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The end...but not for me · 2:12am August 3rd

It is sad to know that soon MLP will be ending after 9 years. 9 years of ups and downs. I remember when I wrote my first story for this site back during season 3. I believed the show was ending so I wrote the Last Goodbye. Man am I surprised at how much I wrote came true. But the show didn't end and I continued to write. Some stories being hits like Sisters?!? and The Thousand Year Change. Others not so big of hits like my Yugioh stories. I will miss these characters when the show ends. The

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Sisters?! While at the Golden Oaks Library, Twilight convinces Scootaloo to be the test subject for her latest spell. The spell works, but reveals a shocking truth: they have the same mother!

Cutie Mark Crusader Pet Owners! Nyn and the rest of the CMC would like their own pets. Watch as they go to Fluttershy's in order to find the perfect pet of each of them.

The Ipod that Brought Us Together Andrew has been bullied his entire school lie due to a messed up rumor that he's gay. When he wakes us in Equestria, he believes he will finally be able to relax and enjoy this new world. humanxrainbow shipping

Sheriff Nyx's First Real Case Nyx, now an adult, is the Sheriff of Ponyville. However, the job is more boring than she had originally thought. However, Princess Celestia brings to her attention a serious crime that needs her attention. Can she solve the case while looking after her jealous little brother?

Death and Rebirth Adam just wanted to die. Just go home after school and hang himself. But after a bus accident he wakes up in the magical land of Equestria and is pissed off that he's still alive. Now, as a bat pony, he can either continue with his original plan or allow fate to take its course with Princess Luna.

Glittersprite After banishing Twilight to the caves underneath Canterlot, Queen Chrysalis got a wonderfully horrible idea. Before heading down to the alter she combined a piece of Twilight's DNA with her own to create her heir. But, when the magical love explosion knocked her and her army out of the capital, the egg was left behind. Now, a few years later, it has begun to hatch!

??? This is just an idea, but it hasn't gotten any farther than that. I am thinking about a story for Midnight Blossom. I just haven't decided what to do with her yet. Should she be adopted by Cadence and Shining Armor or Twilight?

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Cannot wait and don't worry we got stratos we'll get construct soon enough back.

Also can't wait for the new story.... though if a number 41 does not show up in the duel for the room I'll be disappointed at the lack of sleep jokes

Honestly, the greatest thing to happen in resent times was the end to the goki/nightmare lock. But I will agree that that card was overpower with how easy it is to meet the requirements. Now if only they would bring back Shaddoll Construct.

Anyways, I will also be working on the larger Yugioh story which will be a mixture of slice of life Yugioh as well as the big epic stuff. There will be things like: dueling to get ones bedroom back, dueling to see if I can date your sister, someone is stealing my songs so I have to duel them to stop them, and so forth. My version of Nightmare Moon. But it will also have a person using an alien deck to take over Crystal Prep and turning the losers into zombies, massive destruction, more injuries, and other curruptions of Equestrian magic

hello darthvalgaav. wanted your insight to the greatest thing to happen to yugioh since ever.

i'm talking about this fucker getting banned


your reactions

Ok. Haven't watched it yet. Spending time with my wife so I'll watch it tomorrow

hello wanted to let know that i uploaded a review of sonata's big duel.

i'm also going to upload reviews on the last two stories tomorrow (would have done the camp everfree story today but if you look at my latest video about my take on a situation with BrawlBRSTM i mention why i couldn't)

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