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What is a pony? If asked that question the average citizen of Equestria would probably respond with a confused look and a mention of the three pony tribes. A particularly astute pony might reply with four tribes, remembering to include the Thestrals. A pony of a scholarly disposition may also add a list of characteristics as well - manes, cutie marks, some form of innate magic, hooves, vegetarian diet, etc. This is the answer that would have been received for thousands of years, from before the unification of the three tribes until very recently. Until the failed Changeling invasion. With the reveal of something so foreign, yet at the same time so familiar, what it means to be a pony is no longer quite so clear and obvious. And while professors and philosophers argue, another question is forgotten in the uproar: What if the Changelings weren't the only ones who were hiding?

* Always looking for proofreaders if anyone's interested!
Current Proofreader(s): Icarus_Con_Queso

All feedback/corrections welcome!

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I am glad to see this return and look forward to seeing what might have changed,

By people saying this story has returned, I'm guessing that this story is a reupload, or something along those lines, so that would explain why the description feels so familiar.

mm i smell written gold, very interesting good story

It's risen, and seems to off to a good start. Will be watching it. Also, I like the new cover art.

Ok, before i even start this story, love the cover art. Awesome. Wish i had cover art that good. (Hint hint any drawers out there.) lol.

Yeah, it is a redo i beleive.

I'm glad to see this is back. The banter between Dawn and Midnight was funny.

I wonder if Discord ever turned himself in a baby for fun. I'm also wondering how much of the original story will be left and how much will be different.

"Can I have the muffins Derpy didn't eat?"

Pony has his priorities straight. Gotta eat when you get up!

????? what happend to the old one that i was traking?

This looks interesting.

I can't wait for more.

Hmm, looks like it's time to summon Van Helsing!


And yes, I do mean the Hugh Jackman movie one. >:} (terrified shrieks of horror echo from the comment section)

I would like to say this: I like it. I've read a lot in my life, some of it did not interest me. But, I read this, it caught my interest. I had good imagery reading this. It was funny, especially when Derpy, said ''Muffins" gave me a big laugh. In short, I like it, and I would recommend this.



It was uploaded previously, but it had some structural problems mostly related to me trying to include way too much in one story. So, I (along with Icarus_Con_Queso's help) spent the last ~13 months (slowly) reviewing it for typos, poor wording, etc, while also cutting out a bunch of the extra stuff so that things are more focused and so I could start going a different direction with the plot - for the original version of the story I didn't actually have an idea what the ending would be and was more or less winging it to see where things ended up, whereas now I have a good idea of what the ending will be like and how I want to get there.

Thanks for explaining that. But I liked the complexity of the story, made it interesting to read. But if this is the way YOU want it to go, I won't argue

Maybe next time they should call Luna.


The use of passive voice is really off-putting.

I liked how Celestia said in the name of me, it was quite funny.

Not likely because twilight always goes to celestia.

I don't know what this is (probably due to seeing the original in a cancelled/dead state or something), but I like it so far.

Almost thought it would be a Dr. Whooves story until the vampiric abilities showed. (The Doctor's eyes give pretty much everyone pause, and in some stories he was human.) Now I'm confused, but interested.

Present tense third person is the most infuriating way to read a story in the history of ever. I mean, even second person is better.

But I can tolerate it if the actual content is good enough. My brain makes the edits automatically, like how I read a typo-riddled story.

An interesting story, despite all the tensing issues.

If Celestia is being proactive, you know something serious is happening.

She's certainly not going to like when they do find out it really was a vampony, that's for sure.

Wait, how can the mane 6 not have the elements but twilight still lives in the library?

The OTHER pony is the actual undead vampony.

This one's just a vampire-bat-pony.

I suppose refuel would be the best way to describe it. Needless to say, the spells and binding rituals he used to create the first vamponies were some of the most objectively evil pieces of magic Luna and I have ever encountered."

"Though perhaps to better put it in perspective," Celestia continues, looking deeply into Twilight's eyes,

"The James Cameron version of "Titanic" compared to the Italian animated sequel with the talking octopus."

"SWEET HOLY FAUST'S SORE PLOT!!" Twilight shireked in abject horror that such a monstrosity could have ever been conceived of... speaking of both the spell and the movie.


Returning to the castle interior, Celestia sits back on her bed, pops open the scroll, and skims the words within, freezing on one in particular: vampiric .

the prophets of patience and the shamans of sleep have fucked up haven't they?

Because perhaps here, Tirek did not destroy it.

We all would have liked it if it happened that way.


The Elements were given back to the Tree of Harmony in the second episode of season 4, but Tirek didn't destroy Golden Oaks until the finale, so there's most of a season where this is the case.


A while ago when I submitted the previous version of this story to EQD, the reviewer there said something somewhat similar(though less harsh). As for why I write that way, I the way I imagine what's going on is as if I'm currently(present tense) watching it happen(third person), so it's just easier for me to write like that as well.


As for why I write that way, I the way I imagine what's going on is as if I'm currently(present tense) watching it happen(third person), so it's just easier for me to write like that as well.

I write that way casually too.

This is still one of my favorite "CMC Logic" moments on the site.


Because of YOU I actually checked if the movie actually existed.:trixieshiftleft:
Now.. I can't... unsee :pinkiesick:


Cutie Mark Crusaders: Vampony Hunters is a go! i so knew it ! -.- this won't end well...:facehoof:

9459105 Another mind destroyed by Italian cinema. Alondro feels a sense of accomplishment. :pinkiecrazy:

I don't recall the part in Sugarcube Corner being part of the original story. Is that new?

This seems new too since I don't remember anything about their plans to become vampony hunters. I guess the actually new parts won't be appearing this early on in the story.

Nothing really new that I've noticed so far. Only change that I've seen without going back to check has been Twilight not abandoning Rarity and Caramel in Cloudsdale.

After taking a moment to calm herself, Celestia examines the scene surrounding her, One heavily damaged wall, one destroyed door, one nurse driven crazy, and one unknown pony who slept through the whole thing.

a normal day for Celestia

I am liking this so far. The first chapter in particular was highly intriguing, but it's a little frustrating that it has dragged its feet over the last few chapters. I hope these last two chapters with the CMC in particular are important later, as right now they feel rather like padding of the most frustrating kind.

The only reason there's no panic is because most ponis don't know about the one that put Midnight in hospital otherwise there would be a panic.

Going from vampony hunting to inviting a vampony to join the Crusaders in ten minutes flat.

Ahh, Crusaders, never change.


Archieving success in both task, yet still without getting their Cutie Marks. Typical Crusaders.
Still want to see the Mare Six and Celestia's faces when they meet the new CMC member. :rainbowlaugh:

Or the story is set in between the season 4 premiere and finale.

well that made a 360 turn xD

very nice conclusion, to that little part

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