Got a story and and new to writing?
Then post it here.

This here is for new, or experienced writers to spread word of their new story(ies) to other writers.
Oh, and about once a week I'll be posting a blog to show case one of the stories here. This will be in the forum, check by every day.

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Comment posted by Peace Poet deleted Nov 26th, 2017

And also, each story here has a number. These numbers are put in a figurative hat that I pull the numbers out of. Once a number has been pulled, it wont be put back. So you may see your story picked when ever.
As I said,this group is for people to get known, so try going into the forum...

Yes, and no. I'm not reviewing them per-say. It's more like the featured box on the homepage of this site.I just look at the short and long descriptions and post a paraphrasing of those. If I read them, you'll see that I posted a comment. It'll usually be on either the first chapter as my first impression or the last chapter as a full review.

You still doing reviews, wouldn't mind getting for my almost complete story, The Silver Spoons.

I see that it worked.

344496 I'm doing just what you said, but with no success, maybe it just doesn't work on a phone. I'll try it on a laptop in Wensday, but if you want to read my nearly finished story, the silver spoons, and review it, feel free to, just um, if you hate it, spare me a dislike

well, I don't see any story by you. Which folder did you try adding it to?

344490 did it work?

Click join group.
On your story's page there is a little folder icon at the bottom. It should be on the bottom right of it's little box, above the comment section. Once you click on that you can add that story to any group you've joined.

Another way is to, once again join a group. Click on where it shows the stories, from there you'd click on any folder and find a button that says add story.

Where's that, or, how do I post, I can't find the right buttons.

Add it to the stories list. You may get featured.

I got a new story if anyone wants to check it out a edit it for me.
Daring Do, A Hero's Beginnings

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