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This story is a sequel to Something That Needed to be Done

Fluttershy packs a care box and delivers it to a rather unwilling set of recipients.

Continuity: Homecoming

Revised 9-25-17

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Awwww, of course the Element of Kindness would be kind. :heart:

I like her dedication too, like she planned to do what she did so they would accept. :twilightsmile:

This was amazing. I wish I could write one-shots this well.:raritystarry:


Thank you so much :twilightblush:

Nice story however destitute Dazzlings stories kind of bug me.
While they could just sing and get what they wanted and thus lost everything along with their gems, wouldn't it have been easier to sing a bank out of its money and then set themselves up for a time?


I'm not really aiming for destitution as much as loss of faith in themselves. I have a one-shot planned that delves into it being sort of like losing their song and the ability to feed off negative emotions is sort of like going through heroin withdrawal (or any highly addictive withdrawal, actually) and they're just now getting back on their feet.

They are capable of caring for themselves, but they don't see the point as of this story without their song.

They are pretty incompetent for someone who grew up in deadly ocean.

Interesting choice to give human Fluttershy the Stare. I find myself wondering if this is a recent development or, like Pinkie, she was always a little supernatural.

After what you did to the school I would have been well within my rights to leave you here suffering, but I couldn’t bear that.”

If i remember well they did nothing. Nothing was damaged and all epople were uninjured.
On the other hand Sunset Shimmer damaged seriusly the school building, totaly brainwashed students into unthinking zombies to attack another world where they would be probably slaughtered and tried to murder Twilight and girls. The sirens only wanted to be adored. I think the book adaptation is better. There their pendants aren't destroyed, only taken by Sunset away.


True, but considering that they more or less turned the entire school into a giant anathema to Fluttershy’s basic mindset, I think she holds that a little higher in her mind.

“I thought Sunset had been overly harsh in her treatment of you," I spat. "But if you are going to keep old prejudices out of spite, then you deserve to stay here, Adagio.”

Well said, Shy!

Besides that, this was a pretty good story. I do think the Dazzlings would find themselves in less-than-ideal conditions after their defeat; Don't know if that's been explained in the comics or the show or whatever, but I feel like they'll be facing a tough time regardless.

Keep up the good work. :)

Nice to see Fluttershy use her stare here. Not that often I see an EQG Fluttershy have that.

Short but sweet. Love Fluttershy's tough brand of kindness.

I pulled my pink hair into a tail and settled into the driver’s seat of my compact hybrid car. I didn’t make a lot working at the animal shelter, but it was enough to pay for the small car. But the area I was going to wasn’t the nicest area of town, so there was one stop I had to make first.

You mean ponytail?

I pulled to a stop next to a run-down building in part of Downtown. It was called a halfway house, one that people stayed at when their luck ran out. I had gathered from Sunset that she had stayed at one when she had first crossed through the mirror, though she was reluctant to talk about it, for some reason. She had helped me track the subjects of my care package out, however, and on her first stop. I had a feeling she had stayed here too, but I didn't want to press the issue.

Best not to bring it up when you talk to sunset next time you see her if I were you.

She hesitated, but then stood aside and motioned inside. The interior was as slipshod as the exterior, peeling wallpaper, dim lighting, and a faint undercurrent of mold. I could hear the muffled sound of someone snoring in another room as I sat the box on the counter and started unloading the contents, setting the clothes and heater off to one side.

Jeez, I'd hate to live in a place like that one. :fluttershbad:

The girl shrank under my Stare, and her companion backed out of my field of vision.

That's what you get when you upset fluttershy or she'll give you "the stare" :ajsmug:

“I think they’ll be ok,” I said. “In time. They have a long way to climb yet.”

Yep, yes they do. 🙄

Fish cannot climb. They can only swim upstream. Fluttershy should be arrested for disparaging the fishfolk.

Otherwise this was nice.

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