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Sunset wants to practice using her empathy magic and her girlfriend, Twilight, offers to help. Twilight seems unexpectedly excited about the idea.

Through Twilight's memories, Sunset learns just how much she means to her girlfriend. How much she always meant to her ever since they became friends.

Thank you to my beta readers: Nyronus, Pwnego and especially JWolfSilver

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Pony Twilight may be the Princess of Friendship, but SciTwi is the Princess of Smooth.

This was a seriously cute little read and charming more or less all the way through. I'm glad I got to read it early.

Good job.

I'm a simple man.

I see a SciTwt x Sunset, I instant fav the sh*t out of that sacred couple.

Gold as always, Alice. ♡ ♛

Loved it, such a beautiful ending :)
Thank you for this, and good luck on your original fiction :)

This was really lovely. Very much in character for both of them: Twilight absolutely would plan something like this ahead in detail, and Sunset Shimmer would both beat herself up over the horrible things she did in the past, and be keen to find a way to practice controlling her magic. Believable, romantic, just great. :twilightsmile:

And indeed all the best for your original fiction endeavours!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and thanks a bunch! :twilightsmile:

Aww, thank you so much! :twilightblush: :heart:

That was beautiful, sweet and very lovely. And the ending was just too wonderful. Thank you so much for this.

I'm a little sad that you might not be posting much of your work here anymore, but I'm definitely interested in seeing what you do next. And, well, if this end up being the last bit of SunLight we get from you, I can say that it's a wonderful send off. So, thank you for everything you've given us. I've very much enjoyed it, and look forward to seeing what you do next.

The Voice in the Water


Beautiful! Simply beautiful! :pinkiesad2:

Thank you for this wonderful story and best of luck to your original fiction! :twilightsmile:

Just as good the ....third? Time around. Its really awesome! Im glad could help with this!

ohmy that was wholesome

D'awww, this was adorable :rainbowkiss:

Correction offered without malice:

“Sunset!” she called out, searching the living room for her. The light’s where out, but she could clearly see Sunset’s form on the couch.

lights were

A wonderfully sweet story! I love it and wish you all the best in your original fiction endeavors!

This was your best work yet. And like all practice the more you do it the better you get. Good luck on original endeavors.

If you have to go, this is a fantastic note to end on. Thank you for it, ajd best of luck out there in original fiction land.

this was hands down the BEST iteration of this SciSet scenario I have EVER read. never before have I seen anything like it. you are a bloody genius!

That was absolutely adorable and if it is too be the last story you post here, it is an amazing note to go out on.

This is adorable and its a fairly unique take on Sunset experimenting with her empathy magic.
This story is extremely underrated. :heart:

Thank you so much! :heart:
I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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“I still could have done more,” she said quietly, squeezing Twilight’s hand gently. “If only I learned how to control my power, I could do so much more.”

Can't always blame yourself for your mistakes Sunset, whether they're good or bad.

Twilight smiled mischievously at her. “You’ll find out later. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.”

Wonder what she has planned 🤔

“That would certainly be interesting if that’s the case.”

I'll be shocked if she manages to do so.

Sunset crossed her arms. “You planned that part of this right from the start? How very clever of you.” She saw Twilight’s smile light up in the way it always did when she was proud of herself. Celestia, it was cute when she did that.

you sly dog twilight :ajsmug:

Sunset reached out with her hand and tapped into the power of her amulet.

no turning back now.

Twilight fidgeted with her pencil, not meeting Sunset’s eyes. “Six years. And yeah, that memory is important to me. I had trouble sleeping that night, ‘cause I kept thinking about it. About finally knowing that feeling of belonging with a group. And about how I finally had someone who actually wanted to hang out with me. Who kept inviting me to stuff outside of school. Someone who smiled just cause I was next to her. And who made me smile just by being next to me.”

Wow, 6 years, that's quite a shocker.

“That’s even worse!” Twilight squealed. She pulled her feet up onto the chair and hid her blushing face behind her knees. “Could you please take this seriously?”

Yeah, it does sound worst, I'm with Twilight with this one.

Twilight blushed, her mind immediately going to the image of Daring Do on the big screen. “Nothing, actually. Thank goodness. The girls got distracted when a new song came on and Rainbow wanted to go dance. She insisted we all come with her.” She laughed at the memory.

Figured it be daring do

Twilight narrowed her eyes, grinning. “Hmm, doesn’t that sound familiar.”

it does since that happens with you as well Twilight.

Sunset sighed. While Twilight often had trouble keeping up with her on hikes or at the gym, she always pushed hard on her research projects, especially when Sunset was working with her.

It all depends on the person that is.

“It’ll all be okay, Sunset. You just need to breathe, and everything will be okay. In and out. In and out.” She repeated the mantra, and Sunset’s breathing started to follow it, albeit still frantic.

I've written a part similar to this in one of my own stories I've made actually.

“So are you, Sunset,” Twilight giggled. “You’ve helped me a bunch when I got overwhelmed by the girls and ended up pushing them away. The only reason why I even know how to comfort you right now is because I learned from watching you do it.”

She learned from the best.

She remembered at the start of each term when she’d get together with Sunset to compare schedules and see how many classes they had together. She remembered sitting out on the front steps after after school, waiting for Sunset’s final class to finish. And just as many times, leaving the school to find Sunset waiting on the steps for her. She remembered sneaking furtive kisses with her in the hallways when no one was around. She remembered gazing lovingly at the girl when she should have been listening to the teacher, instead daydreaming about how she wanted to spend her future with Sunset.

They sure have one hell of a bond.

Twilight blushed, cleared her throat and looked away. “I’d rather not think about that part. But I can promise you,” she smiled, locking eyes with her lover. “It was well worth it.”

This story was way better than I thought it would be.

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