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This story is a sequel to Duel to Save Camp Everfree

Have an argument with your friend? Duel to see who is right!
Two people want different types of dessert? Duel and the winner gets to pick!
Is there a force of evil baddies out to steal all the magic in the world and ruin everyone's day? Well you better duel them to stop them!

The city of Canterlot, like the rest of the world, has embraced the spirit of the duel. Here, any problem can be solved with a simple duel. Yet dark forces are gathering, ready to steal all of the Equestrian magic in the world and harness it for their own ends. Can seven girls wielding the heart of the cards contact their duel spirits and stop them in time? The final, epic story in my dueling series begins now!

Editing done by Alchemik

(Side note. If I get enough likes and support I will commission a new cover for this story.)

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 191 )

I could actually see Aria with a modified Lord of the Storm deck, add in Harpy Queen, Whirlwind Apprentice which acts as a wind version of Kaiser Seahorse, Cyber Armor, Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds and Cyber Harpy Lady. The purpose of the deck is to swarm the opponent with as many Harpies as quickly and as many as possible.

Good start. I look forward for more.
As long as it's not Melodious I'll be happy. Seriously EVERYONE does Melodious for the Sirens

9417362 I was thinking more along the lines of Mai Valentine, despite looking like a stereotypical bimbo she's a good duelist who can easily compete with the likes of Kaiba and Yugi.

Well there have been more female duelists in the show over the years.

What she was doing floating above the sidewalk with several balloons tied to her waist while wearing a blinking hat was beyond him. Perhaps it would be better if he didnโ€™t think about it too hard.

Always a good idea to preserve your sanity by not questioning Pinkie's logic.

Shining Armor using a "Noble Knight" deck...yeah, I can see it; nice touch having him use an "Ignoble" card for this duel, by the way: really helped emphasize the selfish desires and/or rage that was a large part of why he was doing this, at least in my opinion; EXTRA bonus points for pointing out how Sonata and her sisters have apparently been alive around the same time as the people who inspired the cards in question; also:

Coming up will be a battle of magicians with Trixie vs and OC, Snips and Snails vs Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, and Sunset vs...Sunset?!?

nice line up over all, though I DO have a few thoughts on it; in order, they are as followed:

  1. I'm pretty sure it should be "an OC", whom I'm interested to learn about, by the way
  2. since this is technically a rematch, I wonder if we'll be getting a flashback of the original duel between Diamond and Snails that was alluded to in one of the previous stories...though I suppose I'd understand if it didn't happen
  3. ah, the mirror match that everyone's been curious to see since the first movie but was unsure would actually happen: THIS will be GOOD ๐Ÿ˜

Yes, the ignoble knight was intentional. I saved him using that monster till the end for a reason: no matter what he said, in the end the truth will come out.

2. Of course!

3. You'll be surprised at what Sunset does in this story. And it won't be a mirror match


no matter what he said, in the end the truth will come out.

(nods) it always does eventually...ESPECIALLY in these types of stories

2. Of course!

(insert fanboy squeal here)

3. You'll be surprised at what Sunset does in this story. And it won't be a mirror match

fair enough, I suppose; I mean...wait: what was that last bit?

it won't be a mirror match


While the duel did feel a little one sided, it was still enjoyable.

Is this story still being updated?

Yes, working on the next chapter now since I'm going in between this, my other stories, and social obligations

Interesting backstory for EG Trixie. Feel a bit bad for Eye Candy given her backstory, but she made her own choices and has to live with them.

Also a very interesting duel.

nice touch giving Trixie a bit of real magic for her deck, no pun intended; as for the decks, seeing how Trixie IS a magician (albeit a street one), it makes sense that we would be seeing a Dark Magician deck, though I'm surprised you gave it to the OC character, aka Eye Candy; that said, your reasoning makes sense and I can't argue that a Performage deck fits her well; as an aside, I can TOTALLY see The Tricky being her favorite card in spite (or perhaps BECAUSE) of it; so, all in all:
p.s. I am SO looking forward to Sombra vs Luna

I loved this chapter. Gave a lot of interesting details for Trixie and I loved her deck. Nice work.

Okay, I'm thinking that for a future duel, Fluttershy battles somebody for a reason you can come up with. It could possibly be something like getting publicity for the animal shelter. Her opponent could be 16 or somebody if that's the case. If so, I can see the big guy using a Winged Beast deck or Machines. Some of Fluttershy's cards could be "Bujingi Wolf", "Number 44: Sky Pegasus", "Thunder Unicorn", and a lot of Beast support cards.

Another idea I can see is Applejack going with an Amazoness deck if she doesn't go with Plants. But the deck options are all you. The characters can have more than one, though. Especially if they have friends that like to trade or hand out cards they don't really use.

I do have my own idea for Fluttershys deck and, to be honest, it's one that fits her perfectly but no one uses it for her.

Applejacks deck has also been decided but I need to think of the situation. But I will say this: it will not be plant

I'm looking forward to seeing them after the current ones you said you had planned out.

Thanks, but just to let you know I'm seriously considering splitting the next chapter in two. Part one for character and the second focusing on the duel

in order, you're welcome, and do what you think is best: this is YOUR story after all ๐Ÿ˜‰

HOW IN GOD'S GREEN GONADS DID I MISS THIS!?!? The continuation for the duel series was what I've wanted most and I missed the first three chaps!?

No more! I will read this and place it in my faves so I no longer miss updates on it.

Well be sure to like,favorite, and comment,

Yeah, Pip is going to look forward to a lot of detentions after this.

True but there is a part of me that understands why Pip did what he did. There are plenty of fans out there you will ignore the personal boundaries for the people they admire. Let's just be glad he did this to check his theory instead of just announcing Luna is Nightmare Moon

9520996 Personal space exists for a reason. And while Pip had the best intentions he should have kept the theory to himself, hell he could've challenged Luna to a duel to further build his theory but he went straight to her.

Hey I said I understand why he did what he did not that I approve. I agree dueling her to test his theory would have been smarter...but we can chalk up his decision to part excitement and part confusion along with teenage stupidity. Plus I have heard of fans who will break into a stars dressing room just to go through their trash and riffle through there things so take that how you want.

Still this is an interesting take on both Simbra and Nightmare Moon. Most stories I've read have them evil because a Number card is possessing them so it's nice to read something different

This setup not only gets us ready for the next chapter, but shows off quite a few other potential ideas for chapters as well. I'd love to see what's up at Sire's Hollow (maybe meet the versions of Starlight and Sunburst from there), check out Wallflower in a duel (I bet that she uses a pretty good Plant deck), and we have more possibilities with Equestrian Magic that could happen. I can see that last one affecting duels at times.

โ€œI got to fly a few blocks away thanks to Twilight,โ€ said Sonata in a chipper tone while pumping a fist into the air. โ€œI even got to punch that seagull that stole my food a few days ago. At least, I think it was the right seagull. They all look the same to me.โ€

XD ^^^^ :rainbowlaugh:

Great work with this chapter! That duel was intense! I'd love to see what happens next.

You damn tease. How dare you not tell us right away who blabbed to Starswirl?!

so Sombra runs a Shaddoll deck and Luna/Nightmare Moon a Constellar; ...yeah, I can see it; also, nice touch in how you gave the latter a Duel Monster Spirit in the form of Constellar Pleiades

I believe the term used in the shows is "Duel Monster Spirit".

(face palm) HOW did I forget about that!?
:pinkiesad2: I know, right? That was a thing since the series first started!
(blinks) That's...right: I didn't take you for a fan, Pinkie.
:pinkiesmile: A show where you save the world by playing a card game and generally having fun? How could I NOT be a fan?!
Eh, touche...and in any case, it should be fixed by now...

Well I left hints, but it will be revealed in a later chapter

Epic duel. However I am now interested in what kind of video Luna made.

Does it matter?

Also is it just me or are sparks flying between Luna and Sombra?


Also is it just me or are sparks flying between Luna and Sombra?

well, to be fair, you and/or the author wouldn't be the first, nor the last, to ship Luna/Nightmare with Sombra...

Wow, and just when I thought Cinch couldn't get any more petty. And as much as I dislike the other version of Sunset I could see where she is coming from, I mean finding out there is a double of you living a somewhat carefree life would irk anyone.

Oh, things are getting intense with all of these details.

Honestly it feels like she's stressed, under plenty of pressure for anyone (especially a teenager) given her position. It does seem like she cares like when she told all those people in the lab to have the rest of the day off.

Can't wait to see how this plays out

9575493 She's acting like Seto before Yami gave him an Evil Lobotomy. I can already imagine her arriving wearing one of Kaiba's gravity-defying trench-coats and making demands about her counterpart.

Well she already has the coat...with spikes on the shoulders like in Kill la Kill

9575755 Wouldn't that be Mako Mankanshoku or Uzu Sanageyama because they're pretty similar.

You should find a way to get Octavia to duel. The deck she should use should be Orcust.

Pretty good chapter, very good duel. The only point of contention is that Pot of Duality prevents any special summoning the turn it is activated.

I have to concur that U.A. is overdone for Rainbow. U.A. definitely fits, but it's a little too on the nose. Secondly, Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon is Rank 8. Otherwise, the rest of the summoning effect is correct. Apologies for the nitpicking.

nice choices on the decks here ๐Ÿ˜Š

Both decks were awesome. I think that Mecha Phantom Beasts are fitting for Rainbow Dash because of the Wonderbolts in the main show. Now we just need to wait and see how the two Sunsets will deal with each other.

I rarely see Phantom Beasts outside of Dracoplane, so this was pretty refreshing

See's title: Oh Great, another UA deck for Rainbow.
Begins reading: Hmm, interesting choice of Ember and...wait, Rainbow has something other than UA and it MAKES SENSE? What spore of madness is this?!?

I have to agree. So very refreshing. You get tired of reading the same character using the same deck over and over until you just gloss over it

also, as I don't have a clever comment in regards to Rainbow Dash embracing her Super Speed, I'll just leave you with THIS:

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