• Published 10th Nov 2019
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The Dusk of Troubled Views - CartoonopolisAdventures

In this sequel to The Dawn of a New Mission, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow question the trust of everypony a day after reforming. But a single spell from a vile cult will change everything.

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Chapter 4: Sheds and Betrayals

Everything went dark, before the darkness became accompanied by small streaks of light.

But the former villains were still awake.

Not even a second ago, they felt an overwhelming sense of unconsciousness. Now, they felt conscious once again.

"Where are we?" asked Cozy.

"I can't see a thing in here! I can only see small streaks of light!" exclaimed Tirek.

"I can," Chrysalis said. "Changelings can see in the dark a bit better."

"So... where are we?" asked Cozy.

"Hmmmm..." Chrysalis pondered, turning her head to look around. "I'm pretty sure we're in some sort of shed. There are multiple items in here that may be sharp, so I suggest none of you move. I notice another major thing... the atmosphere looks different."

"How so?" asked Tirek.

"The walls and ground look... weird."

"Can you see the door?" asked Cozy.

Chrysalis continues turning her head until she saw what she was looking for.

"AHA!! I found it."

"Are you able to get there? Maybe we can catch someponys attention," Cozy said.

"The door seems to be in reach. It doesn't have a handle, and I'm pretty sure it slides. I just need to.. extend my forehoof and..."

Chrysalis lifted her forehoof and extended it to the door. She tried to swipe it open.

It didn't work, but the former villains could of sworn they heard a yelp from outside.

Chrysalis knocked on the door.

"Hello?" a voice said. It sounded male.

"Um, yes. Hello? Could you maybe help us out here?" Chrysalis called out.

"That depends. You sound VERY familiar. Are you GOOD or evil?"

"We're good! We promise!" Tirek called out.

"I'm still not convinced," the voice said.

"Ok. If we were evil, we would of blasted this shed with our magic to escape," Chrysalis pointed out.

"M-magic?" the the voice said. "WHERE ARE YOU FROM!?!?"

Chrysalis suddenly realized what she said. No going back now.


Nopony heard a reply. The only thing Chrysalis could hear was the sound of footsteps rapidly running away.

"What happened?" asked Cozy.

"I think he ran off," Chrysalis said.

"Great! Our only way of help GONE!!" Tirek said. "That leaves us with only ONE option."

"What?" asked Chrysalis.

"We use our magic to break out. Chrysalis could transform into something, escape this shed, and then let us go. Or we just blow it up."

"Now hold on!" Cozy said. "Let's give him a minute. Maybe he is coming to get a key or something. If the shed is locked, maybe Chrysalis could escape, but she would still have to destroy the shed first."

"The filly makes a point," Chrysalis said. "Since we are reformed, we should find it sensible to NOT destroy the shed unless the owners are fine with it. However, we may have no choice if he doesn't come back."

"Fine," said Tirek. "Give him five minutes."

It only took three for Chrysalis to hear footsteps coming back to the shed.

"Are you still there?" the voice asked.

"Yes," replied Chrysalis.

"Ok. Hold on."

The trio suddenly heard the door move, accompanied by the sound of a jangle.

It only took them half a minute to hear a CLICK.

Cozy, Tirek, and Chrysalis suddenly saw the door slide open, and a bipedal creature they have never seen before stood there.

"OH JEEZ!!" he said, jumping backwards in suprise, along with taking a few steps back.

Understanding why he was alarmed, the former villains cautiously stepped out of the shed. Chrysalis was right! The way the world looked was so different.

The strange bipedal creature didn't even back away as the trio advanced closer. They was only a foot away from the bipedal creature when they stopped moving.

"Oh my god!" the creature said.

That name seemed new. The former villains immediatly expressed confusion.

"God?" asked Cozy.

"I'll explain later. This... is just crazy! Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, and Tirek, ALL facing me. And from the looks of it, possibly reformed. Man, this day just got cooler!"

All three former villains gasped.

"How do you know our names?" asked Chrysalis.

"Uuuuuhhhh..." the creature uttered before violently shaking his head.

"I'll explain later. My parents aren't home, so feel free to come inside if you want."

The creature turned and walked away. The villains uneasily looked at each other.

"Should we?" asked Cozy.

"He seemed more excited than angry when he said our names. I think we should give him a chance," Tirek said.

"Me as well," Chrysalis admitted.

Cozy nodded.

"Ok. Let's follow him and see what he knows about us."

With that, the villains followed the strange biped.

Princess Twilight Sparkle sat on her throne. Ever since the villains reformed, she had high hopes that they would learn friendship.

The doors opened and Gallus, the captain of the royal guard, stepped in to face the Princess.

"Your majesty..." Gallus said. "There is a stallion in a black cloak here to see you."

"Doesn't that mean he's a bad pony?"

"He told us that he was a friend. Even made a pinkie promise."

"Very well. Send him in."

Gallus bowed to Twilight before he turned, walked to the doors, opened them, and exited them. A moment later, they opened again, but a pony in a black cloak entered instead.

"Greetings, your highness," he said when he neared the throne. "I am Judgement Law."

"Hello, Judgement. Not to sound rude, but why are you wearing a black cloak?"

Judgement cleared his throat and put on a fake dramatic voice.

"Alas, it was the work of Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy. Those conniving villains." Judgement lifted a forehoof above his forehead. "They brutally attacked me and beat me senseless today... I am full of bruises and scars from them physically beating me!!!"

"I don't find that likely," chimed in Twilight. "I would of gotten news from the royal guards. I've seen the trio face to face! They seem to be truly unlikely to resume their actions."

Judgement Law quit using the fake voice.

"Oh, come ON Princess. Do you really expect to believe those LIARS!!! How would it be so EASY to reform them? Well, you DON'T have to worry about them betraying you PRINCESS!! I've taken care of that."

"What do you mean?" Princess Twilight angrily said. She immediatly flew off her throne and landed in front of Judgement.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM!?!?!" she demanded.

Judgement didn't even seem fazed.

"My, my, Princess! You seem to REALLY care about those villains! Almost as if you WANT them to win!"

"NO! I felt that they changed when we met up yesterday!!"

"Only a VILLAIN would lie! So that makes YOU a villain!!"

Judgement again put on his dramatic voice.

"I thought you were the element of MAGIC! The Princess of Friendship and EQUESTRIA!! Well then, I guess there is only ONE option!"

"What?!?" Twilight bitterly said.

Judgement chuckled before he replied in his serious, conniving voice.


Suddenly, Princess Twilight felt her whole body levitate in the air. She saw a yellow glow envelop her eyesight.

She tried to fight back, but she couldn't move. Her horn even glowed as an attempt to use magic, only for the glow to fade away, since her magic was useless.

"What... how..." she started.

"Earlier today, my cult combined our magic to banish those villains to another world! When they combined their magic and sent it to me, it didn't just banish the villains! It gave me the temporary power I needed to STEAL their magic before it was too late!!! So I did! I stole their magic!! Then, I told them I never needed them anymore, before teleporting away, leaving most of them POWERLESS unicorns! However, there were TWO cult members whom I've spared. Why? Because the three of us have secretly been plotting to ABANDON the other cult members for a LONG time!"

Twilight could see Judgement's yellow grin sketch on his face.

"Now, Princess, if you'll excuse me, I think it's time to assemble all of Equestria's residents for a very important... assembly."

Author's Note:

Judgement is EXTREMELY twisted. He stole the magic from all but TWO of the members, and now he is commiting TREASON!!!

And now the trio is in a new world. And I guess they made a new friend.

Feel free to list down any theories on what may happen in the story. And as always, let the inner Brony or Pegasister within yourself conquer your creativity

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