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Sweetie Belle has been having a hard time improving her dueling skills. Even after several lessons with Princess Twilight, she is still the weakest of the CMC. One day she returns to Rarity's to discover that she has hired a new pony: a bat filly named Night Stitch. Not only is she skilled with a needle and thread, but she is also a former champion! But, why did she leave Manehatten? And why is she so scared?

Night Stitch does not belong to me

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huh, Spike uses E-Heroes? ...I approve; also, calling it now: Night Stitch has (or had) a connection with Suri, most likely being a former employee like Coco Pommel was or a relative of some sort...

Considering you tagged this story with Yugioh? You are missing the Crossover tag.

Good fuel so far and looking forward to more. Wish we had a hint as to what Sweeties deck is. Or Night Stitch.
Not so sure about that. Nights dialogue and her reaction to Suri feels like it is hinting to something else. Plus the tags on this story...

I'm liking this story. Have a fave

Im interested in seeing more of this

Man, I was really hoping to be the first comment...

For a moment there, I thought the rest of your dueling fics would take place in Equestria Girls, and that's not a complaint. I know how Sweetie feels, being the worst duelist within your circle of friends, it's rough, especially when it's something you really love. I remember having eight different decks at one point and each one was garbage, the two "best decks" were a warrior/Utopia/obelisk deck and the other was a level three/water/xyz deck.

Can't wait to see more from this!

After this one the rest will be in EG. It just made more sense to make this one in the normal universe

Calling it now but Night Thread is the Bakura of Equestria.

so, Sweetie uses a Snow deck and Night Stitch uses the Subterror archetype (at least for this duel: don't think I didn't notice how you mentioned she has TWO decks)? ...have to admit, I didn't see that coming; that doesn't make it a bad thing, but it threw me through a loop, you know?

I wanted to do something different for Sweetie like I do with all the characters. I know she wants to be a bit like her sister while maintaining her own identity. Plus not a lot of people use ice counter blizzard decks. Night was given a Subterror deck due to being a bat pony as well as feeling like she is in a dark and scary place

(nods) fair enough on all counts: I mean...wait, what did you say?

I know she wants to be a bit like her sister while maintaining her own identity.

...congratulations: you've officially made me curious about what sort of deck Rarity is using

Wow Suri, that's just low. Good duel. Never seen a snow counter deck before

so Rarity uses a Vylon deck and Night Stitch's other deck, and subsequently Suri's current deck, was a Fluffal/Frightfur deck? ...seems legit; also:

“Mommy won’t wake up,” said Night Stitch before she turned to look at her mother again. “I got her the medicine. Why won’t she wake up?”
Rarity said nothing as she walked over to the filly and sat down. Slowly, she wrapped her hooves around the filly who still tried to wake her dead mother from the grave.

...ow: that hit me right in the feels :ajsleepy: :fluttershyouch: :pinkiesad2: :unsuresweetie:

:flutterrage: Suri, there are not enough angry Flurrershys in the world to possibly convey how low you sunk. How much you hurt this filly. I'm sure if I tried, this comment box would go on for days! However that would require effort that you are not worthy of so take the one.

Good duel

Discord playing tennis with karma? That’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen in a story XD

Sweet sweet revenge! I was going to suggest covering her in syrup and dump her in front of a Ursa this will do.

As Suri began to process this information the being known as Discord appeared above the rubble with a massive tennis racket on his shoulder. “Geez Karma,” he shouted to the sky. “You hit that one way out of bounds. It’s like you’re trying to lose on purpose!” Ignoring everypony around him, Discord levitated the rock up into the air before swinging his racket at it to send it flying upwards. As the rock flew out of sight Discord vanished, not repairing any of the damages done to Suri’s store.
“Celestia, I wish I still had insurance,” said Suri in a feeble voice before she began to laugh hysterically.

:raritywink: Darling, I don't believe that insurance will cover for this.

Jokes aside, that was the best way to end the story...ever. Of all time.

That ending...:pinkiegasp::rainbowhuh::ajsmug::twilightsmile: very fitting

Suri deserved that big time.



I think there's someone out there who agrees with Suri and the she should have gotten away with it

Those people can keep their opinions to themselves

Well, it sounded more logical than forming a freaking cult and brainwashing ponies.

probably because everyone has forgotten about sartorius from gx for being the most forgetable villian in the franchises history

so sweeite ue a snow deck......instead of melodious....i would have said orphgal but that archetype most likely didn't exist when you made this.



Well I wanted to do something different with her. Most people give her Melodious or Aqua Actress. I thought about it and decided to give her something different with an elegant appearance to them since in the show one of Sweetie's things is trying to emulate her sister while keeping her own identity

That's fair enough. A blizzard deck is new plus it gives me the idea that Adagio will use melodious and abuse poor aria and sonata (and melodious being my favorite archetype)

Or give sweetie ophegael's/ orcust since they have shades of both vylon's and melodious (though that would require putting in master rule 4)


...Can Suri go to prison for this?


...Gotten away with manipulating a scared and desperate filly and making a fortune off of Rarity's formula?


Do you suppose Equestrian insurance companies factor in Discord now?

I'm...not sure: on one hand, with the amount of damage he can cause (and frequently does, even post reform), it would make sense they would at least TRY and cover some of the costs; on the other, it's DISCORD: NOTHING related to him makes sense...

That's what the down votes were telling me

Well, I hope you at least enjoyed this one. If you did please check out my other yugioh stories


I did and I have.

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