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A Phoenix Beyond the Veil - The Philospher's Stone - gerandakis

Displeased with her mentor, Sunset Shimmer looks for a new option, she finds it in a Mirror Portal, deep in the vaults of Canterlot. Together with Philomena, she sets out on a journey. Two worlds of magic will be changed forever, by a small error ...

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[RVS]3 - After Action

Chapter Three

After Action

"What do you mean?"

"Well, teleporting there depleted my shallow reservoir and took a good chunk out of–"

"No. I meant the teleport."

"Huh? Oh right. Well I watched their magic when they teleported out, there is no finesse to it at all. I can only assume those wands of theirs are a really effective focus. Celestia knows I'd need one to brute-force a teleport over that distance."

"They use wands?"

Yeah, at least that's what the man at the security desk called them. We don't have those, that's what we have horns for."


"Yeah, y'know. Unicorn horns."


"Yeah, I wouldn't want to try holding a stick with hooves."

"You used to be a unicorn?"

Sunset tilted her head. "Did I not mention that?"

"No. You definitely didn't. I'd remember that. Though I kinda wanna see that."

Sunset tilted her head to the other side, scratching her chin. "Hmm, maybe ..." She turned to Hermione with a smirk. "Let me try something."

She sat down on the couch, her legs crossed, and closed her eyes. She sat there for several minutes, clearly focusing. "I can feel something," she finally said. "I might be able to return to my natural form with enough practice. It'll take a while though. I'll need to spend some time practicing."

"Alright, sure. I can wait. We got off topic anyway, what were we talking about again?"

"We were talking about their teleportation spell."

"Right, you said they were brute-forcing the teleport. How is that different from your teleportation."

"Well, they simply picture the destination, focus on going there and then throw energy at it until the teleport happens."

"Huh, yeah, that doesn't really sound very sophisticated."

"That's because it isn't. You see, we have a whole host of teleportation spells, but they can be sorted into three general categories."


"Short, medium and long-range."

"Oh, that's more simplistic than I expected. How are those split up? What constitutes short-range, and where does medium start?"

"Well, they are differentiated by technique. What range one has while teleporting depends on the caster. My short-range teleports have a range of roughly thirty of your meters, provided I can see the destination. Effectively short-range teleportation is just a matter of moving very fast.

"Medium-range is where the actual teleportation starts happening. I can manage about one of your kilometers from my primary reservoir but the drain it puts on my reserves increases at about two-and-a-half times the rate of the range."

"That would mean twice that would burn through both reservoirs, right."

"Well, my reservoirs are both pretty well trained so I expect I would still have a bit of magic left, but it wouldn't be much and it would take ages to get back up to full.

"Anyway. Long-range teleportation combines that with spacial manipulation. Essentially a long range teleport is a matter of folding space to create a shortcut. Interestingly, the teleport the wizards here seem to use, does that too. Though I can't imagine that the spacial tunnel they create is very stable. Probably makes it very uncomfortable.

"Of course, with greater distance, that becomes harder to do so it's not like you can make it so things are right next to one another. It's more like a set rate of how much you can decrease the distance by. With my current skill I can manage to cut the distance down to about a third of a percent of the real space distance."

Hermione thought on that for a moment. "So you're saying that to go to London you basically made it so that London was only four hundred meters away from here?"

"In some sense, yeah, pretty much."

"So you're saying that with that technique you can go three-hundred kilometers with little effort."

"Well, without too much strain on my magic at least. It's still pretty tricky to do, using only nerves and bones as a focus. Takes quite a bit of mental effort to compensate. That's in my human form, of course, with a horn acting as a focus, I can manage a medium-range teleport of about three-point-four kilometers from my primary reservoir and reduce the distance on a long-range teleport to about one sixth of a percent."

"So in your natural form you'd easily manage ... goodness, how much is that? Two-thousand kilometers?"

"Closer to three-thousand, actually."

"How are you doing all this math in your head? I mean, I'm pretty good at math and even I'd need a calculator for that."

"I'm not. I'm using Arithmancy."

"Didn't you say Arithmancy was about using math to do your magic?"

"Well, it is. In part. The math gets pretty complicated, so Arithmancy is actually two different things. Getting math to do your magic and getting magic to do your math."

"That sounds circular."

"Effectively, you use magic to make your magic easier to use. You use a bit more power to make the mental strain more manageable. It's a tradeoff."

The two fell silent once more, until Hermione's head suddenly snapped upward and she looked at Sunset. "Wait a minute! I just realized the teleportation spells were another tangent. You were about to tell me what you saw in the Ministry."

"Oh right! Well I didn't go far in, I might have been invisible, but I wasn't intangible."

"I can see that being a problem."

"Yeah, not too great for crowds. So I only really saw the entrance area and the atrium. I think most people teleport in there one way or another."

"They have multiple ways of doing that?"

"Yeah. They have an area set up for people to teleport in, but they also have two rows of fireplaces. They can apparently travel by fire."


"I'm still trying to figure that out. Basically they walk up to the fire, throw some powder in it, say a destination, the fire turns green and they walk in."

"Then what do they have two rows for?"

"Incoming and outgoing."

"Ah I see. Well what did you see?"

"Well, the first thing I noticed is that wizards and witches dress really weird."


"They have these, actually hang on, I'll just show you." Reaching out with her kinesis, Sunset drew her notepad and pencil into the air before her and started to sketch out some of the clothing styles she had seen.

Hermione got up and sat beside Sunset on the couch to see what she was drawing. "You're pretty good at that."

"Thanks, it's a hobby."

"And you're right. That does look odd."

They fell silent once again as Sunset turned the page and started a second drawing. Over the next few minutes, Hermione watched as an impression of the Fountain of Magical Brethren took shape on the pages.

"What's that then?"

"The fountain they had in the center of the Atrium, apparently all the money thrown in it goes to a place called St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries."

"Huh, figures they'd have a secret magical hospital as well." The next drawing was significantly faster. "Let me guess, that's their logo?"

"I'd guess so, at least it was all over the place there."

"Huh, a lit wand over the letter M, how original."

A lit wand over the letter M hung above the door together with the words 'Records Department'. With a sigh, Gabriel Brewer walked into the expansive room. For visitors there were people available as guides, Ministry employees were left to find their way through the mess of self-updating paperwork on their own accord.

Fortunately, Gabriel knew what he was here for and where to find it. He made his way to the Registry of Known Witches and Wizards, somewhat of a misnomer as there were plenty of wizards and witches in the self updating registry that no one in the ministry had ever even heard about. It took a moment, but he soon reached the thirty four filing cabinets reserved for the registry. Witches and wizards might only be a small part of the population, but this registry held the name of every witch and wizard to visit or live in Britain since the Ministry was founded in the seventeenth century.

Taking a rough guess, he walked up to the third of the cabinets used by the letter S, a short search revealed three drawers, St-Su, Su and Su-Sz. He drew out the middle one of the three and quickly found the file he was looking for.

'Sunset Shimmer, here she is. Now let's see here. Age eleven, daughter of Stellar Flare and Sunspot, one older brother. Huh, odd names those. Place of birth, thirteen Plaza Road, Sire's Hollow, Equestria? Huh? Okay, this is getting odd. Place of residence, one fifty Ryde Park Road, Rednal, West Midlands. Okay that at least makes sense. Guess she lives with the Grangers at the moment.'

Looking further down, he found what he was looking for. Ah, here we go. Legal Guardian, Her Royal Highness Princess Celestia Solaris, Steward of the Sun, Princess of the Aetheris Tribe, High Admiral of the Aeolis Tribe, Warden of the Eterris Tribe, Protector of the Land, Conqueror of Chaos, Bringer of Light and Harmony and Eternal Ruler of Equestria and Its Territories.

He took a few moments to process what he had just read. 'I guess I know now why that field is so large. He looked down to the field for Magical Guardian only to see the same string of names and Titles.

'Alright then, this Princess is magical too. Now what else ... Ah here. Citizenship. Citizen of Equestria, Permanent Resident of the United Kingdom. Well that makes things interesting. I'm starting to see what Orabella meant. I don't really want to deal with all this. Oh well, I should at least warn Minerva.'

With a course of action in mind, Gabriel Brewer set off to the Ministry's small post office.

In the ancient halls of Castle Hogwarts, Minerva McGonnagall had just finished teaching her last class of the day. This late in the afternoon, the normal Monday fatigue had mellowed out into a minor annoyance. The term was going well, thus far, but had been entirely unremarkable. She had no illusions of her house standing a chance in the Quidditch Tournament or the House Cup, but that had been the case for years, ever since the eldest two of the latest generation of Weasleys had finished their schooling.

On that topic, even the Weasley twins had behaved themselves today. All in all it was an entirely unremarkable day of an equally unremarkable term.

So, of course, things wouldn't stay that way. The hint of something going in unfavorable directions was the official looking owl bearing a much less official looking letter that had perched itself on her desk. The ring on one of its legs clearly marked it as a Ministry owl. The rather private looking letter on its leg only served to confuse Minerva.

Professional as they came, the owl flew off the moment the letter was no longer tied to its leg. With some trepidation, Minerva opened up the letter. She was happy to find it to be from a former student she had fond memories off. He may not have been one of hers, but he had been pleasant to teach regardless.

Her brow furrowed as she read through the letter, her eyes passing over several passages more than once, widened in disbelief. Finally she got up with a sigh and made her way up to one of the smaller towers of the castle, to a place students never went.

"Come in."

Albus Dumbledore sat in his chair behind his desk. Looking benevolently to the door that was now being pushed open by his deputy. "Minerva, what a pleasant surprise."

"Good evening Albus."

"I know you don't come to my office without a specific reason. What brings me the honor?"

"The next year is going to be interesting."

"With Harry Potter coming to Hogwarts, I expected that might happen."

"More interesting than that."

"Are we getting another unusual student?"

"You might put it that way." At Dumbledore's expectant expression, Minerva continued. "One of the students we'll have next year is one Hermione Granger, a muggle born witch from somewhere near Birmingham."

A simple nod signaled that the headmaster was following.

"About half an hour ago I got a letter from Gabriel Brewer."

"Ah, Mister Brewer. He went on to work in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, if I'm not mistaken?"

"The Office for the Misuse of Magic to be exact. Earlier this afternoon he and a colleague went out to the Granger Residence to check up on magical emissions they had been picking up for about a week, fearing a breach of the Statute. When they arrived at the Granger residence, they found the windows to be charmed with an unknown form of a notice-me-not."

Dumbledore raised a brow in surprise, but didn't interrupt.

"There was also a low magical field surrounding the house. Once Miss Granger let them in, they were led into the living room where they encountered another young witch. And that's where things get ... strange."

"Strange, you say? How so?"

"She seemed to be a witch of considerable skill, despite being the same age as Miss Granger, she was apparently the one who had spelled the windows, so any use of magic inside would not be seen from the outside. A rather ingenious way of using a notice-me-not, I might add."

"Hmm, very clever yes."

"Mister Brewer described her as having red and blonde hair and teal eyes, she apparently introduced herself as 'Sunset Shimmer'."


"That's putting it mildly. Regardless, after Miss Shimmer had reassured them that the only muggles aware of their magic were Miss Granger's parents, Mister Brewer and his colleague returned to the ministry. I checked the Book of Admission, Albus. Miss Shimmer will be attending Hogwarts next year."

"Oh my. I can see what you mean."

"That's not even it. Mister Brewer checked in at the Records Department to look for Miss Shimmer's file. Her Parents are listed as Sunspot and Stellar Flare."

"It would seem her unusual name isn't an exception then?"

"Certainly not. Additionally both her legal and magical guardianship is held by one Princess Celestia Solaris of Equestria. I'll spare you the list of titles."

"Equestria, you say?" He got a nod in response. "Perhaps a magical nation we were thus far unaware of?"

"Unlikely, but so are all other explanations I can think of. And there's more, her place of birth is listed as 'Sire's Hollow, Equestria'. she's a Citizen of Equestria and a Permanent Resident of Britain."

"Ah, the self-updating paperwork got ahead of those meant to mind it, didn't it?"

"That sounds like the most likely explanation."

"It would seem a bit of an investigation is in order. The Easter holidays perhaps?"

Minerva could merely nod. The current term wasn't even over yet, and already the next one was giving her headaches.

When Dan and Emma Granger stepped into the living room that evening they found their daughter sitting on the couch, practicing her magic, as she had done for over a week now. Sitting beside her in a meditative position, Sunset had her eyes closed, he face completely serene. The parents could only guess what she was up to.

Author's Note:

Teleportation is explained within this chapter as far as one needs to understand it, but for those who desire to know the math behind it, we have the third installment of:

Lore of the Veil:

Range, Capacity and Focus - The math behind teleportation.

Warning - Math ahead:

To define the terms:

Range (R) is the possible maximum distance for a teleport given the current magical means and assuming the caster is traveling alone.

Capacity (C) is the magical capacity availiable to the teleport, for these calculations that is the caster's Shallow or Primary Reservoir, in Sunset's case the value is 0.5

Foucus (F) is the Physical Focus availiable to the caster. Given that mental focus has no bearing on the spell's efficiency, it is not considered in these calculations. The value is given in percent. (note that a value of 0, while not technically impossible, breaks these equations and is not to be used)

Given these, the formula for a mid-range-teleport is:


Using this formula, Sunset's mid range teleportation has a range of 1km when wandless and loosely 3.4km when using her horn.

The formula for a long-range teleport is as follows:


Using this formula, Sunset's long range teleports have a range of about 312km while wandless and loosely 2884km when using her horn.

In both cases, wanded teleportation ranges will be supplied once she has her wand.

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