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When Princess Celestia was imprisoned upon Nightmare Moon's return, Equestria was left leaderless and afraid in the dark, resulting in widespread panic and looting across the nation. Although Celestia was quickly able to restore peace after her return, the situation troubled her greatly. In order to prevent something like this from happening again, she signed Directive 51 into law, establishing the Shadowbolt Harmony Division, an elite group of soldiers that operate independently in the most hostile of circumstances in order to eliminate threats and maintain order.

Years later, a mysterious illness of unknown origin ravaged the city of Manehattan, and the EUP guard were unable to control the mass of rioters. The city fell into chaos, and when the Princesses arrived to restore order, they became infected themselves. The Division was activated in response, sending in agents to reinforce the EUP soldiers in retaking the fallen city.

Originally designated as a second-wave reinforcement, Agent Rainy arrives in Manehattan to find that the first wave has disappeared, with rioters roaming free in the streets. Alone and against the odds, she must find a way to retake the city and find a cure... but rioters aren't the only enemies out to stop her.

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I like it so far. Try to shoot for 2000 word count next chapter, more content is always better. Keep up the good work.

Thank you! I’m planning on chapter two being a lot longer because more stuff will be happening, this intro chapter ended up being shorter than I intended.

Love the Division dark winter. But will Celestia and Luna survive the sickness or will they die.

Great work!

Will the Equestria Girls Shadowbolts appear or at least get mentioned in this story?

I'm planning on having at least one of the members show up.

I know about most of how The Division worked but I'm still not sure if Rainy ignoring command orders would count as her going rogue considering to go rogue in the game you have to kill a fellow agent, but I know that if you do go rogue command usually makes you a priority target or something similar.

Wow! Wasn't expecting to see you here!

So this is the one other story under the division tag when I went to add it to mine :3

I wan read it

I can say I never thought this would update.

But it did.

Great job!

Wow, it's finally has been updated! I really missed this story

Rainy quickly rolled off the bed onto her tired hooves at that, closing the distance between her and the other pegasus in a second. "Can't beat me fair and square on the track, so you're trying to get me disciplined instead, huh? No wonder you couldn't make it onto the Wonderbolts. You can't accomplish anything without strong-arming your way to the top."


“Our power has always come from our strength. The strength of our bonds between our fellow ponies, the strength of the magic in our horns, the strength of our wings, the strength in our earth pony hooves… and this power has allowed us ponies to create the greatest nation in the world. But now our nation is under attack, and they’ve tried to take our strengths away from us. They’ve taken our horns, our wings, and bad ponies have tried to take advantage of the chaos, but we have to show them our power still remains. We are still a force to be reckoned with, and we have to remind them of that fact in every single opportunity we have. Only through power and control will we bring this city back to heel… and we will succeed. I believe it.”

Does any one else feel like this is becoming another hostile faction?

Lightning was met with silence once her speech was concluded, but she relished in the feeling. Fear was the best motivator, and she could practically feel the terror dripping off the guards surrounding her. But beneath that fear was also a feeling of belief, and a renewed sense of purpose… and as long as they feared her more than they feared the enemy, they had a chance to succeed.

Yep definitely another hostile faction in the making.

“Denied. She could be anywhere at this point. Besides, a cure isn’t our highest priority at the moment. Getting this city under control is our most pressing matter, we can worry about the virus once the populace isn’t revolting against us. Get the station and the surrounding streets cleared, agent. Supply drops start again tomorrow, and we don’t want our helicopter pilots flying into gunfire again.”

WHAT!? Um no you need to find that cure now along with getting the city under control but getting a cure is top priority.

Are the shadow bolts mission different that the Tom Clancy division agents like their mission is to save what remains meaning keep the civilians that survive from dying including those that have the virus.

Man this version of the division is so fudged up!

However, her job was made a lot harder by the sudden malfunctioning of her equipment. Every time she tried to see if the intersection in front of her was clear of hostile ponies, her motion tracker flickered and displayed phantom dots, moving back and forth at impossible speeds. Either some suicidal maniac was using teleportation magic, or something was broken in her SPARC.

Oh no

Weird. Could it be due to a signal jammer nearby? Or maybe some part of the virus was interfering with her SPARC’s systems. Either way, it made her nervous. No scanner meant she didn’t know what was around her… and Rainy could be setting up an ambush at any point along the route. She needed to be careful.

It’s a Luna bucking HUNTER!

Welp she’s going to die

Also anyone who has played the division 1 or 2 will know what I’m taking about.

If not or you haven’t played it yet or seen hunters yet then imagine you are waking down a dark alley in New York or down the street in the middle of a blizzard then when you about to reach a safe house or chopper your division gear stops working your commutation cuts out/jammed then all you see in the blizzard is this waking towards you.


But before you could you hear a noise you turned around but when you see it was nothing but you feel a sharp pain in your leg then you arm then your other leg you fire at the attacker but it justs bouncies off you are just crawling away but that is when the unknown attacker puts an tactical ax/tomahawk into you back that’s when you start to feel unconscious the world blacking out before the darkness takes you.. you look at the attacker showing looking at you with just its eyes visible and emotion less before it turns around and walks away when darkness claims you

Good lord, that commander is suffering from a severe lack of being in touch with pony reality

Hmm, I'd like a little more info on the virus itself, it's a little vague as it's clearly not the flue strain from the game.

Hmm, interesting, a break from the Division continuity. Interested to see where this goes.

Nice chapter:moustache:

It liiives..... great chapter loving it so far

“She’s infected. I don’t think her magic’s doing much work at all,” Aerion said in response as she trotted past. “It’s a wonder the sun still goes up and down when it needs to.”

Wait celestia is infected too.

And the reason why the sun still moves because of gravity or gravitational pull

“That’s the thing…” His eyes flashed green. “You’re not my princess. I serve the Queen.”

Oh shit.

Also who the idiot who let two rulers onto a virus/outbreak without establishing chain of command.

Ponies or most of them idiots

Well frig, changelings getting involved is bad.

Also, Lightning, no matter how much you lie, reality has this nasty habit of snapping back when bent.

Pretty sure it's because of the virus, remember, this version of SHD sends their agents on suicide missions.

Very good story, literally the only good one inspired by The Division.

I urge the author not to abandon it, even though it's very underappreciated.

The characters are believable and the setting makes me want to know more, I'm especially intrigued about what happened to The Division progress in this universe. Celestia wanted it to be loyal, dependable and professional. In the end, I'd say we only see these three qualities in our protag. Furthermore, the fact that government corruption lead to faulty SHD equipment doesn't inspire much confidense in the organisation.

All and all, can't wait to see where tgings go from here!

Could be Twilight raising and lowering sun/moon while Tia and Luna are indisposed.

Thank you for the kind words! :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far! I do plan on continuing if there's interest.

True but still it might be a hunter

Hey if you like the division then feel free to check out my story.

And if you like want me to like it for you?

And it probably was the nobles who did that.

Fucking nobles:facehoof:

And wonder how since it’s supposed to be a last resort in case all else fails.

It liiives :yay: great chapter loving it

Thank you for new chapter!

Maybe I'm asking too much (sorry if it is), but it would be cool if you write more blog posts about progress or just about some other topics. It just feels abandoned sometimes :(

Well, I guess changelings were to be expected and they can clearly still use some magic... I wonder...

The two guards grimaced. “No sir. We didn’t want to divert our attention away from the entrance. Besides, how would anyone get in behind us? The room is secured.”


The Royal guard at its finest everyone.

God even I think the JTF would have done a better job

Edit nevermind.

I’m starting to think this Equestria SHD doesn’t have the same goals and such as the division aka sve what remains

Extreme malis extrema remedia

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