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just a teenage girl who loves mlp


trouble with the youtubers · 4:05am Apr 25th, 2017

things are spiraling out of control everywhere

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Hi, why did you follow me, I do nothing but read and comment?

Oof, I know that feel well, having tons of random ideas and stuff. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's chaotic :pinkiecrazy: If you knew the crossovers I have on the backburner, ooowee child. But eh, good luck with those ideas!

if you mix both fics? time travel, murder, and one man killing the entire changeling army on his own. there is magic, death, magic, mistakes, magic, and talking wolves. And no, I don't know where the ideas come from. they just randomly appear and I try to organize them.

If you've read my fanfic on google docs, you'd think differently.

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