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This story is a sequel to A Phoenix Beyond the Veil - The Philospher's Stone

Well over a year after a calibration fault in the mirror portal sent Sunset Shimmer to a world she had not planned for, she continues learning the magic of this new world. Between diplomatic overtures and magical endeavors, new complications arise.

Once more, Hogwarts opens its doors for young witches and wizards, unaware of an ancient threat slumbering beneath the school. Will it be awakened?

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For a thousand years, Equestria has been too close to the sun. With the land rendered largely uninhabitable by the scorching heat, the ponies of Equestria have retreated into the sky. Now airships roam the clouds, severed mountaintops, held aloft by ancient and powerful magics, serve as the home for ponies everywhere and the land is mostly at peace.

But that peace is threatened when an ancient prophecy heralds the return of the one who caused all this change. Daybreaker. Princess Luna's older sister, imprisoned in the Sun for a thousand years, is about to return and, according to legend, burn the land to the ground.

Can the three students of the Princess defeat the mad empress? Or did Princess Luna's desperate use of the Elements only buy Equestria a thousand years of borrowed time? Either way, it will be an adventure for the history books.

So after reading Reformation ... It's a Pony Thing and Twilight's Pirate School, both by the wonderful Let's Do This, I realized that they effectively boiled down to the tagline 'My Little Pony - Everything is Better with Airships'. This story and, indeed, this setting are the result of my mind taking that idea and going wild with it.

This story is written in full and will not interfere with my other work. The sequel to Phoenix is still in progress and sadly taking a little longer than I had hoped, but it's coming.

Chapters (8)

Displeased with her tutelage under the princess of the sun, Sunset Shimmer leaves through a mirror deep within the vaults of Canterlot. With her trusty companion Philomena by her side, Sunset steps into a new world. But not the one the book said it would be. A small calibration error will leave two worlds of magic irrevocably changed.

A crossover with the Harry Potter books and a Sunset in Hogwarts story.

Now with editing courtesy of Rainbow Sparkle

Chapters (73)

This story is a sequel to A Queen's Perspective - Sick Week

A week before their trip to Camp Everfree, the girls discover they have abilities they've only seen a few times before, used by Queen Twilight. How will they use these powers, and can they learn to controll them before their trip begins?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Queen's Perspective - Friendship Games

A few days after the Friendship Games, Rainbow Dash falls mysteriously ill. With human medicine unable to provide answers, Sunset Shimmer turns to the magic of her homeworld in hopes of finding the cause for the mysterious affliction.

Set in the continuity of law abiding pony's Hive series, running paralell to certain events of For the Hive

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This story is a sequel to A Queen's Perspective - Correspondence

For months now, Twilight Sparkle has been studying the mysterious energies emanating from Canterlot High School, but when she visits the school herself they turn out to be stranger than she ever imagined. Things take a turn for the worst when she is pressured to release the magic she has captured.

What she doesn't know is that she is soon to learn what it means to be the dimenional counterpart of a changeling queen.

A retelling of the events of EQG 3 and their aftemath set in the Hive-Continuity by law abiding pony. Set partway through the events of For the Hive.

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to A Queen's Perspective - Rainbow Rocks

The Portal that connects the Hive of Stripped Gear to Canterlot Highschool is closed once more, and yet one connection remains between the worlds. The journal Sunset had been given by Princess Celestia and the counterpart Celestia had for herself now serve as a means to communicate between them.

Having vowed to stay in contact the two commonly write to one another. This is the record of their correspondence.

Set in the continuity of the hive series starting immediately after AQP - Rainbow Rocks and ending partway through For the Hive.

Chapters (10)

This story is a sequel to A Queen's Perspective - Explaining Equestria

One year after returning from her trip through the mirror portal, Queen Twilight finds a book she recieved from Princess Celestia acting strangely. Finding a message from Sunset Shimmer to be the cause, she must reopen the gateway and travel to Canterlot Highschool once more, for a new magical threat has arisen.

Set in the continuity of the Hive-Series by Law Abiding Pony and one year into the time between Of the Hive and For the Hive. A retelling of Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to A Queen's Perspective - Equestria Girls

Sunset made a promise to Queen Twilight. To explain their homeland to their new friends. But how will five humans react to tales of magic and colourful talking horses?

Well, they certainly take it better than Sunset did their world.

The continuation of my interpretation of EQG in the canon of the Hive-Series by Law Abiding Pony.

Chapters (1)

My take on the events of the first EQG movie in the continuity of the Hive Series by law abiding pony. Set between the events of Of the Hive and For the Hive.

While representing the hive of Stripped Gear at a Equestrian Princess Symposium in the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle finds the Element of Magic, which she had been using as a crown, being stolen by a mysterious unicorn that escapes with it through a magical mirror. Now it is up to Twilight to find her way in the strange world on the far side of this portal and retrieve the stolen Element before it can disrupt the balance of this other world.

Chapters (11)
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