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just a teenage girl who loves mlp

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  • 95 weeks
    trouble with the youtubers

    things are spiraling out of control everywhere

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  • 97 weeks

    ok, i came back from the dentist about an hour ago, and the Novocain is wearing off. I can feel my lower jaw again.

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  • 102 weeks

    omgomgomg! my mom's book, Of Lite and Darke: The New Reign, is on preorder, and its an Amazon Bestseller! it sold nearly 2000 copies! my mom is a professional author now! take that, angela connors! http://ofliteanddarke.my-free.website/

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  • 111 weeks
    [no title]


    So my best friends in real life need help and they need it bad!
    my friend Sara's ex had custody of their daughter when he decided to go live in Arizona but guess what? He royally screwed up and lost custody of her.
    This is my friends daughter Reanne.
    (sory i can't post pics on mine even thogh i try)

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  • 111 weeks
    pushing herself

    my mom isn't feeling well 2day, but she and dad went to the store to get my meds. i told her to stay home, but she's really stubborn. she needs to rest a bit:ajsleepy:

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trouble with the youtubers · 4:05am Apr 25th, 2017

things are spiraling out of control everywhere
three Youtubers are thinking of suicide, and I don't know what's going on. Moon Knight the fox, Fun Night the Vixan (this is how she spells it) and Captain Foxy are thinking of suicide for some reason. something happened with Moon Knight, and now she's thinking of suicide. Fun Night doesn't want to be without her sister and will kill herself if Moon Knight dies, and Captain Foxy doesn't want to live without Fun Night so if she dies then Captain Foxy will kill himself. I really want to help fix this, so I told Frogiyon about what's going on, as he knows the three of them himself. I need help convincing them not to commit suicide, and already are people upset about this development. people have been trying to contact each of the three to convince them not to kill themselves. please help. anyone with a google plus account, look up Captain Foxy, Moon Knight the fox and Fun Night the Vixan. I'm going to start a page for these three Youtubers and hopefully we can help them. oh, why do things have to be so complicated?!

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