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The story of 'The Mare that eats the Monsters' is an old, but still very well known Equestrian campfire and bed time story, often told to scare little fillies and colts into behaving themselves. It tells of a mare who loves Equestria and the ponies who live in it despite how frighteningly different she is. She protects ponies across Equestria from nightmarish creatures and monsters that would seek to kill ponies wherever possible.
What most ponies don't realize, but what Twilight Sparkle is soon to learn, is that the mare of the story was and is very real.

And the stakes of her mission have never been higher.

(This story has the horror tag, yes, but it isn't the dominant theme here.)

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i MUST SAY I like where your going with this one.

8067004 I MUST SAY I hope don't disappoint you going forward. :twilightsmile:

I must say, I'm getting quite a few Blood+ vibes from this. Keep up the good work my friend~ :pinkiecrazy:

8068027 I more drew subtle inspiration from what little I have seen and know of Blood-C. I am doing what I can to ensure this story and character stand firmly on their own.

From what I understand of Blood-C, it's pretty similar to Blood+ in that the main character is a monster that kills other monsters. Same can be said about Hellsing actually.

Aso for the second bit, yeah, I'd say you're doing a good job of that so far. Keep it up man! :twilightsmile:

The square patch of cloth was covered in front with frost and the words had been burned into it with magic. Spike had felt his eyes shrink at the message that had torn him ruthlessly from his sleep. It was from Twilight; it had to be. Spike could feel a cold sweat start to run down his back and face. For Twilight to burn such a minimalistic message into a patch of cloth… it screamed desperation.

Spike don't forward whis message to princess?

8071639 A fair enough point. I'll make sure to take that into consideration with the next chapter.

How is this story not more well known? We have to get it into some of the groups.

8072433 Well, it's only existed for about four days. Plus, it's already in, like, 8 groups. But if you have the ability to add it to more, be my guest. (Im not totally sure how group stuffs like that work, honestly. D:)

Should be more well known with a story like this. Damn it's good.

Did you just change the cover art?

8076648 Just bored and thought asking a question would start or lead into a conversation.

8076662 Sorry for being a douchebag. Wasn't my intention. I was just...bored.

8076666 I never said you were a douchebad. And stop being bored. That's a bad thing to be. :rainbowwild:

8076671 No, I'm calling myself a douchebag, mate. And I'll stop being bored when something interesting happens.

Maybe if I try putting a cut in my arm or my leg. Or make people think I'm going to hang myself. Yeah, it's upsetting but if some kids saw a 'dead' body through a window that might spice things up around here. What do you think? Any suggestions? I'll happily take any ideas you have to compensate for wasting your time here.

8076686 Well, not killing yourself would be a fantastic place to start. Uh... play a video game? Read something? I dunno. O.o

8076695 I didn't say I was going to actually kill myself, but that could be interesting.

You know what? I'll just go. I don't want to waste the comment section here with pointless meaningless banter. There's people out there who want to come here and leave nice - or not so nice - comments about your story, and me commenting here about stuff unrelated to your fanfic is disrespectful of me. So I'll head off. Have a nice day or evening, wherever in this world you are, and rest assured I'm not going away to take my life.

At least, not until I fulfill my dream of meeting Mandopony and breaking his jaw.

By the way, I took a sneaky peek at the first two chapters of this story. Don't think it's really something I'll read all the way through, but I recognize good concepts and ideas when I see them and to someone other than myself I think this story would appeal to them more. Seems a shame more people haven't viewed this yet.

The Mare that eats the Monsters

If she was voiced, what would she sound like?

8078678 I'm not a hundred percent sure, honestly. I didn't give it a whole lot of thought. Why?

“Luminous Horizon… that son of a bitch…” Drifter snarled in a hate-filled whisper.

There, I'm reading, stop pressuring me! :flutterrage: :trollestia:

I'm starting to think Celestia should have told Twilight at least a little bit of what she was getting in to...

Well, Drifter to the rescue!

There was barely the sound of crunching snow as the monster came bounding at her from a sheltered position in the snow. Drifter turned around and screamed as it managed to sink its teeth into her shoulder. Thinking fast, she lifted the hoof under it into a stabbing punch into the beast’s gut, claws puncturing its skin and tearing out through its back.

She grunted in irritation before her left hoof extended it’s claws and stabbed the monster’s head, ending it once and for all. She retracted the claws and looked at Twilight.


8100491 Yeah, that seems like an apt comparison to make...

So absorbed was he in his advances that he momentarily forgot Drifter. In a terrified rage, claws grew from her hooves. She brought them upon the fiend, surprising him and making him fall as she stabbed him.

(I love the similarities and you can't stop me!)

I didn’t live this long by working myself raw.

No, she just eats monsters raw instead. Monsters who also happen to be her own species. I hear that diet is very good for your complexion. :pinkiecrazy:

I wonder if Twilight's "If it's a fiend, kill first, talk later" will bite her in the flank at some point.
After all, Drifter is pretty much a fiend, and I believe they don't yet know about her. :twilightsheepish:

Also, I ship Drifter and Twilight, because it's interesting to imagine Celestia's face in such a scenario :trollestia:

8111694 Oh, lawd. XD That would be a frightening ship if ever I saw one...

So was that just a dream, or was Horizon actually doing a Luna and entering dreams?

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