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Fluttershy smiles politely.

Gullible new readers:

Most of my stories take place in the same universe, half jokingly called the Obamaverse. If you want to attempt to read the series, there are two routes you can take:

Read by release date
Might be more entertaining, but good luck figuring out the timeline.

1. Read Obama Goes to Equestria first
2. Read Obama Returns to Equestria last
3. Read the other stories in whatever order you want

Read chronologically
Timeline will be clearer, but might be more boring.

Read the stories in this order:
1. Come with me, Luna
2. Discord's Birth
3. The Doctor Screws up Equestria
4. Soarin's Folly
5. Obama Goes to Equestria
6. Obama Returns to Equestria (Act I)
7. Past the Edge of the Equestria
8. Lavender Alicorn

My Masterpieces


um · 11:24pm Jul 24th, 2017

…I'm on hiatus, obviously.

I haven't been motivated to write fanfiction lately. I feel like it's a habit I need to break out of, and that if I attempt it again, I will find it difficult to write original stories for months. I have no idea if that's true, but it's hard to shake that feeling.

And having my magnum opus be about Obama and ponies finally got to me. I realized that probably put me on a list somewhere, and it was a pretty embarrassing list to boot.

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hello, are you still active?

Well, I hope your writing goes swimmingly. I'm not so sure I'll be able to deduce much stuff, anyway; I kinda suck at that. Hope the next chapter has more Obama in it!

Either way, I understand. I'll be patiently waiting.

Thanks. I don't get many comments on them, so it's nice to hear from some fans. It seems to have a fairly dedicated (but tiny) cult following :p

I'm not gonna lie. Next chapter going slowly. I'm losing my steam for the Obamaverse and fanfiction in general. I'm debating if I should upload some kinda dumb chapters and fix them up later, among other things. Hope it turns out decently :\

If it's any consolation, there is enough information to deduce most of the final plot twists at this point, so if you reread the stories, you might catch some big hints here and there (Although at this point, it's been long enough that I may have to reread the stories to remember everything, ha ha ha ha ha... :p )

Can I just say one thing to you, Mr(s). a human? Your stories, especially the Obamaverse, have given me nightmares. I love it. Thank you so much.

Seriously, they're awesome.

Now when's the next chapter of Obama Returns to Equestria coming out?


If you ever will write dialogue for Princess Luna, I have an helpful BlogPost, you may wish to read:

How To Speak How Princess Luna Speaketh.

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