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Hey, I'm Sahan, aka Leo Luce. I really like reading these stories, especially crossovers. I'm a huge Sunset and Sunshyne fan if you can't already tell from my stories.



This story is a sequel to You Will Never Be Alone

After the Fall Formal, Sunset found the one thing she always wanted. A family. She got a loving mother, a great aunt, a sweet little sister, and the kindest soul in the world, who is her girlfriend. But her journey is not over yet. Let's see, where her destiny will bring her while finding out some secrets of the elements of harmony, that no one knew before.

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"Apparently, Princess Celestia felt lazy and didn't want to get out of the bed. Princess Luna had to get her out," Sunset read Twilight's response in her journal when she was Celestia's student.

Not really shocked. And interesting on how this is how the chapter starts.

"Oh, Sunset, I just remembered. Celestia said she felt something change within the elements."

How can you “just remember”? That should be something that’s on your mind for a long time.

"Well, they did know I bullied you. It's not exactly the best first impression."

I wonder how common it is for people to date their ex-bullies?

"Mom, I'm home," She shouted. "And I have a friend with me," Sunset just stood tensely, slightly hidden behind Fluttershy. Sunset normally wasn't a coward, but Fluttershy's mom would at least wait for Fluttershy to move out of the way before throwing the knife her way while she escaped through the front door, right?

Damn, I can make tons of jokes out of this.

The girls decided to spend the rest of their time hanging out. Fluttershy showed Sunset her pet bunny Angel. Though Sunset was a little wary about him because she could swear he is plotting something behind her back. She would bet money she saw him glare at her and draw his paw across his neck.

Wow, even in another dimension angel is still a demon. Probably more of a demon than sunset was when she put on the crown.

"You do ? Okay then, answer me this. I need a true, honest answer. Why did you bully her? Why were you a bad person before, and what changed you that made someone like Principal Celestia want to adopt you?" Sunset's face turned into panic. Only her parents and her friends know about her true origin. All the students knew about her was that she and magic were tied together somehow and nothing else. But now Fluttershy's parents ask about her past.

Ok, usually I would condone lying, but not in this situation.

"He-he, it's all right. You have all the right to. You were just looking after your daughter."

I just realized something, didn’t celestia and luna know about the bullying before the fall formal?

So there you have it. The first chapter of the sequel.

I actually didn’t even know the last story was finished until I saw this, which was probably not even even 30 minutes after it was approved.

That part was actually from a song I heard named "who knows" by 4everfreebrony

They were in a friendly conversation so twilight might have forgotten it for the time being. She must have been very happy seeing Sunset call her.

Who knows,


Angel the demon bunny:ajsmug:


Yes they do

I made a blog post about it. maybe you haven't seen it.

I'm glad you like the little add on's. I was hoping it wasnt to forced, because honestly that's what would be going through my mind if I was in Sunset position. And yes evil bunny forever.:pinkiecrazy:

A great start, I can't y to see where this goes! Keep up the good work!

Mrs.Shy throwing knifes at sunset, angel drawing a finger over neck, those things. They wasn’t there in the original. Moonrise added them.

Also, take a look at the song "Who Knows" by 4everfreebrony. That's the song, that based the conversation between sunset and twilight.

I spy a "Who Knows" reference at the beginning.
Ah, the dreaded meeting with the parents. Much worse what with being a former bully than a total stranger.

Yup, you are right. It is a who knows reference.

You can meet the parents of the girl your dating."

Well now I know that sunset is dating fluttershy. Don't know why it took me so long to find out.

Despite everything going well for Sunset, she found herself thinking back on certain events. Sunset wasn't too sure as to what that place was, but she knew it contained the Tree of Harmony. Sadly, she didn't get a chance to investigate the last time she visited it, which was only during the Battle of Bands. Unfortunately, she didn't know what to do about it as she was unsure if she should tell anyone about the incident. That what lead to her current position. Sunset was sitting at her desk as she brainstormed. At the moment, no one knew anything about her astral journey, not her mom, her sister, her friends, or Luna. She told no one, not even Twilight. She brought up her right hand and looked at it.

Ok, is me or did sunset’s iq drop by 35%?

'Why did you give me this?' She asked no one in particular. She focused her mind, and suddenly, a flicker of fire appeared on her palm. The flame danced beautifully and lit up her face as it curled in on itself, shifting between the colors of orange, yellow, and a bright red.

Is she not surprised by that?

After talking with Twilight about what Princess Celestia felt, Sunset deduced that the Tree of Harmony gifted her some of her magical talents, primarily her mastery over flames. Her cutie mark represented her affinity for Pyrokinesis, which explained a lot about her current situation. She couldn't help but feel as though she could use more spells like teleportation and telekinesis when she pony-upped during her practices with the girls.

Oh no, I think I see where this is going.

Celestia giggled a little as she walked forward to kiss Sunset on the forehead, "Don't stay up too late. If you're going to be sleepwalking, make sure to stay out of the cookie jar, okay?"

Sunset giggled at the misunderstanding before cheekily saying, "I promise nothing it might happen now that you mentioned it."

What misunderstanding?

"Darn, alright, my little night owl. I'm going to sleep. Don't stay up too late," Celestia said in her "serious" voice. "Good night, I'll see you bright and early tomorrow."

Does either celestia have a serious voice?

Sunset smiled and looked at the traveling bag at the foot of her bed. They were going to meet Celestia and Luna's parents tomorrow, now her's and Snowdrop's grandparents. She was excited to meet them but almost overwhelmingly nervous too. She couldn't find a word for it, bu- *ping* Sunset brought up her phone and looked at the massage. It was from Pinkie, and it read,

"Nervousited? What the?" Sunset said in confusion.

It’s pinkie don’t question it.


"You know it, girl!"

Is that what sunset texted pinkie?

The next day came quickly, and Sunset found herself in the back seat of Celestia's SUV with Snowdrop drowsily leaning against her.

SUV, a classic family car.

Luna was in the front with Celestia, deciding to join them in Celestia's car rather than using her own.

Now I’m starting to wonder what car luna has.

The ride took roughly six hours. Which Sunset either spent listening to Rainboom demos to point out changes they could make until she lulled to sleep listening to a song Fluttershy wrote.

Damn, was fluttershy’s song that boring?

The next day came quickly, and Sunset found herself in the back seat of Celestia's SUV with Snowdrop drowsily leaning against her. Luna was in the front with Celestia, deciding to join them in Celestia's car rather than using her own. It was Friday, and Celestia left the school in Cheerilee's and Cranky Doodle's hand for the day, and they were going to stay at Celestia and Luna's parent's home for two days, leaving late Sunday. The ride took roughly six hours. Which Sunset either spent listening to Rainboom demos to point out changes they could make until she lulled to sleep listening to a song Fluttershy wrote. Celestia parked the car in front of a simple-looking house. The house was painted a soft brown with white trims. It gave off a modern feel but held a nostalgic feel that had Celestia and Luna smiling when they saw it. Celestia looked in the back seat and shook the two sleeping beauties awake while Luna got out of the car.

They’re sleeping beauties until one of them starts drooling.

"Hey, you two, we are here," She said, nudging Sunset. Sunset jolted awake, and Snowdrop flinched at the sudden movement, causing her hand to smack Sunset in her bottom jaw. This caused Sunset to hit her head against the door window and whine at the sudden state she found herself in. Sunset groaned as she stretched a bit as she got her bearing in order. Celestia just watched with amusement as she tried to contain her laughter. Luna just laughed at the two zombies trying to use their brains despite being half asleep.

Damn, I would hate to be in the back seat. They may be sleeping beauties when they’re asleep, but when they’re awake, not so much.

The house's front had a green lawn with fire dragon grass near the front porch with orange mums between them.

What does that look like?

The woman had peach color skin and curly orange hair that faded into purple at the end. She wore a white dress and looked about forty despite Sunset knowing she was in her late fifties.

Damn, then how old are celestia and luna?

"Oh, Celestia, Luna, I missed you so much. I knew I heard Luna's laugh, your father didn't believe me, but between us, he can barely hear over his own voice sometimes," She said with an elderly chortle, as she laughed at her own joke. She then looked up and saw the two girls standing behind.

Damn, she got that dog hearing?

"Ohhhh! You two are so cute. I can't believe I'm finally seeing my little granddaughters," She yelled in joy before she devolved into excited laughter.

I love this mother. She seems like the type a person that’ll bake you cookies.

"You two are the sweetest things I've ever seen. Come, come. Let's go meet that grump of a grandpa!"

I think I know where luna got her personality from.

Sunset looked around the house to get herself accustomed to the house as she placed the bag next to the bag Luna dropped. Snowdrop stayed in the same places as she listened to get a feeling of the house.

Don’t ever give her equestrian magic. She’s gonna be op.

"Yes, it may be a little small on the outside, but much of the ground floor is open. Mine and Luna's rooms are downstairs in the basement. Your rooms are next to ours.

Wouldn’t that mean there are four rooms or is my grammar bad?

As they reached the living room, they saw Luna with an elderly man, who, much like his wife, looked younger despite him being in his mid-sixties.

Alright, where are they keeping that fountain of youth? I’ll interrogate them if I have to.

"Welcome, I see you got yourself situated and have made yourself at home," He said, looking over the two girls. "Sorry I didn't meet you with Solar, I was working on my girl, and I simply lost track of time," He explained while Celestia and Luna left to meet up with their mom.

I’m willing to bet money his girl is a vehicle.

"Good, 'sir' is only used when you in trouble or I feel like you're in danger. Now, I'm going back to work on my girl until dinner," He said before leaving the girls.

What kind of danger?

Before long, Celestia's mother, Solar Wind, called everyone to the dining table. She made a feast for the occasion, and Sunset found herself drooling at the sight of it all.

We all got that one family member that can cook it up in the kitchen.

Sunset gulped nervously. She'd need to talk with Celestia before the scheduled talk to know how much to tell and what they would leave out. While she was fine letting her friends, and by extension, their families, along with her mom and aunt, know about her origins. She was concerned about how the older couple would respond to some of the things she was going to claim when she talked about herself. She didn't want to put any strain on Celestia and Luna between their parents. It was obvious they all loved each other, and it would kill her inside to know that she damaged that relationship. She just hoped that the conversation went well.

I’m willing to bet they’re gonna take it well.

For the misunderstanding, I think Celestia thought Sunset meant sleepwalking when she said dream walking

So for context shes been talking with Twilight, so she knows a lot Luna's power to dream walking shes mentioning it in a joking matter. But Celestia isnt aware of that type of magic so she thinks Sunset is just being her funny self. She isnt telling anyone because shes worried what would happen to her and what people will think. Think of Twilight during the legend of everfree. She was scared about the magic she was given/experiencing. Also she fell asleep listening to Fluttershy's song because it was soothing and relaxing. I also will be making it to where this is the one song that Fluttershy is the lead singer. So she fell asleep listen to her love sing to her. It was suppose to be a heartwarming scene. Sorry for any of the confusion.

Well, at least that answers a few of my questions.

She's just afraid.

If you mean the flame appearing, no. Because she already know about that.

You do:trixieshiftright:

Dream walking vs sleep walking

I think this is more like a mothers serious voice. You know. Also, there were times when princess celestia had a serious voice too.


No, it's what pinkie texted to sunset when she thought she will always be pinkie

😅 yeah

I... don't ... actually know that much about cars. It will be a sports car, if moonrise decided ever specify it.

No, it was soothing. I think it felt like a lullaby.You know, with her soft calming voice.


You know rule #31, check the back seat.🧟

You better ask moonrise that. He is the one that wrote that part and he would be able to describe it better.

Around 30's I think

Maybe she's excited to see sunset and snowdrop, she got super hearing.:twilightoops:

Aren't all the grandma's.


I... need... more... power😈

Oh yeah. I'll ask moonrise.



I think he meant when he feels like they did something wrong and they are in danger. Same thing as when they are in trouble.

Oh yeah.

Let's find out in the next chapter.

Afraid of what?
But, when did she figure out she could do that?
It’s probably because I don’t take either celestia serious.
I actually didn’t know that was a rule.
30? Really?
They have to. The mother would probably be more excited than upset, and if I’m right about luna having the same personality as her father, then he’ll either be calm or not care.

Afraid of her powers. That she was turning evil. Afraid that she'll harm her family.


It was a zombieland reference. Haven't you watched that movie. Because you definitely should.


We'll see

Won’t that wind up happening anyways?
Oh yea. It’s been so long.
I always thought they In their 40s or 50s.
Yes, we will.

So the reason I didnt specify was because I was going to talk to you about whether or not if we wanted it to be a motorcycle that they both work on and Sunset grows to love motorcycles. But I was tired and wanted to sleep, that's why I dmed you earlier asking about a car.

This chapter was great, I only wish that it was longer.

Maybe I'll div add into it sometime next weekend.

Liking it so far. Enjoyed the previous story. Hoping to see Solar and Crescent bust out some of that 'Grandparent' magic. You know the magic that let's them know things that no one should know.

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Seeing sunset sing that song sure surprised me.

I very much enjoyed this you don't see to many stories about Sunset meeting her grandparents and her telling them about her the scene when Celestia hug her to calm Sunset down whispering to her.

I just like how you tell your stories i have read quite a lot of fanfics and most just try to cram so much of the plot in one chapter while you let you story plot flow slowly but not so slow that makes me think while reading " Man! That took so long"

Thanks. I'll try to keep the pace same. Also, Moonrise helped a lot on editing and adding new parts to the chapters.

She doesn't sing that song until after backstage pass came out

Yeah, thought you'd say that. I know it is, but Suset did say it's a work in progress. And the only other song that sunset plays during this time, if not the only song sunset played before let it rain is my past is not today. I felt like that does not mix well with the situation here. So I chose let it rain, which was also played on a guitar.

Glad to more updates! Since you mentioned Princess Celestia, I really hope we can get a nice reunion between her and Sunset someday.
Sunset has become the pony/person she wanted her to become, and I think just seeing what she has done, and all her friends would help heal a rift between them.

Hope to see more soon.

Oh definitely but there's a little more to it than that. Stick around and I'll update soon.

So do you like the pase the story is going on? Is it rushed, slow or okay?

"Really? Who else-" Sunset paused before a small smile spread. "Yeah, they would. Especially Pinkie and Fluttershy. Pinkie would throw me a party to feel better, and Fluttershy would give me one of her hugs. The ones that could feel anyone with warmth and make all the sadness disappear. Her hugs are magical. You just can't be sad around her. It's like her kindness makes the sadness disappointed in itself for making you sad. She's amazing."

Well damn, I may need to test that.

"Mom, don't. You sound like Rarity," Sunset said as she blushed so hard that it would put her demonic skin color to shame.

That would be hard to do.

"Okay, it's… about where I come from..." Sunset took a breath before continuing. "I know this is going to sound crazy, and I swear I'm not, you can ask Luna. So I'm actually… not from here. This world or dimension, really."

Why her?

"I was not always in this body. I was a unicorn back in my world. A pretty powerful one at that, though I'm might be weak now—years of not training and being cut off from magic and that. Not to mention new spells that have been crafted. Anyway, I caught the eye of a ruler of the land, and they took me as their personal student from an orphanage. As time went by… I began to turn a little… prideful about myself."

That’s an understatement.

"Little?" Luna interrupted from the side, which got her a glare from her sister.

Luna, nows not the time. But you can do it later.

"Okay, let me get this straight. You are a unicorn, from another world, who turned into a human, that did bad things, and is now trying to be good again?" Crescent Moon asked.

I mean, that’s a short way to put it.

The video was a song the girls played with Sunset after the battle of the band. Crescent Moon handed back the phone once the video was finished.

How did she get the video? And how did no one post that on the internet?

The other's meanwhile asked Snowdrop about her story. Since losing her parents when she was little, she didn't have much to say other than her abilities.

She lost her parents?

Everyone watched in amazement as Sunset suddenly began to glow. The transformation was quick and swift. Under everyone's eyes, Sunset's human ears turned into pony ears, her hair grew in length, and a unicorn horn sprouted on her forehead.

Ok, is that new?

Sunset finished the cords before she opened up her eyes. She saw her grandparents looking at her with wide eyes, just like she expected. They stayed like that for a while as their minds tried to grasp what was before them. Moments later, Solar Wind stood up and walked over to Sunset. She extended an arm and gently touched one of Sunset's ears. Sunset instinctually tilted her head and folded her ears.


"Hey. I heard you working and thought to check who your girl is," Sunset said.

"Hehe, a Chevy Impala. She's a beaute, isn't she?" He asked.

That’s actually not bad.

An excited laugh and bobbing head was the only answer as she stood up. Solar Wind guided Snowdrop towards them as she said, "Now be careful, okay, Moony. You are with two kids."

Wait, how old is sunset?

"Yes, yes, I know. Don't worry, I only drag race when I'm alone," He said, earning a glare from Solar, as he opened the door and helped Snowdrop to get inside.

Damn, he drag races?

Once inside, Crescent Moon started the car towards the road and revved the engine. Sunset was amazed at the capabilities of the vehicle despite being an old model.

What capabilities?

Then again, she's as dumb as a foal when it comes to cars.

Along with probably a few other things.

Crescent Moon drove the car around the town, giving the girls a great view of the city or Snowdrop's case, enjoying the warm sun with a cool breeze. Both he and Sunset were saddened by the fact that Snowdrop couldn't see the amazing view. But she tried to enjoy the ride and scenery for both herself and Snowdrop.

Knowing her, she might be able to hear the view.

All and all, the day was quite great. Sunset met her grandparents for the first time, and they were okay with who she was and is. Sunset almost forgot about her powers when she saw her grandparents accepting her. But the worry resurfaced when they asked about her unicorn magic, something she was hesitant to answer at the moment.

I don’t see why.

1.Good Luck.

2.just saying

3.eh, nothing special

4,5. Luna seems to agree.


7.she can set the camera and play the song. Since it's between the girls, they wouldn't post it on the internet. Even if they did, they'd think it's edited.

8.She was in an orphanage before Celestia adopted her.

9.about the horn? no, it was there since the beginning of the story.

10.maybe it tickled. pony ears must be a little bit more sensitive than human ears.

11.I love that car. and I kind of added it as a reference to ''supernatural''.

12.no matter how old you are, you will always be a little kid to your parents. Especially to grandparents.


14.like how powerful it is.

15. Which is?


17.read the next chapter.

1. -
2. -
3. -
4,5. -
6. -
7. -
8. Yea, but I didn’t know she lost her parents. I just assumed they dropped her off there.
9. Really?
10. Oh yea. I forgot.
11. Really?
12. That’s true.
13. -
14. Ohh.
15. Idk. That’s why I said probably, but who knows? I might think of some as the story goes forward.
16. I’m not wrong.
17. I definitely will when I get the chance.

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