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It all started with a simple question: What if? What if Luna had ponies who noticed the beautiful nights she created. Would she have turned into Nightmare Moon? Would she and Celestia rule together for a thousand years? Would Twilight meet the rest of the bearers of the elements and become friends with them? Now, with the help of a new magic spell that she created, Twilight is going to find out!

Welcome to the Lunar Republic!

Featured 4/9/15

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Ooh! Can we do 'what if Twilight was 500ft tall' next?

Lol, this is pretty interesting so far. Can't wait to see how this'll continue

Yay a Lunar Republic!

What if the butterflies that caught Fluttershy when she fell from Cloudsdale weren`t there? :fluttershbad:

I can just imagine the words 'GOOD NEWS, EVERYPONY!" shouted in Farnsworth's voice.

you should make this called the what if story and have a bunch of these and this would be like luna not banished part 1

I'll offer my services if you want.

This is... Awesome.
The best Lunar Republic.
Robert Heinlein, eat your heart out.

And if you need a 'beta', which I can only assume is a pre-reader, I've always got time on my hands.

Dawwww she has a special somepony!

Great job this is really interesting cant wait for the next chap

I wonder if this means that the obstacles in the forest will be more like tests that Luna sets up to see if they are worthy of the Elements.

I desperately want to make love to your brilliant mind. Not literally, since that would probably kill you and dead people aren't known to write the best ponywords.


Godammit... they shouldn't have tried to break up the fight...


what is the exchange rate for lunar bits anyway

It starts raining.

"Aagh! Shadow, help! THE SKY LEAKING!"

Shadow and Twilight run inside the nearest building, madly panicking.

Rainbow Dash shows up.

Yo Bats, yer a bat.

When will twilicorn and friends show up? I want to see them. Even if they're in ghost form. :p

:pinkiehappy: Silly Luna making monsters

Hm..I was expecting old twilight and friends to comment on actions of new twilight.

A new and innovative type of story. Faved and hoping for regular updates.


The reason to why they haven't is hinted in the first chapter. Or at least thats how I planned it.

how many chapters will there be??

I love this perspective. Lunar Republic Fo' life yall!:moustache:

This is relevant to my interests.
So... Luna's kingdom is enjoying a few centuries of technological and magical advancement...
And Celestia's is basically still close to canon? People shifted around due to historical exodus?
I also can guess that Trixie is going to either
A- Get upstaged and despise Twilight. ( 2 Royal protege's constantly trying to one up each other.)
B- Realize Twilight is her new BFF. ( Can't imagine she would pass up intellectual conversation while stuck in a farm town.)
We respectfully demand more.


Well Luna is gone either way so Celestia would have run her government the same. At least that's how I see it. There will be slight changes here and there. Also, I plan on later explaining why Trixie is where she is. As for when she meets Twilight the answer is C: none of the above.:trixieshiftleft:

Twilight meeting Big Mac: I really hope you're not going for a love triangle thing here. :eeyup:

Good chapter. So where's Scootaloo? Will you be using the idea she's part of the lunar republic? Trixie here now. Something tell's me she's going to cause trouble. So far we know that Lightning Dust and Derpy are part of the Lunar Republic. What other ponies are Lunar, and what ponies are Equestrian?

The Dusk series said that bat ponies sparkle,” said Pinkie like it was obvious. “That’s why they rarely ever go outside during the day. And you’re the first bat pony I have ever seen so I wanted to see you sparkle.”

WRONG! This is how bat ponies really looks:

:rainbowlaugh: why can i not stop laughing:rainbowlaugh:



Yo unoriginal comment, yer not very original.

Aaaaannnnnndddddd the party is ruined by trixie :trixieshiftleft: and everypony is going to panic because a of Luna and her guards

still the only picture of twilight that counts.

2194029 This comment, it's unoriginal.

I wanna make love to you and your wonderful wonderful ponywords.

And this one


But I said it anyways.

I'm not complaining or bad-mouthing this, but it seems to me that this story has gone from 'what if' spell story to an actual story.

Yay Trixie has arrived!


Sorry, I didn't mean to mislead anyone. The start of the story was a what if question that Twilight wanted to figure out. The end result was this. Once again, sorry!:fluttercry:

Okay, so... where's our original mane six audience supposed to be at? Or are they stuck in watching the week long festivities and stay?


I gave a light hint at the beginning. The point of view hasn't changed.

2194547 There's no need to apologize, just take into consideration with how you started this story. Maybe give a flash back into the real world to see how the Mane Six have reacted to what they've seen. Nothing big just if you keep this up you may just want to change the name of the story and alter the first chapter entirely.


I noticed that, it's just that, when do we hear their reactions within watching the 'What If' event?
I'm sure Twilight would be shocked that she would have a special somepony.


I hear what you both are saying. You want to see the Mare Six's reactions about what is happening. You will, but not now. Please reread the last paragraph before the AU started and think about it for a moment. :pinkiehappy: I hope when this is done you will both see where I am going with this. Or not and you'll both seek me out and hang me.


It doth appear that this spell has accidentally wiped their memories, and created an alternate universe for them to experience. Well, at least time constraints still seem to be working, although from their POV, it doesn't really make a difference, does it?

2194036 is this original? MOAR:twilightblush:

2196555 No, but this is: kingtiger666 should log out when he uses a library computer. Also, My Little pony? Really?

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