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Displeased with her tutelage under the princess of the sun, Sunset Shimmer leaves through a mirror deep within the vaults of Canterlot. With her trusty companion Philomena by her side, Sunset steps into a new world. But not the one the book said it would be. A small calibration error will leave two worlds of magic irrevocably changed.

A crossover with the Harry Potter books and a Sunset in Hogwarts story.

Now with editing courtesy of Rainbow Sparkle

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Hey, waddaya know, another Harry Potter crossover! This has certainly been the year for them so far. I look forward to wherever this goes, it has certainly started well. I wonder what flavor of Dumbledore we'll be seeing?

Good start. lets see what you make of it.

I see good quality writing and nice story potential so far.:twilightsmile:

A lot of potential in this story, I'll be sure to keep an eye on it.

Off to a solid start. This I like so far:

  • I like that you paired Sunset up with Hermione instead of Harry. It's a small detail but it really helps distance this story from the other 2 it's most likely to be compared to.
  • I like that you're setting this prior to Hermione getting her Hogwarts letter since it actually provides an explanation for Hermione's skill at magic.

Hopes for this story:

  • A single coherent plotline. Love the other stories but my god can the authors not seem to be able to settle on what they are actually supposed to be about.
  • Dumbledore to be an actual character instead of a punchline. I'm not saying Dumbledore has to be a major character, honestly it's fine if he's just kept to the background like in the books, but if he does have to be important just don't make him a walking joke where we're meant to laugh at how everyone hates him or how stupid he is. The very least do something new we've had evil Dumbledore and idiot Dumbledore in the other stories so just try not to repeat those two.
  • Try and keep critiques of the books to a minimum. It's fine to poke fun at how silly or dumb somethings are but it's okay to just let the characters take the situation seriously. Not everything needs to be a joke and we don't need Sunset breaking into a rant about how stupid some aspect of the original books are.
  • Also if Sunset is meant to be Overpowered try to keep it reasonable. It's fine if she outclasses most of the students but try to keep her below at least some of the teachers who specialize in specific types of magic.

Really excited to see more of this it shows a lot of promise.

Ending up in muggle society with Hermione should prove to be most interesting. The sorting is going to be hell on them though. While this Sunset doesn't seem quite as nasty as one would expect going by The Fall of Sunset Shimmer comic or the first movie, she is still going to fit in with the Slytherins far more than she would the Gryffindors.

I wonder, just how old are they? Hermione is still in school with no letter or McGonagall talked about, so that puts them at 10 at the most and possibly, even probably younger. Just wonder how much time Sunset is going to have in the muggle world before going to the human magic one.

Next chapter could be interesting as well. Hermione and Sunset are doing magic outside of school and so against the rules, but are doing so stans wand and so can get away with it at the same time. However Sunset is doing structured wandless magic... seeing how the ministry deals with her, or trys to deal with her, is something I want to see.

I'm assuming this is the year prior to Hogwarts so Hermione would be 11 (her birthday is in September so she had to wait an extra year before she got her letter), not sure How old Sunset would be but probably 10 or 11. Curious hold old she was prior to going through the portal.

Sunset's birthday is about two months after Hermione's so at this point, they are both eleven.
An interesting quirk of this timeline is that Sunset is actually younger than Twilight.

Oh? I'm so used to Sunset being aged down I didn't consider she was actually 11 in both worlds. Interesting, although since this isn't an older Sunset in an 11-year-old body I really hope you don't take the OP aspect too far.

That said even if she is younger than she would be in canon it's odd to think that Twilight could be older. Really has me questioning just when in the timeline Sunset left. Are there any aspects of mlp canon in this story or are we going full AU?

We are not going full AU. The only reason the story is marked 'Alternate Universe' is because FimFiction doesn't have a 'Divergent Timeline' tag.
As far as this story goes, the whole divergence was caused by Philomena being there to mess up the calibration of the mirror. Had she remained behind as she did in canon, Sunset would have come out in the world of EQG instead. In my personal headcanon, Sunset left Equestria three cycles of the portal (i.e. 7.5 years) before the events of EQG. This story is thus set several years before the events of FiM.

I meant more in regards to your comment of Sunset being younger than Twilight. Did you mean she is younger after going through the portal or was she younger prior to going through the portal and if that's the case how does that work?

She was younger before going through the portal. That works by way of Celestia noticing Sunset's talent when she was four and Twilight's when she was twelve. Simple as that. But I'm afraid for more details you'll have to wait for the story itself to reveal them.

Okay, thanks for the clarification. It's an interesting idea, I don't think anyone has ever made Sunset younger than Twilight before since based on canon it makes sense for Sunset to be older. It is an interesting way to get around the age difference without the use of time dilation, or just having the portal age them down. That's assuming Twilight isn't too much older than Sunset, I'd guess maybe 1-2 years older would make the most sense.

Sunset could go to Ravenclaw with her intellect, and depending on how their friendship evolves before the owls come or some other factors could very nicely fit into Gryffindor. I will wait to see how this plays out.

Sunset isn't going into 'Claw for the same reason Hermione didn't. Yes, Sunset can be a good Griff, and if given the time Hermione might even be able to change her enough to do so. But pre-rainbowed Sunset is a slyth through and through going by what we know of her.

Is she really? I remind you that 'pre-rainbowed Sunset', as you call her, spent three years as the top-dog bully of a high school, and going by my conclusions on the continuity, only after years of isolation completed her fall to darkness, Sunset here found Hermione before either of those things could happen. She has the cunning of a Slytherin, certainly, but is that truly all she has?

Being a Slytherin doesn't mean being a jerk they just have a nasty habit of going hand in hand. Slytherin values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness all of which describe pre-reform Sunset to a tee who ran off because she wanted more than what Celestia was willing to give.

Did she? The movies never went into detail on her motivations, and, seeing how I haven't read them, the comics are not canon to this story.
As for her qualities. I do suspect she only developed leadership skills during her years of ruling a high school, she may have some experience in politics, but not leadership per say.
And again, is Slytherin really the only house she would fit? Once she found friends, Sunset certainly proved herself to be brave, and I doubt one can spend years under Princess Celestia without developing a strong sense for what is right and wrong, so Gryffindor is covered.
Sunset can certainly be sincere and compassionate, and loyalty is one of the principles her homeland is founded upon, so Hufflepuff would fit as well.
Intelligence and quick wit? No question there. Ravenclaw fits as well.

The trouble in finding the house Sunset fits best is that she fits all of them. Especially considering that the Sorting Hat not only considers the qualities you have but also those you have the potential to develop.
Still you shall see which house she is sorted into ... in chapter 34 ... yeah ... I did say this story takes its sweet time to get going, didn't I?

Even if you disregard the comic the movie made it clear Sunset wanted to rule over Equestria that shows ambition, she was able to survive in a new world with a new body which shows resourcefulness, we see her cunning in how she is able to take over the school with subtle manipulation and the way Snips & Snails are willing to do whatever she asks shows her leadership skills. No matter how you look at it Sunset is a total Slytherin.

Post-reform I could see her going into either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, not Ravenclaw though because while smart she doesn't really value knowledge in the same way they would she sees knowledge as a way to further her own goals, but unless you plan to have her go through the whole reformation process before arriving at Hogwarts Slytherin is the only house she could logically go into.

If that is how you see things, I'm afraid we'll have to agree to disagree. But let me remind you one last time, that the Sunset we see in EQG is seven and a half years older than this one. There is a reason the word reformation starts with 're'. A reformation often undoes previous development, as it did in Sunset's case. At this point in the timeline, most of that development hasn't happened yet. Sunset spent half a year dissatisfied with Celestia, not eight.
And for what reformation there is to be done, there is half a year's time.

Well, it doesn't really matter if this Sunset isn't the same as she was in canon. Just pointing out that canon Sunset is a total Slytherin. But even without the extra years, in this story Sunset still ran to another world because she wanted more than what Celestia was willing to give her that's not something anyone other than a Slytherin would do. You just don't abandon your life and start over because you were dissatisfied with your teacher unless you feel you can't fulfill your ambitions staying where you are.

That said It's clear from chapter one that this Sunset isn't gonna be the one described in the movie:

Princess Celestia: Sunset Shimmer. A former student of mine. She began her studies with me not long before Twilight. But when she did not get what she wanted as quickly as she liked, she turned cruel and dishonest. I tried to help her, but she eventually decided to abandon her studies and pursue her own path. One that has sadly led to her stealing your crown.

Which I admit is a shame since I like seeing Sunset go from evil to good in these kinds of stories and learn the value of friendship. This Sunset doesn't at all resemble the one Celestia eventually had to expel. But I'm sure it'll be fine.

Indeed, Sunset wanted 'more' ... but what is this 'more' thou speakest of?

If you read the comic it's revealed she wanted to be a princess:

and in the movie, her end goal was to rule Equestria otherwise she wouldn't have stolen the Element of Magic. Her canon motivation is pretty clear, not that it matters for this story if you're going with a non-canon version of Sunset.

It's your story,write it how you want!

I just want a good story!! :twilightsmile:

Ooo! I can't wait! (I will though; waiting simply isn't an optional.)

I like the lighthearted feel of it so far. It's nice that we didn't just get dumped into breeding ground for angst right away. I haven't much of a clue what the future may hold though. I'm just well acquainted with the Harry Potter books and fandom. So I know that statistically, there's a tendency for the mood to get darker. Of course, there are many stories in the fandom that steer away from that. I'm writing far too much about something that doesn't matter much, though; the story could stay cheerful throughout, or keep with the typical Wizarding Britain gloom, it's not my story, but I'll read it either way. (I'll be rooting for a happy ending (or a happy continuation (That's probably getting way ahead of things, though!)), though.)

Err, anyway… I'm so excited for more! :pinkiehappy:

Hermione! You do not let strange people into the house without your parents! What have they been teaching you?!?

Also, if she is this good at sneaking around, Filch needs to start praying now that Sunset and the twins never team up for a prank.


I agree even before going into the mirror Sunset was showing signs of her going down a dark path. Being a Slytherin doesn’t mean you are bad. She had the determination to venture to another world.

But I have a suggestion. Do the same thing J. K. Rowling did. Give Sunset Shimmer the choice with the sorting hat. By the time they are at Hogwarts the budding friendship with Hermione Granger could be enough for her to logically choose Gryphondore.

She also smart enough to stick close to Harry Potter and he be before her in sorting.

I can see her telling the hat “Put me in Gryphondore”.

Wouldn't put it past her, G is well before S after all. Trying to stay with an acquaintance of Hermione's potential could have her at lest try to talk the hat into Griff.

It is bound to have an in-depth talk with her, either over her origins or that it can't get into her mind in the first place.


Just by the way. Unless they concern matters far into the future, I won't be able to incorporate many suggestions. The Sorting, for example, is among the things I have already written. I currently have a backlog 33 chapters.

I haven't seen anyone ask this yet, so: what's the upload schedule for this fic? If you've got a load of chapters already written, when are they going to be going up? Or is it literally whenever you feel like it, for whatever reason.

Okay, I suppose it's not surprising that you haven't spotted the pattern yet. I uploaded the prologue at noon and started uploading the chapters at 6pm the same day, I've brought the second one live at 6pm yesterday and, assuming nothing gets in the way of that, I'll bring chapter three online at 6pm today.
Don't trust the dates FimFiction shows you. Those are the dates I uploaded the chapters, not the dates I brought them online ... for whatever reason.

Oh, the reason I haven't spotted it is that I have yet to be actually notified of this story updating. Dunno why, I'm just assuming it's something to do with FimFiction. A bug or something.
Thanks anyway.

To be honest, that's just another piece of evidence suggesting that fimfiction bugged out on me when I uploaded yesterday's chapter

I'm starting to imagine Sunset as a wise mentor figure. That would be nice, if it'll happen. We don't get many mentor Sunsets on this site.

As a side note: haven't seen Philomena since Sunset first used the mirror. Really looking forward to seeing how she is used in the story later on, bearing in mind that there are meant to only be two other domesticated phoenixes in the world.

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:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:nice work.:twilightsmile:look fotward to the next chapter.

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Really enjoyable so far.

I think my only issue currently is Sunset's personality or lack thereof. Pre-reformed Sunset is usually arrogant and vain this Sunset seems to be neither, which is fine, but I can't really say much else about her other than being a more outgoing version of Twilight. If this Sunset is gonna be your own interpretation we're gonna need a lot more information to get an understanding of the kind of person she is since we can't just rely on pre-existing canon. She's also a bit too unflappable, which I don't mind but I know a lot of people find that kind of thing annoying.

Obviously, with such a backlog, it's too late to change things so hopefully, this is something that corrects itself over time.

I've seen this before, it's a quirk of fimfiction where it only keeps track of upload date and time. If you keep the chapter hidden after uploading and then make it visible later it will appear in people's fields according to the time and date it was originally uploaded. The best way around this is to just not upload the chapter until you're ready for it to be seen or make a blog post with the story tagged informing readers of the new chapter.

Strangely enough, I did absolutely nothing different with today's chapter, yet this time it worked flawlessly.

This is going to lead to an over-powered Hermione, I just know it.

Well well, another ponys in hogworts story. This one with Sunset. So far this one has potential, I see a lot of good things posable for this story. (chuckles) Yes what we know of Sunset shes rather arragent, but, this is looking like a slightly earlyer sunset, and just a few chapters in, I am alowing for characters to start out a little shallow. It takes time to build a character after all.

I suppose that depends on whether you would consider seven and a half years before the first movie to be 'slightly earlier'.

Well now, this changes thing quite a lot.

So Sunset is a weremagus, she could provide the correct to her own want, though I'm sure a certain pretty bird has that covered already.

Still, full access to her magic, and her natural form, as well as Hermione? She is in such a better place, she might be plesent by the train.

I agree, I expect part of why she was such a horrable person in the movie was the time spent pretending to be a high school student. Schools do tend to bring out the worst in people.
Harmione is also a rather good pairing for her, a kid thats bonkers for learning. Course, would also be a good match with Twilight, but, I think Sunset would be a bit better able to gound Harmione. Twilight might be too likely to incurage Twilight behavor, aka, the panic attacks and all that.

I can buy into her not always being evil, even in the movie they hint at that, but I firmly believe that she was always arrogant, vain and kind of jerk who didn't see any point in friendship. Sort of like season 1 Twilight but worse. Without that aspect of the character, where she has to learn to be a better person, you're just left with a Mary Sue because lets face it post-reform Sunset is kind of perfect and only saved from being a Sue thanks to aspects of her old self sometime coming out like her anger issues.

I'm far too addicted to this fic already. I've had dreams about it, for goodness' sake. I think I've worked out why, however. It's started so far before Hogwarts that I have no idea what to expect. Anything could happen between then and now.

On another note, it says its been seven weeks since the earlier chapters, i.e. spring break. Since Hermione lives in the UK, and there are roughly six to seven weeks between 'spring break' (we usually call it a half-term here.) and Easter Break. I realise I probably seem like I'm nitpicking, but if it really is Easter break really soon, then Dumbledore may be round soon, as said in the last chapter. I'm merely speculating, but I think things might start to heat up real soon already.
I'm also probably missing something, so correct me if I'm wrong.

Also (This comment is getting long real fast.) nice job establishing their growing relationship. I'm fully expecting them to see each other as sisters by the time they end up as Hogwarts. It also means Sunset won't be a horrible person, hopefully anyway. Yay!

You are correct on many things ... but what gave you the idea Dumbledore would be coming?

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