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This story is a sequel to The Fiend that heralds Dark Skies

(This story is the sequel to The Fiend that heralds Dark Skies, which itself is a sequel to The Mare that eats The Monsters. Reading the first 2 stories is STRONGLY recomended to understand anything in this one.)

Twenty years ago, Princesses Luna and Twilight Sparkle were turned to stone and hidden away from Equestria by an old monster, once a pony, named Luminous Horizon. His intent was to release them when Equestria was nothing more than dust and rubble as retribution for the pains he suffered at Luna's hooves. They will be released before then, however, thanks to the efforts of Palmwood, Wonderboom and Moonrise Drifter. Together, they intend to set the imprisoned princesses free and bring an end to the unyielding darkness over the world.

This third and final story in the series will see the thousand year conflict end; for better or for worse.

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Damn, Palm is cool under pressure.

I have to wonder if the Crystal Heart's barrier projects a more natural looking sunlight into the city or not.

Palmwood grew up in a rather shitty period. And had Moonrise Drifter acting as a sort of adoptive mother for him and his sister. "Cool under pressure" is a trait you need to develop to survive in her line of work. :P

Comment posted by tom117z deleted Jun 30th, 2017

“Ack! I’m awake! Put away the whips!”

Well, not sure I want to know what he was dreaming about...

She flexed the limb slightly and three long, steel blades extended from the tip of the gauntlet.

Bone claws replaced with metal claws. I knew she was the Wolverine! :rainbowlaugh:

Loved the other two. Liked what I've read here. Hope to see it done!

They’ll be fine.”

Famous last words.

Blackberry nodded. “Makes sense, I suppose. Alright, come on. We’ve wasted enough time.”

He's our metaphorical red shirt for the day, ain't he?

“About twenty years, right? They were petrified when I was ten, so-”

Clearly he doesn't know what 'rhetorical' means. :rainbowlaugh:

They probably know we’re here.

Really? I thought you were rather stealthy myself.

“You’re asking me to let them live because they’re innocent…? Hmph. Enjoy the ashes, princess.”

Only when they're yours you irredeemable fuck.

Ponyville wasn’t far behind-

What about the map and the tree?


Ponyville wasn’t far behind-

What about the map and the tree?

Dust and rubble, probably.

Ever since Twilight had her emotional meltdown from learning about her absence she had been silent, wide eyed and mostly unresponsive. She presently was resting by the campfire, eyes unfocused and mouth occasionally opening, like she wanted to speak, but no sound came out.

You know, one has to wonder how much punishment an alicorn like her can take before shit happens.


Hay, he took both of you down on his own!

Technically, he cheated. :pinkiecrazy:

In a battle to the death, there is no such thing as cheating, as there are no rules.

“Bullshit, first off,” Palmwood snorted

“How do you think those two have stayed sane?” Wonder asked with a smile of her own. “I mean, we had to find some way of keeping our spirits up. For them, it’s giving each other shit.”
“Sister! Language!” Palmwood shot back with a frown.

Hypocrite. :rainbowlaugh:

“He’ll live, but his life is probably gonna be pain for the next few days, at least. He suffered quite a few broken bones from that thing.” Wonder called back, applying a patch of gauze over the stab wounds in Blackberry’s side.

Colour me surprised.

Fortified stone walls surrounded the entire assortment of buildings, armed guard patrols walked on top of and around the walls while others still patrolled inside.

A guarded wall amidst the snow, eh?



not unlike the sun used to before it got smothered.

Speaking of, how's the rest of the world doing with a fucked up Sun?

one of the guards fainted.

Truly the Crystal Empire's finest, huh? :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight didn’t get to finish. A gauntlet covered hoof suddenly lashed out and smashed into Twilight’s cheek, sending her crumpling to the ground in a gasping heap.


The only other one is… well, you know who it is.

Not somebody on her Hearth's Warming gift list. :pinkiecrazy:

“...That’s rough. Your father killed your mother and took away your aunt…”

To put it bluntly.

One last thing... What happened to Discord?

Rarity’s eyes were hidden behind a pitch black blindfold and her horn was broken. Rainbow Dash had no wings, only snipped stubs that sat uselessly on her sides. Fluttershy had a large chunk of the fur on her chest missing, specifically over her heart. Pinkie Pie didn’t seem to have any obvious ailments, but the moment her jaw fell open in shock, Twilight instantly saw the lack of a tongue in Pinkie’s mouth.


im sorry but the feels train is currently out of order due to the war going on please try again later

Luna wore an expression that, for lack of a better combination of words, said ‘brace yourself.’

...for a pony who makes Pinkie look tame in enthusiasm.

Flurry nodded, smiling back at Twilight. “Uh-huh! You lent me some of your foal’s books before the shit hit the fan.” she proclaimed rather bluntly.

I like her. :rainbowlaugh:

The lavender alicorn crumpled to said floor like a sack of wet (and partially smashed) potatoes, the sound she made being eerily similar. “Ugh…” Twilight groaned in discomfort and tried to get up, looking at Flurry, who was now bouncing in excitement while giddily giggling like a school filly that had just been given a box of chocolate and told to ‘go nuts.’

Doubt that could have been worded any better...


That's a good question... :trixieshiftright:

having seen ponies being murdered in horrible ways right before my eyes since I was a little filly, but I know you aren’t as… used to it.”

So she hasn't been sitting in the castle for the last couple decades? I doubt you'd see that stuff first hoof in the empire.

...Horizon somehow killed Discord. Right now, our best guess is he found some way of nullifying his magic, probably through the same dark stone the Changeling Throne was made of, or an equivalent, and then tore him apart when he arrived.”

To be honest, I'm a little disappointed all that happened off-screen, given Discord was the whole reason Horizon existed in the first place.

Blackberry felt his right side, where that unknown fiend had stabbed him

Now why does this set up feel familiar?


And all caught up. Tone you are an Utter Utter Bastard. I love this series!

I knew it. You are such a bastard Tone.

Can't have a story in the Fiends trilogy without a big massacre scene. :)

Hard to argue with that.

But those scenes are part of why I stayed hooked on this trilogy.:pinkiecrazy:

You get hooked by scenes of hundreds (or in this case, tens of thousands) of innocent ponies being violently and mercilessly butchered and slaughtered? Huh... okay, then. :P

I can sometimes be a sick, sick bastard, I admit.:rainbowderp:

But now that I think about it, it may be the fighting itself that really grabs my attention; it wouldn’t make that much difference whether or not any ponies involved died in battle.

I do try to make the fight scenes intense and engaging to read. A lot of that boils down to not making them too long, making them visceral, brutal, and frankly, a little savage (considering most of the combatants are quite feral.) Hell, this trilogy was inspired by a horror/action anime series called Blood-C.

His head fell to the floor, and his life ended.

Remember when I was surprised you let him live, and you acted all offended that I thought you wouldn't. Well... FUCKIN' VINDICATED YOU (insert suitable amount of utters) BASTARD!

This is indeed a dark story. I'm just surprised Discord never helped them in these 20 years.

Yay Luna! Draw strength from the moon!

Enough! Gather the elements of harmony and blast that monster out of history! He deserves no more mercy than a rabid dog! Let justice be done upon him!

You're a monster, and yet, I cant stop!
The Elements of Harmony could not only fix all this, but I'd bet they could even restore Cadence, Twilight's friends, and everything else. So where are they?

Whelp, at least I finally know what happened to Discord. Well its official, Horizon is the most OP villain I've ever seen on this entire fan site. If a chaos god could not kill him then the rest of them have no chance.
I hate Horizon all the more now, didn't think that was possible.

Drifter is like Alucard, in a way.

There was for sure some inspiration taken there.

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