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I am a brony who likes to draw and write.

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Hey everyone.

It's me, I'm back.
This blog is just to explain my recent absence.
A friend of mine thought it would be real funny to reset my password. I tried to get it for the longest time, then I just gave up and opened a new account.
But then he felt bad, after half a year, and gave me it back.
So I'm back full time and I'm ready to continue with my stories.
Sorry to keep you all waiting, but everything will return to normal.

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It hasn’t even started yet!

No problem. It's a really great story.

Thanks for the fave!

I am a fan of Ghost Rider.

I also have an oc that can turn in a ghost rider like character, but he uses tar instead of flames. Still working on a name though. I was thinking Burning Rubber.

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Welcome one and all

Hello to you all. I am Golden Rise. I love to write about all kinds of things. You are going to see alot of human, anthro, and equestria girls work (I hate dealing with hooves). Her are some of my favorit ponies/ humans:
Mane 6: Pinkie Pie
Princess: Luna
CMC: Scootaloo
Reformed villian: Trixie
Equestria girl: Sunset Shimmer
Dazzeling: Aria Blaze
Shadow Bolt: Sour Sweet
Background pony: Derpy
I like to work with people so if you want to work with me, just send over a PM.And always rise to the occasion.

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