After everything she's done. She believes she deserve all the pain she has . Until her new friends and family show her how wrong she is.

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Seems like an interesting start! I’ll be tracking this

Thanks for the comment! Your story is one of many that inspired me do tell my own version

Oh wow! I can't believe that my story has that sort of impact on people! I didn't think it would, but I'm happy that does! It's pretty overwhelming whenever I hear that. I can't wait to see your take, and if you ever feel stuck with anything, don't hesitate to give me a PM, I'll always be happy to help out! Ps: how often will you publish a new chapter? If you don't mind me asking?

Your welcome and i currently don't have set schedule chapter realeses

Aw okay! I look forward to seeing more chapters come out anyway! :) Goodluck!

Despite some mistakes it was still good. I mean I can tell your new at this like me and my stories that I started doing in September

Liking the story so far. Added to my read list.

Will the following stories also be tragedies?

well done,on this chapter.

Good chapter! I can't wait to see the relationship development between Luna and Sunset, and I'm glad that Tempest was so agreeing on letting Sunset live with her and Luna. Let's just hope Sunset accepts!

It was a short chapter, but other than that I still enjoyed it. Glad to see Luna excited

Enjoyed the chapter! But I’m looking forward to seeing Sunset meet Tempest, and Luna offering Sunset a place to stay with them! And, who's Megan :rainbowderp:

Really enjoyed it
And happy thanksgiving

It's got some rough edges, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Oh, I wasn't aware! But I like how you've added in different characters from gen 1. It’ll be interesting to see if she's in the story more

Hope to see more soon! I’m so excited for Sunset to meet Tempest ahhhhh

Nice chapter, despite a few mistakes, I liked it. Now I can't wait for Sunset meeting Tempest. I hope they get to bond somewhat

I did enjoy your chapter I look forward to the idea of her moving in with Luna and seeing what happens from there if they start to develop a mother-daughter relationship looking forward to the next.



Sorry about that I forgot to proofread it before publishing it
I just edit it so hopefully it's a little better now


If you ever need help with that, I can do it for you if you want

Thanks for the offer but by think I'm still ok right now.
I was get tired last night as I was typing it up and was try to push myself to get it up before going bed.When I should of just stopped and waited to finish it the next day. I know better now so hopefully I won't make that mistake again

Okay well, my offers stands for whenever you need it. Just drop me a message

That was very sweet of Luna at the end.

Tempest and Luna are such a cute couple together! I love how Tempest fully supports Luna with Sunset! I can't wait to see what their past was like, and it was really sweet of Luna at the end with Sunset! Great chapter!

Tempest picked the live action Beauty and the Beast

Here's a film I still have yet seen full, almost did when it was still in theather but I didn't due to something that happened the day I originally was gonna see it

I'm going to. Not sure when though since if my cousins never begged to join them seeing a film I already saw weeks prior then I would have seen it already, But I didn't want to upset them

Its good
Its my favorite of all the live action remake they have done so far

She climbs into bed with Sunset. Sunset cuddles up to her and falls back to sleep. Soon Luna dose too. Tempest walks back to her room wiping tears from her eyes and proud of Luna.She grabs her phone and quietly takes a picture of them before going back to sleep herself. She had worried if Luna could handle this but after watching her act like a real parent to Sunset she no long had any doubts.

This is so cute, I want to see that photo :(

Tempest is so great with Sunset already, and I love it! Her and Luna suit being parents together. They are all so cute :3

Do you need like an editor or something? because I can probably help out with that

Sure wasn't a great chapter despite a few word and sentence errors.

Happy new year! Can't wait to see more of this

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Great chapter! Loving the moments between Tempest and Sunset. Hope to see more between them and Luna too

" Yep, I sure do! " said Pinkie standing next to Sunset.

It's weird how it eqg gummy is a plush toy but in mlp fim he's a real alligator.

Thank you for the awesome chapter 😘

I mean as far as we can tell canterlot city is on the coast but i doubt its florida

I just read this again. I really enjoy it. I honestly think Tempest is great with Sunset, so is Luna. I can't wait to see what you do with Fluttershy and Sunset

I got nothing to say to you. I just did.

Great chapter! I love how close Luna and Sunset are becoming

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