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“Hey, Rainbow?”


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Written on a whim after a weird dream and a bout of insomnia. I am not sorry.

Now with a reading.

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This story is a sequel to The One With Gummy and Boulder

At long last, Gummy and Boulder have finally taken over the world!

Any bets on how long that will last?

A story set in the Idiocyverse.

Co-written by Tom117z

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Celestia didn't want very much. She was happy to spend her youth learning how to farm with her adoptive father. She was happy learning how to cook from her adoptive mother. She was happy to play hide and seek with her little sister Luna, and stare at the stars with her on those warm summer nights. But when the world began to freeze with unnatural snow and ice, and the pony tribes began to go for each other's throats, Celestia's world is undone, and all she wants is to protect her little sister, no matter what.

But between ravenous snow spirits, superstitious ponies, and the machinations of those who would use them for their own ends, Celestia will struggle at every corner. Matters only become that much harder when her little sister begins to hear a voice in her dreams, calling her across the frozen wilderness with the only words Celestia remembers her true mother saying.

"Rise and shine."

A special thank you goes out to my editor, Chromio.

It is best to read this story with Night Mode turned on.

Chapter and cover art were all made by me.

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This story is a sequel to Scarlet

THIS STORY HAS BEEN CANCELED. Click here for the blog post explaining why.

It has been a long and arduous journey for Scarlet Frost and her found family, and they are all ready to settle down in their new home, Sanctuary, for a quiet, peaceful life. Unfortunately, fate is a mistress seldom sated, and all too soon, the peaceful life Scarlet yearns for is ripped away from her. When Princess Twilight Sparkle, a legendary mare seen as a goddess, calls on her to aid in a mission to right the wrongs of the Fall, Scarlet feels compelled to heed the call.

With the return of the Princess and her five friends, the world stands on the brink of sweeping and irrevocable change. Whether or not those changes are for the best, however, remains to be seen. What is certain is that the world has ever been unreceptive to change, and the ghosts of Scarlet's blood-stained past shall cry out for justice before the day is done.

A special thank you goes out to my editors, Mister Hypothetical and Chromio!

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Minuette has an imaginary friend. At least, that's what everypony else thinks.

When ten-year-old magic student Minuette comes into possession of an antique vanity mirror, she is surprised to discover there is a creature living inside: A bug pony with big fangs and glowing eyes. Most little foals would probably be scared of such a creature, but not Minuette. Armed with a cheerful smile, she decides to befriend the bug in her mirror and uncover the mystery behind his bewildering predicament.

It's just such a shame that nopony else can see him.

First Act Edited by Mister Hypothetical

Second act and on edited by Xanni & Brony2005

This story is part of 'The Bugs in Strange Places' series, whose other entries include The Bug in The Herd, The Bug in The Basement, and The Bug in The Cave. You do not need to read any of these previous stories to enjoy this one, as they are not directly connected.

Inspiration for this story comes directly from this fine individual right here.

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This story is a sequel to Little Memories

After two long, painful years, Twilight Sparkle has finally regained her lost memories. Unfortunately, her remembrance has come at a terrible price...

Exiled from her home city of Canterlot and haunted by the whispering voice of Midnight Sparkle, Twilight has been tasked with opening a mysterious chest presented to her by the Tree of Harmony. To do this, she must prove to her friends - and to herself - that she is still worthy to wield the Element of Magic. But with her own mind threatening to swallow her whole at every turn, her task will be far from easy. If she is to succeed, Twilight must face her fears and come to terms with what she allowed herself to become, or fall prey to the shadow whispering in her ear...

Thankfully, she does not have to carry this burden alone.

Beware spoilers in the comments!

Edited by Chromio

The cover art was drawn by Hagalazka

This is the fifth story in the Little Flashes series. Reading through the previous stories is intensely encouraged to understand the events of this story.

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Rainbow Dash has lost an eye.

The eye finds this rather disgruntling since they were doing such great things together! But alas, fate had other plans, and now, Rainbow Dash's eye must find a way to reunite with his lost host.

With a proverbial smile and an accent to make the mares swoon, the eye swims into the depths of the ocean that covers Equestria's surface, ready and eager to strike up jolly conversation with like-minded mutant creatures of the deep.

What could go wrong?

This is a parody of Empty Horizons, written by Goldenwing.

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Twilight Sparkle has been abandoned.

After an expedition into the badlands is torn to tatters by an unprecedented monster attack, Twilight finds herself stranded in a hostile environment with no safe way back home. With no supplies and no survival training, It all seems hopeless for the scholarly unicorn until she is discovered by a type of creature she has never seen before. A changeling named Thorax, a native of the badlands.

With Thorax's knowledge of the environment, he is Twilight's best chance of getting home safely. And by that same token, perhaps Twilight is the best chance the timid, pacifistic drone has of discovering something he has lived his entire life without.

Set well before the Season 2 Finale.

Cover art was drawn by me.

This is a spiritual successor to The Bug in The Herd, and The Bug in The Basement.

Edited by Mister Hypothetical.

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Scarlet Frost has had more than enough death and violence in her life and has spent the last several years living quietly as a librarian and scholar in the New Equestrian city of Swanrun. Sadly, it seems that death and violence are not yet done with her, as she is about to discover.

After a chance encounter, Scarlet is forced to leave her home and flee for her life alongside a mysterious orphan filly named Primrose. Now being hunted across the land she once went to war for, Scarlet will have to use every resource at her disposal just to stay alive. And if she is going to make it through this, she must confront the ghosts of not only her own past, but those of this long-broken world as well.

A special thank you goes out to my editors, Mister Hypothetical and Chromio!

Now with a reading over on YouTube!

The sex tag is for occasional blunt discussions on the subject matter and implied sexual behaviors between consenting adults.

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This story is a sequel to Little Consequences

When Twilight Sparkle woke up from a coma, she had amnesia and was unable to remember anything save for her name. She couldn't even recall Rainbow Dash, who was the first pony to welcome her back to the world. While upset by Twilight's inability to remember her, Rainbow Dash made an oath; to help Twilight move on from her shattered past and look forward to the future, and make the most of their situation.

Now back in Ponyville, and with the knowledge that they were once very close, Twilight is trusting Rainbow Dash to be her guide as they begin their life in Ponyville anew. The road won't be easy, but with friends like this, what does Twilight have to fear?

Edited by Chromio.

Cover art is by Novaintellus. Go and show them some love.

Beware spoilers in the comments!

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