Shortly after a changeling drone leaves her egg in the human world in a last-ditch effort to save it, a young man named Eventide Oath finds himself struggling to decide what to do with a newborn changeling nymph. He has no idea what it is, where it came from, or anything else about it. But with a little help from a good friend, he commits himself to take care of the little guy. Who knows? Maybe the small, bug-like equine will be just what he needs to make his life a little bit brighter.

(Inspired by the original premise and opening chapters of "I Am A Pet Changeling," with some smaller sources of inspiration coming from the anime movie, "Wolf Children."
This story is also the spiritual successor to 'The Bug in The Herd,' which was the first multi-chapter Fanfiction that I wrote that I also managed to see all the way to completion.)

Now with a reading!

(Cover art provided by the absolutely wonderful AureliaCharmCutiees. Go and show her some love!)

Editing now provided by Mister Hypothetical!

Featured on 8/7/2018, the same day I posted it! Glad to see people like it!

Chapters (67)
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Comments ( 1974 )

Well, this should be interesting. Definitely tracking this one.

You have my attention with this fic.

What a prologue! This goes riiiight into the tracking list.

wow Skijarama you defiantly have a good story base hear.
that last bit just hit me right in the feels.

Clypeus’ egg remained under that tree, lost in a different world without its mother.

i am going to be watching close for updates.

Wow, super great so far.

She never did come for it back, though.

I'm pretty sure that should be "She never did come back for it, though".

Man am I super excited for the next chapter!

Thanks for pointing that out; should be fix'd now.

This chapter has left my feels practically untouched. Either I've overexposed myself, or my feels are broken. I can guarantee that if my feels were functional, I would've felt this.


What's Peacock Day?

I dunno. I made it up. XD

A great start to a story with a great concept.
I can't wait for the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

So, the portal doesn't transform changelings into humans?


Yeah that is odd, it should have transformed them into a human form, after all the magic in the portal is strong enough to effect an ALICORN why not a Changeling too.

I'm saying no. I'm going by the idea that, due to Changeling's being centered on change all on their own, the mirror portal is incapable of transforming them on the way through. As a result, the trip is a lot more violent for them. It's confusing and disorienting for other creatures, but actively painful for changelings. It also just makes it ultimately easier for me to write this story the way I had envisioned it. Is it a poor explanation? Yes, it is, I acknowledge that. But it will let me write the story I want to write and will have fun writing, so I'm keeping it.

Shiet. I was hoping no such day existed in real life. >.<


Change it to an Appreciation Day for an obscure animal most people don't think about it. Like...Bush Babies? Egrets? Echidnas?

holy poop of the flightless domestic fowl.


I have no idea what those are, so that's perfect.

Comment posted by Tango-Raptor deleted Aug 9th, 2018

.... I want a dik-dik now. And for those of you who take it the way i think you you should all be ashamed of your selves.

a good story setting chapter.

This Man Is Genius,

He is the master of making re-used concepts fresh and occasionally funny

Props to you

Talking about me or Ri2? And if me, from your point of view, how am I a master of making re-used concepts fresh?

That sounds nice, but how much do you ploan to include actually the whole Equestria girls group and the main six? I think I would like it if it is going to be only Fluttershy and a random small group of friends that feel like they are the main chars and well not the whole different world drama, at least not in this story, maybe in a sequel.

This is maybe not exactly 100% how I see it, but I think I would like it if the story first handles one topic and then later a different problem. I also just don't want twenty people as the main chars.
To be honest I still have to read the first chapter which is why I stop here, but I write this so that you can warn me if this is going into that direction, right now at least I'm not in the mood for a twenty main chars, very crowded story.

The current cast of main characters: Eventide Oath, The Changeling. Fluttershy will be a prominent supporting character, and there will be a few other supporting characters sprinkled in, but this story will by and large not get overly tangled up in the affairs of actual EQG beyond Fluttershy mentioning them or Eventide seeing them happen out his front window.

oh that's nice. I mean I like them and stuff even if I'm not a fan of the movie, but I just didn't wanted to read about them at the moment, Fluttershy I like in every form.
still I suddenly want another attempt at a breezie story.

She never did come back for it, though. When the moon reached its peak and began its descent for the horizon, the portal closed without even so much as a sound. The statue was just a statue, the mirror back in Equestria was just a mirror...

nice enough, but there would have been a chance that she could have just stayed there I suppose. Then again, she doesn't know if Celestia and whatever creatures are out there maybe have a secret pact that an Changeling just doesn't know off and stuff like that.

I haven't really noticed that, but I like the fact that you did something different.

Has Fluttershy a crush on the older guy or is he just something like her best friend here?

that dik-dik looks like someone made a confusing painting, you know some of those eye trick things, the face lookd a bit like an owl and a deer at the same time, but it looks interessting.

Another picture I had found, showed that animal with a nose/muzzle like a tapir or something. Well I can't say that I ever heard about that one.

I felt like I missunderstood much from the description but I understood enough and I like what I had to read in the chapters itself, it is nice so far.

There is no romance or shipping in this story in any capacity. Just close friendships and some familial stuff little ways in the future.

These guys work really well with Dante and Randall's voices.

This awesome story was immediately added to my favorites.

I'm guessing that if that changeling's mother gets a chance to try and find her child. It'll be after Thorax becomes king. Also, will Ocellus be playing a part later on in this story?

As far as Ocellus goes, no. She will not be making any appearances.

Well okay, I probably would like it to focus on the bonding between the changeling and the guy depending on how their relationship is actually going to turn out, maybe in the sequel then there is room for a romance and stuff if this turns out to be good enough,

I look forward to this. I want to see Clypeus eventually reunited with her daughter child, which probably won't be able to happen until after the changelings are reformed.

I can’t tell if Buddha’s a girl, especially since Eventide keeps referring him to a boy. It would be cool if Buddha went all motherly and tried to treat the changeling hatchling like her puppy: a scaly puppy, but I digress.

I do not plan on there being a sequel. Much like this story's predecessor, it will be entirely standalone.

Really? Buddha's a girl in this story. I didn't think I was being inconsistent about it: could you point out where Eventide refers to her as a boy so I can fix it?

Assuming the gender of the nymph, are we?

Sorry, I got confused for a second and my mind was thinking of Buddha (the dog) for a moment while I typed that.

I know that Buddha is the dog. I based her off of the family dog from when I was a kid. Kind of an emotional attachment there. :yay:

Eh, Don't my ramblings I lost my sanity a long time ago, all I know is your good at mlp fanfics

9100253 Think it’s back in the first chapter where Eventide calls Buddha, “boy” and you were inconsistent when introducing her for using masculine pronouns.

I know you know she's a dog, you're the author. I was just saying that to clarify, and just in case anyone else reading this wasn't sure.

“Ugh! Buddha, girl, easy!”

I see he has a slobber pupper. I wonder how slobber pupper will get along with lover bugger.

Dik-dik appreciation Day! Right, that’s a thing!

Any excuse for Americans to get drunk... :trollestia:

Eventide made an ‘o’ with his mouth in realization.

Ah yes, the 'o'.

You do love that line, don't you? :rainbowlaugh:

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