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Fluttershy smiles politely.


Finally, after years of begging, Celestia gives Twilight permission to access the Forbidden Wing of the Royal Library, a wing so secret even the other princesses can't access it. Twilight rushes to Canterlot, excited for the research potential.

Then she finds those books…

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~Exodia, we're done here.

Excellent piece.

Taken in a very different direction than I had expected.

The line 'Illusion' had me believe that she was a construct of some sort.

Wonderfully written short.

... I'm going to have nightmares when I sleep ...

Wow:twilightoops:. This was a great read, I really enjoyed it. :ajsmug:

... Huh. I don't think I've ever seen this version of the NMM/Luna Dichotomy. This is brilliant. ... I don't know how I feel about it.
In a meta sense I love it to pieces! but "in-universe" so to say I am conflicted, like Twilight I need to think on this.

I'm not sure I can never forgive what she did,

Should that be "ever" instead of "never"?

Imagine what it would be like if she turned back and no one knew what was happening?

They'd have the necessary ignorance to use the Elements to turn her back into Luna again? Although now that she has a conscience, ponies might be able to turn her back to how she is now, even if they know she wasn't always like this.

From the title, my first reaction was "That's no Luna. That's a space station!"

Wow, that is a very interesting interpretation of Nightmare Moon… and I guess does raise the question of the ethicality of someone's actions and decisions.

Brilliant piece.

Only thing I did note though: beautiful handwriting? I'd probably change that to hornwriting, or perhaps calligraphy, or some other word that didn't use the word hand in it.

Hmph, well I want a little bit more. Tea between them?

Way to flip the script. First time I've seen this done.

Solid storytelling, solid pacing (the delaying moment of the "lesser books" does wonders for the mood as well), solid throughout.

And the philosophical implications, oh my.

This is the single most brilliant work of fiction I have ever read. I am literally in awe of your work.

5511111 "There is no Luna, only Zuul"

Um, question?

If everypony knew Nightmare Moon was Celestia's insane sister, and the Elements pulled this common knowledge from their minds, why did they react to Celestia revealing Luna to be her sister with complete and utter surprise?

Maybe because she still hadn't changed to her Season 2 form yet?

Plot Twist: Luna totally knows all about it.

Celestia: But... how!?

Luna: First of all, you made me your equal as ruler of Equestria, which gives me free access to the Forbidden Wing. You really didn't think that through, did you? Might I add, calling it the "Forbidden Wing" is just begging for everypony to want to see what is in there. You should try to think of a more boring name for it. More importantly, I can walk into your dreams, and you constantly worry about me finding out the truth.

Celestia: Buck!

Luna: Language, dear sister.

Celestia: But... why aren't you...

Luna: Trying to kill you? *shrug* I suppose I simply do not really care anymore. Oh, it was rather disturbing when I figured it out, but... I like being sane, and I like having a sister.

Celestia: Aw.

Good story! A nice take on the otherwise rather common depiction of the NMM/Luna dichotomy.

Only one thing really bothers me about this story- if 'Luna' was created by the Mane 6 and their internal 'concepts' of her personality (or however you wish to phrase it), why would she speak in incredibly loud archaic equestrian when she first tried to re-integrate into equestrian society? It just seems odd that such noticeable and defined quirks would simply appear from nowhere... (considering when she was banished that they were normal)

In any case, look forward to future stories by you :)

Well then, didn't see that coming...
You made my day. :rainbowlaugh:
You did too. :rainbowkiss:

Woah... okay, that was deep.

As 5511485 said, though, the fact the Mane Six were surprised when Celestia said the Ex-Nightmare Moon was her sister is kind of a plot hole. Not to mention the fact Nightmare Moon herself was practically a fairy tale to Equestria.

Still, really nice story.

Remarks and corrections:
> she had never seen clearer evidence of that than what laid in front of her right now.
what [lay] in front of her
> I'm not sure I can never forgive what she did
I can [ever] forgive


I believe it should be "mouthwriting," actually.

...OK, that did not go the direction I thought it would. :twilightoops:

A ruler sometimes have to make hard choices freaking indeed.

5511485 They probably didn't know celestia was the elder sister from the tale. The illustration of the elder alicorn in the book has a pink mane, different from celestia, and her name was never mentioned.

This was a rather fascinating AU.

Nightmare Moon/Luna was coming from an alternate counterpart of Equestria (also dark elements of harmony too), brought by Discord because his love to Celestia was rejected. The world was chaotic, interdimensional portals were open, Discord was turned into stone, many things came out from those portals, one of them met somepony called "Sombra", and thousand years later... that day. PS: Discord could've been possibly little Q. Well, just my opinion. :derpytongue2:

Great Scott, this is so plausible it's scary. :twilightoops:

I love it. :ajsmug:

That.... was really good.

Really good...

Is there...any more?

I... actually don't know if I like this or not.
On one hand, I hate the idea of something NOT existing.
But on the other, holy shit this is good writing and a good story and and... I can't make up my mind.

Oh my. That was wonderfully done.

Have an upvote. Though even if Luna wasn't ever real, still love her weirdness.

The only thing going through my mind right now is the theme from the X-Files. Not sure if fitting.

Wow. Just wow. I could totally buy this. Well done.

what if celestia decided to mess with twilight instead and those books are just edited

Do not try to hug the Luna. That is impossible. Instead try only to realize the truth: There is no Luna.

wow this was awsome I don't usally read Dark fics beacuse I get nightmares:applecry: but this was great writting and a cool plot to go on and nothin scary you get a favourite from me :derpytongue2:

An excellent piece, very tight and well-done. I'm very impressed! :D

That's... All I can think of.
While original and well-written, it just doesn't do it for me. The same second I read that Luna was missing from history, I pretty much had it figured out.
Which, of course, just turned Celestia into a pile of words that I already knew.
On the other hand, if that's the case... Did Zecora's Mystery Semen White Potion of Nostalgia lie?

Interesting and worth reading. Have a like.

"She could," Celestia said. "But you're right. I might have been able to do something different. Something better. Sometimes I think that. But then, I realize… she's happier now. She's probably happier than she's been in her entire life." She smiled, tears forming. "Isn't that what matters?

Luna is happy. Nightmare Moon isn´t happy... or anything else. See Mindwipe, also known as "Death of Personality".

"The Elements depend on belief. I couldn't reform Nightmare Moon with them, because I didn't believe she had a conscience. I couldn't kill her with them, because she was too powerful. So sealing her in the moon was the only option. But what if I could convince people she had a conscience, and then use them to reform her? It was the only thing I could think of that sounded even slightly feasible, so I went for it. I waited a couple hundred years, and then I confirmed those rumors. I said Nightmare Moon was my sister, and I had hidden this because the memories were too painful.
"I gave her the name Luna, and said she was in charge of the night, to contrast with my command of the day. My sun shaped cutie mark made that seem credible. I invented a childhood with her, gave her quirks, habits, a personality. I said anything I could think of. Before I knew it, history books were filled with passages about this 'Luna,' and it was common knowledge she was my sister. Everyone knew what she was like, even though no one had ever met her."
Twilight was pale. "So, when you had us 'reform' her…"
"I depended on all of your memories, all of your belief in 'Luna' to change Nightmare Moon into a different person," Celestia said. "I couldn't do it myself, because no matter how much I deluded myself, I would always know that Luna was a lie, and the Elements wouldn't work."

Except in the present time, nopony knew shit about Luna. Twilight herself only knew her name after reading a book. How could the Six imprint Luna´s personality on NM when they ignored anything about the "Princess of the Night"?
A big plot hole in this fic, if you ask me.

5511485 They "knew" around a thousand years ago. These rumors have pretty much died down, and it's just an old legend.

Almost no one really believes it, but Twilight, and maybe some others who've heard the right legends, did.

Whoa. That was... deep. Good job.

My favorite part of this is the last line. That Celestia truly cares for "Luna" is soothing on some deep level--and considering how powerful love and friendship are, it is quite possibly the key to containing any possible reversion of Luna into Nightmare Moon.

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