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This story is a sequel to Scarlet

THIS STORY HAS BEEN CANCELED. Click here for the blog post explaining why.

It has been a long and arduous journey for Scarlet Frost and her found family, and they are all ready to settle down in their new home, Sanctuary, for a quiet, peaceful life. Unfortunately, fate is a mistress seldom sated, and all too soon, the peaceful life Scarlet yearns for is ripped away from her. When Princess Twilight Sparkle, a legendary mare seen as a goddess, calls on her to aid in a mission to right the wrongs of the Fall, Scarlet feels compelled to heed the call.

With the return of the Princess and her five friends, the world stands on the brink of sweeping and irrevocable change. Whether or not those changes are for the best, however, remains to be seen. What is certain is that the world has ever been unreceptive to change, and the ghosts of Scarlet's blood-stained past shall cry out for justice before the day is done.

A special thank you goes out to my editors, Mister Hypothetical and Chromio!

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Wat now you have 3 ongoing stories HYPE FOR SCARLET

Three ongoing indeed. Among other factors that is why my upload schedule has been so much slower than usual. I've been working on this in the background, away from prying eyes. ;)

Though, did you miss the teasers I posted?

I didn’t miss them, though I also didn’t expect you to release it so soon since usually you only have at most two ongoing stories at one time, as far as I can recall. Though come to think of it, neither one of those two are going to end anytime soon, so it’s not that surprising.

Well, she’s going from a notorious fugitive to a national hero and though people higher above might see good use in her, some aren’t going to like that. For one I’m certain it’s the sister of that Amber mare whose head was chopped off by Scarlet who was seeking revenge.


First teaser had my suspicions, second one had me convinced, and this just bloody confirms it.

Welp, time to get tracking!


Hmm. I hadn't considered what the Lunar Council's reaction to Silent going rogue would be, but I suppose hunting him down makes sense. Though I was definitely caught up in the heat of things at the time. Didn't think there might be hidden spectators.


Didn't think there might be hidden spectators.

Wouldn't be very good spies if you did. ;)


You have a point there lol

We're getting more Scarlet? Yay!

Nocturn seems far less unstable than Silent. That's probably a good thing.

O this is looking to be awesome sauce.

Desperate times indeed. I think the girls are going to have a lot of catching up to do, and a lot of heartbreak to deal with.

JMP #15 · Aug 8th, 2020 · · · Past ·

And so they're awake. Spike and Occelus did their jobs very well. But I don't think the fact that they were sealed for 400 years is going to go over well.....

Still, I'm waiting for Primrose to meet them. To see what her family died for.

Starlight’s plan didn’t exactly go as planned.

What was once trapped is now free, those who have slumbered have awoken, but the world they face now is not the same as what they once knew... Old friends have changed or have passed away, and new trials now face the Elements,..


Lens geeking out over the prospect of meeting Twilight was amusing, although I don't think Twi is going to see it that way. The world she knew is gone. Scarlet's interactions with the Bearers are going to be interesting I feel. She...is not ready for another adventure. She's found her place with Lens and Prim, and she's content with that.

Glad to see Scarlet up and about. I don't expect her, Prim or Lens to be "okay" for a while yet, but they're at least starting to recover a bit.

Really curious about the conversation between the kids. I feel like Prim could really use a friend her age, something she didn’t have many her entire life. What made her upset and could this newly formed friendship endure?

Nice to see this story continue. Great job, I'm looking forward to the next one.


Clever way to give us the history we didn't really know in the last story


.... Fastest reply I've ever gotten. Literally just posted that comment.

Lens frowned, stepping forward. He gave Scarlet an affectionate nuzzle before whispering in her ear. “It’ll be fine, Scarlet. I’m sure it’s nothing too serious…”

nope. not for you. They are feeling shell shocked by how everyone is killing each other. I don't think any of those mares have ever killed a house fly... the new world will eat them alive.

Oh Gaia. Twily's probably going to have a meltdown over this.


Huh. Alright then. Happy to see Nocturne is remorseful, but yeah...kinda with Prim that it doesn't really change the facts. As a reader I appreciate it but...yeah. Well besides the obvious curiosity of how Spike and Flurry are going to take the offer, I'm also just curious what the relationship between the Solar and Lunar Councils is like. And what the Solar Council has to say about the whole...Silent fiasco.

I feel so much for Prim right now. The poor filly really needs a hug.

As for Noct's offer, I'm not sure how it'll go over. Or if the councils are going to try using Twilight et al. as a political tool. I doubt that Scarlet's going to get that quiet retirement she's been after.

Poor newly founded family just couldn’t get a break. I sincerely hope the three of them would come out of this story with fewer cracks on their souls.

*look at the Death Tag*

Or let’s just hope they can come out of this alive first. Baby steps.


The poor filly really needs a hug.

Rest assured, she receives plenty.

ok yep this chapter had my eyes watering a good bit. :fluttercry:

and now we are going to start to really get to the meat of the this grate story.

Oh Scarlet...

Whether you define them as evil matters little if Twilight might define them as such. Culture shock is going to slam them hard.


Yeah...I'm pretty sure something's going to force Scarlet's hand here given...the description. But her answer doesn't surprise me. She nearly died, after all.

I was wondering where Discord was. Poor Flutters. Even if he can't just snap and fix things, I bet she's worried about him.

Can't say I'm surprised that Scarlet wants to duck out of this. Especially since she's a wanted criminal with multiple charges of treason on her head.

well dang this is really going to shake the hole world to just see Hraesvalgr in the air flying to the city let alone landing.

grate chapter and amazing artwork.

Scarlet faces a serious dilemma: does she give up the peace she has to ensure that her peace in the future is secure.

The mane 6 are going to have a really hard time integrating into a culture as disharmonious as New Equestria.


Hmm. Honestly I was expecting external circumstances to convince Scarlet, but I like that it's Lens instead better. I just wonder what Primrose thinks, and I think Scarlet and Lens should talk to her about it. Although...she hasn't been doing great, lately.

Also, Lens was adorable. "Yes please" XD

And that’s how your sister was conceived Primrose.

This got a good chuckle outta me. XD


And so....plot and the cover art are now justified. I'm proud of Prim. This was a very mature decision.

Minor error:

“We might be able to live safely here in Newcanter,” Lens added. “But I’m not so sure that it will last forever.

I think you meant Sanctuary?

Why do I get the feeling that Prim's looking at her hooves because she's getting flashbacks to rending Silent in the last story? Even with everything she's been through, she's still a filly. That'd leave scars on anyones psyche.

So our heroes head off again.


Minor error:

“We might be able to live safely here in Newcanter,” Lens added. “But I’m not so sure that it will last forever.

I think you meant Sanctuary?

Fix'd, I do believe.


Pretty sure that's the whole crux of her staying in her pony form. She lost control of herself when she killed silent, and for a moment seemed to turn on lens. She probably felt as if she was going feral, and is afraid that if she lets herself be a changeling then she will hurt the ones she cares about. I'm pretty sure that's why she ran away from her friend a couple chapters ago too, because he asked her about why she keeps the disguise.

This is a guess based on nothing but I bet she tells this to either Twilight or Fluttershy before telling scarlet.


Hmm. Makes sense that there'd be a similar symbol to a white flag. Scarlet mentioned differences between Spike's actual appearance and how he's depicted in their religion. I wonder if that's going to cause problems. I don't know how much he resembles what people think he looks like, but I think that Church Scarlet visited in that last story had a stained glass window featuring him? Still was purple and green iirc.

Yeah, his colors were the same. It's largely his proportions and scale that have changed. Gone is the baby fat of a baby dragon. He's full-grown now and has proportions nearly identical to the one seen in Dragonshy, albeit somewhat smaller.

I'm glad Twilight et al. are going to have Scarlet, Lens and Prim's help. Light knows they're going to need it.

Also, why do I have a sneaking suspicion that Dash's mouth is going to cause far too many problems.

I'm really hoping that all goes well.
Twilight and friends are/were important public figures, after all, so their words have to mean something to the public.

Spike did not seem to respond to Rainbow's exclamation. His eyes remained glued to Twilight, a storm of emotion not unlike her own raging within. He tenderly reached out one his collosol claws, extending a single digit to Twilight as if to ensure she was real. She held perfectly still, holding her breath as he drew near.

That should be colossal.

Oh Pinkie...never change, ya hear me. That's a direct order.

This has got to be the most heartwarming and simultaneously awkward reunion ever.

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