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A Phoenix Beyond the Vei:l

Book One – The Philosopher’s Stone: Complete

Book Two – Amalgam: Discontinued
Chapters 1-13: Complete

Book Three – Ad Astra: (working title) Considered

Tales Above a Scorched Land

Book One – Sunfall: Complete

Book Two: Work In Progress
Chapter 1: Ready
Chapter 2: <☐ ☐ — — — — — — — —>

Other stories are being worked on, but not published yet. Work on the ‘A Queen’s Perspective’ Series is currently suspended.


After some deliberation, I've decided to start offering my proofreading and editing services on a commission basis.

I would also be willing to consult in matters of worldbuilding and conlanging for those that have trouble with such things.

If someone would wish to commission a story, that could probably also be arranged, depending on the subject matter.

PM me for details.

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Hio, jut reread "A Phoenix Beyond the Veil" again. Wanted to thank you for writing that story😀. Hope you where able to improve/learn some things that help you even now outside of FIMFIC.

if you intended the man to go, as in the story; he is not doing very well, at all.
but alas, if you read this; please continue the story, I am sure you could manage a few more chapters at the very least.

The need is that in my role play group, I voice characters like Ditzy Do, Twist, Decorated, Photo Finish, and Luna

It's mostly just a decent feel for the language along with having some experience with the things Shakespearean English does that modern English doesn't anymore from speaking German. (noun case systems, etc.)

If you have something that needs proof reading, send it my way.

  • Viewing 27 - 31 of 31
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