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I suppose Rainbow Dash had always been my favorite pony. I also like Doctor Who and anime.

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Revival? · 7:49am Jul 8th, 2019

Hello everypony and fellow humans. Welll, you see, the very awkward truth is that I am trying to save face by looking at the story that I left behind and hopefully finish it.

I am not really sure if I should just republish old chapters because I want to fix them and make them look nice. Or just edit it live. Or maybe I am just overreacting.

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Report RDDash · 216 views · Story: The Path of Twilight ·
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EA Simple Raid?
Beam down to the planet while the natives are asleep, get the crystals, beam out. Simple, right?
WhispersInTheDark · 3.1k words  ·  130  4 · 2k views

Thanks for the Favorite!

Thank you for the watch, RDDash. I've long appreciated you as a commenter on my works. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding Magi-Net to your favorites.

Pony Town

Hey whats the game called on your profile pic?

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