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Takes place after the events of Duel: Twilight vs Twilight and Sonata's Big Duel.

The Rainbooms are heading off to Camp Everfree again only something seems wrong. Demolition equipment seems to be everywhere, Timber and his sister are out of commission, and their smartphones are down! Who has done this to their favorite campground? Well it's up to Twilight and Sunset to tag team duel those in change with the winner getting to determine the fate of the camp! If they survive the duel that is.

Cover art done by roninfang please check out his profile if you want a commission

Chapters (3)
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This is gonna be so awesome. I'm also interested to see what sort of decks Cinch and Well-to-do use.

I'm thinking Cinch will do Fabled or Darklord as a kind of fallen from grace thing

nicely done so far; also:

Aria sighed as she looked down at her smartphone. “I feel like ever since we kicked Sonata out of the house you’ve been acting dumber to make up for her. Like you miss that half wit or something.”
Adagio gritted her teeth as her eyes seemed to glow red with rage. “I do not miss that backstabbing blunderhead,” she fumed with rage.

De Nile is a river in Africa :trollestia:

“I’m sorry Adagio, but it looks like now I’ll have to fire you and Aria,” replied Sonata bluntly, causing Adagio’s eyes to widen. The words seemed to echo in Adagio’s head while reality seemed to break all around her. Had the Siren heard right? That the idiot on the other line had the power to fire her? No, it had to be some sort of mistake. A bluff or…or something! There was no way that moron was in any way above her!
“Y-You idiot, you can’t fire ME!” screamed Adagio into the phone.
There was a pause for a minute, making Adagio think that Sonata was going to cry or apologize for this lame joke. However, neither of those things happened. “Geez Adagio, there no need to yell into the phone and hurt my ear,” complained Sonata. “Also, I actually can fire you. I just got the promotion to day manager this morning and my training just started! Isn’t this great!”
“But…But,” stammered Adagio as her brain tried to process this information.

wow, I'd hate to be Adagio right now: realizing that the "blunderhead" is more capable then she thought and/or that she doesn't have as much power over Sonata as she thought; in any case, nice touch showing us the aftermath of the previous adventure

Well good fuel. I really like the personality you gave the Genex monsters

Cinch with a Monarch/Wicked God deck and an industrialist (Well-To-Do) with a Railway deck; ...yeah, I can see this happening; also:

Rainbow gritted her teeth. “Fine then! We’ll just have to keep running until we get something. Then we’ll call up the police and-”
“You’ll do what little macaw?” came a man’s voice. Both girls turned around to see a large, powerfully built man with a red Mohawk standing several feet away. He was wearing a construction uniform while carrying a small device in his rather large hands. What was surprising was that his voice was oddly…robotic.
“Ah, who are you?” asked Fluttershy.
“I am Worker 16 little flamingo,” he replied.

well, THIS can only end so many ways; I mean...wait a minute: what was that last bit?

I am Worker 16

so let me get this straight: on top of all of Well-To-Do's OTHER crimes, he's bullied his workers into not even acknowledging their own existence outside of numbers?
...I'm going to start beating the stuffing out of something/someone: I'm not sure when I'll stop 😠

I saw those TFS references nicely done.

Cinch has partnered with the Dazzlings, this bodes very poorly.

nicely done; also:

“Times have changed,” grunted Aria as she got up. “Besides, you complained about that life back then as well. That it was beneath us and we should try to get a job in a palace or something like that?”

huh: seems Aria is getting a bit frustrated that Adagio wants to be in control of the situation but refuses to adapt; ...is it weird I can sort of see her joining Sonata in supporting the Rainbooms?

Nicely done and good build up to a sequel
Seems odder that Adagio is having such a hard time adapting since they would of had to have done so over the centuries. Maybe its because they always had their magic as a constant. Without it, Adagio feels more lost and is getting angrier.

As for Aria she may just try to head out on her own if Adagio keeps acting like this. Not supporting the Rainbooms but not supporting her sister either.

I thought that the big guy that Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash encountered was strange, but I didn't know he was THE 16 (or your version of him at least). That was a nice surprise and the girls have a new friend! Plus, the additional mention of 17 (aka Lapis) was funny because "I'm gonna range the shit outta that park".

Now we have setup for the next fic. Sunset's going to upgrade her deck and Cinch decides to team up with Adagio. You know, I think that Sunset or Fluttershy could use a copy of Stardust Dragon in their deck because it's an awesome card with a great effect.

Got the idea from the brony analysis group when they watched Camp Everfree. There was this great bit where they replaced bits of Fluttershys dialogue with 16s.

Nice little nod to the dub gx theme

i figure it is her lol like who else would it be

I feel bad that it took me this long to finally read the story. This was an awesome read and I'm happy to see Sonata is doing well for herself.

well chain might still be banned but at least we have stratos back

Impressive and I look forward to the new duels! I wonder if you’ll be interested in a Nekroz user OC?

Thanks and I might be using them in the future. Be sure to check out Dueling for a Chance

I sort of wish the Infinitracks had come out sooner. Might have worked just as well. Oh well. Hope you are enjoying the current story

Truthfully infinitracks work much better for the character. And granted the trains archetype only became popular because of rata. And now we have three new archetypes with one based off Kobayashi's dragon maid.

I'll stick with my melodious but I'm curious about what these new cards would do

I think trains were popular ever before Rata.

Trains were niche and a very one dimensional deck (before the new support) a lot of people didn't even know it was a deck before rata showed up

Couldn't Sunset have used Red Nova's ability to stop Wicked Avatar's attack?

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