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Totally not a changeling pretending to be a unicorn so she can write stories and not be chased out of town.

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Hey Everypony,

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1585791 My tags fluctuate a bit until the story is ticked to complete as I often find a good direction for the story o go while typing it up. Also I do rewrite a few things post upload if I notice an error or plot hole. For example, Seeking Hearth and Home was originally going to be a romance between Lyra and Amber. But, after a plot point I realized that I would be making Lyra act very OOC if she continued seeking Amber as a lover, so I changed the events accordingly. I'll remove that tag, it docent quite work now.

1576052 I wish I had that... But I have notebooks full of fics and ideas
and two of cards

1577691 Okie dokie lokie. :) I'll be on holiday from tomorrow until early January anyway, so that works out well. I've added it to my Tracking shelf so I can see when it's done. :)

1577673 In that case gimme like 5 days to finish Seeking Hearth and Home :P Its the foundation for my personal Universe of FiMFiction.

1577608 Okay, if you want to (and only if you want to) then give The Light that Ignites in the Dark a read and let me know. No rush; do it whenever you feel you want to. It'll be a little while before I can return the compliment, but if you want to give me a title you'd like me to read (a completed story for preference) then I'd be happy to give you feedback on that when I have a little bit of time. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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