"We could figure out what they have when we get there," suggested Tirek.

"Can you believe that they are coming up with better quality moviemaking?" asked Cozy.

Suddenly, a blurry figure rushed right by the villains into a very wide alley.

"Woah. That guy was fast," Tirek said.


"ACK!!" a stallion's voice said from the alley.

"Golly, that guy seems to have gotten himself in a pickle," Cozy said.

"Hello? Can anypony hear me? I think I sprained something..." the voice said.

"Pulled something? THAT'S PERFECT!" Chrysalis said.

"HOW is an injury a GOOD thing?" asked Cozy.

"Because of FRIENDSHIP! One important thing about friendship is helping somepony in need. This stallion needs our help!" Chrysalis said.

"Of course! Good identification. How did you know that?" asked Tirek.

"I may have been reformed for a day. But changing my ways gave me a little more knowledge of friendship I never even had."

"Same for me," Cozy said.

"Me as well! Now let's help that stallion and figure out what he is running from," Tirek said.

The trio turned and walked to the alley, stopping to face the enterance.

The alley was dark, and had stacks of boxes and a dumpster. But the villains didn't really care about the creepy factor or unsanitary atmosphere.

Despite the obstacles and the size of the alley, the trio could see the injured stallion at the end, next to a knocked over garbage can.

The trio entered.

When they got closer and stopped in front of the stallion, they saw the was wearing a cloak. He appeared to be shuttering as well.

"Hey, it's ok. We're not here to hurt you," reassured Cozy.

The stallion looked up at them. The ponies couldn't see his face. And Chrysalis felt that there was something... off about him.

"Can you try to stand?" asked Tirek.

The stallion weakly positioned himself to stand. He weakly lifted his body very slowly... before he quickly stood up straight and shot his gaze directly to the villains.

The villains saw a yellow glow under the hood, before they saw it envelop their eyesight as they felt themselves levitate off the ground. They also felt restrain on their bodies, giving them the realization that they were unable to move.

"Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow. We meet at last," the stallion said.

"Who are you?" Cozy asked.

"I am Judgement Law. And I am here with my cult to banish you away from here once and for all!"

"Cult?" asked Tirek.

The former villains suddenly felt their bodies turn around. There, they saw multiple hooded ponies appear from behind the boxes and dumpster. They then saw Judgement enter their view. He then turned to them to face them once more.

"Why are you doing this?" Chrysalis asked.

"Because your reformation is a TRICK!!!" Judgement said.

"Huh?" Cozy asked.

"While with Princess Twilight's student at that campsite, you all devised a PLAN to convince her that you REFORMED!!"

"How would we do that?" Tirek asked.

"Villains like YOU work in many ways!"

"Where are you gonna take us?" asked Cozy.

"As I've said, I'll BANISH you from this world!!!"

"Where?" questioned Chrysalis.

"A place where it is MORE likely for you to show your TRUE colors!!! With my magic combined with the rest of the cult, we can BANISH you to a place with more strife and zero magic!"

"Will WE have no magic?" asked Tirek.

"Oh, you WILL!!!!" Judgement said. "MAGIC SKILLS AT THE READY!!!!"

Suddenly, all of the cloaked ponies, including Judgement, lit up their horns, showing MANY different colors. It only took a few seconds for magic beams to shoot out of every cloaked pony except Judgement. The beams all reached Judgement, causing him to levitate and become engulfied in a yellow light.

Before anything else could be said, Judgement finally shot a beam of his own, straight to the mortified trio.

Chrysalis, Cozy, and Tirek suddenly felt their bodies constricting. They started to feel like they were going to pass out.

The final thing they saw was the vile grin coming from Judgement Law.

And then everything went dark.

Chapter 4: Sheds and Betrayals

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Everything went dark, before the darkness became accompanied by small streaks of light.

But the former villains were still awake.

Not even a second ago, they felt an overwhelming sense of unconsciousness. Now, they felt conscious once again.

"Where are we?" asked Cozy.

"I can't see a thing in here! I can only see small streaks of light!" exclaimed Tirek.

"I can," Chrysalis said. "Changelings can see in the dark a bit better."

"So... where are we?" asked Cozy.

"Hmmmm..." Chrysalis pondered, turning her head to look around. "I'm pretty sure we're in some sort of shed. There are multiple items in here that may be sharp, so I suggest none of you move. I notice another major thing... the atmosphere looks different."

"How so?" asked Tirek.

"The walls and ground look... weird."

"Can you see the door?" asked Cozy.

Chrysalis continues turning her head until she saw what she was looking for.

"AHA!! I found it."

"Are you able to get there? Maybe we can catch someponys attention," Cozy said.

"The door seems to be in reach. It doesn't have a handle, and I'm pretty sure it slides. I just need to.. extend my forehoof and..."

Chrysalis lifted her forehoof and extended it to the door. She tried to swipe it open.

It didn't work, but the former villains could of sworn they heard a yelp from outside.

Chrysalis knocked on the door.

"Hello?" a voice said. It sounded male.

"Um, yes. Hello? Could you maybe help us out here?" Chrysalis called out.

"That depends. You sound VERY familiar. Are you GOOD or evil?"

"We're good! We promise!" Tirek called out.

"I'm still not convinced," the voice said.

"Ok. If we were evil, we would of blasted this shed with our magic to escape," Chrysalis pointed out.

"M-magic?" the the voice said. "WHERE ARE YOU FROM!?!?"

Chrysalis suddenly realized what she said. No going back now.


Nopony heard a reply. The only thing Chrysalis could hear was the sound of footsteps rapidly running away.

"What happened?" asked Cozy.

"I think he ran off," Chrysalis said.

"Great! Our only way of help GONE!!" Tirek said. "That leaves us with only ONE option."

"What?" asked Chrysalis.

"We use our magic to break out. Chrysalis could transform into something, escape this shed, and then let us go. Or we just blow it up."

"Now hold on!" Cozy said. "Let's give him a minute. Maybe he is coming to get a key or something. If the shed is locked, maybe Chrysalis could escape, but she would still have to destroy the shed first."

"The filly makes a point," Chrysalis said. "Since we are reformed, we should find it sensible to NOT destroy the shed unless the owners are fine with it. However, we may have no choice if he doesn't come back."

"Fine," said Tirek. "Give him five minutes."

It only took three for Chrysalis to hear footsteps coming back to the shed.

"Are you still there?" the voice asked.

"Yes," replied Chrysalis.

"Ok. Hold on."

The trio suddenly heard the door move, accompanied by the sound of a jangle.

It only took them half a minute to hear a CLICK.

Cozy, Tirek, and Chrysalis suddenly saw the door slide open, and a bipedal creature they have never seen before stood there.

"OH JEEZ!!" he said, jumping backwards in suprise, along with taking a few steps back.

Understanding why he was alarmed, the former villains cautiously stepped out of the shed. Chrysalis was right! The way the world looked was so different.

The strange bipedal creature didn't even back away as the trio advanced closer. They was only a foot away from the bipedal creature when they stopped moving.

"Oh my god!" the creature said.

That name seemed new. The former villains immediatly expressed confusion.

"God?" asked Cozy.

"I'll explain later. This... is just crazy! Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, and Tirek, ALL facing me. And from the looks of it, possibly reformed. Man, this day just got cooler!"

All three former villains gasped.

"How do you know our names?" asked Chrysalis.

"Uuuuuhhhh..." the creature uttered before violently shaking his head.

"I'll explain later. My parents aren't home, so feel free to come inside if you want."

The creature turned and walked away. The villains uneasily looked at each other.

"Should we?" asked Cozy.

"He seemed more excited than angry when he said our names. I think we should give him a chance," Tirek said.

"Me as well," Chrysalis admitted.

Cozy nodded.

"Ok. Let's follow him and see what he knows about us."

With that, the villains followed the strange biped.

Princess Twilight Sparkle sat on her throne. Ever since the villains reformed, she had high hopes that they would learn friendship.

The doors opened and Gallus, the captain of the royal guard, stepped in to face the Princess.

"Your majesty..." Gallus said. "There is a stallion in a black cloak here to see you."

"Doesn't that mean he's a bad pony?"

"He told us that he was a friend. Even made a pinkie promise."

"Very well. Send him in."

Gallus bowed to Twilight before he turned, walked to the doors, opened them, and exited them. A moment later, they opened again, but a pony in a black cloak entered instead.

"Greetings, your highness," he said when he neared the throne. "I am Judgement Law."

"Hello, Judgement. Not to sound rude, but why are you wearing a black cloak?"

Judgement cleared his throat and put on a fake dramatic voice.

"Alas, it was the work of Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy. Those conniving villains." Judgement lifted a forehoof above his forehead. "They brutally attacked me and beat me senseless today... I am full of bruises and scars from them physically beating me!!!"

"I don't find that likely," chimed in Twilight. "I would of gotten news from the royal guards. I've seen the trio face to face! They seem to be truly unlikely to resume their actions."

Judgement Law quit using the fake voice.

"Oh, come ON Princess. Do you really expect to believe those LIARS!!! How would it be so EASY to reform them? Well, you DON'T have to worry about them betraying you PRINCESS!! I've taken care of that."

"What do you mean?" Princess Twilight angrily said. She immediatly flew off her throne and landed in front of Judgement.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM!?!?!" she demanded.

Judgement didn't even seem fazed.

"My, my, Princess! You seem to REALLY care about those villains! Almost as if you WANT them to win!"

"NO! I felt that they changed when we met up yesterday!!"

"Only a VILLAIN would lie! So that makes YOU a villain!!"

Judgement again put on his dramatic voice.

"I thought you were the element of MAGIC! The Princess of Friendship and EQUESTRIA!! Well then, I guess there is only ONE option!"

"What?!?" Twilight bitterly said.

Judgement chuckled before he replied in his serious, conniving voice.


Suddenly, Princess Twilight felt her whole body levitate in the air. She saw a yellow glow envelop her eyesight.

She tried to fight back, but she couldn't move. Her horn even glowed as an attempt to use magic, only for the glow to fade away, since her magic was useless.

"What... how..." she started.

"Earlier today, my cult combined our magic to banish those villains to another world! When they combined their magic and sent it to me, it didn't just banish the villains! It gave me the temporary power I needed to STEAL their magic before it was too late!!! So I did! I stole their magic!! Then, I told them I never needed them anymore, before teleporting away, leaving most of them POWERLESS unicorns! However, there were TWO cult members whom I've spared. Why? Because the three of us have secretly been plotting to ABANDON the other cult members for a LONG time!"

Twilight could see Judgement's yellow grin sketch on his face.

"Now, Princess, if you'll excuse me, I think it's time to assemble all of Equestria's residents for a very important... assembly."

Chapter 5: Humans and Stone

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When the former villains entered the creature's home and sat on the living room couch, they decided to ask him a few questions. The conversation between the trio and the creature lasted for about 30 minutes, but the trio learned a lot about this creature.

The creature decided to explain his life story first.

Apparently, his name was Leo, he is 15 years old, and he's a human. He told them that the planet they were on is called Earth. However, for some odd reason, Leo decided to tell them that this wasn't the ONLY world with humans. Apparently, there was a SECOND human world that would turn ponies into humans, dragons into dogs, ect, when they would enter a magic mirror, which was located in Ponyville. As for the portal in THAT world, it would on a statue pedestal in front of a high school. He also decided to mention that one of Twilight's friends lived there.

He then pointed out the differences between THAT world and this one. He said that the mirror world had magic, and humans would have more colors variants. As for this world, magic was NONEXISTANT and color ranges were lower.

Due to the lack of magic, the sun and moon aren't moved by a magical being, and weather isn't manual. Instead, Earth orbits the Sun, the Moon orbits the Earth, and the weather is automatic. When the Sun sets and the Moon rises, or the other way around, it's due to the location the Earth and Moon is at. He calls it "gravity". He asked if the only signs of gravity in Equestria was the force that enabled them to stand on the ground. The trio nodded.

When Cozy asked how he knows about the mirror world and how he knew their names, he hesitantly told the trio that they existed on a TV show in his world. Although it was about Twilight and her friends, the trio would appear on episodes that broadcast their mischevious deeds.

When Tirek asked if the show broadcasted them reforming, he fell silent for a moment before he said, "No."

The main focus of the show would be the adventures of Twilight in her friends, starting with when she moved to Ponyville, and ending with an showcasing the aftermath of their final defeat.

Leo then decided to be the next one asking questions. First, he asked who was ruling Equestria to get a better understanding of time zones. Chrysalis told him that Twilight was the ruler.

Leo questioned what they are doing in this day and age, but Tirek pointed out that they reformed yesterday. Cozy immediatly piped up and said that she secretly planned to ask Tirek and Chrysalis to help her earn her second cutie mark. She slightly rotated on the couch and pointed to her bare flank.

That drove Leo to ask how the trio reformed. Slight suspicion was in his voice.

Then, the trio told him the story, starting with when they were released from stone, and ending with when they returned to Canterlot. As the story continued, the former villains couldn't help but feel that their new human was hiding something.

Immediatly when the story ended, he asked if they wanted to be his friend, and promised that he would teach them friendship lessons. Despite their suspicions of his secrets, the villains happily agreed.

Leo then left to make the trio salads and told them where his room was. That way, they can have somewhere to go if they wanted to to explore.

They didn't even hesitate.

As the villains entered one by one, a few objects in his room diverted their attention away from the large book pike on the floor.

"He really IS a fan of Twilight and her friends!" Cozy said when she saw six small figurines of the Mane 6 on two books.

Tirek came over to see, while something on Leo's bed caught Chrysalis' attention. Tirek then saw two other figures on a metal plate attatched to the wall.

"From the looks of it, he's a fan of ALL of Equestria."

Tirek moved the figurines off the books. The cover caught the trio's attention.

"The Elements of Harmony?"

Tirek picked up the book and scrolled through it.

"Wait... I think it's a guide book."

"Look! There's another one!" Cozy said, pointing at volume 2. She picked it up and opened it.

"It's another guidebook."

The two former villains then put down the books and turned to Chrysalis, who sat on Leo's bed and seemed to be levitating a stuffed animal. Tirek and Cozy saw that the plush Chrysalis was levitating was none other than... herself! Cozy and Tirek turned their heads and then got a glimpse of the other contents on Leo's bed. Chrysalis wasn't the only Equestrian plush! They also managed to see Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash from all those years ago, along with what looked like Fluttershy as a bat.

Tirek and Cozy then looked back at Chrysalis.

"What could this mean?" she asked them, with sorrow and guilt in her voice. "Do you think he wanted to be our friends for who he was?"

"He seems like a good guy..." Cozy said. "Maybe he has that because he wanted a plush of you, but that was the only option."

"Maybe..." Chrysalis said. "I better talk to him just to be sure."

Tirek and Cozy got out of Chrysalis' way as she got off her bed. Cozy and Tirek looked at eachother, then continued to explore Leo's room.

Outside the room, Chrysalis made her way to Leo, who was in the middle of making their salads. She was still levitating the plush.

Leo looked up from the cutting board and saw the reformed changeling.

"I've overheard you," Leo said.

"And?" asked Chrysalis.

"I got that because it was the only you I could get WITHOUT someone requesting to make it! Honestly, you were one of my favorite villains. Not for your deeds. Just probably because I favor you."

Chrysalis looked a bit flustered before she shook it off.

"Honestly, seeing the clip of you and the others getting turned to stone dissapointed me. I WANTED you to reform. Although there were some upcoming continuations to the show you were on would probabl reform you, I was just so... IMPATIENT!!! So, I took matters into my own hands."

"What did you do?"

Leo took a deep breath.

"You will find out tommorow. Now, I'm gonna finish these salads. And when I do, I'm gonna try to find a place for you and the others to sleep."


"Because I can't have my parents find you, and not ALL of you can hide well in my room. So I'm gonna try to find a solution. Maybe make the shed a little more... homey and safe."

Chrysalis thought about it before she nodded.


She turned and went back to Leo's room, only to see Cozy Glow sitting down and examining what looked to be a latex mask with brown hair. Tirek was sitting down also and seemed to be holding a hockey mask with a bloody gash on the left.

"Uuuuuhhhh..." Chrysalis said.

"This guy must be a horror fanatic. Look at all of these masks!" Cozy said, lifting a hoof above her so Chrysalis could see what she meant.

The masks Tirek and Cozy had weren't the only ones. There were multiple other masks on the bookshelf.

"Ok then... anyway, did any of you hear the conversation between Leo and I?" Chrysalis said.

"Yeah, we did. I wonder what he will show us tommorow..." Tirek said.

"Me too," Cozy said. "In the mean time, we should eat the salads and then help Leo find a place for us to sleep,"

Chrysalis nodded and left the room, with Cozy and Tirek putting down the masks and getting on their hooves to follow suit.

Back in Equestria...

Everypony and every creature had no idea what was going on. They were all enjoying their day when multiple posters suddenly appeared all around Equestria. The posters apparently said that Princess Twilight wants them to meet up at the location where the final Summer Sun Celebration was held.

And it was required as well. Those that didn't show up would be punished severely!

As ponies, changelings, griffons, and others showed up, they couldn't help but wonder why Canterlot was surrounded by a yellow force field.

When the last creature showed up, the forcefield suddenly flashed.

"That's the last of them," a voice said.

"Perfect! Can they hear everything?" a second voice said.

"I'm sure of it," said the third.

"As long as they all hear what I say an do, everything will work out well!" the second voice erupted.

At the center of the audience, nopony was there. The curtains and statues were long gone, with a large wooden stand only in place.

It didn't even take a minute for a POOF to be heard. Suddenly, three cloaked ponies appeared on the stage.

"Greetings! I am Judgement Law! And I'm here to state an important announcement!"

A faint yellow glow emmited from his hood before a fourth pony appeared on stage: Princess Twilight. Multiple ponies and creatures gasped and murmured.

The ponies and creatures closer to the stage could highly tell that she looked different. Her mane and tail had no flow and she seemed weakened.

She was laying on her belly when she appeared. When she attempted to get up, however, a yellow glow surrounded her and held her to the ground. Judgement could see yellow flashes from a far distance away.

"Don't even try!" Judgement said "This magic dome prevents any escape, whether it's running away or teleporting! Besides... I only did what was right! She freed three vile villains from stone so her student could reform them! Sure, it seems like a success! But then they attacked me brutally! So I captured Princess Twilight and, with the combined magic of my helpers, STOLE her magic!"

More murmers erupted. Judgement even heard a couple ponies say:

"They seem nice enough."

"They looked sorry."

"How could he be able to steal the Princess' magic?"

Judgement then erupted in an uproar again.


Judgement then heard a voice from the audience. It sounded like it was a mare. A farmer.

"Pard'n me, Judgement, but even if you WERE right, aren't you goin' a BIT too harsh on the Princess?"

"You TELL him, AJ!" another mare voice said. THIS one seemed scratchy and rough.

"Well, well," Judgement said. "It looks like we have some DEFENDERS!!! Well, I can fix that RIGHT UP!!!"

Judgement again emmited a yellow glow from his head. But two ponies didn't appear on stage. Five poinies and a dragon did! And they all were familiar to Twilight.

"G-g-g-" she struggled to speak.

Judgement turned around.

"Awwww. Twilight, Spike, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity. TOGETHER AGAIN!!!"

Twilight's six friends slowly got on their hooves (and feet).

"Twilight... whats going on?" Spike asked.

"I'll tell you what's gonna happen!" Judgement said. "I'll give you all a punishment for SIDING with those villains!!"


Suddenly, Discord appeared.

"Hold up, JUDGEMENT!" the draconequis said. "Are you even aware of WHAT you're doing?"

"How so?" Judgement said, not even the slightest of fear in her voice.

"None of them did anything WRONG! And they have LIVES you know! Two examples: Pinkie has a kid of her own, and Fluttershy is living her BEST life with me!!!"

"You know... you're right," Judgement said.

A loof of relief washed over Discord, Spike, and the Mane 6.

"Which is why you'll be joining them!" Judgement said.

"What?" Discord said.

Suddenly, Discord lifted into the air in a yellow glow. Flutterhsy, Rarity, Rainbow, Pinkie, and Applejack all followed suit.

Next, Judgement levitated as his body immediatly glowed yellow. Finally, magical beams suddenly shot out of Discord and the five ponies.

Their screams didn't even give Judgement remorse.

When he finished, Discord and the 5 ponies fell to the ground. They all weakly got up.

"W-what are you g-gonna do now?" Fluttershy asked. Despite becoming less sensitive over the years, it was hard for her to keep composure.

"I'm gonna do the FUN part now!!!" Judgement said.

"I know fun when I see it..." Pinkie said. "And this doesn't sound like fun!"

Judgement lit up his horn.

"Can you at least tell my family I love them!" Pinkie screamed. Her large, ponytailed poofy mane started to deflat.

"I didn't even get to finish my latest designer line!" Rarity wimpered.

"You won't get away with this! You didn't get Luster! You didn't get Starlight! You didn't get the Crusaders!"

Judgement chuckled.

"Oh, I will. Since every single being is here, I will enslave your friends, and family too! They made the sorry mistake of coming here! And when I get them, I'll go after the Royal Sisters. I KNOW they're still out there! AND WHEN THEY"RE GONE, ALL will fall to ME!!!"

Then, things took place.

All of this happened at the same time:

Twilight, Spike, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash all charged at Judgement. Rarity shielded herself from what was about to happen. Pinkie sat down, her mane fully deflating, as she was on the verge of tears. Discord rushed over and grabbed Fluttershy, hugging her in his embrace. She also seemed to be on the verge of tears.

When all of that happened at the same time, Judgement suddenly blasted a large beam at the 8 beings, covering Canterlot in a bright light.

When the light faded, all the ponies and creatures gasped.

Princess Twilight, along with the 7 friends on stage with her, have been turned to stone.

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Spike, and Princess Twilight herself, were all lunging toward Judgement. But they were on their own seperate statues. Behind them, Pinkie was also in stone, mane deflated, and stone tears on her cheeks/'. Rarity still seemed to be cowering. The only statue with two beings was Discord and Fluttershy, as he continued hugging her. Just like Pinkie, Fluttershy had stone tears on her cheeks.

"There!" Judgement said. "Now, since all of you basically submit to Twilight, I WOULD turn all of you to stone. But actually, I'm gonna make sure that only ONE more pony gets turned to stone: Luster Dawn, the one who 'reformed' the villains! As for the rest of you, I shall drain your POWER with the help of my associates!!! AND WHEN THAT IS OVER, EQUESTRIA WILL FINALLY BE UNDER MY RULE!!!! ASSISTANTS, MAGIC AT THE READY!!!"

Judgement's two remaining cult members stepped forward.

And then, their bodies glowed yellow as they levitated into the air.

Unfourtunatly for Judgement, despite the fact that he wanted to turn Luster to stone, he couldn't.


Because the star pupil of Princess Twilight Sparkle managed to fight the magic of his forcefield and escape at the last second.

Chapter 6: Letters and Television

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It took a while, but I FINALLY managed to find a place for the trio to sleep.

Oh, wait. I forgot.

Hello. I'm Leo. I'm 15. My Fimfiction account is CartoonopolisAdventures. And I have three former MLP villains living in my house.


You didn't expect ME to start telling the story, did you?


The place I chose for the former villains to reside in was... the shed I found them in. Usually, my stepdad, named Jason, uses it. But he's gonna be gone for a couple of days, along with the two dogs we have. And the chances of my Mom using the shed are slim, since I usually see Jason use it. So we settled on the former villains sleeping in there until we figure something out.

Getting it set up wasn't easy. Mostly because they needed room to sleep and NOT just stand. Due to that, we needed to hide everything inside WITHOUT getting in trouble. Moving the items wasn't an issue since Tirek has strength and Chrysalis has magic.

We settled on moving them outside in a spot where Mom wouldn't come across them. Thankfully, Chrysalis knows how to make things invisible. It was both shocking and NOT shocking, since I don't recall her owning books. Then again, she could have learned the spells at some point or stole some spell books.

Anyway, it took about ten minutes to unload everything, put them in the desired spot, and cast an invisibility spell on them.

I collected some blankets, food, and books so they can adjust. I promised they could go in the house when I was home alone.

It took five minutes for her to get home, and luckily, I was able to make it seem like nothing happened. The rest of my Saturday then carried on like normal, but I did check on the former villains at least twice. Just a simple knock on the shed and asking if they were fine, and I was back in the house in minutes.

I wonder what they talk about in there, but I could ask later.

Today, I was supposed to leave for church. But I was quick enough to unlock the shed so the trio would be able to leave. Then, I slid a note under the door. I was trying to be as careful as I could, because I had a feeling the trio was still asleep

Five minutes later...

Third person/creature POV

When the trio woke up, each of them was dismayed to learn that their incident is actually reality.

Tirek was the one to notice the note on the ground. Chrysalis picked the note up and read it.

Hey, guys.

So, I'm gonna be gone for at least an hour after I wrote this. I went to this place called "church". I'll explain later.

The shed is unlocked. So are the doors to the house. I want you to go to my house and enter it. There is some toast and eggs on the counter. My mom doesn't know because I told her I'd walk to church. So I took the opportunity.

After eating, on the couch, there is this a remote on the couch. In case you don't know what it is (you probably do), it is a small black box with buttons. I want you to point it to the BIGGER box, a TV, on the wall in front of the couch. Press the button that says "Netflix". When the TV shows five images, go to the one that has my name under it (if you don't know it, press the right arrow button). Press the button in the middle of the arrows. There, you will get multiple images. Use the arrow buttons to look for the one of Twilight and her friends, titled "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic". Select the image, and press "Play season 1, episode 1". There, you will get to see the broadcasting of Twilight's adventures. If you want to take a break or review what you saw, press the two parallel vertical lines. When you want to keep seeing it, press the sideways triangle.

I hope this letter is useful. Yours truley,


P.S: Don't go downstairs. The my bird is down there in his cage. I'll ALSO explain that later.

The trio uneasily looked at each other before going to the house. As promised, there was three plates of eggs and toast. After enjoying their meal, they went to the couch and saw a small black box with buttons. The remote!

Chrysalis and Cozy got on the couch while Tirek moved the table, picked up the remote, and sat on the floor in front of the couch.

As they followed the instructions on the letter, they were mesmerized when the five images appeared on the screen.

"Wow. This is more advanced stuff. Is this magic?" asked Tirek.

"Actually, there were projectors at the school of friendship," Cozy said. "This is probably more advanced stuff than that. You don't know because you were in Tartarus so long."

Tirek chuckled, embarrassed.

They resumed the instructions on the letter until they had their next reaction: the image of Twilight and her friends.

"Is this it?" Chrysalis asked.

"It's title is what was said in the letter. I think we found what we're looking for," replied Tirek.

A couple more button taps later, and for the first time ever, the trio got their first glimpse of Twilight's trip to Ponyville.

"Wow," Tirek said, pausing the show when season 1, episode 2, began.

"This is... something," Cozy said. "Do you think we could learn more about friendship through this... show?"

"Seems likely," Chrysalis said. "Luster told us that Twilight learned a lot about friendship in the past. Maybe we could hear some of those lessons."

"Well then, I see no reason to keep this paused," Tirek said. He then pressed the button that would resume the show.

Suddenly, the door bursted open, causing Tirek to pause the show again.

It was Leo. And he seemed out of breath.

"You... you've got hurry."

"What's wrong?" asked Cozy.

"Church ended... Mom stayed... I asked if I could... walk home early... to warn you... she will be back... any minute now!"

Chapter 7: Religions and Friends (Read authors notes for news)

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When I went into the house to warn the trio about my mom coming home, they didn't hesitate. I grabbed the remote and shut off the television.

Instead of leaving the garage door, we left via the FRONT door.

"Why THAT one?" asked Cozy.

"I'll explain later," I said.

The three of us got out of the house and darted to the shed. Despite the fact it would leave suspicions, I let the trio into the shed and then went in with them. I closed the door, but I couldn't lock it. Since, you know, I can only lock the shed from the outside. As long as nobody sees the missing lock, we should be fine.

I turned on the flashlight setting on my phone for some light.

"What is... church?" Chrysalis asked when I settled in.

I sat down, before the trio followed suit.

"Well..." I began. "In this world, we obviously have many different cultures. One basic thing that defines culture is what we call religion."

"What's religion?" asked Cozy.

"We worship a force greater than us. Religion can take many forms. The religion MY family worships is called christianity. The religion centers around God, the ONLY being people like me believe to have magic. UNLESS he gives it to a regular guy to spread the word. The stories of God are told in this book called the bible. It defines important things God does, such as the creation of the universe, or a small guy killing a giant man with just a stone."

"Yeeeshh..." Tirek muttered.

"The most significant story is the story of how God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins... bad things we do. Three days later, he came back to life, before he ascended into this place called Heaven. Today, we believe that we will get to see him in Heaven after we die. That is, if certain criteria is met."

"And you believe that stuff?" asked Cozy.

"Sure I do," I said. "But I'm one of those believers that keep it low profile. I don't read the Bible, but I still believe."

"What are the other religions that you mentioned?" Chrysalis asked.

"Lets see... SOME people believe in the Bible, but DON'T believe that Jesus is God's son. Then there are those people that believe in OTHER gods, such as RAIN gods or something. There are people who don't believe in anything at ALL! Then there are people who follow the devil."

"Who's the devil?" asked Tirek.

"The bane of all evil! He has no redemption avaliable in his heart, and is ruthless. He lives in Hell, where you do if you aren't forgiven by God."

"I see, I see... what are OTHER bits of your culture besides RELIGION?!?!?"

I scratched my chin in thought before it hit me.

"That TV you saw was technology. I am aware that you had things like PROJECTORS, but that stuff WASN'T as advanced as what we have today! We have devices that have video games, and respond to anything with the tap of a finger. As for food we eat... eat..."

My voice started to falter.

"Well? You can say it," Chrysalis said.

I finally said it.


Their expressions became a mixture of horrified, and the type that express the words "say WHAT?!?!"

"Don't worry, I won't eat you. I may not eat meat AGAIN after this..." I muttered. Whelp, goodbye bacon cheeseburgers with a side of fries. Goodbye chicken. Goodbye... BACON!!!

Anyway, they seemed to have calmed down after I said that last sentence.

"Well, I gotta go," I said getting up.

"Why?" asked Cozy.

"When I got here from church, I wasn't completely honest with you. Other people ARE home, but they are in the garage. I told them I had a suprise for them, but they would have to stay in the garage where it's safe for a few minutes. I couldn't believe they agreed."

"Who are those people?" Tirek asked.

"My friends, Sam and Josh. It took a while, but I convinced their parents to let them BOTH spend the night here. Although they don't HATE your show, they aren't FOND of it, either. They WOULD joke about how I like it, but they are my friends. I really don't mind."

"Wait... are you gonna INTRODUCE them to us?" asked Cozy.

"Depends on what happens... for all I care, they may have to owe me money if they don't believe you're here. And even if they record it, people wouldn't believe them anyway. Why? Because there is technology SO advanced, people would make videos of you all in real life."

"Strange..." Chrysalis said.

"Plus, it would be a good time to mess with them. I'm the kind of guy who LOVES to mess with his friends. Anyway, I won't be long."

With that, I got up, opened the shed door, and closed it. I placed on the lock in case someone got home and checked on it.

Then, I headed to the garage.

I opened the back door that was behind the garage. I entered and was suprised I saw no other cars. My two friends were still there, however, in a safe spot.

HOW I got TWO of my friends here for a sleepover when it wasn't even my BIRTHDAY, I will never tell. It was a long story. But I WILL tell you ABOUT my friends.

Sam was a few years younger than me, but he was still allowed to watch horror movies and other content with me. He had blond hair and blue eyes, and our friendship usually involves us roughhousing. How? By insulting each other for fun and SOMETIMES giving noogies or pinches.

Josh was around my age. He had the brown same hair color as I do, but his eyes were brown while mine here hazel. He was more laid back that Sam. By that, I mean he watches less horror movies and is more of a nerd than Sam. We also roughhouse less. Meaning less insults and noogies.

Sam and Josh do NOT get along well. The best I've heard of them getting along was when I'm around. Even THEN there is occasional conflict. HOW their parents agreed to let them COME here is beyond me.

My friends turned to look at me.

"THERE you are," Sam said. "Judging from the door you were in, you snuck out without us. Was THAT the suprise?"

I scratched the back of my head and chuckled.

"Heh. No. Come with me to the shed. I need to show you something, but you must PROMISE me to not tell ANYONE! Not even your SIBLINGS!!"

Oh yeah. Sam has an older sister. Josh has an older sister and brother. And I have a younger sister.

Anyway, back to the topic.

"Ok. Fine. I promise," Josh said.

"I promise..." Sam said. He then made a facial expression that made it OBVIOUS he was pretending to NOT promise. Promise or not, he would normaly tell stuff anyway on occasion. Another quirk of our friendship.

He wouldn't tell anything after I show him, I hope.

"Ok. Come with me." I said.

I turned and left the door I entered, with my friends following me. When we got to the shed, I took out the keys.

"How did you get those?" Josh asked.

"Took a while, but I finally remember where Jason hides these," I responded.

I turned back around, unlocked the door, removed the lock, and opened the door.

And that was the moment my friends met the villainous trio.

Chapter 8: Explainations and Spells

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I expected Sam and Josh to react immediatly. I expected Sam and Josh to either laugh at me, laugh at the trio, or brutally attack them.

But what my friends did suprised me.

They did nothing.

Sam and Josh stared at the trio in shock. Only the trio, along with myself, kept a straight face.

Silence lasted for, I'd say two minutes, before Josh spoke.

"L-Leo? Are those t-things from..."

"My Little Pony? Yes. Sam and Josh, meet Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow. Tirek is a centaur, Cozy is a filly, and Chrysalis is, what they call, a changeling."

Sam turned, went to me, and grabbed my shoulders.

"HOW is this possible?"

I shrugged.

"Do your parents know about this?" asked Josh.

"Nope. And I intend to KEEP it that way. It took us some work to hide all of the contents in the shed."

"Bruh," Sam said, shaking his head.

"These characters, believe it or not, were VILLAINS on the show!"

"Even her?" Josh pointed at Cozy, who blushed out of embarressment.

"Yes. And they looked different too."

I took my phone out of my pocket and showed them pictures.

Sam was the first to react.

"I can see why the bug horse-"

"HEY!!!" erupted Chrysalis.

"Sorry... CHANGELING! I can see why the changeling looks different, but how do the other two look different?"

"Tirek has four forms... when he reformed, he turned into the form I showed you and now has to STAY that way. As for Cozy Glow, when she reformed, her cutie mark vanished."

"Cutie... mark?" asked Josh.

"You know how the ponies have tattoos on their butts?"

My friends nodded.

"That is called a cutie mark. Cozy Glow had a cutie mark of a chess piece... a rook... which means she can manipulate others. After she reformed, the cutie mark vanished. Now, she gets to find another cutie mark."

"How?" asked Sam.

"A cutie mark means a special talent. Ponies without cutie marks usually have to FIND their talents. So that's what Cozy has to do. Nobody knows what it will be, but it will happen."

"I see, I see..." Josh said. "Two more questions: WHAT did they do when they were evil, and HOW did they reform?"

I looked back at the garage and saw a light from the door.

"Just get in the shed and let them explain it to you. Mom's home! Don't worry, I won't lock it!" I said.

Chrysalis used her magic to drag Sam and Josh into the shed. When they were out of the way, I slammed the door shut and put on the lock.

I had to ask Mom if she was gonna use her computer. If she said no, I would HOPEFULLY be able to allow the trio to watch more MLP.

I heard banging on the shed. But hopefully, I wouldn't get physically beaten by my own pals.

The talk with Mom went well. First, I told her my friends and I would be outside for a while. She said she was fine with it. I then asked if she would enter the backyard at somepoint and thankfully, she said no. After Mom questioned why I asked her that, I just shrugged before I asked about her computer. She said I could use it, but I would have to bring it to her if she wanted it back. Ignoring how I would be able to sneak inside to bring it back, I agreed. Since the former villains were probably still telling my friends their story, I made myself a snack, reminding myself to grab something for them too.

I had a box of cherry tomatoes with me. I set them on the ground in a decent spot and pressed my ear against the shed. According to the mumbling, the villains seemed to nearly be done with their story.

I opened the shed door, and saw that the trio, along with my friends, were all seated. They turned their gazes to me.

"What was THAT for, man?" Sam asked.

"You seemed to have calmed down before I got here. Quick mood change, I guess. Anyway, I had too. I wanted the villains to be safe, but I also wanted you to hear their story."

"Couldn't the story have WAITED?" Josh asked.

"I love to cut to the chase," I said. "Anyway, I brought some cherry tomatoes. I also got permission from my mom to use her computer, so it would take a VERY delicate process to bring it to you and back. I suggest you watch at least 5 or 6 episodes before I get it back. And make sure to keep it out of the dirt."

Nobody even called me bossy or said I was being all obsessive. They just nodded and Chrysalis asked for the tomatoes.

I got the package, entered the shed, closed it, and turned on my phone flashlight. The six of us conversed for about 10 minutes until a single significant question from Cozy Glow popped up.

"Is there a way we could explore your town without being noticed?"

I scratched my chin.

"Maybe... Chrysalis is able to disguise, but I don't know about you two. Could Chrysalis be able to transfer a small amount of her magic?"

"I'm not sure if I can transfer it, to be honest," Chrysalis said. "Those that are able to do that, along with other spells, have had more training than I did. THEY had books. I just had a kingdom full of changelings, before I was sent to live in the woods, BEFORE I lived in Grogars lair. Even when we went to Canterlot to steal a book, I didn't stop to check out any spells."

"You can still give it try it though... right?" asked Josh.

"Maybe I COULD... but I suggest you leave the shed. It could be dangerous, considering I've never tried it before."

I nodded and got up with my friends, before I opened the door and the three of us got out. I closed the shed door, but didn't lock it. The three of us backed up, hoping for zero explosion.

And then, I could see a dim green glow emit from the shed as Chrysalis cast her spell.

Chapter 9: Disguises and Discoveries

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It only took a minute for the green glow to fade.

Cautiously, I opened the shed door, and was relieved to see that the villains were okay. Chrysalis DID look a bit tired, though.

"How do you three feel?" I asked.

Cozy and Tirek said they felt a little funny. As I expected, Chrysalis admitted that she felt tired.

I turned my head to my friends.

"They're ok!" I said.

Sam and Josh waled over and stood next to me.

"Tirek? Cozy? Are you able to disguise?" I asked.

"Let's check," Cozy said. "We'll try to disguise as you and see how that works."

"Ok," said Tirek. "Let's attempt a disguise in 3... 2... 1..."

Suddenly, green light enveloped Cozy and Tirek for a brief moment before it faded. When it DID fade, however, Tirek and Cozy were no longer there. Instead, two duplicates of.... ME... stood in their place.

"Wow!" Chrysalis said. "It WORKED!!!"

The two me's looked at each other before they looked at themselves and smiled.

"Really? As if ONE Leo wasn't enough..." Sam said. I playfully punched his arm. Of course, he punched me back.

The two me's glowed green, before the light faded and they were themselves again.

"Well, NOW you three can go out in town... as LONG as you all avoid detection," Josh said.

"What do you have in mind for disguises?" asked Sam.

The trio looked at each other before they all glowed green again. When it faded, three people I have never seen before stood in place. We all knew that it was their disguises. The trio examined their new physiques.

Chrysalis' disguise was a tall, thin woman, with a face so pretty, not even male INFANTS would deny it. Her hair color remained the same, and the irises in her eyes were blue. She also sported red lipstick. For clothes, she wore a purple short-sleeve shirt, with a long peach skirt covering her legs. Her shoes were peach colored high heels. And despite the fact it was summer, she wore a fuzzy orange scarf, giving her that 'rich lady' vibe.

Tirek was about a foot taller than Chrysalis, and he appeared as a bodybuilder (obviously). His facial features looked so macho, I don't think women could resist him either. He had black hair on the top of his head, along with a short white beard under his chin. As for his eyes, they had black irises. For clothes, he wore a black tanktop, black sweatpants and grey sneakers. As soon as he saw his arms, he lifted one up and kissed it.

Cozy had the physique of a thin nine-year old girl with a VERY adorable face. Her hair was still a shade of sky blue and in curls. She still had the red irises, and she still had the freckles. As for her clothes, she wore a light-pink shirt and light blue jeans. Her shoes looked like one of those 'Twinkle Toes' sneakers.

"Wow..." I said, everyone looking at me as I broke the silence. "You all look like a VERY happy family, with an odd choice of hair and eye colors.

"Oh... should we change then?" asked Cozy.

"No. You don't have to. But don't be suprised when men stare at Chrysalis, when women stare at Tirek, or people start complimenting your cuteness," I said.

"We can take our chances," Tirek said. "As you said, we look like a family anyway. Maybe that could be how we disguise our everyday lives."

"Ok then. I guess the last things we need to choose for you are your names," I said.

"Why?" asked Tirek.

"In case you haven't taken the hint, there are NO humans that have names like yours," Josh said.

"Any ideas?" asked Chrysalis.

"Hmmmmm..." I pondered. "I GOT IT! Chrysalis, you can be Christine! Tirek, you can be Drake! Cozy, you can be Angel!"

The trio looked at each other again before they responded.

"I like it!" Chrysalis said.

"Seems suitable," Tirek said.

"I can accept a name like that," Cozy said.

"Perfect! We still have one more thing to do before we go out in town..." I said.

"What?" asked Cozy.

"Teaching you how to act in public. First things first: how you walk."

Back in Equestria

Judgement was enjoying being the new king. He hasn't even ruled Equestria for 24 hours. The thought of those petrified fools is like music to his... eyes?

Judgement sat in the throne, with two smaller thrones between them. In both thrones were the two hooded ponies that still worked for him.

Despite conquest, nopony decided to remove the cloaks.

Not yet.

"You know..." the pony on Judgement's left said. "I wonder how the villains are doing."

"Me as well..." the one on Judgement's right said. "Could we check on them?"

"Very well," Judgement said.

He lit up his horn and a large yellow rectangle appeared in the cloaked ponies. Slowly, a projection started to form until...

"What are those creatures?" asked the left cloaked pony.

"Those must be the creatures that inhabit the world. But why do three of them look..." Judgement paused. "Wait. THOSE ARE THE VILLAINS!!! AAARRRRGH!!!"

Judgement slammed his left forehoof down. Nopony even flinched. They just continued watching Judgement.

"This is JUST great! We banished the villains to Earth, and they get helped by those who are WILLING TO HELP THEM!?!?! That WASN'T WHAT I WANTED!!!"

"Isn't it possible that those three creatures DON'T know who they are?" asked the right cloaked pony.

Judgement put his hoof on his chin before he shook his head.

"No. Something tells me those three other creatures know EXACTLY who they are!"

"What do we do? Should we leave them alone?!?!" the left cloaked pony asked.

"No," Judgement said. "Think about it: eventually the creatures will HELP the villains get back here! They will USE friendship to defeat us, and our plans will be DEMOLISHED!! Well, here's what I suggest: We OPEN a window to their world so we can come and go as we please! We LEARN about WHY the creatures are helping the villains! We LEARN about Earth more! And MAYBE even have TWO worlds to conquer if EVERYTHING goes right!!!"

"Sounds like a plan," the right cloaked pony said. "But what should we do first."

Judgement chuckled and rubbed his forehooves together.

"First things first: we activate the portal to Earth. THEN, we EXPOSE the villains to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE CREATURES!!! Sure, it may result in the humans getting more allies! But it could result in EVEN more!"

Chapter 10: Town and Parks

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It took 30 minutes.

30 stinkin' minutes to teach these three former villains the way of human life.

But it worked.

When the trio got it down, I went inside with my two other friends to ask mom if we could walk around in town and maybe take a pit-stop by the park or a minor resteraunt.

Mom seemed fine with it, as long as I had my own cash. I did. I grabbed everything I could get and then left the house with my friends to inform the trio that we were good to go.

Although we knew how to get around the house without detection, we still had to figure out how to make it seem less weird that a random family was following us. We just settled on the fact that 'Angel' was a friend of ours, and we just happened to run into her family.

The park wasn't far, but it took longer than five minutes due to the directions we took. Josh had to remind Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy to hold off from crossing the street until the cars stopped for them.

Finally though, we arrived at the park. Luckily, there was nobody else there, so that cancels out the 'weird looks' bit. Sort of. There are still cars around, but I doubt anyone would walk or drive by. Chrysalis and Tirek took a bench while Cozy went out to play. My friends and I sat on another bench, but I settled on sitting in between them for good reason.

We all watched Cozy play a little bit and enjoy her freedom before Sam asked me a question.

"Why was Cozy evil?"

"Why are you asking me?" I said.

"Come on," Josh began. "You watch the show, you should know."

"Guys, listen... NOBODY in the MLP fandom knows her story!" I said. "She just suddenly showed up, and at some point, started committing evil deeds! No reason at all!"

"Then ask Chrysalis and Tirek," Sam said.

"Why me?" I asked.

"WE are NOT affiliated with YOUR fandom! We were basically brought into your issue when we came over today!" Sam said.

The dude had a point.

"Fine..." I muttered. "I don't want any of you to argue though."

"Bruh. You're RIGHT there!!!" Sam said.

"Just wanna be safe," I said. I got off the bench and went to the one Chrysalis and Tirek were at. Tirek was at the left s and Chrysalis was in the middle. Meaning the spot I sat in was on the right side of the bench.

"One question-" I began.

"Don't," Chrysalis interrupted. "Whether we know her backtstory or not, we can't tell you."

"Oh," I said.

We watched Cozy on the chair swing.

"She seems happy," I started. "Happy to be free. Not from stone or anything, but free from... herself."

"She is living like a normal filly," Tirek said. "And she seems happy that she saw the light when we got the chance."

I looked down.

"I need to be honest with you..." I started.

"What?" asked Chrysalis.

"Remember telling me the story of how you reformed? And I seemed very suspicious?"

"Yes..." Tirek said, unsure of where I was going.

"Well... I never thought that was how you changed. You see, for most of the people that love your show, they write these stories called 'fanfictions'. They center around many citizens of Equestria, but they never actually happened. When I saw you turn to stone, I wanted to find a fanfiction about you all reforming that I was satisfied with. I couldn't find much, so I did the most sensible thing I could: take matters into my own hands. So I wrote a fanfiction about Luster Dawn getting sent to reform you. I wrote another one too, but I can't remember it. I don't bother checking anyway, since I haven't checked on my stories for so long. Anyway, when you told me your story, every detail you said was incorporated into my writing. I thought an official COMIC or show would reform you. But no. My STORY showcased it instead. Anyway, I apologize for not telling you sooner."

I looked at Chrysalis and Tirek, who looked at each other. They then looked at me.

"You know... for telling us a DAY after we came here instead of a WEEK, we are less disappointed that some would make us out to be," Chrysalis said.

"Yeah. And think about it. You could have the ability to predict our future!" Tirek chimed in.

I chuckled.

"Yeah... it sounds sensible, but I don't know. Let me just get one thing straight: I LOVE to draw. A LOT! Sometimes, I would make myself out to be a HERO, someone who was assigned by JESUS HIMSELF to save the world! But even though I KNOW it won't happen, the fact that you are here makes me feel SLIGHTLY special and lucky. No. Not JUST me. My friends. The people who either find your show cringe or have never seen it. They seem to be warming up. For all I know, the three of you could change THEIR lives."

Tirek opened his mouth to speak, but then the sound of footsteps distracted him. Everyone that was on a bence looked forward as Cozy Glow advanced toward us.

"That little merry-go-round... are any of you willing to push me on it?" she asked.

Chrysalis, my two other friends, and I all looked at Tirek.

"Don't look at me!!" Tirek said. "I feel so strong and muscular, she could FLY off the dang thing. No, not just her. The WHOLE merry-go-round!"

I sighed.

"I guess I could do it..." I volunteered.

"Really?" Cozy asked.

"Sure, come on."

I got of the bench and went to the merry-go-round. Cozy got on the thing and gripped the handles. She looked at me.

"Just try to hang on, ok?"

Cozy nodded.

I grabbed another handle with all of my might and then started running as fast as I was able to.

I felt the merry-go-round increase speed as my own speed increased.

And despite the spinning, I could see the smile on Cozy Glow's face.

Not that fake one she made when manipulating others.

A real one.

And it warmed my heart.

Then, I let go of the merry-go-round.

Chapter 11: Rooms and Truth

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"Hmmm..." Judgement stood in the room of one of the three humans he saw with the villains. He had the door locked, and an invisibility spell cast. It wasn't easy, but it was at least easier than crossing over worlds.

As soon as he found the guidebooks, figures, and stuffed animals of the ponies (and Chrysalis), he gathered them all and disintegrated them. He continued examining the room. According to the pictures, the room belonged to the human that was giving the villains instructions.

Drawers of notebooks were slid out, and Judgement would look through the drawings in one of the notebooks. The first drawing he saw had a certain character: a character with a semicircle head with semicircle ears. On his face round eyes with black dots for pupils, a black dot for a nose, and a line for a mouth. One of the most significan features was the hair. It was done up in three spikes. His body didn't really matter much in detail to Judgement.

But then, when Judgement turned a page, he gasped. There, on that page, was one of the most gruesome drawings he has seen.

Chuckling at a possible evil plan, he tears out the page and puts it in a satchel he brought.

He had everything he needed.

Judgement projects the current location of where the villains and humans were at. Apparently, they were inside of a resteraunt with a tiled floor. Zooming the projection out, he saw the building they were in.

Finally ready to bring his plan into full swing, Judgement unlocks the door and opens it, before turning invisible and quietly materializing away.


"People here are nice," Cozy said. "I'm suprised they let us all sit in this huge booth!"

"Yeah," I said, nodding.

After we left the park, we all went to this resteraunt. It wasn't a major one, mind you. It was one of those resteraunts that served things like burgers, but also had deserts like ice cream.

When we arrived, I told us that as long as we were good friends with 'Christine', 'Drake', and 'Angel', we should be fine.

We all went in, explained our fake story, sat in a large booth, and all ordered drinks. Only Chrysalis and Cozy got water. The rest of us got sodas (Tirek wanted to try something new. He hasn't had soda before).

Now, I HATE lying. But since nonexistant cartoon characters are trapped on Earth with only THREE humans aware of their existance, I had NO other choice. If they were caught, they would either get beaten by people who are against them, or they would get sent for studies.

Why would I think of that? It's simple: I read a lot of fanfictions on FimFiction!!!!

Anyway, after I replied to Cozy about her comment, we all picked up our menus. As we spoke, I felt relief that the place was kinda loud, otherwise it would raise suspicions.

"Wow..." Tirek said. "This is a LOT of stuff!"

"Keep in mind, most of this is meat," Josh said.

"You weren't kidding when you said you ate meat, then..." Chrysalis said.

"It's fine. Just order a salad or something. If you come from a world of herbivores, it's best to NOT eat meat," Sam said.

Wow... that was one of those rare times he was actually serious.

"Well..." I said. "I was hoping I could get a burger but..."

I didn't really want to eat meat in front of creatures from Equestria. It would seem kinda wrong.

"It's fine. Don't worry," Chrysalis said.

"No... I'll just get a salad and maybe some desert..." I said.

I looked at my other friends, who were on my left viewpoint.

"Oh, ok. A salad for me too," said Josh.

"A big ol' juicy burger," Sam said.

We all looked at him.

"What? I was just kidding. I can get a salad too! That is if you pay me."

"Fine! I can give you the change..." I muttered.

"It's nice that you're doing this for us," Chrysalis said.

"Yeah. Gotta make our guests feel welcome, you know?" I said.

"Are we all gonna get the same salad or-" Cozy said.

Oh yeah. There was more than one salad option.

Before any of us could answer, however, the waitress came over.

"Any decisions?" she politely asked.

I settled on a ceaser salad. Cozy and Tirek got the same. Sam, Josh, and Chrysalis all got different salads.

"Maybe after this, we can get ice cream if I have left-over money.

"I tell you..." Tirek said, picking up a can of Coke he ordered. "These carbonated drinks are something else..."

"Yeah," I said. "Sure, it's fizzy once opened, but you get used to it."

"You know, we can't thank you enough for helping us get on our hoo- I mean- feet! It means a lot!" Chrysalis said.

"Shucks. It was nothing. Since you were reformed, it was easier to take you in," I said.

"What would you have done if we were still evil?" Cozy asked.

"Probably would have tried a way to teach you friendship WITHOUT someone getting killed! As a guy who wanted you to reform, it's hard NOT to plan. Then again, I was one of those people that would always think weird things, such as how much I wanted a character from the show to come to Earth."

"What would make you think like that? Sure, it happened, but I'm curious," Tirek said.

"Well..." I said. "Sam? Josh?"

"He has aspergers," Josh said.

"Eh?" asked Chrysalis, slightly tilting her head.

"It's where my mind functions differently. It can take different ranks. Either people can't do much and even have a tough time speaking, or people have better control, but still act weird."

"It's kinda why he acts like a fool!" Sam playfully said.

I rolled my eyes in response.

"Well... another reason to be special, eh?" asked Tirek.

"I guess so," I said. "It would be funny if my life became even MORE special after this!"

After saying that, I immediatly realized what I did!

One of the most significant rules in Equestria is to NOT jinx yourself!

And I just did!


Because suddenly, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow immediatly flashed a mixture of green and yellow. As soon as the bright faded, they didn't look like humans anymore!

They looked like themselves (Not only that, but Tirek's size caused him to become stuck in between the table and the seat. The table slightly broke too)!

As soon as everyone's attention was caught by the flash, they all turned to us, catching their glimpses of the villains.

And for a breif moment, I could of sworn that I heard a sinister chuckle before everything fell into place!

Chapter 12: Traps and Policemen

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The manager of the restaraunt made her way to the table. I half expected her to make her way to the phone.

"Leo..." she began. "What are THOSE things?"

I expected to hear kids crying before I remembered there wasn't any children here.

I had to be honest. There was no way out of this.

"C-cartoon characters... from a show I watch..." I said.

"Cartoon... animals?" she asked.

Chrysalis shuffled on the table and straightened her body. I knew she wanted to attack. I held up my hand to give her the signal to back down. Reluctantly, she slouched down again.

"Y-yes they are. I admit it. I lied! But you know what? I had to! For their safety! These beings deserved my help to learn the good side of life, because THEIRS fell apart! Even if you WOULDN'T call the cops, I know that SOMEONE out there WOULD!!! Just don't call them, let us go, and have everyone here promise this to keep this a secret! Make it so if they DO tell someone, they would be BANNED from this place! Do ANYTHING! Just keep them a secret from ANYONE else!"

Now, I wasn't sure the manager would call the cops. She was always nice to me, but I couldn't trust ANYONE! I only made an exception for my FRIENDS, for good reason!

"Please," I begged.

I couldn't figure out what she was thinking, but I hoped that she would let us go.


There were a few nods and people agreeing.

"Thank you," I said. I immediatley took out most of my money and put it on the table.

"Keep the change," I said. "A token of gratitude."

The trio strained to disguise themselves again. It took a few minutes until they did, before we all got off our seats.

"Should I pay for the table and seat?" I asked, pointing to the damage Tirek did.

"You're in hot water enough," the manager said. "I got it."

"Thank you again," I said

We made our way to the door and I put my hand on the handle.

I tried opening the door.

It didn't budge.

"Is this locked?" I asked.

"I don't think so..." the manager said. She walked over and examined the lock. She used her keys to make sure her suspicions were correct.

"Yep... the door is just fine..."

I tried again. It was still shut.

"A little help?" I asked.

Tirek walked over and tried opening the door. Nothing. He kicked it hard. Nothing. He even went back and charged at it. Nothing.

"You should be lucky the door didn't break. I already have to pay for the table," said the manager.

Tirek chuckled.


"Well this sucks! We're TRAPPED here!" Sam said.

"Couldn't you use magic to open this door?" Josh asked.

"MAGIC?" the manager said in suprise.

"I thought you KNEW that!" Cozy said.

"I thought it was only an ability for you to transform!"

"PLEASE don't call the police!" I said.

"Don't worry! Magic or not, I won't call the cops!"

Suddenly, a loud voice erupted in the building.

It wasn't inside though.


Everybody darted to the window they were closest to and looked outside. What I saw was a police car with two policemen! One had a megaphone.

"DID SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE!?!?!" Cozy fearfully asked.

"If they did, we would hear!" Chrysalis said.

"If nobody called, why are the POLICE even HERE!?!?!" Josh asked.

A few minutes ago in another state...

Two policemen sat on a bench near their car for their break, sipping cups of joe.

"I tell ya..." the one on the left side said. "It's nice to have a break every now and then, you know?"

"Yeah," the one on the right said.

Suddenly, two cloaked unknown creatures appeared out of nowhere, startling the policemen.

"WHAT THE-" was all the left one could say before he and his partner were put in a trance and began glowing purple.

"So, what's the plan?" asked the cloaked pony who wasn't performing the spell.

"I thought you knew it," said the one performing the spell, his hood glowing purple.

"I like hearing it," the first one said.

"Ok. The plan is that one of us inserts fake memories into the brains of these humans. The memories are of them being called to a special mission in another state. That mission is to go to the location those three former villains live in to track them down, which took a couple days. After we give them those fake memories, we send them to the resteraunt those six fools are at!"

"Seems awesome. I like it!"

And with that, the cloaked ponies performed the spell, and teleported them to the resteraunt.

Resteraunt, present time...


"How did they-" Chrysalis began. But she stopped.

I didn't know why. My body was so tense and angry. I wanted to hurt whoever called the cops. I even muttered it.

"I wanna get whoever called the cops... they deserve to go to hell those..."

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to look and see that it was Chrysalis, who was next to me as we saw the police out side.

"Don't," Chrysalis said. "Don't make the same mistakes we made..."

Those words were all I needed to hear. I'm a good person. It wasn't like me to be like that. It's just that I cared about them.

"We have no other choice," Tirek said. "We can't stay and we can't run..."

"No... don't..." I said. I had no tears, but I felt broken.

Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy all left their spots and headed to the door. Nobody was in their way, so no one had to move. Chrysalis grabbed the door handle and FINALLY opened it, and then the trio went to the front of the police car. They did not turn back into themselves. The police gave orders to the trio before they entered the vehicle.

Then, the police drove off.

"Are you ok?" asked Josh.

I shook my head.


Chapter 13: Messages and Calls

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I opened the door to my house and entered, my two friends following suit. Although they weren't as sad as I was that the trio left, they DEFINETLY felt bad for not just me, but them too. How did I know? They both admitted it on the walk home.

I heard Mom practicing the piano downstairs as my friends and I entered. She didn't stop.

Silently, we all went to the couch in front of the TV and sat down to face it.

We were silent and did nothing. For about a minute.

"You know what might make us feel better..." I said. "If I turned on My Little Pony."

Normally, my friends would disagree. But what they did next would shock some.

"I suppose after what happened to us today..." Josh said. "... that we could give it a try."

Sam seemed more hesitant. But he didn't fight back when I grabbed the remote.

I pressed the Netflix button, but then the TV suddenly started swarming with static and colors.

"Oh no..." I said, pressing the button. "Dang TV's busted... I am SO dead!!!"

I continuously pressed the button until the image of a familiar face appeared. A unicorn. My friends and I became confused when the image appeared.

"What the-" I said.

"Hello? Can somepony hear me?" the unicorn said.

"Luster Dawn?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, suprisingly not shocked that I knew her.

"HOW are you communicating with US? Don't you need to be EXTREMELY powerful or something to talk to us?" I replied.

"I know that I had to be powerful to communicate with you," Luster said. "But I tried attempting it anyway! And I was suprised it even worked! Anyway, I figured that communication with your world was the only way to tell the trio that Equestria is in grave danger! You see, this pony named Judgement Law sent Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy to your world. After that, he took over Equestria by turning the Princess and some of her friends into stone! Only I managed to escape before he stole our magic!"

"Hold up!" I said. "How could he do all that magic, and HOW did you know the trio was here?!?!"

"I don't know! He could be extremely powerful for no reason at all!!! And as for how I knew they were here, it took skill. I successfully spied on Judgement and his two helpers at the same time they discovered that the trio was here. So I tried to spy on the trio with my own magic, which is another spell I didn't know I could do. Eventually, when I saw the trio was taken by the police, I decided to try to communicate with you three! When I saw that giant black rectangle on the wall, I figured I would communicate with you THERE since you made it seem like it was a machine. And while it worked, I wonder how it is even POSSIBLE!!!!"

"Wait, are you asking US for help?" asked Josh.

"Yes," Luster said. "Because I also overheard what Judgement planned to do! He was gonna make sure his comrades restrained the magic and flight on the trio, just like what Princess Twilight did when I reformed them. They have no hope! But with the most unlikely creatures to help them, Judgement won't notice a thing!"

"What about our parents?" asked Sam. "What about Leo's mom?"

"Maybe as long as I keep the communication spell open, I can try to use magic to mind control Leo's mom into letting him go and contact the other parents, before putting her to a 24 hour nap!"

"And transport?" Josh asked.

"I can figure out where the trio is and teleport you there. Is there any suggestions of what to add to this plan?"

"Hmmmmm..." I said. "I GOT IT!!!! How about I suggest three allies to help us? I already know who I want to help us, but I'm only doing it for a sense of irony! You can teleport us to a park or resteraunt, and then teleport the three people I suggested there as well."

"Ok. Who do you suggest?" Luster asked.


The former villains were worried about where they were going. They were in a mysterious carriage that was flashing blue and red lights, heading to an unknown location.

"Where are you taking us? What is this thing?" Cozy finally asked.

"This is a police car, which is what we policemen drive. And as for where you're going, I don't exactly know," the policeman grabbing a circle thing replied. "Probably some sort of FBI station where you can get studied? I have one in mind, but it is VERY far from here."


A loud noise startled everyone in the police car, which started swerving and hobbling.

"Drat! The tire must be flat!" the other policeman said.

The police car went to the side of the road and stopped. The two policemen got out of the car and headed to the right side of the car. The trio turned their heads to see what the police were doing, but two seconds after they did, the policemen stood up, glowing blue, and appearing to be in a trance. They turned around, and the former villains could see a cloaked pony come out of the woods, a blue glow on his head.

"Well, now that you got what we wanted, it is time for the next step..." the pony said. "But first..."

The blue glow on the pony got brighter, and suddenly, the trio started to feel weaker.

"There," the pony said, the glow on his horn dimming. "With your magic restrained, you can't escape, even if you wanted to. And you may be wondering WHY you three are still humans! Well, you'll see soon enough! Now as for you policemen, I want one of you to take out that device of yours."

The policeman on the left took out his phone.

"Now, I request one of you to tell me the PERFECT FBI building to take these villains to!"

"There is this one lab in Quantaci, Virginia..." the policeman with the phone said.

"EXCELLENT!!!" The pony said. "Show me an image at once!"

The policeman tapped the device with his fingers for a few minutes until he showed the pony the image.

The pony suddenly increased the brightness on his horn before he disappeared in a flash. It only took a minute for him to reappear.

"Now... I have figured out the number of one of the workers, which I wrote on this piece of paper! I mind-controlled another one of the workers to tell her about the upcoming call. Now, I want you call the number on this piece of paper! Make sure you tell her we are close!"

The pony levitated a piece of paper with a number of it out of his phone.

"It took a while, but I discovered how to contact..." he said to himself as the policeman typed the number on his phone. "Just endless bits of research..."

Suddenly, the phone rang, and the policeman put it up to his ear.

"Hello, yes. This is a call from the police! My comrade and I have found these aliens around town! No, we're not crazy! Listen, you can wait outside the facility and we will stop by! We are not far from there! You can do whatever if we are wrong! We can pay you, you could execute us, anything! Deal? Thanks. Bye."

The policeman took the phone away from his hear and tapped it.

"Excellent..." the pony said. Once again, the glow on his horn got brighter and the imprisoned trio suddenly saw a whole other landscape appear!

The pony teleported them there!

They saw that the policemen were still outside, but the pony was gone. The police car was on pavement, and from what the former villains could guess, was in between two white lines. The lights the vehicle emmitted were still flashing.

The policeman that didn't make the call advanced further to the front of the vehicle.

"Get out of the car and stand in between us," he said. He didn't even look at the captives.

Hesitantly, Chrysalis opened the car door and got out. Tirek followed, and then Cozy. Chrysalis stood next to the policeman on the front, Tirek was next to the one at the back, and Cozy was in the middle.

Five minutes later, the trio saw movement from their right viewpoint, and suddenly saw a female human exit the doorway. When she got closer, the former villains noticed that she was tall and thin. She had black hair, a black formal suit, black sunglasses, and a wire coming out of her ear.

When she was in front of them, she turned to face the three former villains and the two policemen that were still in a trance.

"Uuuuummm..." she said. "I don't think people with weird hair or muscular bodies qualify as 'creatures'".

Suddenly, the policemen took out peculiar looking contraptions, turned to the trio, and backed away. They lifted the devices and pointed them at the trio.

"DROP THE DISGUISES, NOW!!!!!" the policeman near the front of the car screamed.

The trio didn't know what to do. Their magic was restrained, but they were still humans for some odd reason. They weren't sure if they could turn back.

Both policemen slightly turned forward, when suddenly, a loud noise erupted from the devices and pieces of the ground shot up, scaring the former villains greatly. Cozy was on the verge of tears. The trio suddenly knew what those things were. Weapons!

Suddenly, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy glowed yellow before they were lifted a centimeter off the ground and pulled forward! All three of the former villains knew that it was magic!

"What the-" the woman said.

She was quickly interupted when the trio began glowing green. Slowly, their forms changed. Their hands faded, extra appendages grew, along with other changes to their bodies.

Finally, when the green glow faded, the trio all felt their hooves touch the ground as the woman saw their true forms. Confusion was no longer on her face, but rather amusement.

"Well, well, well..."

Chapter 14: FBI and Actors

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The long halls of the building were uneasy for the trio. The the woman led them down the hallway, with the policemen following them. They held their weapons, but they didn't point them at the trio. But the three of them knew that one slip up or attempt to escape will cost them at least one life. The whole time, the policemen told the women about the trio's magic abilities.

"Now, we don't have any cells here," the woman said. "So we'll have to lock you in one of the rooms with some of the men keeping watch."

"Will we have beds?" Chrysalis asked.

"You'll have to sleep on the floor until we get a matress," she said. "It may not matter anyway. If you are unresponsive to the tests or studies on you, we will have no choice but to perform an autopsy."

Cozy gulped.

"E-even on me?" she asked.

"Of course! You're not from here! And you three are different creatures! We need to learn!"

"B-but-but Leo told us that there were already creatures like me out there. THEY just don't have magic like I do!" Cozy said.

"EXACTLY! Child or not, a talking horse with wings and the ability to move clouds is SOMETHING we need to STUDY!!!!"

"For what?" asked Tirek.

"For better knowledge of the world beyond ours!"

"You DO realize that if you perform an autopsy on us, you won't get the chance to study us more!" Chrysalis said.

"Perhaps..." A grin then spread on the woman's face. "But alive or not, we could find a way to where you came from."

"And how do you propose we do THAT?!?!?" Tirek said. "Our magic has been LOCKED by another pony from our world, and you can't surgically remove magic! Why can't you just go after the pony who restrained our magic or mind-controlled those policemen? Are you AWARE that that pony has HELPERS that are doing this to conquer the WORLD?!?! We weren't even aware of that until we were taken!!!!"

The woman stopped walking, so everyone else did too. She turned and faced the former villains.

"Oh, trust me. We WILL find a way. If there are more than one of you, we WILL find them. And maybe even use you as BAIT! Plus, I don't care if your magic is locked. All I need is PROOF!!! Something like lie-detector machines will do nicely!!! We will just need to set up a cozy interrogation room. The FBI force will make sure you try NO shenanigans! But where to get a lie-"

Suddenly, a POOF was heard and the woman turned around. There, she saw a very peculiar device on the floor. She walked over and picked it up.

"A lie detector machine? How..."

"Trust me!" Tirek said. "None of us did that! In fact, we should thank whoever brought that machine here! Now you have proof, and now you can let us go!"

The woman turned back around.

"Just because this appeared out of nowhere doesn't mean I'm satisfied. And if you keep acting like that, we would be happy to cattle-prod you all during interrogation! Now, we should be close to the test room. When we enter, I will contact other agents, along with some guards."

"What about us?" asked one of the policemen.

"You two did well. You can tell me the name of your police station. After that, I will call your sheriff and tell him everything."

The two policemen grinned in a VERY weird manner.

The woman turned around and resumed walking. Everyone behind her started to follow.

"Sheesh... those two must be high on something..." she muttered to herself


"Are you sure it was a good idea to teleport here?" asked Sam.

The location I chose was the roof on the community center that was located 25 minutes away from my home town. It was large, so I doubted anyone would find us here. As for Luster she would try to communicate with the three people I chose. At the same time. When she did, she would explain everything that happened and then bring the choices here.

"She should have them here any minute now..." Josh said. "I just hope she didn't forget what the community center looked like..."


Suddenly, in a flash of golden yellow, three humans suddenly appeared, facing away from us (I told Luster to have that happen. I wanted to see the reunion). Despite the fact they were facing away from us, their hair was a dead giveaway of who they were.

On my left viewpoint, was Kathleen Barr, the voice of Queen Chrysalis (and Trixie Lulamoon).

In the middle was Mark Acheson, the voice of Lord Tirek.

And on my right viewpoint, was Sunni Westbrook, the voice of Cozy Glow.

The three voice actors seemed stunned. Mark was the first to look around, before he came to a realization.

"Oh my god! Kathleen? Sunni?"

The two female voice actors shook their heads and looked in Mark's direction.

"Oh my god! It really is you two!" Sunni said.

The three voice actors went in for a hug.

I guess they bonded better onset than I thought... I said in my head.

They pulled back.

"Oh god!" Kathleen said. "It was crazy about how I got here! I got th3 weirdest glitch on my phone! It was apparently a video call from this 'Luster' pony from that show we worked on! Obviously, you two had the same issue."

"Yeah, I thought it was a prank. The teleporting convinced me!" Sunni said.

"I got it on the screen of my new car! Good thing I was quick enough to pull over on the side of the road!" Mark said.

"Yeah... I was also told there would be three kids here..." Sunni started to say.

"AHEM!!!" I finally coughed.

The three voice actors turned around.

"Hello. I am Leo. BIG fan of your work by the way. And these are my friends, who WEREN'T fans of the show, but ended up in this adventure anyway!" I said. "The blonde one is Sam, and the other one is Josh."

"Nice to meet you two. However, I didn't expect to meet fans on the roof of a community center," Kathleen said.

"So you were the three kids who looked after the villains we voiced in My Little Pony. Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow, right?" said Mark.

"Yep," I said.

"And they were reformed, correct?" asked Kathleen.

"Yes. Long story. I didn't take part in it, but Luster did," I said. "Now I have some questions. Just nod your heads for 'yes', or shake them for 'no'. Keep in mind, the questions WILL be shuffled a little bit."

The voice actors nodded their heads.

I cleared my throat.

"Ok then. Did Luster tell you that the spells she performed were only POWERFUL CREATURE worthy, and that unicorns like her were suppossed to be unable to use them?"

The voice actors nodded.

"Did Luster tell you what happened to the trio with the police?"


"Did she tell you a specific plan for AFTER we go to the FBI station?"


"Do you know WHERE we're gonna go?"


"Did Luster tell you she was gonna try to find the FBI station?"


"Did she tell you who sent the trio here in the FIRST place?"


"Were you told that I only chose to bring the three of you here because of irony?"


"Did she tell you that you three would reunite? Or that you would meet us?"


"Did you believe her?"


"Did you think it was a prank or some sort of hack?"


I turned my head to my friends.

"Wow, great minds think alike," I said.

I faced the voice actors once more.

"Ok. Last question. Do any of you know whose car we will use?"

"Well..." Mark began. "I was told that we would be teleported to the station, so I assumed we wouldn't need a car."

"We may need one," I said. "Since Luster is a unicorn, and the spells she's performing are more powerful than anything, it may take time for her to help us. So we may need a car for our getaway."

"Yeah. And since there will be a lot of us if the plan works, we'll need a big car," Josh said. "So who has a car with a BIG tailgate that could fit a changeling queen, a centaur, and a human? Because only Cozy and five of us could fit in the car."

The voice actors hesitated before Mark raised his hand.

"Cool. We will teleport to the FBI center with Mark's car. That IS if he has a picture of it," Sam said.

"Well... I don't want it to get damaged," Mark said.

"Yeah! And what happens if we disagree to do this?" asked Sunni.

"Listen," I said. "None of us can do this alone! And I know there are lives at risk. But these villains, from what I know, have only been reformed for TWO days! And I could tell that they wanted to LIVE their reformed lives ever since they changed! If none of us help, they have a greater chance of NEVER getting to experience the life they would get a chance at experiencing."

There were no responses.

"Please," I said.

The voice actors walked close to each other to discuss what they were gonna do. A minute later, they walked back out into their line.

"Ok..." Kathleen said. "We'll help. But if you are able to, at least try to get us some of their currency."

"Deal," I said. "So could we teleport with your car now, Mark?"

Everyone turned to Mark.

"Well..." he began. "I spent a lot of money on it and want to keep it in good shape..."

"Tell you what. If something happens to it, we will get you extra currency," Sam said.

"Deal," Mark said.

"Great." I took out my phone. "Luster, can you hear me?"

The phone suddenly started blurring with static. Everyone came closer to see.

Thirty seconds later, the static was replaced by Luster's face.

"We're ready," I said.

"Perfect!" Luster said. "All I need is a picture of Mark's car and we are good to go."

"You have a picture, right?" asked Sam.

"Of course!"

Mark took out his own phone and started tapping and swiping. It didn't take long for him to turn his phone and show Luster the picture.

"Lucky for us, this picture is of the car at my home!" said Mark.

"Perfect! I just need to track it down! I can teleport it there after I bring you guys there!" Luster said.

"Cool! We didn't ask, but does this mean you know where the trio is?" asked Josh.

"Yep! So it looks like we're all set! Now all I need you to do is to hold hands in a circle and put the phone down in the middle."

We did as we were told. Kathleen held Mark's hand. Mark held Sunni's hand. Sunni held Sam's hand. I put my phone down in the middle of the forming circle before grabbing Sam and Josh's hands. Finally, Josh grabbed Kathleen's hand, completing the circle.

"Ready?" Luster asked through the phone.

I nodded.

"As we'll ever be!"

And with that, the phone started glowing a yellow-gold color. It only took a minute for a blinding light to envelop us all.

My only hope is that we're not too late...

Chapter 15: Plans and Studying

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The six of us were suddenly standing outside of a very large building in a parking lot.

"Is this it?" asked Sam.

"I think so..." I said.

"Well," said Mark. "Now all we need before we continue planning is..."


Suddenly, we noticed that we were somewhat in the path of a shadow. Turning around, we immediatly saw what it was.

"... My car."

"You have your keys, right?" asked Josh.

"Of course! They were in the car when I got the message from Luster! Good thing I turned it off or else this getaway would have a lesser chance of success!"

Suddenly, I heard a faint sound, causing me to turn around. As soon as I saw the source, I knew that it was time for immediate reaction.

"Policemen! Quick! In the car!" I said. "None of them are looking at us! If we are quick, we can hide! Make sure to duck down!"

Immediatly everyone turned around to catch a glimpse of the upcoming threat. As soon as they did, they got the message.

"What about you?" asked Sunni.

"Trust me."

Everyone, including myself, turned back around and started walking around to find a spot to get in. Then, Mark typed a code in the car before he opened the car door, signaling us to get in.

With that, everyone entered. Mark took the drivers seat. Kathleen took the passenger. Josh took the seat behind the passenger. Sam took the middle, and Sunni took the one behind the drivers. As for me, I quicky opened the tailgate cover. Not all the way mind you, but just to form a space big enough for me to enter. Everyone in the car closed the car doors, but I decided to take a risk. I closed the tailgate cover on my head (it didn't hurt, obviously), and tried to get a glimpse of what was going on. I had the belief the others were trying.

I considered myself lucky that nobody noticed us getting in the car. But as they got closer, I was afraid we would be sniffed out. Finally, I got to see their faces good enough to know WHO those two policemen were.

They were the ones that took the former villains.

How did they get here so fast? The only other explanation was if somepony... sorry... someBODY teleported them here.

It couldn't have been Luster, would it? It seems unlikely. The only other explanation would be Judgement.

The policemen soon turned directions. Unfourtunatly for me, when they turned, they were facing the car.

As they got closer and closer, I could feel the lump inside my chest getting stiff.

And then they went around the car.

I breathed a quiet sigh of relief. But I didn't move. I hoped that nobody else would either, at least until they were out of viewpoint.

Eventually, I heard the start of an engine and a police siren. But I still refused to move until I heard the sound slowly vanish from hearing range.

That's when I decided to leave.

I opened the cover and crawled out of the tailgate, careful to land on my feet. I walked around to an area where nobody leaving the doors would see me.

When I saw what was in the truck, I knew that I didn't have to let anyone know that the coast is clear. They were all up. I just had to get their attention.

"Don't get out," I said. "Just roll down the windows."

The people that I could see in the truck looked at me, and it took a few seconds for the glass window to roll down.

"You know that this qualifies as illegal, right?" Kathleen said.

"So why did you agree to do this?" I asked.

"When you said all that stuff about the villains reforming, there was just something in that sentence that told me to give it a try..." Kathleen said.

"Same," Sunni and Mark said at, coincidentally, the same time.

"And as for us..." Josh said. "Just seeing those three cartoon characters get taken made me feel bad. For some reason, their appearence here gave me respect for My Little Pony. For some odd reason."

"I was more reluctant..." Sam said. "But eventually I came around like Josh."

I smiled.

"Thanks," I said.

"No problem," I hear Sunni say.

There was a thirty-second silence after that.

"So, what's the plan?" asked Josh.

"I already have it covered," I said. "Some of us can stay, and others can go. Either way it goes, Luster will use her SHOCKINGLY powerful magic to turn those who stay invisible. She will leave the car untouched to we can know where to go. As for those who go, Luster will give us disguises with fake ID's. When we show them off to those who are suspicious, they will fall under mind control."

"Decent plan, but couldn't Luster just mind-control the whole building and be done with it?" asked Sam.

"It may take forever for her to mind-control all the people. And despite the power her magic has, it also has limits when it comes to our world."

"Wait. Couldn't she just save the trio instead of hiring US to do it?" asked Sam.

"If she could, she would of done it already. But she contacted us for a reason. We need to go for it."

I could see everyone look at eachother in the car before Kathleen spoke up.

"Ok. Let's call Luster."


A few minutes ago, when the woman found the room to keep the trio in, she learned their names before getting down to business. She called the chief of the policemen who brought the trio here in the first place. For some reason, he was oddly aware of how everything played out. And when she told them they seemed high, he said that it wasn't a big issue.

All she did was brush it off and resumed the plan. First, she contacted a few squad leaders and other FBI agents, and instructed them to go to the testing room harboring the trio. She then gave them instructions to bring them any tool of their choice, so then it would be easier for the creatures to tell the truth. Then, she made a few more calls to other people, such as those to perform the eventual autopsies.

As she made the calls, men started entering the room. Some of them brought things with them, such as a foldable table, a chair without armrests, and another chair with armrests.

Soon, everything was already in place. Chrysalis and Tirek were sitting at the end of a large table with no chairs. Chrysalis was hooked up to the lie-detector machine. Multiple FBI men pointed their weapons at the former villains. An agent, a blond-haired man, was standing on the side of the table facing the woman. He was watching the lie-detector machine.

On the other side of the table was the chair with armrests. And there, strapped to the chair, was Cozy Glow. All of her hooves were restrained to the chair, she had a ball gag in her mouth, and she was trying hard not to cry. But the tears were a clear signal she was on the verge of crying.

What restrained her to the chair wasn't leather however, but copper wire. There was an extra bit of copper sticking out of each restraint. Connected to the copper, were cables for car batteries. On both forehooves, they had the 'positive' cables. On the hind legs were the 'negative'.

And finally, there were two car batteries. One on each side of Cozy Glow. Although the cables weren't connected, there was a man on each side of Cozy that stood in front of the other ends of the cables.

"Wow..." she said. "I'm amazed at how fast all of this was set up. I'm glad I chose the closest squad for this. Now then..."

The woman pulled out the chair that was on the other side of the table and sat down.

"Now..." she started. "I'm gonna be asking you some questions. You will answer them. My comrade will watch this lie-detector machine attatched to Chrysalis. One lie and I will give the men a signal to electrocute this filly to death. Try to attack, and you will be shot down."

"For law-inforcement, this is highly cruel..." Tirek said.

"Oh relax!" the woman said. "It's not like she's a human. Besides, I know that there are more of her kind out there. Even if THIS filly is killed, we can just find them. And if they don't turn up, so be it. We have our ways."

"You don't understand what is happening here!" Chrysalis said. "This cloaked pony that teleported us here is not like any we have seen! HE was one of the reasons we were here! And when we saw him and the OTHER cloaked ponies, we had a bad feeling RIGHT from the start!"

The lie-detector machine resumed going steady. The second agent looked at the woman and nodded.

"Well, I appreciate the honesty about what you assume is a 'threat'," the woman said. "But there are more of us than him. Even when his magic is extreme, with enough men, we could restrain him. Now, no more out-of place comments! I want only answers. Unless you want to see your life flash before your very eyes..."

The woman motioned her hand to Cozy Glow to prove her point.

"Now then... first question... how does magic exist in your world?"

"It just does," Chrysalis said. "I don't know."

The second agent looked back at the woman and gave her the signal that Chrysalis was telling the truth.

"Is it possible to harvest magic WITHOUT using magic?" asked the woman.

"No," replied Chrysalis.

Again, the woman got the signal that Chrysalis was being honest.

"Would you DARE use it for government purposes if you were able to?" questioned the woman.

"Why should we?" Chrysalis hissed. "You have a filly's life on the line, threatening to kill her if I make one mistake! We don't care if you are a good community! We don't CARE if you offer currency to us!!! We don't care about ANYTHING having to do with you!"

Tears started forming in Chrysalis' eyes as she looked away for a brief moment, before returning her gaze to the agent.

"We used to be BITTER and EVIL!!! We wanted nothing more than REVENGE and POWER! Especially ME!!! But that changed! Now, all we want, is a GOOD life! A life we get to experience after we learned the power of friendship! We aren't who we used to be anymore! We want nothing more than a LIFE!! And whether we are good or evil, we would NEVER work for those who even TRY to take that happiness away from us! We never even got to make full amends with those we decieved! I never got to apologize to my former kingdom! Tirek never got to reconcile with his brother! And Cozy never even got the chance to search for the ONE POSSIBLE scrap of family she has left!!! And if you think that we would EVER work with MONSTERS like you, all we would do is laugh, and call you the former shadow of our past selves!!!"

Chrysalis finally finished talking, huffing and puffing greatly. Tirek put his arm around Chrysalis for comfort while more tears came out of Cozy's eyes.

The agent looked at them in shock before she started to speak.

"W-wow. I-"

Suddenly, the agent flashed a very dim, but familiar, shade of yellow. As soon as the dim light faded, the woman lowered her head and closed her eyes.

"A-are you ok?" asked the second agent.

The woman lifted her head and opened her eyes.

"I'm fine. It's just... I feel that we have all the answers we need..." she replied.

"Huh?" asked the agent.

"It's not that. This changeling, if that is what you're called, insulted us. And yet, we work with the government and work to protect this country. So I think these two need to be taught some manners."

"Don't you dare..." Tirek said.

The woman smiled in a devious manner, and said only one thing.

"Electrocute her!"

With that, Cozy's muffled screams were heard throughout the whole room, and the tears in her eyes started pouring out at full force.

Chrysalis and Tirek looked away in great sadness, as the two men standing on each side of Cozy's chair kneeled down, picked up the cable ends, and started reaching them toward the car batteries.

Chapter 16: Agents and Dummies

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"STOP!!!" a voice said.

Everyone turned to the direction of the voice and saw a man wearing a suit and sunglasses. Like the two other agents in the room. He noticably had brown hair, along with a brown moustache.

The woman turned her head to the men holding the cables. "Put down the cables," she said. She then shifted focus to the man in the doorway.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Ah! Yes. I am Agent Bruncowski! We have been assigned from another FBI building to explore this wonderful place and teach a few lessons. So when we saw you in this room, we figured this would be a place to start."

"We? You have others with you?" asked the other agent.

"Yes I do..."

Agent Bruncowski walked into the room and two other agents followed. They also had moustaches. The first one that came in had the same hair and moustache color as Bruncowski. The second had blond hair instead. The blonde-one stood at Bruncowski's right while the other stood at his left.

Bruncowski motioned his hand in front of the blond-haired agent.

"This is Agent Gerald," he said.

Then he moved it to the front of the other agent.

"And this is Agent Maverick."

"Well, it is nice that you are here to teach us stuff..." the woman said. "But we were doing something important."

"It wouldn't hurt to wait."

The woman groaned.

"Fine! But make it quick!!!"

"Now, how about all of you surround this table?" asked Agent Bruncowski. "Leave some room for us."

"What should we do about the filly?" asked the man standing on the left of Cozy.

"Leave her," said Agent Maverick.

With that, all of the men chose a spot surrounding a table. They left a little bit of room for the three new agents, who took a few steps forward to the table.

"Now, the first thing I want to demonstrate is the power of a car battery, cables, and copper!" said Bruncowski.

"Are you CRAZY!?!?!" the woman exclaimed. "We already KNOW that stuff!"

"Well, what if those are the only things you have in the WILD!?!?" Agent Gerald said in his oddly childish voice. "You might need electricity to COOK!!!"

"We don't WANT training on how to do it if your ACTUALLY gonna start a FIRE!!!" replied the other agent.

"Now, listen! We've done this before!" Bruncowski said. He and the two other agents walked over to Cozy's chair. Gerald untied the pieces of copper on Cozy's hind-hooves. Maverick picked up the cables while Bruncowski took the car batteries.

The whole time, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy started to get the feeling that those agents had other intentions than teaching. But Chrysalis and Tirek didn't want to attempt escape and risk the death of either themselves or Cozy.

Gerald and Maverick went back to their spots while Bruncowski took a longer route.

"What are you doing?" asked the woman

Bruncowski stopped and turned to her.

"You see, cables and copper are light. Car batteries are heavy. We are trying to show you the difficulty of carrying them before we teach you about their power."

"WE ALREADY KNOW THAT!!!" the woman shot back.

Bruncowski resumed walking around the room... before he stumbles and accidentally tosses the batteries in the trash.

"HEY!!!" the woman said. "TAKE THOSE OUT NOW!!!"

Bruncowski turned back, an embarressed smile on his face.

"Heh heh... whoops. I can take care of that later."


"For what?"

The woman looked at Cozy, and then back at Bruncowski.

"Important business."

"I see, I see... Well, before we go, we need to demonstrate one more thing..." Bruncowski said. He looked at Maverick and Gerald and then winked. The three agents then left the room, before coming back holding items. Bruncowski held a dummy with no limbs while Gerald held three baseball bats.

Bruncowski tossed the dummy to the ground, which landed on it's back.

"Now..." Bruncowski began. "We shall teach a little bit about CPR, and what to do if it doesn't work. Allow us to demonstrate..."

Bruncowski headed to the right side of dummy and kneeled down. He put his hands on the dummy's chest and started pumping his hands.

"Stay away from the light..." Bruncowski yelled. "DON'T LEAVE US!!!!"

Agent Bruncowski continued pumping his hands on the dummy for a few seconds.


Gerald and Maverick went over and both kneeled on the other side of the dummy. Maverick put his hands above Bruncowski's and Gerald put his hands above Maverick's. All three of them used their might to pump on the dummy's chest. It was enough for Chrysalis and Tirek to smile. As for Cozy, it was obvious she was trying to smile as well.

"WE'RE LOSING HIM!!!" Maverick said.

"NOT ON MY WATCH!" Bruncowski replied. "GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF THE WAY, BOYS!!!!!"

Bruncowski clasped his hands together, brought them above this head, and then slammed them down on the dummy's chest. He did it a few times before Maverick took his turn. A few hits later, Gerald gave it a go.

It was starting to become a challenge for Chrysalis, Cozy, and Tirek to not laugh.

After Gerald's fifth hit, he put his head on the dummy's chest.

"NO RESPONSE!!!" he screamed, his high voice sounding odd.

"WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT!!!" Bruncowski said. He got up, went to the baseball bats, grabbed one, and went to the dummy.


Gerald and Maverick got up and backed away. Bruncowski lifted his baseball bat, and then brought the bat down, hitting the dummy square in the chest. Again and again, he hit the dummy in the chest five more times, before he bent down, and screamed in the dummy's 'ear'.


Bruncowski got back up on his feet as Gerald and Maverick went and grabbed bats of their own. The two other agents went back to their spots, before Bruncowski backed away and nodded. Then, the three VERY weird agents, started beating the dummy with their bats. A few times they missed, but they were so focused on 'saving it' to care.

"HIT HARDER!!!!! WE WILL NOT LOSE ANOTHER LIFE!!! WE WON'T!!!" Bruncowski screamed.

Small giggles were heard from Tirek, Cozy, and Chrysalis.

Ten more hits later, Brunkowski finally tossed his bat away.


Gerald and Maverick followed his order, before Bruncowski went closer to the dummy, bent down, grabbed it's neck with both of his hands, and tilted it up halfway off the ground.


Bruncowski suddenly started slamming the dummy on the ground repeatedly. By then, Chrysalis and Tirek broke out in laughter. Cozy did too, but the laughs were muffled due to the ball gag.

It finally took 30 seconds for the woman to respond to the madness. She got up on her feet, and slammed her fist on the table, catching everyone's attention.


"What? No! I even have my card to prove it. Here!"

Agent Bruncowski stood on his feet and kicked the dummy away.

"Ok. I want everyone to see my card, so I can SHOW you that I am official FBI! However..."

Bruncowski pointed two of his fingers at Chrysalis and Tirek.

"I want you two to look away. This is FBI info. None of your business."

Chrysalis and Tirek looked away. Bruncowski then pointed at Cozy.

"You too."

Knowing there might be a consequence if she didn't, Cozy immediatly followed the orders.

Bruncowski reached into his pocket and pulled out an ID card. Quckly, he put it in the center of the table.

"Here it is," he said before quckly looking away. Maverick and Gerald did the same.

"Why are you..." the woman began. But then something caught her attention.

A golden glow was emmitting from the table. She took one look at the source of the glow, and was immediatly caught in a trance.

When the glow faded, Bruncowski, Gerald, Maverick, and the captive cartoon characters all opened their eyes and saw what had happened.

Everyone, aside from them, appeared to be in a trance.

Bruncowski nodded to Gerald and Maverick before the three agents rushed over to Cozy's seat. Gerald started untying the wires on Cozy's left while Maverick untied the one on the right. As for Bruncowski, he went over, stood in front of the confused filly, and took off the ball gag.

"What are you doing?" Cozy asked when the ball gog was removed.

"Saving your flank," Bruncowski said. He then reached up to his moustache and peeled it off his face. At first, Cozy cringed before she realized the moustache was fake. As for Chrysalis and Tirek, they didn't cringe at all. They immediatly caught on as soon as Bruncowski grabbed it.

As soon as Bruncowski peeled off his stache, he dropped it to the floor and took off his sunglasses, revealing his true face to everyone else in the room. Cozy gasped out of joy at what she saw. Chrysalis and Tirek did to, because even though they saw the side of his face, they also realized who this weird agent really was.

He was no agent.

It was Leo.

Chapter 17: Escape and Trucks

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"Hey guys," I said, first looking at Cozy, and then Chrysalis and Tirek.

"Leo?!?!" Chrysalis said, still in suprised shock. She immediatly regained composure and cleared her throat.

"And let me guess..." she resumed. She pointed her hoof at Sam, who was still untying the wire.

"That is really Sam..."

Sam lifted his hand and said, "Yo," to confirm.

She then moved her hoof to Josh, who was also undoing the wire.

"And that is Josh."

Josh looked at Chrysalis and nodded.

"How did you guys get here so quick and easy?" asked Tirek.

I told them about everything after what had happened when they were taken. I told them how we were contacted by Luster, but not even Luster herself knew how she was able to do that. I then explained that we decided to get help from their voice actors (Which I didn't have to explain, by the way. I already told them what 'voice actors' meant when they first got here.). I then told them what happened after we convinced the voice actors to help us. First, Luster teleported all of us here after we convinced the voice actors to help us. I also mentioned on how Tirek's voice actor had a car that was teleported here with us. I then mentioned that we hid in Mark's car when the policemen left the building.

Then, I told them how the plan played out. Luster cast a spell for disguises to appear on us, with magic ID cards to put anyone who sees them in a trance. We also requested for there to be props. As for the voice actors were turned invisible and then stayed in the car. After we got set up, Luster teleported those of us that weren't in the car to the front of the door, along with our chosen props. We had NO idea that we arrived JUST in time to save Cozy.

While I told the story, Sam and Josh finally managed to set Cozy free and take the ball gag out of her mouth.

"Wow..." Chrysalis said when I finally finished. "That was an interesting story."

"I do wonder how Luster was able to perform such powerful spells," Tirek said.

"As I've said before, she doesn't even know how she was able to pull it off!" I replied.

Suddenly, a small sound caught everyones attention.


We all faced the direction and saw the female agent moving a bit more that she should.

She was regaining composure.

"Should we-" Josh started.

"Yeah!" I said.

And one by one, we all bolted out of the room. Chrysalis first. Then Tirek. Then Cozy, Sam, Josh, and finally, me.

As soon as I exited the door, I heard a booming voice behind me.


I picked up speed, and saw the others do so as well.

Suddenly, I heard a loud BANG and felt something whiz past my head, nearly grazing my hair. The woman fired a gun at me!

I heard Cozy yelp a little when the gun was triggered, but she kept running. Everyone else did, too. So that meant we were in the clear.

Again and again, I would hear a gun fire. But every time, the gunfire would miss.

Until it finally got a hit.

I heard Cozy scream "ACK!!!!" and then I saw her stop running. Everyone looked behind in panic, but then I slowed down a little.


Everyone else followed instructions and resumed their run. I quickly went by Cozy and scooped her up. She seemed to be OK, but it would take longer for her to recover.

I picked up the pace again and saw where Cozy was hit. There, on the side of her body, was a very long, red line.

Normally, I would label a reaction to this cut overdramatic. But I could see why Cozy collapsed. She was running fast, and even though the cut was basically a long cat scratch and wasn't severely bleeding, it took her by suprise.

Despite the weight, I caught up with everyone in a jiffy. But I wondered why Luster wasn't doing anything to help us.

Suddenly, a loud blaring alarm went off and the hallway suddenly started flashing red lights.

The woman set off the alarm!

We all continued barreling down the hallway, hoping to escape quick enough.

But finally, we approached the doors. I saw Tirek open it and hold it for everyone to get out.

"GO, GO, GO!!!" he said as we filed out the door one by one.

As soon as I got out, I heard Tirek follow.


Josh opened the tailgate door, climbed on top of it, and started undoing the cover. Once started undoing the tailgate cover, Sam and Chrysalis got in. Once I got there, I gave Cozy to Sam and then waited for Tirek to head over. When he did, I got him to climb up (which was successful for him) and closed the tailgate door.

"What are you doing?" Tirek asked.

"Closing the tailgate," I replied, before I extended my hand. "Now grab my hand and pull me in!"

Tirek quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I looked up and started to see the closed door move. I slammed my palm on the side of the truck.

"NOW!!! GO!!!" I yelled.

Suddenly, the truck started to move, smoke and screeches emitting from the tires.

"EVERYBODY HOLD ON!" Josh screamed.

Everyone with hands grabbed the side of the tailgate. Sam still held Cozy Glow, and Tirek pulled Chrysalis closer since she didn't have hands.

The car raced out of the driveway and started to back away. But I only heard two gunfires from the building, and saw only two streaks of light whiz by.

After that, there was nothing else.

My gaze left the back of the truck, and I looked down at the tailgate ground.

We were finally safe.

Back in Equestria...

Judgement Law smiled at the projection of what he saw. There, the former villains and their 6 human allies escaped the grasp of their government.

"I don't get it..." said the pony who always sits next to Judgement's left. "WHY would we help everyone foil our plans?!?"

"Yeah..." agreed the pony who always sat on the right of Judgement. "Everything would have went our way. WHY would you thwart our plan?"

Judgement just snickered. A yellow glow emitted from his head and suddenly, the three mysterious ponies weren't sitting on their thrones anymore. Instead, they sat in the Canterlot Garden, right in front of a new stone statue of a recently petrified pony.

"You see..." Judgement began. "Eventually, we would all get bored of this victory. We would want to experience the satisfaction of ruling. And we all know we can't just give Equestria back, no matter HOW powerful we are. So I figured... why rule ONE world so you can rule TWO?!!?"

"Wait..." started the left cloaked pony. "Couldn't you have just taken the humans BEFORE they rescued the villains?!?!"

"I wanted to see how devoted they would be... so I came up with a fake plan to allow them to escape with the villains. And these humans... especially the leader one... they have potential to be our one ticket."

"And the former villains?" asked the right cloaked pony. "Should we just have them destroyed again?"

"No..." Judgement said. "We need to steal their power. All we need to do is wait for the right time to go to Earth and confront our foes."

"Seems like a plan," said the left cloaked pony.

Judgement nodded before the three cloaked ponies returned their gazes to Luster Dawn, imprisoned in stone, with fear in her eyes.

Chapter 18: Conversations and Fire

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The car continued rolling on the road as the car resumed driving on the road. By then, the invisible voice actors became visible again. I didn't check though. Just a guess. As for HOW we're avoiding being caught, we try to crouch down as low as we would. Due to Tirek and Chrysalis' sizes, the tailgate wouldn't close all the way. But they were low enough to seem like large objects to people.

We were all silent as the car drove on the road. We had no idea what to do next.

It took a while for one of us to finally speak up. That person was me, of course.

"So Cozy..." I asked. "How bad did it hurt when it happened? How bad does it hurt now?"

Cozy (who was suprisingly still cradled by Sam) looked back at me.

"When it happened, it felt like I was scratched by a cat. As for right now, it's starting to calm down..."

"Well that's good to hear."

There was a minute long silence.

"Leo..." Chrysalis started. "What happens now?"

I sighed.

"Before Luster teleported us into the building to save you, we made up a backup plan just in case Luster couldn't teleport us back to our homes. We decided stop by somewhere once the driver started feeling tired."

"Not a bad idea," Tirek said.

Another minute long silence.

"We didn't get to thank you for saving us, by the way," Cozy said.

"Well why WOULDN'T I save you?" I said. "I saved you because you're villains on a show. I wanted you to reform. And you did before you got here on Earth. But that's not the biggest reason I saved you. I didn it because you're my friends."

Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy looked at me.

"Friends?" Cozy said.

"Of course. I thought you caught on already when you first got here."

"I... guess it's still shocking that you would call yourself our friend. Especially since you know about what we did," Tirek said,

"Well reformed or not, I would try to reform you in the most sincere way possible. Like what Luster did. And I'm not the only one who considers myself your friend. Josh and Sam do, right?"

I looked at Josh.

"Yeah, ok. I guess you are my friends too."

I turned my gaze to Sam.

"Ok. I admit, I would call myself your friend too," he said.

I smiled and nodded.

We continued discussing as the car ride carried on.

One hour later... third person view...

The sun was finally on the verge of setting. The car continued going. The car stopped at gas stations a few times either for food or bathroom breaks. Nothing more.

In the car, the voice actors for the former villains were having conversations of their own.

"How do you think the characters we voiced in the show would react to meeting us?" asked Mark.

"You only brought that up just now?" Sunni asked.

"We were talking about other things. It didn't pop up, despite the fact that this is kind of a major situation."


"So how should WE get home?" Kathleen said. "How should we bring those KIDS home?"

"Well..." Mark began. "We don't have passports, so we will have to just drive them home and explain everything if we can. If any of your homes are on the way, we could stop there."

"Seems like a plan..." Sunni said. "And the cartoon characters?"

"It's up to the kids if they want us to keep helping them. I honestly think that no payment is worth this good deed."

"Honestly, I agree..." Kathleen said. "I felt kinda satisfied for what we did.

"Same," Sunni said.

Suddenly, they started to feel that something wasn't right.

"Hey... is this car starting to swerve?" asked Kathleen.

"It's not me... something's wrong..."

Mark heard a thump on his car. He knew what it was. He rolled down the window and looked in the side mirror, only to see the tarp slightly open.

"MARK!!!" Leo's voice called. "WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!"

"I DON'T KNOW!!! IT'S NOT ME!!!" Mark replied.

Suddenly, the car jerked and swerved off the road... right into the grass field they were driving next to.

Nobody was screaming, but they had small tinges of fear.

In the tailgate, everyone was trying to avoid falling out. They were all huddled together.

"HANG ON..." Leo said.

"WE'RE TRYING!!!" Chrysalis said. Her head was arched up so her horn wouldn't stab anyone.

The former villainous trio, third person...

The car continued to swerve around the field for what seemed like forever. By then, everyone knew that Mark wasn't doing this.

But finally, the car stopped.

"What the heck just happened?" Sam said.

"I don't know..." Leo said. "Maybe-"

But before anyone else could say anything, a yellow light illuminated the vehicle. When it faded, the three former villains felt that their friends weren't with them. Despite the low amount of light, the former villains could still see that their suspicions were correct.

"ACK!!!" a few voices said.

"LET US GO!!!" Sam's voice yelled out.

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!?!?" an unfamiliar voice said. It sounded like the voice of an older woman. Possibly a young adult.

"Getting what I want..." a very familiar sinister voice said.

"WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!?!" Leo's voice said.

"I am Judgement Law. And I'm here to claim what's mine!!!"

Suddenly, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow were engulfed in a yellow light, and they felt themselves being lifted out of the tailgate. As soon as they were lifted out of the tailgate, they could see the cloaked pony whom they dreaded to see: Judgement. Behind him were Leo, Sam, Josh, and three human who they assumed were their voice actors. They had clear yellow chains on their bodies, they were laying on the ground, and they appeared to be straining.

"Well, well, well... it's nice to see you again..." he said.

Suddenly, the former villains were shifted in the air to a straight line. Cozy on the right, Chrysalis on the middle, and Tirek on the left. They felt themselves levitate forward before Judgement said one more thing.

"Now let's make sure you don't escape..." the cloaked pony said.

Suddenly, the glow on his head got brighter and the former villains could suddenly see a wall of yellow fire appear behind the six trapped humans. They could see the wall extend before it curved and left their peripheral vison.

"This ring of fire will prevent any escape..." Judgement said. Finally, the trio felt themselves lower onto the ground before their hooves finally touched the ground. The yellow glow on Judgement's head faded.

"Now..." Judgement said. "You're coming with me... you and the humans..." Judgement's head suddenly glowed yellow again. "Or else one of you, human or not, would disintegrate."

The former villains each looked at each other before they looked back at Judgement.

"We have no magic..." Chrysalis said. "And if it means that you won't harm our friends, we will come with you. I just have one question..."

"Spill!" Judgement commanded.

"WHY are you doing this to us? At first, we thought you were against our reformation. But we soon learned that you even conquered Equestria. Turned Twilight to stone and everything. WHY?!?!"

Judgement chuckled.

"I guess it's time you know who I really am..." Judgement said.

Suddenly, all of Judgement's body, except for the cloak, illuminated in a bright yellow glow. A few seconds after his body started glowing, the cloak on his body disintegrated, revealing the silhouette of a pony with a short mane and tail.

But then the silhouette started to change.

Judgement's body got shorter. His chest and muzzle expanded and his unicorn horn sunk into his head and two larger horns sprouted out.

Finally, when the transformation was complete. And Judgement's true form was someone that shocked and confused everyone (except for Sam and Josh).

Cozy Glow was the one to utter his name.


Chapter 19: Emperor and Kings

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Everyone stared at the blue ram, who was facing the former villains with a grin on his face.

"I-I don't understand..." Chrysalis said. "You can't be here! It's just somepony else disguising themselves as Grogar again."

"WRONG!!!" said Grogar. "After the stunt that the draconequis pulled, I doubt that anypony or creature would disguise themselves as me once again."

Grogar pointed a forehoof at himself.

"THIS is the REAL deal!" he said.

"Draconequis?" Tirek said. "You mean Discord?"

"I would rather not speak his foolish name!" replied Grogar. "After he reformed, I started to consider him a disgrace to villainy!"

"Ok..." Cozy said. "Now I'm MORE confused. HOW do you know about Discord reforming and disguising as you? Was it your crystal ball or something?"

Grogar grinned.

"No, actually..." he said. "When I came back, I managed to get a little help..."

"From who?" asked Josh from behind.

Suddenly, with a flash of purple on Grogar's right, along with a flash of blue on his left, the two remaining cloaked ponies appeared, obstructing the humans from view a little bit more.

"Show them," said Grogar.

Suddenly, the right cloaked pony started glowing purple while the other began glowing blue. Both of their cloaks disintegrated, revealing sillouetes of unicorns. Both has shaggy manes and tails.

But then they started to change.

The pony glowing purple started to grow, but only slightly. His shaggy mane and tail changed a little and even started to flow. A few bits of familiar clothing and armor appeared on his body. His purple magic aura around his horn started to have a green outline with black lightning coming out of it.

At the same time as the right pony, the left one changed as well. He started to stand on his forehooves and he got even bigger than the other one. Parts of his body expanded, while areas like the one surrounding his stomach stayed slim. He got more shaggy, his tail got longer, and a peculiar piece of headware appeared on his head, which was changing form. Everyone could see armor appear on his body as well. Three claws grew on his forehooves while two grew on his hind hooves.

Finally, when the transformation was finished, everypony could see that Grogars two henchmen were also familiar. Once again, everyone but Sam and Josh gasped.

"King Sombra? Storm King?" acknowledged Tirek. "What the hay is going on here?"

"Yeah..." Cozy said. "Wasn't the Storm King turned to stone and then destroyed? And last we saw Sombra, he turned down the idea of working together with us, resulting in him being defeated again."

"I know how you brought Sombra back..." Leo began. Everyone their gazes to him, with the current villains only turning their heads to see him. "But HOW did you bring the STORM KING back? And HOW were you able to convince SOMBRA to WORK with you?"

Suddenly, the mouths of all the humans glowed black and yellow, signifying their lips were sealed shut.

"That's enough out of YOU humans..." Grogar said. "Very well. I WILL tell you the story. And when I am done, I have ONE more friend to introduce to you all..."

Everyone except Sombra and the Storm King were confused at this.

"Wait. Did you capture LUSTER?" panicked Chrysalis.

"Yes I did..." Grogar said. The former villains hung their heads in sadness.

"But that is not who I am talking about..." Grogar said. "Nor am I talking about any other pony or creature that I held hostage. You will have to wait until I finish telling you the tale. The tale about how I came back."

Grogar cleared his throat.

Chapter 20: Flashbacks and Plotting: Part 1

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One month ago...

Grogar opened his eyes, the bright sunlight causing him to squint. Weakly, he got up on his hooves and turned his head in attempt to look around.

The light, combined with the squinting of his eyes, made it hard to see. But the ground Grogar felt was enough for the realization to set in.

He was free.

After being defeated by Gusty the Great, Grogar was sent to an area of the aether where nopony else has been. He was all alone.

He didn't know how his freedom happened. If somepony released him, he would hear them speak to him any moment now. But there were no voices that he knew of.

Perhaps it was his banishment. After all, it can be possible for banishments or imprisonments to end on their own. It made the most sense in his perspective.

Grogar decided to stick with that explanation.

Grogar stood where he was, only moving his head, until his eyes started getting used to the sunlight.

As soon as it was safe to fully open his eyes, Grogar finally got a sense of where he was.

He was on the border of a forest.

Where there WASN'T forest, there was grassland. Extending for many miles. There were no signs of life that he could see.

When Grogar took one look at the forest, he suddenly got a small surge of magic from his body.

Unfourtunatly, it wasn't a surge that gave him power, but rather, a surge that told him he was there.

This forest... was the same exact area he cursed all those centuries ago before his defeat by Gusty the Great.

What was the curse?

It was similar to the powers of an umbrum. It would give anypony who was in that forest their worst fears.

However, unlike the umbrum, the fears given to those in the forest were even worse. The fears were more heartbreaking, and those who saw the fears would suffer even worse after what they see.

Grogar smiled at the memory. But now there was no time to waste! During banishment, he couldn't do much. His magic was restrainied during banishment after all. And even though he sensed the magic in the forest, he was still too weak to do anything by himself. He would have to find out what day it is all on his own.

Grogar turned to face the fields and started making his way.

It was gonna be a long day.

Thirty minutes later

Grogar continued making his way through the unusually large field. He felt his magic returning, but he decided to wait. He figured a plan would go better if he hid in the shadows most of the time. During his walk, he felt powerful enough to dawn a disguise of sorts, since he had the power do to so. All he did was turn into a pony, but he was only powerful enough to change the cutie mark. He had to stick with his own colors. For the cutie mark, he settled with a scroll. It would be best if he seemed like a pony affiliated with law. The bigger fake loyalty the better.

Finally though, after thirty minutes, a sign of life came into view. What looked to be a pony was sitting someplace with smaller creatures seated around her.

As Grogar got closer, he started getting a more vivid view of the pony. She seemed to be a butterscotch mare, with a pink mane and butterflies for a cutie mark. She seemed to be in her 40s, and jer mane seemed to be done up in some sort of a looped ponytail. The smaller creatures were all rodents. Mice, bunnies, you name it. He also noticed that she had what looked like picnic-items in front of her.

Grogar loathed the things ponies did. But if he was gonna figure out what to do for his plan of revenge, he would have to talk to this mare.

Finally, Grogar got close enough to the point where she noticed him.

"Oh... hello..." she said.

"Could you maybe help me find directions to the nearest town?" asked Grogar. "I'm sort of... lost."

The mare pointed straight ahead.

"Perfect!" Grogar said.

Now step two.

"Oh my," Grogar said. "What a lovely picnic you set up."

"Thank you," the mare said. "Would you like to join? If... you want to that is."

Grogar despised ponies being nice. And he loathed picnics. He would rather have all his limbs severed than take PART in such a thing.

But he had to find out the news of today somehow. And besides, it wasn't like the mare would FORCE him to eat.

"Well..." Grogar began. "I don't feel all that hungry right now..."

Grogars voice started to strain as he continued.

"But... it wouldn't hurt... to sit and... chat..."

The mare gave him a 'what the hay' look before she regained composure.

"Oh. Ok."

"You see... I have a little... amnesia going on right now," Grogar lied. "So I am fuzzy on a bunch of things. Since you were the first pony I have encountered since it happened, I hoped that you would know a lot about today's era."

The mare got on her hooves and fully turned to Grogar.

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your amnesia. I bet that your friends and family are worried!"

"Indeed, I don't know if they are still out there yet. But I figured it would be best to refresh a few certain subjects on the matter before I reside in town. I don't want any help refreshing my memory for the time being."

"Well, if you say so..."

Grogar cleared his throat and sat down.

"Ok. First question..." he began. "WHO is the ruler of Equestria."

"Princess Twilight Sparkle," replied the mare, who sat down as well. "She ruled Equestria for around 20 years. She's even one of my best friends! In fact, she was one of the biggest reasons I overcame my shyness."

"Interesting..." Grogar tried his hardest to hide his resentment for friendship. "What caused her to take over the throne?"

"I can find a few reasons why... though I suppose the biggest reason was because she kept Equestria in perfect harmony. She wasn't alone though. Her other friends, including myself, helped her along the way. We stopped Nightmare Moon. She stopped Discord-"

"Wait!" Grogar interrupted. "Discord?"

"Yes. It started when he escaped his imprisonment in stone and started spreading chaos. He even nearly ended our friendship. But the six of us soon reconciled and defeated him by turning him back to stone. Believe it or not, we soon freed him, and I was assigned to reform him. It took a while, but it worked. In fact, I'm actually expecting him to show up for this picnic any minute now."

Grogar couldn't resist twitching his eye. Grogar was responsable for Discord's existance after all. He made Discord to be evil. But hearing that one of his own creations reformed and sided with the ponies... it was sickening.

"Are... you ok?" asked the mare.

"Oh I'm fine... I just don't see how you would give him a chance if he was sent to stone. Twice!"

"Well... he has made mistakes..." the mare began. "Two of them nearly ended Equestria. First, he joined with this centaur named Tirek. But Tirek soon betrayed him. The next one was even worse. Before Twilight's coronation, he disguised himself as this legendary ram called 'Grogar', and even grouped up some of the worst villains."

"What?!?!" Grogar exclaimed.

"It backfired though," the mare continued. "Apparently, the villains he grouped up were plotting behind his back, and even had this item called 'the Bewitching Bell'. It was a magic bell that once belonged to Grogar himself. So the villains activated it's power, and transferred the magic inside the bell to them, making them more powerful. Then, when Discord came back in his disguise, the villains drained his magic, revealing who he really was. Then things escalated. Pony groups were divided, Canterlot was in ruins, and even the windigos returned. But eventually, we all defeated the villains with the power of friendship. And for their punishment, they were turned to stone."

Grogar just stared at the mare in shock. He couldn't believe what he heard. First, Discord actually had the guts to pose as him. Then, some random villains used the Bewitching Bell to make themselves powerful and even took Discord's magic.

"Goodness..." the mare said. "I must've went off topic..."

"No, no... you're fine..." Grogar said. "In fact, I'm interested. Where is the Bewitching Bell?"

"I don't know... I think Discord has it."

"And what about the villains that used it?"

"Since they were turned to stone, they were brought to the Canterlot Garden."

Grogar nodded. He knew everything he needed to know, so he wanted to flee as soon as he could. Plus, he also wanted to leave before Discord arrived. He didn't want to face that disgrace of evil.

But then again, Discord had the bell.

Grogar decided to get it back from Discord later.

"Well, I think I know everything I need to know," Grogar said. "In fact, I feel my memories coming back already."

"Oh, that's wonderful!" the mare said. Grogar wasn't sure if her voice had uneasiness or not.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go into town. Need to find a place, you know?"

"Would you like me to help? I'm sure Discord wouldn't mind..."

"No. You go have your picnic. I wouldn't want to cause trouble."

"Oh..." the mare turned back to face the picnic equipment. "Well, if you insist."

"I do..." Grogar said. He got up and turned to face the direction that led to town.

"Farewell," Grogar said, before galloping off to town.

He didn't look back to see the mare again. He didn't look back to see if Discord showed up. All he cared about was planning.

First, he would see if the villains that used his bell were worthy of helping him.

Next, he would see if there were any more villains worthy of assisting him.

Soon, he would attempt to get his bell back.

Finally, all he would have to do is bend into the crowd in some way, before finally spreading anarchy and take back what was his.

He vowed to himself that he wouldn't fail.

He vowed that Equestria will be his again.

Chapter 21: Flashbacks and Plotting: Part 2

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Once Grogar was out of the mare's sight, he began the next phase of his plan. All he had to do was cast a spell on himself to turn into a flying mist of magic, and search Equestria for the Canterlot Garden.

He was lucky he had the ability to do that too. He knew that many things changed while he was gone, and he didn't want to go through all the trouble asking for directions. And even though he could mind-control ponies to give him directions, it would take longer than what he has in mind.

Grogar looked around to be sure he was safe, before he lit up his horn. Suddenly, his whole body lit up yellow before becoming transparent and misty.

Now that the transformation was out of the way, Grogar leaped off the ground and flew into the air at a fast speed.

Buildings and trees covered the land. Grogar could see living beings near those buildings.

Not all were ponies, which caught Grogar by surprise. There were dragons, griffons, and many other creatures too.

He would question it later.

With the speed he was going, it didn't take long for Grogar to find a large city. He would normally fly buy it, but a certain flag caught his eye.

Canterlot, home of the Princess

He found it. The city of Canterlot.

Grogar dove closer to the city and began to search for the garden.

It took even quicker to find the garden than the city.

The size of the garden convinced him that this was his destination.

Grogar dove in and turned back into his pony form. He looked at the words on the gate.

Canterlot Garden

"Bingo..." Grogar said to himself.

He walked in and lit his horn, hoping to find the signs of life he was looking for.

Much to Grogar's luck, for the third time today, it didn't take long for him to find what he wanted.

The yellow glow on his horn suddenly lit up, dimmed, lit up, and dimmed again.

As soon as he took notice, he started to search even harder, until he saw a statue that glowed a dim yellow.

Grogar did this magic many times. So as soon as he saw the glowing statue, he knew that he found the signs of life that he wanted to find.

The statue had three forms. A frightened filly, a cowering centaur, and a scowling changeling leaping at her prey.

Why there was a filly in stone, Grogar had no idea.

But he was about to find out.

Grogar lit up his horn and the glow around the stone statue intensified.

One by one, he saw the memories of each figure, and he suddenly gained an understanding of what they had done.

The changeling, Chrysalis, attacked Canterlot and crashed a wedding. The power of love cast her away. She soon returned, but was defeated again. Along with that second defeat, every single one of her changeling subjects reformed. She herself was offered friendship, before she declined and went away.

She also made clones of six ponies, one of them looking like the mare he met earlier. Only younger.

The centaur, Tirek, came with his brother to drain magic. His brother reformed, however, and Tired continued his ways. It resulted in his Tartarus imprisonment. Soon, he escaped and stole nearly every ounce of magic before his next defeat. Soon, he conspired with the filly to drain Equestrian magic, but that failed too. he even had to help seven of his foes escape Tartarus when they were trapped.

The filly, Cozy Glow, had an odd past. A past that led her to pretend to be a good pony, enroll in a school of friendship, and conspire with Tirek to drain magic. She herself was imprisoned after defeat.

What all these memories had in common was what happened next. Somecreature grouped up Chrysalis, Cozy, Tirek, and what looked like a shadowy unicorn. And who grouped them up?

Discord. Disguised as Grogar himself.

Grogar saw how everything else played out.

Sombra, the shadowy unicorn, set up to take over Equestria on his own, but he was soon defeated.

Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy were all sent to get Grogar's bell. They split up, but soon began working together. Aside from getting the bell, another significant thing in that memory was when they almost learned... friendship.

That disgusted Grogar. But he had to continue. He wanted to see how they got into stone.

And he did see the memory.

When the trio got the bell, they hid it from Discord. Soon, they activated it with a book, gave themselves the bell's magic, and then took Discord's magic and left it in the bell.

They almost took over. Ponies were divided and the windings themselves even came back.

He saw how a rainbow defeated the trio, taking away all the magic the bell gave them. The princesses couldn't think of a worthy punishment, but with the help of Discord, they turned the trio to stone.

He also saw a familiar face in the memories showcasing the many near conquests.

The butterscotch pegasus that he spoke with earlier. Only younger.

"The pegasus I spoke with earlier?" he muttered while watching the memories. "No wonder she knew so much..."

When Grogar finished watching the memories, he made his decision.

"You three seemed worthy..." he began. "Almost taking over Equestria many times and even using my bell. You all seem worthy to help me... however... I loathe friendship. And seeing you all nearly learn it convinced me that I should just leave you here. Sure, you denied friendship. Sure, you pretended to want it. But all of you almost learned it. And one of you wanted to use it for power. Sure, it was for evil. But I despise friendship. So... I'm just gonna leave you here. Oh, but don't worry..."

Grogar grinned.

"You all gave me a suggestion for an ally. And I'm sure to find more on my own..."

And with that, Grogar turned into his yellow-magic-mist form and flew off into the sky.

Chapter 22: Flashbacks and Plotting: Part 3

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Grogar continued exploring modern Equestria in hopes to find an area to perform the first step of his plan. He couldn't find any suitible spots in Canterlot, so he left in search of another town. He knew there were mines all over the place. He's seen a few before, but with all the changes made all around Equestria, he wasn't sure if any of those caves were closed off, and he mostly forgot where they were. So that's why Grogar had to rely on luck. And if he couldn't find any, he could just make an area of his own.

The next city... or in this case town... that Grogar came across was smaller and seemed less modern. The only similarity with Canterlot that he could see was the variety of creatures and ponies that he could see. One of the most sickening features was a bulding that looked like it was made out of sugary treats.

Once again, he looked on with disgust and disapproval.

Just as Grogar was leaving the town in hopes to find another one, something caught his eye.

A cave.

Feeling confident, Grogar drifted town to the enterance and once again turned back into a physical form. This time, however, he transformed back into his regular form. He was sure nopony would be in that cave. And even if ponies DID go there, all Grogar had to do was hide.

Grogar grabbed a nearby stick and stepped into the cave, lighting up his horns to illuminate the area around him.

The cave walls were crawling with gems. There were also a few holes in the walls. Grogar assumed that those holes had gems in there before they were picked out.

The cave was big, but Grogar hoped to find an even larger area on where to perform his magic. Almost like a room. Otherwise, as he thought before, he could just use his magic to create a large area.

It only took a few minutes for Grogar to suddenly hear a voice, along with hoofsteps.

"Hey! I think I see something!"

Quickly Grogar dropped the stick, turned into his mist form, and squeezed into the biggest hole he could see on the wall. As soon as Grogar went into his hiding spot, his yellow light faded. But the cave wasn't exactly pitch black. Grogar could see a light that was a pale shade of green. The light was heading in the opposite the direction he was going. Finally, three full-grown mares appeared.

The first was the one illuminating the light. Although she was wearing a helmet, Grogar had the feeling that she was a unicorn. Her long mane and tail were two shades of light purple, one shade lighter than the other. The color in her eyes were the same color as the light she was giving, her coat was white, and her cutie mark appeared to be a shield. The shield was three shades of pink that were way different from each other, and in the middle of that shield, was a microphone.

The second pony was an orange pegasus. However, the wings on this pegasus were oddly smaller than the average pegasus wings. They seemed to be even smaller than her hoof! She had an orange coat, her mane and tail were hot pink, and her eye color was purple. Oddly, her cutie mark was the same as the unicorns. Only this time, there was a lightning bolt instead of a microphone.

The third pony was an earth pony, who seemed to be wearing something around her neck. Also around her neck was a satchel filled with sparkling gems. She also had a giant bow perched on her head. Her coat was yellow, her mane was red, and the color in her eyes was orange. Once again, her cutie mark matched the same one the other two ponies have. Instead of a microphone or lightning bolt, there was an apple.

"Huh..." the pegasus said, her voice slightly rough. "I thought I saw a yellow light here... and heard hoofsteps..."

"This cave is full of shiny things..." the earth pony said in a faint farm-pony accent. "There were times when Ah' thought somepony else was here. But as it turned out, it was just another blue gem. Or dirt fallin' to the ground."

"Again, I apologize that we are spending our day off like this," the unicorn said, voice slightly sqeaky, but not much. "But as I've said before, Rarity is too busy to come here and search for these gems, and if we don't get them, she's gonna enter that phase where she eats ice cream until she feels better. And the last time she needed ice cream, the place she gets her ice-cream from ended up giving her a life-time ban."

"Wait, why was she banned again?" asked the pegasus.

"She ended up making a big scene when she saw somepony buying the last carton. They went in a tug-of-war with it and everything. Rarity won, but she accidentally threw the carton at the face of the stallion who sold it. Funniest thing was, as soon as it hit his face, Rarity took it back and immediatly began eating it. It took ten minutes for everypony to convince her to leave."

"Wow..." the earth pony said. "All that for a carton of ice-cream? With her age, Ah' thought she would of grown out of it by now..."

"...but instead, it got worse," the unicorn said. "But then I could see why. Since her work is basically expanding, everything is becoming more stressful and important. In my point of view, at least."

"Yeah..." the pegasus said. "I could see that. But you know what? I don't mind coming here to help you sister on our day off as long as I am with my best friends."

The three ponies then did a high-hoof together.

"YEAH!!!" they all screamed in unison.

Grogar had to resist gagging.

"Well honestly, Ah' think we have everything we need," said the earth pony. "And if we don't, we can just come back here."

"Sounds like a plan," said the pegasus.

And with that, the three mares galloped through the tunnel.

Once Grogar assumed they were gone, he left his hiding place and turned back into his regular form. He was lucky that they didn't take the stick he grabbed, and even luckier he wasn't found. Once again, he illuminated his horns, grabbed the stick, and continued walking down the long cave.

Five minutes later

It didn't take long for Grogar to finally find the area he was looking for: an area large enough to his liking. Like a room.

Now Grogar had to see if the dirt was soft. After he carved into it slightly with the stick, he came to the conclusion that he would stick with what he had. Grogar covered up his test-carve and began to carve the rune that was required for this task, while preparing for the spell at the same time. He had to channel a new area of magic for this to wark. As he continued drawing, the glow on his horns began turning blue. It didn't even take him thirty seconds to finish drawing.

Finally, when he finished, Grogar tossed the stick aside and immediatly cast a blue beam on the rune. The outlines of the rune suddenly glowed blue as well and dark shadows suddenly emerged. All Grogar could see from those shadows was a red horn and a set of green eyes emitting a purple aura. In just a few seconds, however, the shadows formed a very intimidating figure. It was a large black unicorn, with a grey coat and a flowing black mane. His horn was red, and he wore a few items that only a 'royal' pony would wear. Grogar smiled.

King Sombra has returned again.

Chapter 23: Flashback and Plotting: Part 4

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Once King Sombra opened his eyes for the first time after his third return, his eyes immediatly landed on Grogar.

"Well..." Sombra began. "I suppose you had the guts to give me another chance? As long as I submit to you?"

Grogar chuckled.

"Oh, the memories I saw are correct... you ARE stubborn!"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Sombra said. "Memories you saw? Correct? You're confusing me..."

"Allow me to explain... but first... do you remember the day I brought you back and there were three other villains there?"

"Yes. There was a changeling, a centaur, and... a filly. Why a filly was there was confusing."

"She was evil. Like you," Grogar corrected. "But even though I brought you back... it actually WASN'T me that brought you back."

"What the hay are you talking about?"

"I wasn't the one who brought you back. Some creature DISGUISED himself as me and brought you back."

"You can't be serious."

"Oh, but I am."

"Ok. Then WHO was the creature that posed as you?"


"Discord? While it WOULD make sense, I have to ask... wasn't he reformed?"

"He was. I don't know why he did it. It could of been out of evil. Or it could of been out of an entirely different reason. I don't know. But from what I heard, he is reformed as of now."

"Interesting... I have another question... HOW did you know who I was, where I was, and how to bring me back?"

"When I searched the memories of the villains Discord brought together, I learned about you. I learned about your defeat when the memories showed the villains watching your defeat in a crystal ball. As for HOW I knew you were in the aether, it was a lucky first guess. But I knew how to access the aether for a long time before my banishment."

"Speaking of the villains broght together... what happened anyway?"

Grogar then went on telling King Sombra about the events that transpired. He mentioned the Bewitching Bell, Discord being found out, and the whole entire battle that nearly ended everything. He finally finished with the punishment that befell the villains.

"Well..." Sombra said when the story was over. "That was an interesting tale."

"It was," replied Grogar. "But even though they nearly ended everything with my bell, I'm not letting them out of their prison."

"May I ask why?"

"They almost learned friendship. They did other things, but it was part of their plans. When they got my bell, they nearly learned of the error of their ways."

"Doesn't that seem unfair?"

"Oh, please. I'm Grogar. I can decide what is fair or not."

Sombra opened his mouth to say something, but then changed his mind.

"Now listen, Sombra. Discord may have let you do your own thing when he was disguised as me. But this time, I'm not giving you much of an option. Either you submit to me, or get sent back to the aether. And besides..."

Grogar stepped closer to Sombra.

"... Isn't it better to have a chunk of Equestria then none at all? Better to conquer anything rather than suffering in the aether? Think about it."

King Sombra looked at Grogar. He looked down. He closed his eyes. Then, a second later, he looked back at Grogar and spoke up.

"I wouldn't want to get sent back again..." King Sombra said. "And you have a point. I may prefer to work alone and have everything to myself, but I suppose having a chunk of Equestria is better than suffering in the aether..."

Grogar smiled.

"Good choice," he said.

"So..." Sombra said. "What do we do next?"

"What we need to do is a mixture of simple and complex..." Grogar said. "We need to disguise ourselves as regular ponies and try to figure out if there are any remaining foes that can join us. Ones that never nearly learned friendship after becoming villains."

"I guess that could work..." Sombra said. "Though I hate having to act normal, along with acting like I care about friendship."

"Trust me. I did it," Grogar said. "I met a mare and acted like I cared about her AND her kind. Worst experience I went through since returning. But it wont be hard. All we need to do is extract info from the first pony we see."

"The princess?" asked Sombra.

"Perhaps. We could try that. My disguise was a pony affiliated with law, and technically, the princess is law too. It would work if you went through that too."

"Well then I guess I can go into a law disguise too. But I could use your help for that."

"I can take care of it."

"Now what about the names?"

"Already have an idea!" Grogar said. "I will be Judgement Law, and you will be Gavel Bang."

"Eh," Sombra said. "Works for me."

"Now, I believe the Princess knows of the past in many ways. I assume she should know if there are any other villains that would seem suitable enough for our team."

Grogar nodded, turned into a yellow mist, and flew off. Sombra immediatly followed.

A few minutes later...

Grogar and King Sombra both arrived in an alley. Although Sombra looked like himself when he materialized, Grogar was in his pony form.

"Ok... now hold still..." Grogar said.

And with that, Grogar lit up his horn, and a few seconds later, blasts a yellow beam at King Sombra.

With that, Sombra's whole body turned into the same color as Grogars beam. The figure of his body began to shrink, and his mane began to lose its flow. His kings attire seemed to dissappear within his body. When the spell casting was over, Grogar could see Sombra's new look. Sombra was still in his dark grey coat and blackish mane. However, his horn was normal, he was smaller, his eyes were green, and he had a cutie mark with a gavel on it. His king attire was gone.

"Perfect!" Grogar said. "Now, we just need to convince the guards to let us see this 'Princess Twilight' that was spoken of to me. We can talk with her and try to see if she knows of any other villains that haven't reformed. No matter what their fate is, I believe I have a way to take care of it."

"Hold up, hold up... did you say Princess Twilight?" asked King Sombra.

"Yes. Why?"

"She and her friends were the ones that defeated me!"

"I know. Memories of other villains watching a crystal ball, remember?"

"Oh... right..."

"When I saw the memories of the other villains, I saw stuff before them. They were always defeated by Twilight. And one defeat was before Twight even had wings! And judging from the memories, I have a feeling the other defeats I saw happened before she ruled Equestria as well.”

"Twilight ruling Equestria..." Sombra muttered. "Now I want to take over even more!"

"And we will get there, if we put this plan into action," Grogar replied. "So let's head on our way. I believe the area we landed at is close to the castle. I suggest we walk there since our method of transport could blow out cover."

With that, Grogar and Sombra walked out of the alley, meeting the sight of multiple ponies and creatures walking through the street.

"Oh right!" Grogar said. "All the other creatures and ponies live in harmony now."

Sombra put a hood on his head.

"I missed out on alot..." he said.

"We both did Sombra," replied Grogar. "We both did..."

Grogar looked both ways of the street before he saw a big structure. Judging from the size and way it was made, Grogar assumed that was the main part of the castle.

Grogar sighed.

"We have a long walk ahead of us..."

Thirty minutes later...

The walk was shorter than they thought.

It only took thirty minutes for the base of the castle to appear. Sombra didn't even have to say anything for Grogar to know that they arrived.

"Well... here we are," King Sombra said.

But he said something anyway.

The base of the castle consisted of three guards, one of them talking to another pony. Two of the guards appeared to be white ponies standing still while a third guard, one that appeared to be a griffon, was talking to the pony. Although the armor made it hard to see the griffon entirely, the two diguised villains could see the feather color on his head being blue, with a few peach-colored spots. The pony he was talking to seemed to be a light shade of pink, with mane that was a darker shade of pink. Her poofy mane was done up in a big ponytail, and there were many childish things sticking out of it. Her cutie mark consisted of three balloons. As they came closer, Sombra stopped and put a hoof in front of Grogar, stopping him as well.

"What is it?" Grogar huffed.

"That pink pony..." Sombra said. "Wait... she was one of the ponies Twilight was with when I was defeated again!"

Grogar looked at her.

"Come to think of it... I HAVE seen her in some of those memories I saw. Yeah! Forget the Princess! If this pony has been with her a lot, I believe we have what we need. All we need to do is wait for the right opportunity..."

It didn't take long for the opportunity to come. A minute later, the pink mare turned away and began hopping to the direction Grogar and Sombra was. Once she was close enough, Grogar took the shot.

"Um... excuse me Miss..."

The pink mare turned to them. Oddly, even though she was bouncing like a child, she looked like she was in her 40s. The disguised duo decided to brush it off.

King Sombra decided to speak next.

"We were wondering-"

Immediatly Sombra was cut off because the pink mare did another thing that only the oddest of ponies will do.

She jumped up in the air and gasped. While in midair, she posed as if she was about to run.

As if out of relfex, Grogar grabbed her with his magic. She's going to give him the information whether she likes it or not!

Despite that, however, Grogar tried his hardest to remain sincere, despite hating being sincere to ponies.

"Listen, we don't want you to be alarmed," Grogar said. "My name is Judgement Law and this is Gavel Bang. We promise we won't hurt you."

"Hurt me? I didn't think you were gonna hurt me," the pink mare said, speaking at an alarming rate. “The reason I went all *GAAAAASP* was because I noticed you two were new! And so I wanted to give you a 'Welcome to Canterlot' surprise party!"

Grogar and Sombra expressed stunned looks due to the fact that a middle-aged mare was acting like a child.

Immediatly though, they snapped out of it.

"No, no... no parties," Grogar said, putting the pink mare down. "We..."

"We already had one a few days ago!" Sombra cut in.

"Ooohhh! Tell me it was Cheese Sandwich!" the pink mare said, suddenly jumping up and down rapidly. "Tell me it was my Cheesy Wheezy! Tell me that was why he was gone while I trained Lil' Cheese the arts of party-making!"

Grogar and Sombra looked at each other, once again with stunned looks. Again they regained composure. Couldn't let an opportunity to lie go to waste.

"Yes. Yes, it was this... Cheese Sandwich!" Grogar said.

The pink mare stopped jumping.

"Oh that Cheesy... I KNEW he loved me enough to do the parties I don't have time for..."

"Yeeaah..." King Sombra said. "But the poor colt accidentally got hit in the head and forgot the whole party even happened. But don't worry! Some of the party guests managed to bring him outside and send him on his way when he woke up. Sadly, that means he didn't even notice us when we left..."

"OH NO!!!" the pink mare exclaimed. "That means he forgot about the whole party that he threw! It must of been wonderful! Are you sure you don't want me to make it up for you?"

"No, the party was still fun..." Grogar said. "And we wish him the best of luck."

The pink mare puzzled for a moment.

"Ok. As long as you are happy and wish Cheesy the best of luck, I'm happy."

And with that, the pink mare turned around and began bouncing away.

"Wait!" Grogar called out.

The pink mare stopped bouncing, turned around, and returned to the disguised villains.

"Yes?" she asked.

"We heard you are friends with Princess Twilight Sparkle..." Sombra said. "Is that true?"

"Oh, Twilight and I go way back. We bonded a lot, had a great time being friends, and we also defeated a bunch of meanies with our other friends. I was actually discussing the next time we would meet with her with the royal guards."

"Meanies, huh?" Grogar said. "Any chance you could list the names of those 'meanies' that nearly brought an end to all of Equestria in a powerful manner?"

The pink mare suddenly started speaking at an alarming rate again.

"Well, let's see. There was Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Lord Tirek, Starlight Glimmer, the Pony of Shadows, Tempest Shadow, the Storm King, and Cozy Glow!"

Grogar and Sombra, for the third time, expressed stunned looks. And for the third time, they snapped out of it to resume questioning.

"Were do they stand today" asked King Sombra.

The pink mare resumed talking in a rapid manner.

"Well, Nightmare Moon turned back into Princess Luna a long time ago. Discord was turned back to stone, but he soon reformed. Starlight also reformed, and so did Tempest. The Pony of Shadows was sent to limbo again while Stygian, the unicorn that the shadows were corrupting, stayed by our side. King Sombra was sent to the aether the last time we saw him. The Storm King was turned to stone, but he broke into many pieces. The pieces have been in many places, but now they are in a museum. And Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow, who worked together after we defeated them all a few times on other occasions, were also turned to stone, where they reside in the Canterlot Garden. Though Cozy Glow is a filly, but then again we don't know why she is evil, and we don't know why she worked with Chrysalis and Tirek."

Yet again Grogar and Sombra were stunned. However, this time they stayed stunned.

"Well, I better go," the pink mare said in a normal speed. "I'll tell Cheesy you said hi."

And so the pink mare turned and hopped away, leaving the two villains standing there in silence for a few seconds before they walked away out of the guards views. They walked around until they found another spot where they won't be discovered.

"Did you... get all that?" Sombra asked when they were finally out of view.

"Actually, I did!" replied Grogar. "You?"

Sombra nodded.

"So... the only unreformed villains are Chrysalis, Tirek, Cozy Glow, and the Storm King," said Grogar. "I guess the Pony of Shadows counts since it was technically a seperate being. And maybe Nightmare Moon too."

"So... what should we do?" asked Sombra.

"Chrysalis, Cozy, and Tirek are off the list as I have mentioned a while ago. I suggest we bring back the Storm King. Whether we can somehow bring back the shadows or Nightmare Moon is uncertain to me. Maybe we can pull it off. Maybe not. For some reason though, I feel like settling with the Storm King. At least for now."

"But bringing back the Storm King seems even harder than the shadows or Nightmare Moon! How can we pull off resurrection?"

Grogar smiled.

"With the right magic, of course..."

Fifteen minutes later...

Luckily, the museum was not very far. But when they discovered they had to pay, Grogar and King Sombra walked a decent distance away and thought of a way to get in.

"Well, since we have to pay but we have no money, I'm pretty sure we know what to do next..." said Sombra.

"Indeed," replied Grogar. "We may not have money. But we have magic and wits. We will sneak to the side of the museum and see if there are any spots we can sneak in. Then if we find a window that is open, we then perform a spell where all the ponies in the museum fall into a temporary sleep. When ready, we enter the museum through the window and then look for the Storm King pieces. And I think we could use some materials to make decoys of the pieces. If there is anything there, that is. Otherwise, we can enlarge a pebble or something."

"I would question how you know that there are materials, but I know what the answer would be..." Sombra said.

"Indeed..." Grogar said.

"Now to put this plan into action. But remember... there are a lot of windows on the side, so we must be careful to not look suspicious. If ponies see us, we can cast a spell while they are asleep to make them forget they saw us."

King Sombra nodded. And with that, the duo ran to the side of the building. Nopony saw them. While Sombra began gathering up pebbles and enlarging them, Grogar searched for and immediatly found a window that was open. His horn lit up and he blasted a small yellow beam into the museum. He looked in for a little longer before he turned away from the window.

"The ponies are asleep," Grogar said. "Luckily, none of them saw me."

"And I think I enlarged enough pebbles to cast the spell to make the decoys," Sombra said.


Grogar turned into his smoke form and entered through the window. As soon as he turned back into his pony form, Sombra entered as well. Grogar waited for Sombra to return to his normal form and lift the rocks through the window without breaking it. A few minutes later, there was a large pile of enlarged boulders resting next to Sombra.

"Now stay here," Grogar said. "I'm gonna search for the pieces."

Sombra nodded and Grogar began exploring the museum.

There were many artifacts. Some Grogar recognized. Some were new. He knew that his bell wasn't there. The butterscotch mare did tell him Discord had it, after all.

As soon as Grogar turned the corner, he saw what he was looking for. There, in a large case in the wall with only a glass door blocking it, was a bunch of unique stone pieces clumped together. Grogar went closer and examined it better to see if he found who he was looking for. He read the title of the exam to confirm his hopes.

The Storm King.

Chapter 24: Flashbacks and Plotting: Part 5

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Grogar didn't even bother to read the description that described the large stone pieces. He found what he was looking for! And he was pleased.

Lighting up his horn, the small lock on the glass door suddenly fumbled. It continued rattling until...


Grogar knew what happened: he unlocked he door! Shifting the glow from the lock to the whole entire door, Grogar easily slid the glass door open. Once that was done, the glow around the door faded and instead surrounded the stone pieces. Before Grogar took them out, though, he blasted a small yellow beam, causing yellow lines to be sketched on the perch the stone pieces were on. The lines lit up and the stone pieces were covered in a yellow glow. Finally, the stone pieces began to float out once by one, though Grogar didn't put them on the ground. As soon as the last pieces were out, Grogar saw a yellow projection of the pieces in their place. Grogar brought the pieces close together and made his way back, careful to not hit anything.

King Sombra was waiting for him. He sat next to the pile of enlarged pebbles, making sure none of them fall out of place or cause damage. As soon as Sombra saw Grogar, he got up.

"You found him," he said.

"Yes I did," admitted Grogar. "I had to mark where the stone pieces were so we could get it right. We do need to cover up out hoofsteps. Though I doubt ponies will notice the slightest differences."

"True," Sombra said.

"Now, I need you to hold these pieces so I can make the replicas. You think you can handle it?"

"I think so."

Immediatly, the glow shifted from yellow to green, Sombra's disguised unicorn aura. As for Grogar, his horns remained lit, the yellow glow enveloping the rocks. Suddenly, the pile lifts into the air and begins glowing orange. The orange on the rocks suddenly became brighter until it was obvious that they melted into a mountain of hot molten rocks. Grogar had to be careful!

The mountain of lava began to compress, getting rid of and creases or spaces, turning the molten rocks into one giant misshapen molten boulder. Once again, the lava compressed, turning the odd mountain shape into a rectangular block.

When the block was formed, the orange faded into many shades of grey and levitated slowly to the ground.

Grogar did it! He turned the pebbles into a giant rectangular block without causing damage.

"Now levitate the pieces next to this block so we can finish replicating!" ordered Grogar. "Make sure to space them out a little, and rotate them when instructed."

Sombra, who wasn't straining the whole time he held the pieces, levitated the pieces next to the cube, spacing them out a little.

Yet again Grogar lit his horn and a yellow glow surrounded the block. Suddenly, cracks started to appear. Grogar knew a tiny detail gone wrong wouldn't be a big deal, but a major one would be catastrophic!

The front of the block began covering itself in cracks, before the whole front suddenly crumbled to the ground. Now the cube was mostly split in half, with only a few chunks of stone shaped like the pieces sticking out.

"Now flip the pieces so I can see the other side of them," instructed Grogar.

Again, King Sombra obeyed. While he turned all the stone pieces, Grogar slightly sifted the block and rotated it. Once again, Grogar repeated the process. He hoped that this next time would be the last time he would chip at the stone.

Then, the back of the block chipped away and Grogar found himself levitating a bunch of stone pieces. They looked good so far. Just one more check...

"Rotate the pieces again," Grogar said.

Sombra did as was told and rotated the pieces. Grogar rotated the decoys.


He thought for a brief moment before he reached a verdict.

"I think these decoys are passable," Grogar said. "Very minimal errors. But I don't think they will be noticed."

Grogar set the decoys on the ground.

"Sombra, you did well. Let me see the originals, please"

The green glow surrounding the pieces shifted to yellow as Grogar held the pieces in his grasp. It was time!

Grogar rotated the pieces a bit before he brought them together to see if they would fit. They didn't work the first time, so Grogar had to try again. A few more times, they didn't fit. But finally, on the fifth try, the pieces fit like a puzzle. Suddenly, the pieces began glowing orange for a few seconds, the pieces becoming molten rock, before they turned grey again. Only this time, the cracks were gone.

King Sombra decided to speak.

"Are you sure turning him to lava for a moment was a good-"

"Silence!" Grogar said, cutting Sombra off. "I know what I'm doing..."

Suddenly, the stone statue began glowing bright. Slowly, the grey stone color began fading and chipping away. Underneath was what Grogar wanted to see...

Flesh, fur, and life.

As the stone began fading, underneath were shades of white or black. Some spots even had tints of blue.

Finally, when all traces of stone were seperated from the Storm King's body, the yellow aura around him faded and he fell to the floor. Not like a statue, but rather, something with life that hasn't been turned to stone.

Grogar and King Sombra stared at the Storm King's body for a few seconds. Not a word was spoken.

Then, the Storm King shot open his bright blue eyes.

Slowly, the Storm King attempted to get up on his hind legs, grunting as he did. Once he was fully up, his head an inch fron the ceiling, he dusted himself off and got his first glimpse of the the disguised villains.

"Well..." he said. "I take it that you two ponies were the ones that freed me?"

"In a way," Grogar said. "Not to reform you or anything, though."

"Ugh," the Storm King muttered, rubbing his head. "How long was I in there?"

"For years," Grogar said. "You were also smashed up into little pieces."

"I was?"

"I thought you knew that," Sombra said.

"Hmmmm..." thought Grogar. "So you were either in stone sleep or you lost conciousness when you shattered into pieces."

"Well then, how am I even alive?" the Storm King asked. "How did you even bring me back?"

Grogar and King Sombra looked at each other and nodded before Grogar looked back at the Storm King.

"You will recieve the answers you desire," Grogar said. "But first, you need to know who we really are."

Before the Storm King could respond, Grogar lit up his horn. The Storm King watched as Grogar and Sombra suddenly turned into yellow silhouettes. Slowly, the silhouettes changed. One appeared to grow in size. His horn grew and what looked like royal attire appeared. The other one shrank, and began to turn into the shape of a ram.

Finally, when the glow around the silhouettes faded, the Storm King suddenly saw the true forms of the ponies that rescued him. Or rather, pony with a flowing black mane and kings attire, and ram.

"It... it can't be!" the Storm King muttered. "The father of monsters?"

"In the flesh," Grogar said, relieved to be back into his original form.

The Storm King turned and pointed at King Sombra.

"And you are?" he asked.

Sombra seemed taken aback.

"You... haven't heard of me?" Sombra asked.

"No," replied the Storm King.

"You should know me! King Sombra! All powerful unicorn? Former and rightful ruler of the Crystal Empire?"

"Doesn't ring a bell."


"The Tree of what?"

"Ok... the Tree of Harmony bit does make sense since you haven't heard of it. Plus, you were turned to stone and shattered into pieces before I destroyed it. BUT YOU SHOULD KNOW THE REST OF IT!!!"

"Nope. Not a clue."


King Sombra huffed after his short monologue.

"Better?" asked the Storm King.

"Very much..." replied Sombra.

"Well, I apologize that I don't know who you are..."

The Storm King turned to Grogar.

"But you... I KNOW who you are... Grogar! The legendary father of monsters!"

"Yes, yes..." Grogar said. "I have returned. And as of the moment, I am recruiting villains to join my team. King Sombra and I worked to bring you back from the fate that befell you, because I decided to recruit you as well."

"Well, I am honored."

"I guess it worth mentioning that Twilight Sparkle is now the new princess of Equestria," King Sombra pointed out.

The Storm King crossed his arms and scowled.

"She is, huh?" he muttered.

"Don't worry," Grogar said. "We WILL destroy Twilight Sparkle AND her friends. But before we do that, we need to retrieve one more ally..."

"Who?" asked King Sombra.

"Not who..." corrected Grogar. "What!"

"The Bewitching Bell?" exclaimed the Storm King. "Isn't that on the peak of Mount Everhoof?"

"It WAS... but a mare told me that Discord had it."

"The Master of Chaos, eh?" the Storm King replied.

"Yes. In his realm."

"I'm pretty sure that you are powerful enough to go in there." said Sombra.

"Maybe. But it will take a lot of work to travel through realms. While Discord can do it in a breeze, it can make any powerful magic user, pony or not, extremely exhausted for a few hours."

"How are we gonna find his house?" the Storm King questioned. "From what I've heard, the chaos realm does NOT always do what you want."

"If we work together, it could work. But before we do this, we better take care of a couple things. Sombra, you clean this mess up while the Storm King tells me the story about how he almost took over Equestria."

"Me?" whined King Sombra. "Why me?"

"Because I already know your story. Not all of it, but a decent part. And I want to hear from the Storm King. Plus, even if you are or were a king, I love to be unreasonable."

King Sombra huffed and levitated the decoys to bring to the glass case.

"I'm starting to regret signing up for this..." he muttered.

Minutes later

"...And that was how I got turned to stone, and apparently, shattered into pieces," the Storm King said, finishing his story.

King Sombra finished putting the decoys in the case and cleaning up the mess when the Storm King was halfway done with the story. It took him longer to put the decoy pieces in the right spot than to clean up the mess. Obviously so he could get it right.

"That was an interesting story," Grogar said. "Too bad this 'Tempest Shadow' betrayed you."

"To Tartarus with her!" the Storm King said. "Being an assistant to the legendary Father of Monsters is way better than leading a pony with a broken horn. Though I will miss being a leader..."

"You will get your share of minions when we take over Equestria!" Grogar said. He turned his head to Sombra. "I take it that you finished your job?"

"About a while ago," King Sombra said.

"Excellent! Now we must go to the chaos realm and retrieve my bell!"

"You don't seriously believe we're opening the portal in here, do you?"

"Don't question me, Sombra. Chaos portals are not like black holes. It won't suck everything in. And as long as we put it in the right spot, we will be fine. Now, I suggest you two get behind me."

Grogar stepped forward so Sombra and the Storm King could have some room. After he turned his body a little bit, he began to mumble, his horns lighting up in the process.

King Sombra and the Storm King watched, high interest on both their faces.

Suddenly, Grogar's eyes shot open, blaring a bright yellow light.

Then, Grogar shot a small beam from his horns.

It only fired a few inches away from him when it stopped.

And then, the beam constricted, before finally opening up into a gaping portal as wide and as tall as the Storm King, leading into an indigo void.

As soon as the glow in his eyes dissipated, Grogar collapsed out of exhaustion.

"Grogar?" King Sombra said. "Are you ok?"

Grogar did nothing before he weakly opened his eyes and got on his hooves, not fully standing.

"I'm... fine..." he muttered. "Just... exhausted..."

Grogar took a deep breath and stood fully straight.

"But I am not here to rest," Grogar said. "We are so close to retrieving all the elements of our plan! We will retrieve my bell and go from there. Although it may take a while to put our plan into action, we WILL end Twilight Sparkle and take over Equestria!"

"Indeed!" Sombra said.

"As soon as I knew my defeat was unavoidable, I began to wish for the day to exact my revenge!" the Storm King exclaimed.

"Perfect! Now, it will be hard. It's basically an endless void in there. So here's what we're gonna do: Sombra and I will turn into our smoke forms to surf through the realm with no issues. We enter first. As for the Storm King, we will carry him, because I believe we can do that in our smoke forms. If any of us see a spot that we believe is Discord's home, we will stop there and search for the bell. Agree?"

King Sombra and the Storm King nodded.

"Good! Now let's go!"

Immediatly, Grogar turned into a yellow blob of smoke and flew into the portal. Then, King Sombra turned into his shadowy form and quickly entered the portal while the Storm King began making his way.

As soon as the Storm King reached the enterance and turned to face it, an arm of smoke shot out of Grogar's smoke form and grabbed the Storm King by the waist. After that, another arm of smoke shot out of Sombra's shadow form and grabbed the Storm King around the chest. And then, before he could even speak, the Storm King was pulled into the portal.

"GAH!" he yelped.

The Storm King then found himself being suspended over an endless void, with only two beings turned into smoke grabbing his torso supporting him. But a few seconds after being pulled in, he regained his composure.

And just in time for Grogar and Sombra to begin zooming through the chaos realm, carrying his body along with them.

Ten minutes later

"You know..." the Storm King said. "It's suprising that you two are able to hold me. My guess is your magic."

There was no reply. The Storm King knew that because Grogar and Sombra were... well... smoke.

The Storm King resumed scouting before something caught his eye.

"Hey! I think I see a house!"

Indeed, a house was coming into view. It seemed to be a dark shade of red, with a roof with a roof that was possibly the color of dandelions. It remained perched on a piece of floating land.

Immediatly Grogar, Sombra and the Storm King began making their way down to the house. Due to the his size and the fact that he was being carried, the Storm King was the first to land. Once he fully landed on the ground, Grogar and Sombra let him go. King Sombra and Grogar both landed at the same time, Sombra landing on the left side on the Storm King, and Grogar landing in front of his two allies. Once Grogar and Sombra landed, they turned back to normal.

Grogar turned to his allies.

"Ok, here is the plan..." Grogar said. "We will don our pony disguises just in case Discord is home. Even if he isn't we leave them on. We all go in, but if he ends up coming home if he isn't, then we try to hide. If he finds us, we pretend that we wound up here while sleeping."

"What if he realizes something is up?" asked Sombra.

"Then we flee as far away from Equestria as we can until we get the perfect plan."

"Well, since you have this all planned out, I don't see the point in waiting," the Storm King said.

"You are correct. I want to get my bell as soon as possible. Whatever happens, let me be the first to talk! Now before we go in, I have to do one last thing... disguise you both!"

The Storm King spread out his arms.

"Give it your all!" he said.

"I have to warn you, it tickles a little..." Sombra whispered.

Grogar lit up his horns. It only took a few seconds for him to blast the Storm King and King Sombra, turning their bodies into silhouettes, and morphing into the forms of ponies. Grogar's body morphed as well.

When the light faded, Sombra and Grogar watched the Storm King as he examined his new body.

"This feels weird..." he muttered.

"Probably because you're a bipedal creature," King Sombra replied.

"If I remember correctly, my name is Judgement Law," Grogar said.

"And I think I was Gavel Bang," recalled Sombra.

"What's my name?" asked the Storm King, no longer examining his body.

"Look, I'm not giving every one of us names. You just remain unnamed," said Grogar.

"But what if they ask?"

"Then one of us can change the subject."

The Storm King just shrugged.

"Hey, you're the boss," he said.

"Yes I am," Grogar said. "Now then, to put this plan into action!"

Grogar turned around, went to the door, and knocked.

No answer.

Grogar knocked again.

"Hello?" he called out.

No reply.

"He's not home," Grogar said, only turning his head. "So let's make this quick! Once we get inside, we spread out. You two go together, and only seperate if you need to hide. As for me, I go alone."

Grogar turned back to the door, and with the lighting of his horn, enveloped the door handle in his own yellow aura. With a simple turn of the knob, the door opened. And with that, Grogar walked inside, not even looking back.

Discords house was, of course, chaotic for the three villains. There was furniture on the ceiling, a staircase leading to nowhere, and animals made out of food.

Grogar found a few cracks in the ceiling that leaked chocolate milk instead of water.

During that find, The Storm King and King Sombra found ducks with a few tomatoes for bodies, two cucumber slices for beaks, one blueberrie for each eye, one bananas for each wing, and legs made out of many grapes. Immediatly after, they came across a closet door. When King Sombra opened it, it led to a bottomless pit of ice cream.

The chaotic search lasted for fifteen minutes until Grogar finally found what he was looking for.

There, perched on a shelf in a cotton-candy closet, was a small bell that was in one of the darkest shades of aqua blue, with cracks all around it, and an emblem in the middle.

The Bewitching Bell!

Grogar had it at last.

The bell glowed in Grogar's yellow aura as it levitated to him.

But as soon as Grogar felt triumph, he heard the door click.

Discord was home!

Knowing that it was made of cotton-candy, Grogar quickly dove into the closet, the cotton-candy acting as a cushon. And then, as quietly as he could, Grogar closed the door and opened a tiny hole in the cotton-candy door so he could see.

He wasn't sure if King Sombra or the Storm King were even hiding, but he knew it was likely. He couldn't hear their movements. The only movenents he heard were the steps that came from the doorway.

Suddenly, Grogar saw a shadow approach the wall he was staring at. The tall, slim, shadow.

And then he came into view.

Grogar saw Discord appear right in front of him! Discord wasn't looking at him. But Grogar knew what Discord was capable of. For all he knew, Discord knew that he was always there.

And then, for a couple seconds, Discord's body began shaking like a snake as he shivered.

"I swear something wrong is going on here..." Discord muttered when he regained composure. "But I can't put my talon on it..."

And then Discord looked at the closet door.

Grogar's heart jumped. If Discord opened the door, all of his plans would be in ruins. Being caught by Discord wasn't an issue. Without the power of the bell or any other artifact, Grogar could still take Discord. Though Discord's chances of winning were slightly higher. But the bigger issue was that if Discord found him, even if he beat Discord, ponies would become suspicious sooner or later. he had to hide his tracks.

But Grogar didn't have much of a choice.

Discord bent closer to the door.

Grogar clutched the bell in his hooves.

Discord reached for the door with his talon.

Grogar held his breath...

And then Discord's eyes looked somewhere else.

Discord suddenly unbent his body, turned to his left, and smiled. Suddenly, a blue slip of paper floated to his lion paw and he grabbed it.

"There you are!" he said. "Now I can meet Fluttershy at the museum like we discussed at the picnic."

And with a snap of his talon, Discord vanished.

Grogar couldn't believe his luck. He actually managed to avoid the Master of Chaos! Slowly, Grogar opened the cotton-candy closet door and stepped out very slowly. Once he was certain he was in the clear, Grogar went to the exit at a normal walking speed and stood, facing away from the door.

Lighting up his horn, he sent a telekinetic message to his allies.

"Meet me at the door! Don't worry! I am safe!"

The light on his horn faded before Grogar began to wait for his allies.

The Storm King and King Sombra arrived not even thirty seconds later. Gasps escaped their lips as soon as they saw the bell.

"Wow! You actually found it!" exclaimed Sombra.

"OF COURSE I DID!" Grogar snapped. "I'm Grogar!"

"Where was it?" asked the Storm King.

"In a closet made of cotten candy. I had to hide in it when Discord came here."

"I'm suprised that Discord didn't find us," Sombra said.

"So am I," Grogar said. "I wonder if he even knows. If so, we will be sure to have the bell ready and watch it at all times. Just in case he is playing with us. But since we retrieved what we needed, we finally have all the items we need! Now, here is what we will do to get out of this realm: all we have to do is activate my bell. It's obvious it can make it less hard to make a portal out of here, but I want to see if it will take us where we want to go."

"Do you remember how to turn it on?" asked the Storm King.

"I think so. Just let me try what I remember and hope for the best. Stay in here. I will do the process outside."

Grogar turned and went outside. And much to his approval, when he looked back, his allies stood where they were, talking.

Grogar wouldn't betray them. Not yet. Although he could just directly take over Equestria when he gets his bell to work, he wants to take it a bit slower. Although he doesn't know how, he knows for a fact that he will find a way.

Grogar closed the door to the house.

When Grogar was a good distance, he looked at his bell and closed his eyes. His horn suddenly began to glow before a blazing yellow beam with black lightning shot out and blasted the bell. Grogar saw the bell begin to levitate on it's own, escaping his magical grip. It floated for a minute as Grogar stood and grinned. But then the bell finally began to levitate down, light still glowing off its symbols. Grogar caught it by levitating it with his magic and headed back into the house. When he opened the door, King Sombra and the Storm King were looking at him.

"I take it it worked?" asked Sombra.

"Indeed it did," Grogar replied. "Now, we just need to do one last thing... open the portal back to Equestria. Only it should lead wherever we want. With the power this has, there is a decent chance that it will work."

"Are you sure?" the Storm King asked.

"Don't question me. We will just need to test it out and see if it works."

Minutes later

It worked.

A yellow portal the size of a mirror suddenly opened up in front of a familiar structure...

...Grogar's lair.

One by one, the villains came out, still in their pony forms. First Grogar exited the portal and entered the structure. Then King Sombra. Then the Storm King.

When Grogar entered his lair, he went to the middle of the main room and watched as Sombra and the Storm King made their way to him and soon stood next to each other, facing the disguised ram.

"So... I got allies," Grogar said. "And we got the bell. All we need is a plan..."

"What?" the Storm King exclaimed. "We have power! We're NOT gonna march into Equestria and just take over?"

"Patience. It would be better if we went slow. Waited for the best opportunity. Besides, this would be the best time for us to get used to being back here again. Oh but don't worry. The plan will soon come..."

The day the plan came... one month later

The crystal ball gleamed in the air as Grogar stared at it, doing what he does every day: spying.

"Wonder what the princess is doing now..." he muttered.

The crystal ball suddenly swirled with black fog before an image showed up. An image of Princess Twilight and a unicorn he's never seen before suddenly appeared on the crystal ball. But there was something else too. A very familiar statue.

The statue of the three villains that used his bell long ago!

"Luster... I think you have to help... them!" Princess Twilight said a few seconds after the image appeared on the crystal ball.

Seeing the image brought Grogar great interest. He watched as she talked with the unicorn. The princess then vanished for a moment before coming back with boxes and... camping items. And then after some more talking, the Princess suddenly casted what seemed to be a very large spell before she, the unicorn, and the statue suddenly vanished.

Grogar knew that the spell didn't make them perish. The conversation made it clear that the Princess was casting multiple spells. Apparently, some sort of map called this unicorn to actually reform these three villains.

Once the image on the crystal ball faded Grogar smiled a devious grin before he called out in a booming voice.


It didn't take long for King Sombra and the Storm King to assemble and stand facing the pedestal Grogar stood on.

"Why did you call us?" Sombra said, slightly annoyed. "I was taking a very relaxing nap!"

"This is more important than a nap!" Grogar snapped. "My allies! I finally have a plan!"

"Finally!" said Sombral "It's been a month since we returned! I'm glad you FINALLY thought of something!"

"What is this plan?" asked the Storm King.

"As of now, I have discovered that Princess Twilight Sparkle has sent a unicorn to reform three villains that were in stone. The ones that used my bell! So whether this unicorn succeeds or not, here is the plan: us three form a anti-villain cult with a bunch of other ponies! And then, when the time is right, we use the bell to drain the power of every single cult member except for us! Then we rise up against Princess Twilight and take over! We call over as much residents of Equestria as we can! We drain Twilight's magic along with the magic of her friends! We berate her! And then whatever we do next to her is up to me to decide! And then after that, we drain the magic of every single being around us! We make sure that nopony gets away!"

"This seems like a fine plan and all..." Sombra said. "But how are we gonna get so many ponies to join a cult? I mean, sure we can just tell them about Princess Twilight's plan! But from what we saw, these ponies know that whatever the Princess does is a right call!"

"That is why what we do next is simple..." replied Grogar. "Tonight, I'll sneak into the houses of ponies and brainwash them into believing we have been in this cult for a while!"

"Ok. That makes sense," Sombra admitted.

"Oh, and since we are in a cult..." Groger resumed. "I better make sure to steal some cloaks if I find any."

"Why?" asked the Storm King.

"I don't know!" Grogar said, rolling his eyes. "Every cult member wears a cloak! But cloaks aside, I think I may have found the perfect plan to finally reclaim Equestria! HAHAHAHAHA"

And with that, Grogar begin to laugh maniacally. Once Grogar started, King Sombra and the Storm King immediatly joined in.

Present day... Earth

When Grogar told his story to the three former villains and the six humans, he didn't tell it at all. Instead, he cast a memory transference spell to all except Sombra and the Storm King. There, they would all see the most important events in the flashbacks that all led up to this moment. Those who saw the memories has glowing yellow eyes.

Finally, when the flashback ended with the mention of the plan, everyones eyes returned to normal. The yellow flames still crackled in the field.

Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, and Tirek all stared at Grogar with disbelief.

"Y-you have the bell?!" muttered Chrysalis.

"He can't have the bell!" Sam erupted from behind Grogar. "I don't see no bell on him!"

"Sam, you don't understand what this guy is capable of!" Leo said. "He could be hiding it in a cloaking spell or something!"

Grogar turned around and faced Leo.

"Wow..." Grogar said. "You really do know a lot about me a lot... know what I am capable of... let's see if you are right!"

Grogar turned to Tirek and smirked before he suddenly motioned his hoof past his barrel. Suddenly, a very odd shape in a transparent color materialized on Grogars collar. For a few seconds the yellow transparent color on the shape glowed a dim yellow light.

And then the transparent color on the shape faded.

And in its place was the Bewitching Bell, hanging on Grogars collar.

Chapter 25: Bells and Stone

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Everyone who could see the Bewitching Bell stared at it. And those who couldn't see it tried too. Only Sam and Josh didn't show as much shock as everyone else.

"This bell proved pretty useful you know..." Grogar finally said. "First, it did me a great favor when I drained the magic of all the former cult members after we banished you three. It did even greater when it drained all the magic in Equestria!"

"Except for ours," King Sombra pointed out.

"Yes, except for ours," Grogar muttered, rolling his eyes. "You see, what we did was trap every single pony and creature, magic or no magic, in a forcefield. We then turned Princess Twilight and her friends into stone before we drained everypony and everycreatures magic. Luster Dawn was lucky to escape. I don't know how she got out. The forcefield possibly closed before she got in. It was the next morning when we discovered she was out there. But before we did, we also found out that you three were under the care of these... humans. So we hatched a plan. When Luster was performing all the spells that brought you together, it wasn't really her. It was all us. All she was doing was lighting up her horn with no effect. We performed the spells that allowed her to communicate with you. We teleported you all here. And then when we felt it was time for the final step, we caught Luster, drained her magic, and turned her to stone."

"And since you three are the only creatures from Equestria that are not under our rule, all we need to do is take care of the three of you," said the Storm King. "And then we will drag these six humans with us, interrogate them, and then move our rule to this very planet. And then we will destroy both Equestria AND Earth!"

"You can't win," Tirek growled, pointing at Grogar.

"Did you even hear what we said?" Sombra said. "We DID win! All traces of friendship and harmony are gone!"

"And besides, your magic is restrained," Grogar said. "No magic can do you good. You can't even undo what we are about to do to you."

"What are you gonna do to them? Huh? Turn them to stone?" asked Leo,

Grogar turned to him and immediatly lit up his horns. All of the humans were suddenly covered in a yellow transparent skin, that made them look like they were covered in shiny yellow plastic. Their facial expressions were frozen. The former villains gasped as soon as they saw what Grogar did.

Grogar grinned.

"This freezing spell should keep all of you quiet while I perform this little spell..." he said.

And then, Grogar turned. Immediatly after he did, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow began to glow yellow while lifting up into the air.

When the three former villains looked at their bodies, they realized why. They were turning into yellow silhouettes.

When the former villains fully became silhouettes, with fear expressed on their faces, their bodies slowly began to change.

Tirek shrank back to his first form, with his body becoming weak and frail, and his horns shrinking to knubs.

Chrysalis' mane, tail, wings, and hoof suddenly became more weathered, silky, and/or covered in holes. Her horn grew out to be more jagged and the fuzz on her barrel and ears noticably faded, along with her elytra. She also became slightly taller and thinner.

As for Cozy Glow, she stayed the same.

Finally, the silhouettes floated to the ground, landing on their hooves. Once they landed, the glow on Grogar's horns dimmed, and the three former villains turned into their physical forms again.

But different.

Tirek examined his body and saw that he was back in his first, and weakest, form.

Chrysalis also examined her body and realized that she looked like the way she did back when she was evil. With black chitin skin, long jagged horn, green carapace, and holes covering her mane, tail, hooves, and wings.

And as for Cozy Glow, she took one look at her flank. And there, on her flank, was a picture of a rook.

Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy all looked at Grogar.

"W-what did you do?" stuttered Tirek as he and his friends stood back up.

"Why, I used my magic to transform you back into the forms you've had before you were turned to stone," Grogar calmly said. "That way, you can all suffer the guilt you've endured and remember who you all used to be."

"If you think turning us back into our evil forms and appearences would plunge us into extreme guilt, you would be wrong," Chrysalis said. "It will take a lot more than that!"

"Well, I have just the method to do that in a way where you won't escape," replied Grogar.

He lit up his horns again. He was still smiling. Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy suddenly stood straight and froze in place, covered in the same yellow coat that surrounded the humans at the very moment.

"Together forever..." he said. "I can't think of anything you would want LESS!"

As soon as Grogar said that last word, three large beams blasted from his horns, one beam heading for each reformed villains.

The three beams struck the former villains at the same time. And the same effects began to take place at the same time as well.

Once they were struck by the beams, the trio of reformed villains immediatly realized that something was not right.

They began to examine their bodies. And each of them saw their bodies become covered in stone.

They didn't do much.

When Cozy fully turned to stone, she put her hooves on her cheeks. Just like the last time she turned to stone.

When Tirek fully turned to stone, he cowered, holding up his arms as if to shield himself. Just like the last time he turned to stone.

And Chrysalis lunged. Just like the last time she turned to stone. Only two differences: first, she didn't show rage, but fear like the other two. And instead of hissing, she screamed only one thing.


And with that, all three former villains levitated in the air for a brief moment before they floated together. When Cozy's tail and Chrysalis' wing touched Tirek, stone grew around those areas, fusing the reformed villains together. Just like last time they turned to stone.

And then, for the final touch, a stone pedestal grew beneath Tirek and the stone statue fell to the ground with a THUNK!!!

The three current villains stared at the statue and said nothing for a brief moment before Grogar did something. He and his allies turned around, before Grogar lit up his horns again, and blasted a beam to the wall of fire that still blazed behind the humans. When the beam hit the fire, it stopped, and the end of the beam suddenly grew. It transformed into large yellow strips, swirling into an even brighter yellow center that was way smaller, but still big. In the gaps between the yellow swirls, there was a black aura of magic.

It was a large portal. A portal the size of the Storm King.

The portal back to Equestria.

Grogar finally spoke, but didn't turn at all.

"We are going to bring these humans to Equestria with us so we can learn more about this place," he said. "After we imprison the humans, we will come back for the statue. As of now, those reformed villains are in stone sleep. But I plot to wake them soon, and then have Sombra force them to see flashbacks of their villainy for all eternity."

"*sigh*. I've been waiting for so long to show ponies... and other creatures I suppose... their fears," Sombra purred.

"You will when the time comes. As I've said before, we will leave this portal open since no living being will be near it. Well... aside from the reformed villains," reassured Grogar.

Then, the six humans levitated into the air as Grogar's horns continued glowing. One by one, they floated through the portal, avoiding harm from the fire.. And as soon as the last human (Leo) passed through the portal, Grogar walked forward and stepped through. King Sombra immediatly followed. Then the Storm King.

And so, Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow, were now alone, trapped in stone once again.

Grogar has won.

Princess Twilight, her friends, and her pupil have all been turned to stone. Every other pony and creature has had their magic trained. Grogar has allies and even his bell. And the last hope Equestria has is now gone. The humans have been brought to Equestria as prisoners and the three reformed villains are now trapped in stone again.

Now, the end of Equestria has begun. And the end of Earth will soon rise...

Then, a large changeling and a gargoyle stepped through the large portal.

Chapter 26: Changelings and Gargoyles

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The day of Princess Twilight's capture...

Thorax sat on his throne in the center of the Changeling Kingdom. It was over 20 years ago since he had become king and Chrysalis was exiled. Sure, there were some missteps. But after Chrysalis and her allies were turned to stone, his kingdom had been in everlasting piece.

Until today.

As Thorax took in a large intake of air, a navy blue changeling flew to the front of the throne.

It was Pharnyx, Thorax's older brother. He has also been the kingdom's defender almost as long as Thorax has been king.

"Hey, bro," he began. "Lovely day, isn't it?"

"Peaceful," Thorax said. "I tell you, this past 20 years have been a breeze."

"You said it, bro. But I do sometimes feel like there are still rogues out there just waiting for the right time to strike."

"Pharnyx, we have been in perfect harmony for 20 years. You're just being paranoid," Thorax joked.

Pharnyx shrugged.

"Hey, I'm just protecting my little bro. Besides, if I was king and you had to guard, you would probably hide in a corner."

Thorax wasn't sure if that was true. Although he stood up against Chrysalis, became king, and even assisted Twilight in the battle against Chrysalis and her allies, he HAS had his moments of panic.

Thorax opened his mouth to reply, but then a magenta light appeared and a scroll suddenly plopped on the floor.

As if on cue, Pharnyx grabbed the scroll with his magic and opened it.

"What does it say?" asked Thorax.

Pharnyx mumbled a bit, before he finally told Thorax what the letter said.

"It's from Princess Twilight!" he said. "She says that all ponies and creatures in Equestria must meet at Canterlot around the main stage. If all seats are taken, we just surround the bleachers like one big crowd. It is required that the leaders go there as well."

"Well if every being in Equestria, along with their leaders, must meet in Canterlot, then there could be something that can affect us!" Thorax said. He had a little bit of panic in his voice.

Pharnyx took notice of that.

"Listen, as you said, Equestria has been in perfect harmony for years! I admit, I used to always be iffy whenever we were called for something. But that was years ago! So coming from someling that used to always be optimistic, I suggest that we try to remain optimistic."

Thorax smiled and nodded.

"I guess I still need advice from you after all..." Thorax said.

Meanwhile in the dragon lands...

Scorpan's life was a complicated one. A long time ago, he and his brother Tirek came to Equestria to steal magic. But then friendship came into his life. And while it saved him, it did not save Tirek.

Around a month ago, Scorpan finally retired from whatever he was doing, and decided to explore all around Equestria and learn from it. He started with the areas ponies live in. He learned that Celestia and Luna are no longer princesses, but rather, a new alicorn named Twilight Sparkle.

He also learned of Tirek's fate.

Apparently, Tirek somewhat escaped Tartarus and joined forces with other vile villains. And when they were defeated, he and his allies got a punishment worse than Tartarus: imprisonment in stone.

When Scorpan first saw the statue, he felt shame. He knew that those worthy of imprisonment in stone were far from friendship. And although he learned exceptions were rarely made, Tirek and those who got second chances were not the same. Sometimes, the nightmares of his brother would haunt him at night.

As of the moment, Scorpan was walking around the dragon lands with the new Dragon Lord named Ember, whow as the daughter of former-Dragon Lord Torch.

And while he expected today to go smooth, his expectations would soon be subverted.

"You dragons sure have an interesting way of life..." Scorpan said, with his rough voice someone bearing a calming tone. "I admit, I have researched your ways before, but that was when there was no friendship. So I am glad that you let me visit this place today and see what it is like with friendship."

"I do admit that we sometimes forget about friendship, harmony, and all that stuff..." Ember said. "But it is easy for us to go back. All we need is a reminder."

"Interesting..." Scorpan said.

The conversation between the Dragon Lord and the gargoyle was immediatly interrupted when a scroll suddenly appeared out of nowhere in a magenta light. Quickly Scorpan grabbed it, opened it, and began reading out loud.

"Attention all ponies and creatures of Equestria. I have an important announcement that could change everything. All living beings must come to the main stage in Canterlot. If there are no seats left, just stand. And if any of you have leaders, those leaders are required to come with you.

Best regards,

Princess Twilight Sparkle.

"Huh..." Ember said. "I... guess we should be going? From the sounds of it, this could be very important to us."

"I am interested, so I guess I could come too," Scorpan said.

"Perfect! Just let me get the attention of the dragons and we will be on our way."

Over an hour later... Thorax's POV

All the changelings stood in the large crowd that surrounded the stage. Thorax stood on the edge of the crowd, thankfull for two things. Thankful that he was tall, and that he was able to see the stage.

"I wonder what's taking so long..." he muttered.

"Well, there are other creatures," Pharnyx reminded him. "From the looks of it, we still have to wait for the dragons."

Thorax looked up and then turned his body 180 degrees. There weren't enough buildings to shield what he saw.

"Hey," Thorax said, turning to Pharnyx. "I think I see them a distance away."


Flying alongside Dragon Lord Ember, Scorpan flew in the sky, deep into thought. Just what would this assembly be about? Although he didn't know why, there were odd feelings embedded in his gut.

Canterlot was directly in view. But as Scorpan and the dragons flew over Canterlot, another thought entered his mind.

"Hey," he said loudly, turning his head to Ember. Ember looked at him as well.

"I'm going to take a little detour," finished Scorpan.

"Are you sure?" asked Ember.

"I just... need to see something."

"Well... alright." Ember turned her head straight again before she finished. "Suit yourself."

Scorpan nodded and flew down to take his detour.

Finally, he took notice that he found his destination and flew down, before he finally landed on where he was.

The enterance to the Canterlot Garden.

Scorpan moved forward to enter before he noticed something.


He took a sniff of the air.

"Hmmm... this garden must be getting fumigated."

Suddenly, his eyes lit, and his entire body was covered in a golden aura.

"This should keep me safe..."

And with that, Scorpan entered the garden.

Back to Thorax...

Finally, the dragons made their way into the croud surrounding the stage. Thorax noticed Ember in the distance and waved at her. Ember took notice and waved back. Thorax looked forward before his smile slightly faded. He turned back to his brother.

"Hey, Pharnyx? Do you think I have enough time to grab a quick drink before this assembly starts? Just a simple drink of water or something?"

"Uuummm... I don't know Thorax," said Pharnyx. "I'm not sure if there is a stand where you are able to get a free sippy cup..."

Thorax blushed.

"Pharnyx!" he whined.

"What? I'm kidding!" Pharnyx said. "I'll go get a cup and fill it with water."

"No need too, Pharnyx," replied Thorax in a very kind tone. "I can do it myself."

Pharnyx shrugged.

"If you say so," he said.

And so Thorax turned and galloped off.

Back to Scorpan...

Scorpan continued walking through the grass as he continued exploring the garden. But once he turned a corner, he paused.

There was supposed to be a statue there. A statue of a changeling, a filly, and his own brother. But instead, there was nothing!

"Did... they escape?" Scorpan muttered. "Will they cause chaos at the assembly? Or is the assembly about them..."

Scorpan decided to check, and so he opened his wings and flew off.


Thorax barely walked for even a minute before he came across a well. Even luckier, there was a table of cups nearby.

"Huh... I didn't even walk for a minute and there is already a well and a table of cups..." Thorax said. "Well that was convenient."

Thorax then went through the process of lowering the bucket, scooping up some water, and reeling it back up. He then set it next to the well, used his magic to grab a cup, dunked the cup in the water bucket to fill it, and finally drank it.

Thorax turned his head to find a garbage can. Immediatly he saw one. He then threw the cup, then left as soon as it got in.

He began to gallop his way to the crowd as they immediatly came into view. Pharnyx was waiting for him, a large space between him and another changeling.

But as soon as Thorax was halfway to the crowd, a giant transparent yellow wall of magic suddenly appeared.

As soon as Thorax saw it, his reflexes kicked in. He managed to stop himself in his tracks, skidding on the ground a little before he came to a complete stop. He saw Pharnyx express curiosity before tapping on the yellow wall. It made a clink sound.

Thorax looked up and saw that the wall extended into a dome. Once he saw this, he began to continue heading to the trapped crowd.

As Thorax made his way, Pharnyx put both his forehooves on the wall.

"Bro?" was all he said as soon as Thorax finally arrived and stood directly in front of him outside the dome.

Thorax put both his forehooves directly in front of his brothers on the dome.

"Pharnyx? What's going on?"

Pharnyx and Thorax suddenly heard loud speaking and they both looked at where the source was. Even though the stage was far from them, they could tell from the voice and the figure that this was not Princess Twilight.

Pharnyx and Thorax looked directly at each other again.

"I gotta do something!" Thorax said.

"Listen bro," Pharnyx said. "I don't know what is going on, but from what I can tell, this is something sinister! You need to get away from here as fast as you can. I don't know if there are any other living beings out there, but you need to get to them as fast as you can if there are any!"

"But Pharnyx-"

"GO! NOW!"

Thorax bit his lip and sighed, before he finally turned and ran off.

As for Pharnyx, he turned around to face the direction of the stage, prepared for any sinister thing to happen to the crowd.


When the dome came up, Scorpan stopped in his tracks.

"What the-"

He began to carefully fly slower to the dome.

"Did... they do this?" he muttered. "Impossible... the dome is yellow..."

As he got closer to the dome, he began to express uncertainty.

And then he looked down.

And he saw a familiar creature running. A changeling.

But not just any changeling. This one had all the features that a leader would have. He seemed to be taller and he had large horns.

Scorpan knew who this was. King Thorax of the changeling kingdom!

Scorpan quickly turned and flew after the running changeling. Once he was closer to the ground, he called out.


Thorax stopped running and turned while Scorpan hovered to the ground.

"S-Scorpan!" said the changeling king as Scorpan finally landed on the ground. "I haven't seen you since you visited the kingdom a week ago!"

"Yes, indeed!" Scorpan said. "But I must ask... are you running because of..." Scorpan turned and pointed at the forcefield. "...that?"

"It's terrible!" Thorax said, as Scorpan turned back to him. "I went to get a drink while I waited for Princess Twilight's assembly to start! But before I came back, a forcefield formed around the whole crowd and trapped them! Including my brother!"

"Brother..." Scorpan muttered.

"Excuse me?"

"Er... I mean..." Scorpan cleared his throat. "... I mean... that's terrible!"

"What are we gonna do?" asked Thorax.

"Hmmmm... Scorpan pondered. "Perhaps you could transform into a bird with very good eyesight and watch what is happening on the stage!"

"Why me?"

"I only suggest this because I can get spotted easily and you have the ability to disguise yourself."

"Hmmmm..." Thorax tapped his hoof on his chin. "Oh, ok! I'll do it! Promise that you won't go anywhere?"

"I wil be hiding here. Call my name when you return."

And so, Thorax became engulfed in green flames. When the flames faded, in his place was a medium-sized bird. He nodded to Scorpan before he flew off to the dome.

Once Thorax got there, he made sure to find a good view of the stage to watch everything that was happening. But when he finally found a good view above the stage, what he saw with his enhanced eyesight made his stomach jump.

On the stage were nine ponies, a very familiar dragon, and a very familiar draconequis. Three of the ponies were in cloaks, so he couldn't tell who they were. But he could tell who the others were.

The six ponies were Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Ranbow Dash, and Princess Twilight Sparkle herself. The dragon on the stage was his first friend, Spike. And the draconequis on stage was obviously Discord.

Before he could fully understand what was happening, a bright yellow glow suddenly flashed from the stage. When the glow faded, Princess Twilight and her friends were suddenly beginning to turn grey. He saw Pinkie and Rarity stand in the back of the stage. He saw Discord embrace Fluttershy in his grip. And he saw Rainbow, Applejack, Twilight, and Spike all lunge at one of the cloaked ponies.

And then they stood still, fully grey, and unmoving.

Thorax immediatly understood what happened.

They turned them to stone... he thought.

He continued watching for a few more seconds, before something else happened.

The cloaked pony that Twilight, Rainbow, Applejack, and Spike lunged at began glowing yellow. And then, yellow beams shot out of every single being that had magic. The whole dome was suddenly filled with yellow beams all connected to a center.

Thorax couldn't believe his eyes! Almost every being with magic is beint drained.

And then he noticed something else out of the corner of his eye.

Thorax turned his head, and in an area with less buildings, he saw a pony running from the dome.

Even from a distance he saw that the pony was a familiar hot pink color and had a golden mane and tail.

Thorax recognized her.

Luster Dawn. Twilight Sparkle's student.

Relieved that another magical being escaped the dome, he flew toward Luster as fast as he could.

As soon as he got to her, he began circling around her.

"What the hay?" exclaimed Luster.

Thorax, now bearing the attention of Luster, flew in front of her and engulfed himself in green flames. When the flames faded, he was once again in his true form.


Luster ran over and hugged the changeling king.

"How did you escape?" asked Luster when she and Thorax seperated.

"That... dome... closed when I was getting a drink. You?"

"I ran late."


Luster's grin faded.

"Reuniting aside..." she began. "I feel like we need to figure out what the hay is happening! Do you think we're the only ones who are outside the dome?"

"Actually, Scorpan got out as well. I don't know how, but he did."

"Wait? Scorpan? I think I met him before when he visited Canterlot."

"And I met him too when he visited the kingdom. My guess is that he knows a lot about magic since he is technically Tirek's brother. Maybe we could figure out ways to stop whatever is happening."

"That's a good idea. Let's go!"

And then Thorax turned and galloped away. Luster followed suit.

Ten minutes later...

After a short run, Thorax finally slowed down when he came across the area he thought Scorpan was at. Luster ended up slowing down as well.

"I think he's here..." muttered Thorax. "Scorpan!"

Suddenly, a golden silhouette in the shape of a gargoyle fizzled into thin air. The golden glow fizzled for a moment before it became flesh and bone of Scorpan.

He looked at Luster.

"Luster Dawn..." he said.

Luster stepped forward and Scorpan shook her hoof.

"It is an honor to meet you again," she said.

"So how are we going to handle this?" asked Thorax.

"Well, since we are all united, maybe we could hide somewhere safe to get some sleep and then figure out what is going on tommorow," Scorpan said.

Luster grinned.

"I have an idea. Villains hate sweet stuff. And obviously, we are facing a villain. So how about we hide in Sugarcube Corner?"

Thorax and Scorpan looked at each other.

"It seemes a little over-exageratted, but that could work..." Scorpan said. "But I don't think I have visited the town it is in before. Are you alright with projecting an image for me?"

"Of course!"

Luster then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. A golden glow enveloped her horn. A couple seconds later, a large projection of a building appeared in front of the three. The building looked as if it was made of gingerbread, along with other things.

Thorax recognized it immediatly. As for Scorpan, it took a second for him to catch on as to why the building has that name.

"Oh, that's Sugarcube Corner," he exclaimed, pointing to the building. "Yeah, the name makes total sense. Thank you."

Luster made the projection fade.

"Ok... so I guess we are all ready?" asked Thorax.

"I believe so," Scorpan said.

Sugarcube Corner...

Outside of Sugarcube Corner, a golden glow suddenly sparked. And when it faded, a pony, a gargoyle, and a changeling stood in that place.

Without a word spoken, Luster went into the building. Thorax followed. Scorpan followed as well, but he stopped when he got to the door.

"I don't think I can go in," he said. "Even if I grew the doorway to be my size, The ceiling could be too low."

"So what are you going to do?" asked Thorax.

"I'll turn invisible and stay outside."

"Are you sure?" questioned Luster. She sounded unsure.

"Trust me," Scorpan replied.

Luster opened her mouth to speak. But then she changed her mind. Then she decided to say something else.

"If you end up in trouble, we will try our best to help," she said.

"I doubt our sleep through the night will be disturbed," Scorpan reassured. He then fizzled into a golded silhouette before the sihouette faded out of sight.

Luster stood for a moment before she closed the door.

The next day...

The door creaked as Thorax walked out, then Luster. The sky seemed extremely dreary. But there was no time to waste.

"Scorpan?" called out Thorax.

Suddenly, heavy steps were heard. Luster and Thorax turned their heads in the direction it was coming from. Scorpan then appeared as a golden silhouette before fizzling into his regular form.

The three then looked out into the streets of Ponyville.

They were empty.

"Weird..." Thorax said. "I thought the citizens of this town would at least be here in a dreary mood or doing slave work."

"The only good thing I see of this is that there will be no living being to end up calling us out..." muttered Scorpan before he gulped. "...I hope."

"Who do you think did this?" asked Luster.

"Well..." Scorpan began. "I would think it would be my brother and his allies, because when I visited the Canterlot Garden before the assembly, the statue was gone. But the forcefield was yellow."

"Plus, the magic beams I saw in the dome were yellow as well," added Thorax.

"And I remember the day they reformed..." Luster said.

Scorpan and Thorax looked at Luster.

"Excuse me?" questioned Scorpan.

"Oh yeah..." muttered Luster. "I didn't tell you... two days ago I was called by this map to solve a mission. That mission was to reform those villains. Long story short, it worked."

"Wait!" Thorax piped. "So... Chrysalis finally changed her ways? She finally accepted the true way of love"?"

"And Tirek is embracing friendship instead of searching for power?" asked Scorpan.

"For the most part, yes," Luster said. "I saw it with my own eyes. I comforted them, taught them, and did a lot for them. And it was all worth it."

Scorpan and Thorax looked at each other and then back at Luster.

"Thank you for the information, Luster," Scorpan said, a very small smile on his face and tiny hints of shock in his voice. "Now we definetly know that this threat is something new. And we definetly have another reason to end this... so those who were formerly our foes could live a life of friendship and make amends with us."

"What should we do?" asked Thorax.

"Maybe we could spy on whoever is doing this in the throne room!" Luster suggested. "After all, whoever wants to take over Equestria always wants the throne room."

"Hmmm... that's not a bad idea," Thorax said. "We just need to find some windows that we can see in very well."

"There are actually a few of those in the throne room," replied Luster. "They were installed there last week. I suggest we search the outside of the building until we find a suitable window."

"Then that's where we're going," Scorpan said. "We teleport there, turn invisible or disguise ourselves, and we fly up. Luster, I can carry you. If you are fine with that, of course."

"I actually learned a spell where I can levitate myself," Luster replied.

"Very well."

"But what if we actually end up getting caught?" asked Thorax.

"I would suggest we attack but... I also saw what happened in the dome," Luster said. "They were taking magic. I don't know how, but they did. This battle relies on our smarts. If one of us ends up getting caught and the rest of us attack, it's all over! Those that aren't captured will have to escape back to Sugarcube Corner and hope they have enough information for a plan."

"I agree," said Scorpan.

"Alright. Let's go!" Thorax said with determination.

Luster and Thorax went close to Scorpan. When they were close together, Scorpan glowed a golden light that covered his two allies.


His two friends.

And in a flash, they were gone.


The three allies appeared in an area that was the closest to the main castle.

The area of Canterlot was oddly deserted.

"Weird... no living being is here either," Thorax said.

"Not for long," Scorpan said.

They all looked at each other before they nodded. Scorpan's body began glowing gold, along with Luster's before they disappeared out of sight. Then Thorax emmitted green flames before turning into a ladybug and began to fly to the castle. Scorpan followed. And then Luster's body emmitted an orange glow before her whole body became covered in her transparent magic aura, making her easier to see. Her body levitated off the ground and began heading to the building.

Once they got there one by one, Thorax, Scorpan, and Luster began scaling the building to find a perfect window.

It was easier for Luster, since she saw the windows herself. It took a little bit, but she managed to get a view of the throne room. She landed on the (thankfully large) ledge sticking out from under the window. She looked inside and saw that two cloaked ponies stood on each side of the throne. A third cloaked pony stood in the center fright on top of it.

But Luster saw something else out of the corner of her eye.

Luster turned her head and saw a yellow projection. She didn't see what was on it because it quickly faded.

She then focused on the discussion of the cloaked ponies. She couldn't hear it well, but she ended up gathering information about the whereabouts of Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy.

They weren't here in Equestria.

They were in another world.

Luster quietly gasped when she learned of this.

Scorpan and Thorax had their own reactions.

"Another world?..." whispered Scorpan when he learned of the information.

"But where?..." Thorax wondered when he learned of the information.

She listened a little more. She heard more snippets of the conversation, and how they planned to go to the world and sabotage everything.

But then she felt a tickle on her nose.


Luster sneezed a very loud sneeze, some spit spraying on the window.

The cloaked ponies turned their heads to her.

Luster felt her heart jump, but she didn't panic. She was invisible. And even though there was some spit-drops on the window, she wouldn't be seen.

The center cloaked pony turned into a glowing translucent yellow silhouette before it began to morph into a cloud of yellow smoke.

"What? But... how can it..." was all Luster managed to say.

The smoke began heading to the window.


Luster sneezed again.

The smoke began heading quicker to the window.

And then it stopped at the window.

Luster did nothing. She just stood still.

And then a yellow aura surround the window.

And then the window was torn out the wall and pulled inside.

Luster was running out of options. She had to stay still, or give herself away and levitate away.


That was all it took for the a tentacle to shoot out of the smoke and grab Luster around the barrel. Immediatly she was pulled in. When the smoke was halfway to the ground, it let go of Luster. She landed right in the middle of the carpet.

And then when she looked up at the smoke, it blasted her with a yellow beam.

Suddenly, Luster felt like she was getting weaker. And weaker. And weaker.

And when the smoke was no longer blasting her, Luster was visible once again!

She weakly got up to her hooves, closed her eyes, and pointed her horn at the smoke.

Nothing happened.

Luster then caught on as to what happened.

Luster then let out a big exhale of air, looked down, and opened her eyes, causing her to stare at the ground.

"No... my magic..." she panted.

When looked up, the smoke was gone and the two other cloaked ponies were making their way to her.

Luster turned around, but then she saw the yellow smoke blocking the exit before turning back into the cloaked pony that was on the throne.

"Well, well, well..." he said, his voice indicating his gender. "Look at what we have here. Luster Dawn. The pupil of Princess Twilight Sparkle..."

Luster gulped. She didn't have a plan! But then she took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Oh yeah? Well despite not hearing much of what you said, I know enough that I'm pretty sure the former villains are in another place or even another world!"

The cloaked pony charged yellow in his horn, but stopped.

"Hmmmm..." he pondered. "You might actually be useful to me..."

He lit up his horns again. Only this time, a couple seconds after he lit his horn, Luster's eyes suddenly began glowing the same color as his magic aura.

"Now listen to me..." he said. "You will try to make contact with the location the former villains are at. You will believe you cast the spells. And you will remember everything leading up to the assembly incident and my siege. You will try to help the good guys. And right now, you will go to the library with my allies and never leave. And when they leave, you forget you saw them. Now go!"

Luster mindlessly began walking toward the exit of the castle. The cloaked pony resumed staring forward, only watching the other cloaked ponies this time.

"Ok. Here is the plan... I will teleport Luster to the library and set up a security system to make sure that no other allies find here. Then I will meet you back here. We will go from there."

The two cloaked ponies nodded. The leader then lit up his horn, a yellow glow emerging from it, before the three ponies and Luster vanished.

For Thorax, he watched the whole thing. When the ponies vanished, he flew back to Canterlot.'

Coincidentally, Scorpan did the same.

A few minutes later... Sugarcube corner

Thorax quickly turned back to himself when he returned to Sugarcube corner.

"SCORPAN?!?" he called out.

Suddenly, a thump was heard. And then Scorpan turned visible again.

"You saw and heard everything I saw and heard?!" he asked.

"Indeed. What a coincidence!" he said calmly.

"What are we going to do?" asked Thorax.

"We only have one option..." Scorpan began. "We can't save Luster. That we know. And it may be to late to follow the villains to the world the former villains are trapped at. But we can stay where we were at the throne room, only this time we have a spell cast where we can mentally communicate. If one of the cloaked ponies return, we follow them and hope that they end up giving us an opportunity. If we make noise, we fly away as fast as we can to do so."

"Are you sure?" questioned Thorax. "What if they never give us an opportuniny?"

"They will," Scorpan replied. "Just trust me."

Thorax said nothing for a moment. But then he sighed.


Hours later...

Thorax, in his ladybug form, stood on the shoulder of Scorpan, who was invisible. They've been waiting for hours.

And then a yellow flash took place in the room.

The three cloaked ponies from before suddenly appeared.

"Now, my allies..." the one in the middle said. "Let us sit on the throne and watch how this plays out..."

Thorax and Scorpan suddenly saw a yellow glow emit from the middle cloaked pony. Suddenly, a projection appeared in front of the cloaked ponies. On it was a strange object that neither Thorax or Scorpan have seen before. It kind of resembled a carriage. Only different.

"They escaped?" asked the cloaked pony on the left.

"All part of the plan..." said the lead cloaked pony. "Don't you remember?"

"I don't get it..." muttered the left cloaked pony. "WHY would we help everyone foil our plans?!?"

"Yeah..." the cloaked pony on the right said. "Everything would of went our way. WHY would you thwart our plan?"

Scorpan and Thorax could of sworn the leader chuckled. He then lit up his horn. And in a yellow flash, they were gone.

The two disguised allies didn't speak for a moment.

"How long until you think they return?" Thorax asked.

"If they return and it turns out they captured the former villains and/or those that helped them," Scorpan replied. "we will have to regroup. We will just have to hope they return empty-hooved..."

"What should we do with Luster?"

'We rescue her when we have the chance. Don't worry."

Thorax sighed.

"I'm sorry... I don't mean to worry. I still remember having to team up with other reformed allies to save Equestria. Only this time... the stakes are even higher."

"Hey. I haven't stopped any source of evil for over a thousand years! I myself am a bit worried as well."

"You? Worried? You always seem so calm and collective. Plus, you're always the one with the plans."

Scorpan chuckled.

"Sometimes, the inner shell is different from the outer shell..." he said.

Suddenly, a yellow flash brought their attention.

The three cloaked ponies were back!

"Ok... here is the new plan..." the center cloaked pony said. "We just have to teleport to a spot near the path where our foes are going. Once we stop them in their tracks, we capture them. I will capture them myself. Once I reveal my true form, you two come over and reveal yourselves as well. Then, we return here and then bring them downstairs. When we return, we will leave the portal open since we may need to take more than one trip. It won't be an issue since I doubt any living being will be near it. Understand the plan?"

"You tend to get very detailed in your plans," said the cloaked pony on the right.

"That's because I think big," the leader said.

The right cloaked pony shrugged.

"Whatever you say, Grogar," he said.

"Grogar?" whispered Scorpan.

The middle cloaked pony nodded before he lit up his horn, and a yellow portal suddenly appeared in front of the throne. The lead cloaked pony walked through before his allies followed and the portal closed.

Thorax and Scorpan were silent for a moment.

"That can't be Grogar..." Scorpan said.

"Grogar?" questioned Thorax. "The Grogar whose bell had been used by Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow? THAT Grogar?"

"I'm afraid so..."

"I thought he was a ram."

"Grogar is powerful enough to disguise himself."

"What should we do?"

"Thorax, this is our chance to get our allies. Grogar said that when his allies return, they will leave the portal open in case they need to come back for the allies that haven't been brought here. Whether they have magic or not, we can rescue them. All we need to do is sneak into the throne room. I could stay invisible, and you could stay disguised so we could avoid detection."

Thorax put one of his ladybug legs on his chin.

"Hmmmm... well, I don't see any other option."

"Ok. Hang on kid."

Scorpan's body began to glow gold, the glow also encasing Thorax since he was nearby. A few seconds later, the duo was no longer at the windowsill, but rather, inside the throne room.

Scorpan begin walking to a corner next to the throne, still glowing orange so Thorax could see him.

Once Thorax was next to Scorpan in the corner, he turned off the orange glow.

And now... they wait.

They were unaware of what was going on at Earth. For the next five to ten minutes, they stood silent.

As of the moment, on Earth, the truck carrying the reformed villains and humans began to swerve into the field.

Scorpan and Thorax stood still.

Back on Earth, Grogar had the humans for hostages and was about to take the reformed villains as well.

Canterlot remained silent.

Grogar revealed his true identity.

Even Scorpan's breathing was light as he tried to keep as quiet as he could.

Grogar's allies came and revealed themselves as well.

The sun was slightly visible in a hole in the clouds.

Grogar presented his memories to everyone but his allies.

Dust slightly blew in the throne room.

Grogar turned the former villains back into the ways they looked when they were turned to stone.

Time felt like it was standing still.

Grogar turned the former villains to stone.

And then a yellow portal opened on the side of the throne room.

But a cloaked pony didn't walk out.

Instead, it was a blue ram with a bell on his collar. Above him he was carrying two of those odd creatures that Thorax and Scorpan saw in the projection.

Thorax and Scorpan watched Grogar as looks of shock appeared on their faces.

I knew it... Scorpan thought.

But then they looked at his collar.

There was a bell on it.

A glowing bell.

He has the bell? were the words that Thorax said in his head.

He has the bell! Impossible! exclaimed Scorpan in his mind.

As soon as Grogar turned the corner, two more beings walked out.

These two were also familiar to Thorax and Scorpan. The latest book of Equestrian history showcased the events of 20 years ago. Both Scorpan and Thorax have read that book. Two of the many villains that have been faced 20 years ago were King Sombra and the Storm King.

But King Sombra was banished to the aether and the Storm King was turned to stone and shattered to pieces.

So the fact that they both exited the portal was enough to make Scorpan cover his mouth before a gasp escaped his lips.

"How..." Thorax whispered very quietly. Luckily, King Sombra and Scorpan didn't notice.

Above King Sombra levitated two more of those creatures. And the Storm King held another two of those creatures under his arms.

Finally, the two resurrected villains left the room and were out of sight.

Once Scorpan and Thorax felt safe, they moved to the front of the portal. Scorpan turned himself visible again and Thorax turned back into his regular form. They both faced eachother as they took in what they just saw.

"I knew that Grogar was back..." began Scorpan. "But I didn't know he had the Bewitching Bell!"

"Sombra and the Storm King are alive?" pondered Thorax.

"This is worse than I thought... not only is Equestria under siege. But Equestria is under siege by three villains, one of them being the Father of Monsters! At this point, we should give up. We have no chance against them!"

Thorax tilted his head.

"Scorpan, that doesn't sound like you."

"Well, what are you going to do about it? We are the only ones left. And even with the three reformed villains, we stand no chance."

"Weren't you the one that chose friendship over stealing magic? Weren't YOU the one that left your evil brother? The fact that somecreature like YOU has lost hope is just... SILLY! They may have more magic than us and an even bigger army, but we have friendship. You were NOT like this when the siege started, and only NOW you lose hope? I'm scared too, Scorpan. But it's better if we try than throw in the towel!"

Scorpan started at Thorax with no words.

"You know..." he finally said. "You're right. I'm just... shocked is all."

Thorax smiled and the duo looked into the portal.

"Now let's go to that other world," Scorpan said.

"And if the reformed villains are not there, we can search for them until we find them," mentioned Thorax.

And with no hesitation, the duo walked through the portal.

Their view swirled with yellow colors. But only for a moment. Suddenly, a whole new landscape and view entered their eyes as they finally exited the portal.

And immediatly saw the statue that was facing them as they got out.

Thorax and Scorpan stopped in their tracks and just looked at it.

The statue looked the same as they last saw it. Cozy was cowering with fear. Tirek was hiding behind his arms. And Chrysalis was lunging toward her prey.

"Oh no!" Scorpan said. "Looks like we came just in time!"

Thorax and Scorpan ran closer to the statue and then stopped again right in front of it.

"You know, I find it odd that Chrysalis looks like the way she did before she reformed," pondered Thorax. "Maybe she doesn't like her new form and likes the original one better? And isn't it a coincidence that they are in their same positions as last time?"

"Yes, it is. But we need to stay focused," reminded Scorpan. "The fact that the reformed villains are in stone will make freeing them harder. But I may know a way to free them. I will tell you when I get back, if that is alright with you."

"No problem at all."

Scorpan turned to the statue and then closed his eyes. When he opened them, he lifted his arm, the hand becoming encased in a golden glow. The statue began to glow gold before it lifted off the ground.

"Uh, oh..." Thorax suddenly exclaimed. "I think I realized something..."

Scorpan turned his head to his ally.

"What is that?"

"Well, if we return, Grogar or one of his allies may be there and we will get caught. But if we stay and hide in a spot far from here, the portal back home might close and we will be stuck here. And even if Grogar opens a portal back home, it could be anywhere! And if Grogar tracks the reformed villains, he could find us!"

Scorpan said nothing. He stared at Thorax, looked at the statue, then looked back at Thorax.

"Hmmm..." he pondered. "You're right. We haven't thought this far!"

"Maybe I could turn into a ladybug again, head back to Equestria, and see if Grogar will return. If I don't see him in the areas I check, I will return and tell you that can head back. And if Grogar returns to the room right when we return..."

Thorax looked down and then back up.

"...then we risk it!"

Scorpan once again stared at Thorax with no words.

"Alright," he finally said. "We can try that and hope it plays out well."

Thorax smiled a bit before he became encased in green flames. When the flames faded, he was once again a ladybug.

Thorax flew in his place for a bit before he finally flew back through the portal.

Scorpan turned his body to fully face the portal. The statue was still floating in the air.

And nothing happened for a minute.

And then, a small ladybug finally flew out the portal before it became encased in green flames. And then, when the flames faded, Thorax stood in place facing Scorpan.

"As far as I know, we're all clear," he confirmed.

Scorpan just grinned and nodded before he walked to the portal, the statue following him as it levitated. As soon as Scorpan passed Thorax, the changeling king turned and walked beside the gargoyle as they made their way back home.

And the portal buzzed as Thorax and Scorpan entered the portal back home, the statue following close behind.