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Sunset Shimmer is my crush!!



This story is a sequel to Sunset's Trial

A week after Sunset's Trial ends and the day after the Battle of the Bands (Rainbow Rocks) Sunset now has new trials to face. Now she has friends she can count on both here and in Equestria. Or does she? Also new threats are on the horizon and old ones will come back to haunt her.

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To steal a phrase from Rainbow Dash, I want to whoop Sunset's butt.

I'm with you, Sunset needs some commonsense knocked into her thick head.

I'm enjoying the story, but Sunset is in need of a serious wake up call.

What would you suggest? I mean it I would like to hear your ideas.

Perhaps an event where Sunset gets hurt significantly enough that she ends up hospitalized for a significant amount of time and the first person to help her even after everything that she has done is Luna. Or you could have Principal Celestia kick her ass.

I would say have Anon-a-miss start shortly after their talk but Luna and Celestia supports her as well as Pinkie and Fluttershy unless you want all the girls supporting Sunset or have The Dazzling be Anon-a-miss they are the type to do something like that with the exception of Sonata.

This takes place right after Rainbow Rocks. I got a few things to do to get Anon-a-miss. But you'll see it start to build slowly.

Despite s few mistakes were off to a good start

Good story so far. With Sunset being in therapy, show her having sessions with the doctor and have Luna taking an active role, unless she's going to be the typical suburban boomer parent.

I've got a very bad feeling that Gilda and Greta will find a way to get out of prison and then go after Sunset and those she cares about along with the ones who out her in prison such as Trixie, Luna, Chrysalis, The Rainbooms and Principal Celestia.

Anyways great interaction between Luna and Sunset, I'm glad that Luna is going to regain Sunset's trust again.

I do hope Sunset will start to mature as she really needs to stop acting like a total brat to Luna.

I get the feeling that Gilda is just the little girl version of Greta. I get that Sunset has trust issues and what happened with the Dazzlings stressed the small mount of trust she already had built up, but come on Sunny, you admitted that you studied mind magic and it wasn't that long ago when you manipulated the whole school.

Well at least sunset and Luna are doing well. But for what we hear from Gilda something is telling me she's gonna try and brake out.

You do realize that scene is just a ripoff of the Spider-Man Homecoming midcredits, right?

I realize that. I used that scene to setup something in my story. It goes perfectly with what I want.

Huh, wasn't thinking that actually but good eye

Sunset privately wondered if Big Mac ever said anything other than Eeyupp and Nope. She figured he was probably really shy. Sunset had to admit he was cute, but you don’t date your BFB (Best Friend’s Brother).

I LOVE that.

The ending sure surprised me

I look forward to when we meet again. I just might reread this.

Well, that was resolved rather quickly.

I am kinda curious of what Twilight is going to tell Sunset about? I'm very glad that Sunset and Luna patched things up, keep up the awesome work!

I'm glad that you are okay. If you ever need to talk just drop me a message.

I'm even more curious of what kind of news Twilight has to tell Sunset Shimmer and already we're seeing the motivation for the Crusaders for wanting to get Sunset away from their sisters, I'm looking forward to seeing just how far they'll go to as well as see what Luna and Chrysalis will be doing what Anon-A-Miss hits.

And so Anon-a-miss begins...

Thanks you very much for dedicating this chapter to me and shimmeringsun, I mainly did it since I wanted to help a friend in need and I see the that you'll be including the anon a miss segment in this story of your, can't wait.

Feel better soon after your surgery. :fluttercry:

Trust me, I know what you're going through. I know far too well that struggle with the demon known as Depression.... and he plays about as fair as Oogie Boogie and Hades.

wait, Gilda's going to be involved in anon a miss?

Not exactly she is kind of predicting it though. You'll see as time goes on.

I do wonder what Twilight has to tell Sunset about and I'm now curious of what will happen if Gilda ever gets out of prison? In my mind I can see her making plans of going after Sunset and those who are close to her.

Also I have a very good feeling that Twilight will be furious at the human counterparts of the Crusaders for framing Sunset because of her magic transforming their siblings into "freaks". I see Twilight giving them a very good lecture for their reckless actions of not talking with their sisters about their concerns.

Anyways great chapter, keep up the awesome work.

since Twilight's there.Please for the love god make her smack sense to the rainbooms when Anon hits. Or have a middle ground . I have a suggestion, the rainbooms don't straight up accuse Sunset but doesn't just take her claim of innocence at face value. It will hurt they don't believe her but they won't abandon her to the wolves. They'll investigate anon a miss and keep a neutral stance with promise to make it up to her if shes proven innocent

I 'm not writing Anon-a-miss. That's already been written. I'm doing everything leading up to it and the aftermath.

ohj, nevermind . Heres hoping they punish the CMC though . Would Sunset still give her friends another chance? For plot, im sure yes but 'no' at first

The CMC will get it trust me.

Kinda wondering what twilight has to say to sunset but I'm kinda thinking more about the anon-a-miss segment approaching

Getting nervous. And I love it.

Well, having watched a trailer, I can see why Luna snapped
I cant recall if Twilight ever reacted to Chrysalis being Sunset's "aunt", considering who her counterpart is.

She probably kept her reaction on the down low. My Chrysalis is a wild badass, but nothing like the queen of the changelings.

Honestly if this turns into a anon-a-miss story I am out. IT has so much potential and would be absolutely ruined by going down that shithole story line.

Well with counterparts being somewhere similar, at least from Twilight's experiences, I wouldn't blame her for having reservations. But then again, similar, not identical.

I'm not going to do Anon-a-miss. I'll lead up to it, then do aftermath, not the story itself. (That's been done).

Great chapter, can't wait for he next one

Sunset got up and walked around the side of the house and was greeted by the scene of Luna and Apple Cinnamon making out on the side of the house.

I don't think Sunset likes the sight of that. But it would be a twist if she just smiled and walked past them.

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I am gonna tan your hide.


He ran over to great Luna as she got out of the car.


Most of the picking was done by Applejack Big Mac, and their cousins. Apple Bloom and Babs seed were catching the apples that got tossed down.

There should be comma after Applejack

and was greeted by the scene of Luna and Apple Cinnamon making out on the side of the house.


Thanks for the heads up on my spelling mistakes.

Why is Applebloom being such a brat?

To set up for Anon-a-miss. The idea behind that was jealousy and that is what is being displayed here.

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