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When Nightmare Moon returned and Princess Celestia vanished, anarchy ruled the land of Equestria while Nightmare was occupied with trying to stop the Elements. In order to prevent something like this from occurring if she was ever unable to lead again, Celestia signed Directive 51 into law.

Several years later, her fears were realized. A disease outbreak of unknown origin occurred in Manehattan. The EUP Task Force, led by the Wonderbolts, were unable to maintain order, and the city fell into chaos. When the Royal Princesses arrived to try to restore peace, they fell ill themselves.

In response, Directive 51 was activated, and the Shadowbolt Harmony Division was called into service. When society falls, they rise. They operate independently in the most hostile of situations, when all hope is lost. They are the Division.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 4 )

I like it so far. Try to shoot for 2000 word count next chapter, more content is always better. Keep up the good work.

Thank you! I’m planning on chapter two being a lot longer because more stuff will be happening, this intro chapter ended up being shorter than I intended.

Love the Division dark winter. But will Celestia and Luna survive the sickness or will they die.

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