(Set after Season 6, completely disregards season 7 when that comes around, due to the nature of this story.)

It has been several months since Queen Chrysalis retreated from her hive, disappearing into the horizon of the badlands. Relations between Equestria and the Changeling Kingdom have improved dramatically in that time. But Chrysalis is still on the loose, likely playing it safe and quiet, feeding on scraps wherever she can.
It is on one night, at the edge of Ponyville that Tone Shift, an earth pony she had snacked on before, finds her. She is wounded, starving and weak. Despite not remembering their previous encounter, Tone Shift decides to help her anyway, taking the former Changeling Queen into his home to nurse her back to health. With little other choice, Chrysalis accepts his offer to help, wondering what fate has in store for her.

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(Sex tag is mostly for suggestive dialogue and jokes, as well as maybe mild sexual content later on.)

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Comments ( 222 )

This is nice. I like these types of stories

7923129 Thanks. I hope the rest of the story is able to keep you entertained as I post it. :)

I'll be checking this story from time to time.

7923149 Well, if you plan to check, now would be an okay time to do so. next chapter, albeit unedited, is up. :)

a interesting story idea, it is growing on me.
I will be keeping a eye on this to see ware and how it goes.

Premise looks interesting, I'll see if I can get around to it when I have more time to read. :twilightsmile:

Pretty good. No spelling errors or grammatical errors are screaming at me and the flow is good. There are a couple things i would word a little differently, but they were in dialogue and i dislike changing dialogue stuff if it's not spelling.


Damn, got through the chapter faster than i thought i would. Once again; no spelling errors, nothing wrong with the grammar, and the story is running smoothly. I might do a few things differently, but this is your story, and so far you are doing fine.


Interesting start. And Hi Chryssie!

And Trollsalis returns.

'eyes show' - eyes shone

Chryssie: 'I just have something in my eye, yeah.'

7996356 I take it you're enjoying the story? If so, I hope I can keep you entertained.

If not, I apologize for presuming.

7996364 I am enjoying it quite a bit indeed.

well now this is a interesting turn of events.

That was close... And wow, that must've been horrible for Tone. It seems that Chryssie went through something similar...

Nice chapter, I loved how she woke him up, did great in ending the depressing note his flashback ended on.

'that she seeed to weigh' - seemed.

7997049 The pain of loss comes in numerous forms, yet no matter how different, they are all unquestionably recognizable.

Heheheh, Oh Chryssi, you're so adorable when playing high and mighty. I bet your face just looks precious~

Clearly those eggs were cursed.

8015326 Or Chrysalis is a terrible cook and strayed from the recipe.

8016050 Hogwash, I say, our Queen is perfect in every way.

8016079 And yet she was unable to prevent her entire kingdom from throwing her plot out the second they saw a better option. :derpytongue2:

8016170 There's only so much you can do about your heartless children that would, and have sold out their own mother at the drop of a hat for food, while using her as a scapegoat.

8016330 But a, as you put it, 'perfect queen' would have never had that issue. She wouldn't have allowed her hive to go hungry because her perfection would imply she already knew how to prevent that and took measures to do so back when she started.

Let's face it, perfection is absolutely impossible.

Despite not remembering their previous encounter,

...Shouldn't you get rid of the "not" in there?

8019439 No, that's how that works. Tone Shift does not remember their previous encounter; only what he was told by others after the fact. And the details of said encounter would actually give him more reason to do what he does.

Wow, the other changelings are real bastards, they did literally sell it their mother to the first person to offer more food.

*snugs Chryssie* Don't worry, you'll get your revenge.

8016674 I wasn't talking about absolute perfection, but perfection within the reason of possibility. You can be perfect, but still be unable to do some things. You can be the perfect strategic ruler, but simply not have enough resources to carry out an your strategies.

Also, if you can't tell, I was joking about the eggs being cursed or her being perfect. Though the other changelings are still the worst kind of scum for selling out their mother for food, after she slaved away for centuries to give birth to them and care for them.

8020380 Sorry, I can't spot jokes easily. Especially without tone of voice to help. Just another side effect of having Aspergers. >.<

8020469 It's alright, I can understand.

it is pinkie just go with it.:pinkiehappy:

interesting do I see something in the works hear.

And thus it begins. I better catch up before that specific day. :raritywink:

"There can only be one!"


7995398 Hiya Razzy, fancy meeting you here. Hope you're holding that Chryssi plush tight. :scootangel:

And so it begins...

(Especially the shipping)

8025228 You say that as though everything's gonna go to shit like it does in your stories.

“Well, I mean, how was it? How much food did you get out of me? Did you enjoy it?” He followed up. I should really stop while she doesn’t get it…

Dammit Tone Shift... :facehoof:

8025231 Well I don't know if you're gonna pull a game of thrones or not :pinkiecrazy:

(Shipping can be dangerous...)

I think Chryssi's gonna get plenty of love in the future, depending on where Skijarama takes this... :raritywink:

Welp, Tone has some demons of his own it would seem.

“And I am no pony! I am a Queen Chrysalis! I have standards and those standards say there is no way I’d take so little inside me, considering the effort I was exerting just to make it serve it’s purpose!”
Tone Shift stopped short of whatever comment he was about to make before letting his head fall to stare at the floor. For a moment, Chrysalis grinned triumphantly, believing he had no counter argument. When he burst out into a fit of uncontrollable giggles, however, she took on a look of bewilderment.


“Thank you. It’s great to feel welcome.” She said sarcastically through clenched teeth in a voice that barely disguised a great deal of agitation.

Something this Chryssi and my Chryssi would be in comeplete agreement on, and perhaps the only thing.

*Smirks knowingly"

“Say cheese.” Luster said through her smile before the camera let out a bright flash.

Given that we saw Chrysalis draw love energy from a picture earlier, are we gonna see this picture again per chance? A sort of Checkov's Gun (just without the gun part).

“Good, because I’m going anyway and wouldn’t want anypony, yourself included, to get the wrong impression.”

Chryssi is a complete tsundere. :raritystarry: :scootangel:

hum cod a bug be getting feeling for somepony???

Congrats, this story is the 200th story to enter my favorites library.

8029061 Hooray for arbitrary numbers! :derpytongue2:

Yep, messing with ponies does wonders for relaxation.

Could the tubby wubby bug horse waifu be starting to feel something for our intrepid hero?

He's good.

Funny chapter, with a d'awwww ending.

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