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i can't write. but, i can come up with ideas for hie fics

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Ugggghhhh! · 7:06am Aug 18th, 2017

...... I'm starting to get really upset here..... I've been busy dealing with some family drama for the past couple of weeks.... My parents are currently in the middle of a big divorce and.... Well, it's like a dang soap opera where I am! :raritydespair: the whole family is split in two, and I'm the only neutral family member here, helping out with moving the stuff each of them won and taking care my mom's yard because dad won all the stuff in the garage.:raritycry:

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R.I.P hope he as found his life because now I have lost mine

How you been dude

Well rip this dude

I'm happy you're not dead :pinkiegasp: I missed Dakota

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