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Aspiring writer and insatiable SciSet shipper. She/her. https://twitter.com/CraftableAlice

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  • 128 weeks
    No new chapter

    I'm afraid there won't be a new chapter this Sunday, since Bronycon has taken up most of my time this week.

    Incidentally, Bronycon has been a huge amount of fun, albeit exhausting and stressful :twilightsmile:

    I'll get back to my usual schedule next week, and I hope you all are looking forward to the next chapter, cause it's a good one! :heart:

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  • 139 weeks
    Signal boost & Bronycon

    So, it turns out I'm going to be at Bronycon this year. I suppose if any of you will be there, you might be able to come and say hi or something?

    However, I want to give a bit of a signal boost to my friend JWolfSilver, who is raising money to go to Bronycon as well. I'd really love to get to see her in person, so I'd appreciate if any of you can spare her a few bucks.

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  • 154 weeks
    Update for Her Knight in Sunlit Armor Vol. 2

    Hello readers!

    I haven't released anything new in a while, so I wanted to give a small update on what I've been doing.

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