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Three months have passed since the Friendship Games -- and the "Duel Monsters" card game has evolved into a live stage, where the Duelists run around while dueling and even compete in high-speed races! With the creation of these "Turbo Duels" comes the biggest Turbo Duel competition ever organized: the World Racing Grand Prix (or the W.R.G.P., as it's known!) Join Silver Chance as he and his team race for the finish in Yu-Gi-Oh! EG: W.R.P.G. U.S. Selection Arc! Aim for the W.R.G.P.!

(In addition to cards exclusive to the anime, I will also be making some custom cards of my own just to make things more interesting! The cover art was created by H-StallionWolf.)

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Hello there. I would like to submit my oc.

Name: Golden Rise
Looks: gold-ish skin, yellow and gold hair, wears a gold jacket, white t-shirt, blue jeans, and red sneakers
Personality: friendly and light
Type of deck used: Spellcasters, Dragons, and Warriors
Custom Card:
Crimson Dragon
Attribute: Light
Level: 8
Destroy one monster on your opponents side of the field. This card gains the attack of that destroyed monster.
Look: A dragon with red scales, crystal wings, and crystal talons.

Hope I could join your story and help the team.

7652970 any type of strategy you like using?


I would first put down a good defense then strike when they least expect it.

There are far too many things to point out or correct so I won’t bother trying to fit the entire thing down here in the comment section. :applejackconfused:

All I can really do as far as giving advice is to say that you should never use run-on sentences. That you should write out both cards and events that are happening as if describing what is happening in the now as to what happened in the past. You should really think about turning the card names into links that take the reader to the card’s info. If you happen to make a new card for the story then you need to give your readers the card’s info so they know what it does. And finally, I highly suggest that you find an editor to help you with all those spelling/grammar errors.

I don’t know if any of this helps but I hope you continue writing. Regardless of if it’s this story or any other.

In addiction to

I think you mean "in addition to"

Ok stop. This story has potential but the errors are just...blargh. This must be fixed post haste.

Nice duel man. I'm going to try my hand at a speed duel in my story. Any tips as to how I can do that.

7679936 my advice would be to watch yugioh 5ds and observe how the turbo duels are conducted or watch the synchro dimension arc of yugioh arc-v. I learned how to write these type of duels by observing the characters and the PVP of each turbo duel.

You got the attack and effect perfect. Pinkie is always the unpredictable one.

I sure am.

Pinkie! Get out of my comment.

I always liked the western style duels. It was a cool way of redoing a classic showdown.

Uh; I think the formatting got more than a little messed up between the Google Doc we worked on and this here site. Bolds, italics, etc., seem way off as they are now. You should comb through it a few times and fix all that up real quick.

Well, I reread the first chapter and continued to this one. I can see improvements but the story isn’t all that great. The MC’s deck seems to be always stacked seeing as how he always has the cards he needs to wipe out his opponent on the first or second turn (depending on if he goes first or not). Ignoring the fact that Silver feels like Yusei from 5D’s, he has no real consistency with he synchro summons. You just have him using every high powered Synchro Dragon that isn’t lock to an archetype. Not to mention that he can apparently both design and build two extremely expensive pieces of machinery (the duel runners) by hand in under a week when building a normal motorcycle alone by hand would take weeks. :ajsleepy:

I can see potential in this story but it suffers from both a lack of suspense from its MC and a failure to actually produce an interesting story. There’s a reason why they say “Show, don’t tell”. It’s because people want to actually see the story happen. Not be told what happened off screen. Your story does a lot of saying what happened but doesn’t let it’s audience read what happened. In short, reading this story feels like I’m watching a movie that only has a handful of actual story being shown while the rest of it is just being told by the Narrator with cut-scenes.

Besides those, your story also has a handful of “How?” moments in it too but I won’t go into them. Over all, at this point into the story, I would give it a 4/10. It’s still a bit rough and the story’s not that exciting but I can see potential for it. Before I go though, I would like to point out a small error in this chapter’s duel.

“ I activate the spell Raigeki!” Silver said as a bolt of lightning began to fall from the sky and aimed for Dark Magician.

“ Not so fast I activate my facedown Dedication through Light and Darkness it lets me tribute my Dark Magician and lets my special summon my Dark Magician of Chaos from my deck!” Twilight shouted as her Dark Magician began to vanish and be replaced by a blue magician with black armor and a horned hat.
With Dark Magician gone Raigeki missed its target and Silver decided to launch his real plan.

Like Dark Hole, Raigeki doesn’t target. Dark Magician of Chaos would’ve still been destroyed by Raigeki after it was summoned to the field. Plus, Twilight never got a spell card back from the Graveyard due to her Dark Magician of Chaos’s effect.

8131417 Silver's deck is based around mine and like I said in the author's note this is just my guess as to how vehicles are made I'm not an mechanic. also twilight had no spells worth recovering the knives won,t work with DMOC and twilight had no action cards in her grave yet but thanks for telling me about my error with reigeki. I hope you will keep reading as soon as me and my editor finish the revisions

So... What happened to the previous story?

i finished it but I'm not sure if it gained any popularity

nice to know that Barbara is nicer here then she was in the actual anime

Seems like Team Skull Crush has more up their sleeves. That Shadow Creature is nothing like before. Seems like its time to see how much power they have over this beast, because dark magic, can not be controlled.

its not dark magic yet the shadow creature was just a warm up once Keith takes the stage that's when things get crazy.

OK, let me rephrase that: Where can I read it?

Comment posted by foxmaster deleted Jun 18th, 2019

Three magical devices in the same runner?!? He does know what happens when you do something like that?

he does but just wait I think you are going to love what happens in the next chapter. I actually finished it I'm just waiting for my editor to finish the editing

So Team Skull crush finally got crushed. And justice was served. Now it's time for the Ultimate battle between friends.

“ I set two cards face down and end my turn,” Sunset said as two set cards appeared behind her monsters.

“ My turn i draw,” Silver said as he drew his sixth card. Silver recognized this setup Sunset had and realized that if he tried destroying her monsters she would summon something more powerful and end things fast.

“ First i set the pendulum scale with scale one Thorn Buster Destruction Sword and scale nine Pollen Buster Destruction Sword. Two pillars of light sprang up between Silver. In the left one a whelp carrying a red sword with a vine design engraved on the blade and a rose shaped pommel appeared above a stylized one and in the right one a whelp carrying a golden sword with a butterfly like hilt appeared above a stylized nine.

Huh. Looks like I missed these three paragraphs here while I was proofreading/editing -- there's still some odd punctuation and sentence structure stuff there. Guess that's what I get from jumping from place to place so often as opposed to running straight through from beginning to end. Beyond that, I'm not actually sure if I ever clearly said this; but this really was one "doozy" of a Duel. Wanted to let you know you did a good job on that.

I'm going to try and say this as kindly as I can, the grammar for the first 5-ish chapters is terrible. Next is where you place quotation marks, a lot of places don't have they're quotation marks fixed and aren't even there. But other wise it is a great story, so I will be giving it a tentative like and giving it a favorite.

Twilight, not ready to call it quits, noticed an Action Card coming up on her right and leaned for it. She grabbed it, read over its effect quickly, and activated it. “I activate the Action Card Evasion! Your attack is negated and my Life Points are safe!” Twilight leaned sharply to the left and Buster Blader’s downward swing missed her completely.

I thought this was a Turbo Duel, not an Action Duel. Turbo Duels do not have Action Cards.

its a arc-V style turbo duel. when they reintroduced turbo duels in arc-V the removed the speed spell and speed counter mechanics

But they didn't have Action Cards. Those only appeared in Action Duels.

Action Traps? Sweet. I always wish Arc-V did more with those than a duel or two.

Huh... surprised they all forgot Buster Fusion is a dragon floodgate. Dark Rebellion couldn’t attack or use its effect.

I get that BBtDD pierces, but the fact that you didn’t even acknowledge the defense thing is still jarring ^^’’.

i was still learning about it back then so i misunderstood that effect

So Zelda is just a better version of Odin? I am OK with this.

So... That sudden character fear came out of nowhere. Not that I didn’t mind the duel, it was pretty good. Just would have been nice if you alluded to it earlier.

this was kind of a sudden idea i had after seeing why it was so important to keep the 4 yuya's seperated

well done, keep it going.

Huh... I guess you had to nerf Ultimate Cannon Falcon somehow, since UCF should be completely unaffected by card effects. I guess you needed someway to get Lightning out of the way ^^"...

Why didn't Silver activate Clearwing's effect just came curious.

sometimes in the heat of battle, you tend to forget about certain things besides i needed to push my oc into a corner in order for him to unlock Crystalwing

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

well if I had to give Silver a voice he would sound like kirito from sword art online since I draw some of my inspiration from that show. as for his father, I would probably have patrick seitz voice him since I feel his voice would suit a man at the helm of a military arms corporation. as for the others I need to think on that.

That was a fun chapter. The only nitpick I have is that Felis needs to be milled by a monster effect, which was not the case here.

So... Who's going to be Z-ONE?

Wait is WRPGUS a reference to Walpurgis or just a happy coincidence?

World.Racing.Grand.Prix. The us stands for united states the whole purpose of the story is team Silverwing's quest to become the American representatives for the Grand Prix

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