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Having been a year since Twilight became Princess of Equestria, the Mane 6, Starlight, and Trixie have decided to return to the Duel Monsters dimension to see if their help is needed and if not to visit their friends. However, with the introduction to the new summoning method called Pendulum Summoning and the start of a multi-dimensional war coming to the Standard Dimension, can our heroes help Yuya and his friends save the dimensions or will they be turned into cards trying?

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Please link to the previous story. Which one of your stories is it?

The first of the three stories is the GX one and the second of them is the 5ds one. I am working on them all bit by bit, which is why they are all still in progress. If you like I can work more on the GX one than the ARC-V one, seeing as how it is first.
Here are the links for the stories:

Interesting on this story too.

Though it bugs me that Spike isn't affected by whats going on unlike Pinkie Pie.
Like he has the other 3 dragons too. Shouldn't he be the one that is connected to Zarc too due to that and since he's an actual dragon there?
It just seems like ultimately Spike has no connection to them and is ending up going to lose them to Pinkie Pie, the "real chosen one" in this case there. Like ultimately he's just a holder for them till the "real chosen one" gets them..

Curious on whats going to happen next there.
Like if Spike's deck was affected too by this.

So yeah, pretty curious on the next chapter.

Leo and Luna have shown up. Is the update soon? If you need to find episodes, try tubi.

Nice to see this fic is continuing too

Glad to see this continue.

Wonder if Spike felt anything when Odd Eyes got destroyed like that.
Since Celina is there, wonder if Barret isn't far behind to try to get her back?

Wonder why did Lulu only attacked once with her xyz despite it can attack multiple times equal to the number of Overlay Units it has?

Wonder what if Princess Luna somehow has contact in the dreamworld(like with Spike) during these adventures in the other world?
Maybe adding in some elements from the manga too like some of the characters such as Eve.

To be honest, I haven't finished watching all of Arc V yet. I've done some procrastinating on watching it and am currently right before Celina's duel with Yugo. I am aware of the basics of what happens such as Barret bringing Celina back to Duel Academy, the Bracelet Girls being brainwashed, and Zarc's backstory. I may use some of the ideas people are willing to give me to help make a more interesting fanfic like some of your ideas. Thank you ahead of time.
Currently, Duel Academy is unaware that Celina has left as Trixie is pretending to be her. If she was seen by Leo when he was paying attention he would find out straight away, though.
To be honest, I didn't read the full effect on Lulu's cards. I may go back and edit the chapter to have Sylvio play a counter to the effect and have Lulu try and use her Xyz monster's effect.
As for the manga, I haven't read much of it so I don't know enough about it to incorporate much. However, I will incorporate characters and elements from the other series, including the original series.
Thank you for commenting.

Ok then.
Let me know if you started to look up the manga stuff there too.

You can decide which names the Yugioh characters keep because you put the American and Japanese names, it's not that I don't like it but my head hurts every time I read something like that.

“Those young men and ladies are starting to intrigue me. Yuya Sakaki, Zuzu Boyle, Ruri Kurosaki, Pinkie Pie, and Sora. There may be more to them than I expected.”

Would Spike be intriguing Declan too there?

Seeing how Yuzu's Pendulums happened like that, wonder how it looks like when Spike ends up having Pendulums?
Like a few of his existing monsters becomes Pendulums or completely new Pendulum cards manifest or will it be both?

They use the Japanese names as disguises.

Well i would like to see a Spike duel in the next one

Maybe make the Sora duel a royale between Yuya Sora and Spike.

I thought the same but what deck does Spike have in this story?

Thanks for the idea, but since one of my goals with this story is to make Zuzu a more important character, I will have the duel with Sora be between Yuya, Sora, and Zuzu. However, the next chapter will give Spike a duel. Also, Spike has a dragon deck, utilizing both Red Eyes monsters and the Zarc Dragons minus Odd-Eyes.

Won't the essence of Zarc make him turn into greedy mode?

The duel was nice though I feel like there could be more details for it.
Like how a monster carries out its attack or how a effect is carried out and how the duelist physically reacts to when taking damage(especially if its the final blow). Like what actions the duelists will do in a duel than just saying "I activate this, then I play this, etc.".

I'm debating on if the original chapter for Spike would be before or after the Sora duel.
Think he would end up having Odd Eyes and its forms included eventually?
How would the Pendulums stuff go for his deck too?
If Spike's greed mode was crazy, then imagine how crazy it would get with him having Berserk Mode too.
Especially on how it might work in Equestria and such.

If it was dangerous 15 meters now I imagine it could happen if it was the size of the Supreme King

Great episode, nice power up from Spike, i hope he enters the tournament.

I have a theory of Spike's power, will it be from being in contact with all the shadow games that Zarc uses him as a container to be reborn in the future?

“Well then. Tomorrow, we’ll begin our search. We’ll find our friend and bring her back to Yuto and Shay. Let our mission begin, Astral.”

Yuma? Wait... All protagonists are gonna show up?

In some way, shape, or form all the past protagonists will make an appearance at least once. I will spoil this. The figure talking to Astral isn't Yuma. I won't say anything more on the topic for now. However, Yuma will be a major part of the Xyz Dimension plot later on.

Wonder if there was story on Zexal too?
Given how there's one with GX, 5Ds and Arc-V so far.

Things are really looking interesting in seeing what Spike had unleashed there.

I feel like you still need to work on details for when a duel is happening.
Such as with Action Cards. Like where does the duelist find one and how did they get it.

And given how Spike is a dragon in Equestrian, that probably factored in too his link to Zarc right there.

If it was scary when it was 15 meters now imagine it being the size of a Leviathan

Wonder what will happen next?
I feel like you could describe the artworks of any custom spells/traps you made for the story honestly.

Now that I remember, wonder how Dipper and Kit would react to Julia losing to Spike there? Would they try to duel Spike too only for him to show off his other Dimension Dragons to wipe them out?

Wonder how will the others like Yuto react to Spike having Dark Rebellion and the other 2 dragons there?

We kind of also arrived on one of Arc-V's problem there. Yuya stop caring about Odd Eyes once he found out about the revival mechanic of Pendulums. Like he stops feeling regret or sorry for failing to protect it, in fact he starts to deliberately destroy it like how he had it destroyed on purpose in that food duel.
Its really a problem due to what it was shown that the dragons hated humanity for making them suffer. If I were Odd Eyes, I would sure be pissed if my duelist stops caring about me being destroyed or worse ends up SMILING and laughing that I experienced death AGAIN.
That's one of the main problem with egao, I get one needs to stay positive but smiling over the fact your monster ends up experiencing death is.. adding fuel to the fire the dragons wanted to waste humanity.

That was a pretty nice chapter.

Whats going to happen next given how the MLP characters are there?

“Same here. We could be finding more opponents to face for the Arc League Championships,” Spike reminded only to see Twilight give him a look. “Which I won’t currently be taking part in.”

I need Twilight to reconsider, Spike must have duels again.

Great episode

Maybe the ending of the series could change to where they are separated again but the zarc thing is still there and the final duel could be a free for all between Yuya, Yuri, Yuto, and Yugo.

So, if you don't mind, can you please explain to me what you see as the biggest problems with Arc-V? I hope to try and handle things better than in the original anime if I can, so being given suggestions would be nice. Thank you.

I am curious on if you got any ideas(for the YGO/MLP stories) lately since the last time we messaged each other?

I do have a few ideas so far. I do plan on having the other Yu-gi-oh series somewhat happen in Arc-V (or at the very least the Original Yu-Gi-Oh and Zexal). The Original series will be in the Arc-V fanfic, but Zexal will be a separate fanfic(but it will take part in the same universe).

I do plan on having Spike and Pinkie Pie fuse into one like Yuya and Yuto did, but they can understand each other from the get-go and can switch whose in control. Also, Yuya and Yuto's fusion will go the same way.

I don't know if I should continue the GX or 5ds fanfics for the time being seeing as I'm more invested in the Arc-V one right now but plot elements from the other two fanifcs will come up. Thanks for your support and interest in my stories.

Interesting on seeing on whats going on with the others like Fluttershy there.

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