• Published 6th Nov 2020
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A New Beginning Sunsets Second Chance - Drekoswordhunter

After everything she's done. She believes she deserve all the pain she has . Until her new friends and family show her how wrong she is.

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Chapter 6 First day back

Sunset and Luna arrive at the school as the rain continues to fall. Sunset noticed something different about the school when they arrive. There is a big tarp draped over the front entrance to keep the rain out and signs to direct everyone to the other entrances. Luna parks her car in the faculty parking and they get out. They try to get in the school as quickly as possible before they get too wet. Sunset follows Luna to the main office where her and principal Celestia offices are. When they arrive they are greeted by Raven Inkwell the school secretary.

"Good morning Luna! Good morning Sunset ! I hope y'all didn't get too wet on your way in," Greeted Raven.

"No not too bad." Answered Luna, " Is my sister in yet?

"Yes, but she stepped out for few minutes."

"Ok, let us know when she gets back."

"No problem."

Luna turns to Sunset and motions her to follow, " Come with me to my office Sunset. I have a towel you can use to dry off with. "

Sunset follows her to her office. Luna opens the closet in her office and pulls out a couple of towels and hands one to Sunset. Sunset take it and the both of them try the best they can to get somewhat dry. Once they finished, Sunset handed the towel back to Luna and she hangs them on the coat rack in her office. Before Sunset could sit down and relax there a knock at the door.

"Come in!" Said Luna.

The door opens and Mrs.Inkwell pops her head in. "Your sisters here and she's ready to see Sunset."

" Ok, thank you Raven. " Luna said and then turned to Sunset. "Are you ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," Sunset respond a little nervous.

Sunset follows Luna into Celestia office. They are greeted by the principal when they walk in.

" Good morning Luna, " greeted Celestia.

" Good morning Tia," Luna said return her greeting.

"And good morning you to Sunset, please have seat," Celestia said gesturing to the chair on opposite side of her desk.

As Sunset sat down in the chair, Luna walk over to stand beside her sister.

"How are you doing Sunset?" Asked Celestia

" I'm doing ok. My back still hurts a little bit. And I'm still feeling bad about everything happened since I came here, " answered Sunset sadly.

"That's good. The fact that you realize what you did was wrong is the first step towards become a better person or pony in your case, " Celestia said with a smile.

But her tone turns serious when she says, "But you still have to pay the price for what you've done."

This is it she probably going to kick me out of school now and what a I'm going to do. Sunset thought herself while looking down at her feet. But look up quickly surprised when she heard her principals verdict.

" Your going to serve one month of doing chores around the school and you will be in detention when your not doing chores. "

Sunset was speechless. She was so sure she was going be kicked out.

" As for today, " continued Celestia, " you will be in detention. "

Tears well up as Sunset says, "Thank you...thank you so much for giving me a chance."

Celestia smiles and says, "Your welcome and your dismissed."

Sunset thanks them both once more as she walks out of the office. Once she's gone, Luna walks over and sits in the chair that Sunset was sitting in.

"So what kind of chores are going have her do?" Asked Luna curiously.

" I have a few ideas but we've got to talk to a few people first. "


Sunset walks down the hallway on the way to the detention room. She hears the whispers of the students as she walks though the halls.

"What's She doing here? "
"I can't believe she can show her self here after what did. "
"There probably going to kick her out."
"I hope they do!"
"I can't believe they let her come back to school. "

Sunset begins to walk faster to try to get to detention so she doesn't have to hear them and their hurtful words anymore. She feels like she going to cry as the students words got worse.

"The She demons here."
"Someone should do something about her."
" She doesn't belong here."
"Look it's the she demon somebody's an exorcist. "

Sunset finally made it to the empty detention room and sat down at a desk and cried quietly to herself til the teacher other students arrived.


Celestia hangs up the phone and signs. She had just finished speaking with school board director Neighsay about what had happened the other night. Of course she didn't tell him what really happened. She told him it was a prank involving fireworks and a gas leak. He didn't sound convinced but he had no reason to mistrust her ether. A few minutes later there was a knock at her door.

" Come in. "

Her sister Luna walks in, sits down, and asks "So how did it go? "

"Well he wasn't happy about it, but I think he bought the story I told him. He said it will probably be a few days before a construction crew and landscaping company can come out a fix the front entrance and the crater, " answered Celestia.

"Well I've spoken with Granny Smith and Mrs Cheerilee. Grannys willing to let Sunset help her in the cafeteria starting tomorrow before and after lunch. Sunset will also help Mrs.Cheerilee in the library tomorrow as well."

"That's good. What about Coach Ironhead?"

"He'll be back tomorrow so we'll have to wait till then to talk to him. I'm also going to talk to Rarity and Pinkie pie after lunch."

"Ok" answered Celestia before changing the subject, " but how are you doing? "

Luna sighed " Ok I guess. I'm excited to be Sunsets guardian. I'm also excited that she might soon be living with me, but I'm worried she'll say no and that scares me. I gave her a ride to school this morning and she told me she was happy to see me. We even had a nice talk at the coffee shop This morning too. "

"Sounds like things are going good so far."

"Yes for me maybe but not for Sunset," Luna said worryingly.

"What do you mean?"

"When I was walking down the halls to speak with Granny and Mrs.Cheerilee I heard some of the students talking badly about Sunset. A lot of the students are still holding grudges against her."

" I'm not surprised, " said Celestia matter-of-factly " It's going to be long and hard road to get the students to forgive her after everything she done to them. But with you, me, and those five girls she won't have to do it alone. "

"I just hope that will be enough. "


Sunset sat in detention working on her math work Mr.Cranky sent for her to do. Sunset wasn't in ISS by herself. Right now Mrs. Williams the History teacher is on duty right now and there are few other students in there as well. Snips and Snails were there, they got a week of ISS for there part in what happened at the fall formal. Rover who was one of the diamond dogs and Rolling Thunder one of the Washouts was here too. There was a big dark skinned red headed guy named Pharynx as well. The lunch bell rings.

" Ok you are dismissed for lunch but you all better be back before third period starts . " said Mrs.Williams

All of them got up and walked out of the room. Sunset was the last one to leave, but before she could make it out of the room the teacher called out to her.

" Sunset can i have a word with you before you leave," asked Mrs.Williams.

"Sure," Sunset said as she walks over to the teachers desk.

"So what are you planning on doing now that your still here?"

" I don't know yet," Sunset said unsure, "For now I'm just gonna continue the life of a high school student and try to make up for the things I've done."

" You know when you first arrived here and I helped you find a place in this world, I didn't think you would try to take over two worlds."

"I never planned on that happening. I wanted power because I thought I needed it and I was wrong about that."

"Well I hope things turn out better for you. "

"Thanks and Thank you for all the help you gave me since I first arrived Mrs.Williams."

"Sunset I told you before when it's just us you can call me Megan."

"Thanks Megan," Sunset said before she left the room for lunch.


As Sunset made her way to the lunch, she tried her best to ignore the whispers of the other students. She finally got to the doors to the cafeteria and she could hear the sound of the students on the other side. She opens the door and suddenly the cafeteria becomes quiet as all eyes turn to her. Sunset tried to look away from them as she got in line to get her lunch. Soon the cafeteria became noisy again but not as loud as it was before.

Sunset is in line for a few minutes before it's was her turn. She gets a plate of mashed potatoes and green beans. She also gets a bottle of water to drink. She then searches for place to sit and spots a empty table in the back and make her way to it. She didn't get far though because someone stuck there foot out and tripped her. She falls and lands face first in to her plate of mash potatoes. Her water bottle and and green beans went flying across the room. Then most of the students in the cafeteria pointed and laugh at her louder then they were before she walk in.

Sunset with her face covered in mash potatoes, quickly gets up and running a out of the cafeteria with tears rolling down her face. She had to run. She had to get out of there. It was all she could think about. She had run and hide from there hateful glances and there hateful words. She hated herself even more now for subjecting other to the same the pain of humiliation she feels now. The Demons word ring in ears once more as she continues to run, "Do you really think you can be forgiven for everything you've done? Do you believe anyone really what's to help you? "

****Meanwhile back in the cafeteria*****

One group of girls, who didn't laugh at Sunset, watched as she ran out of the cafeteria.

"Should we go after her?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"She got what she deserved as far as I'm concerned," said Rainbow Dash.

"That doesn't make it right," said Rarity glaring at Rainbow.

" Uhh guys, " said Applejack trying to get their attention. " Where did Fluttershy go? "

The others look back to were Fluttershy was sitting then to the rest of the cafeteria, wondering where she disappeared to. They spot a flash of pink hair exiting the cafeteria.

****Before Sunset arrived*******

Fluttershy was in the cafeteria before her friends. She sat down the table with her plate of mashed potatoes and green beans. She slowly ate while thinking back to the conversation she had with her friends the other day.

"So who whats to try to help Sunset first? " asked Rarity.

"I'll-," is all Fluttershy said before.

"O o o o let me go first!!!! Said Pinkie Pie excitingly loud.

"I'll -,"

"Ah don't know Pinkie, I think you might be a little too much for her," said Applejack.

"Awww," said Pinkie pie a little sad.

"I'll -,"

" I still don't think we shouldn't bother with this," said Rainbow Dash.

"I'll -,"

" Rainbow, you need to at least give her a chance!" said Rarity.


"Because ---

I'LL DO IT!!!! said Fluttershy as loud as she could.

They all turn to her surprised by the usually quiet girl's outburst.

"I'll do it!" She repeated in her normal voice.

"Darling, are you sure? "Rarity asked worryingly.

" Yes! " she said with as much determination as she could.

"Are you crazy? She pick on more than anyone!" Ranted Rainbow Dash, "You have more reason to hate her than anyone!"

"Come on Rainbow, this Fluttershy were talking about. She doesn't have a hateful bone in her body," said Pinkie.

"But still--"

" Rainbow I know your still mad about what she did to all of us especially how she broke us up. In all honestly though, if Sunset was able to exploit the cracks in our relationship then we have some things to work out before we can try to get back together, " Fluttershy said in a serious tone.

Rainbow Dash was quiet after that and didn't try to argue the point any further.

"Well ahm convinced," said Applejack.

"Agreed," said Rarity.

Fluttershy wanted to approach her this morning but she looked stressed by what people were saying about her. She wasn't sure how or when was the best way to approach her. She continued to think on it as the rest of her friends arrived at the table. Pinkie Pie was the first to ask.

"So any luck yet?"

Fluttershy shook her head and said, " No, the only time I've seen her to day was this morning and she looked like was in a hurry to get away from the other students. "

"Yes, a lot of the students are saying a lot of mean things about her," said Rarity sadly

"Hey, is it me or did it suddenly get quiet in here?" asked Applejack.

They looked around till they found the reason why everyone became quiet. They notice Sunset had just walk in to the room. When she got in line for lunch, sound return to the room and the girls continued there lunch. A few minutes later they heard a crash and a bang.The girls all got up and saw Sunset on the floor. Then they hear most of the students begin to laughing at her.

Fluttershy sees Sunset get up and run. She grabs her plate of food and runs after her without a second thought. She had to catch up to her. She hated herself a little bit for waiting this long to approach her. But now was not the time for self loathing, Sunset needs help. She needs a friend now more than even. She follow her the best could but Sunset still had a decent head start. By the time she caught up to her, Sunset was sitting next to the east stairwell. She was was crying and holding her legs against her chest. Fluttershy approached her cautiously, worried she might run off again.

"Sunset," Fluttershy said in a calm and soothing voice.

Sunset looked up with mash potato still covering her face, to the shy quiet girl she use to bully.

"Are here to laugh at me too?" asked Sunset.

"No," Fluttershy said as she sat down next still holding the plate of food, " I could never do something so mean to someone. "

"Here," Fluttershy says as she pulls a handkerchief from her backpack and offers it to Sunset. At the same time her pet bunny Angel pops his head out of her backpack.

Sunset asks as she takes the handkerchief from her and cleans her face, " Why are you helping me?"

"Because I want to."

"But I bullied you more than anyone. I even threaten to get you in trouble for bringing your pets to school. I'm the last person you should be showing kindness to," said a confused Sunset.

" Your right you've hurt me with your words and your threats, but I don't see the girl who bullied me here now. I see a girl who feels guilty about the things she did. I see a girl who needs help. Who needs someone to give her a second chance. "

"So here. " Fluttershy says offering her plate of partially eaten food.

"But that's your lunch. " said Sunset on the edge of crying again, "If you give it to me what are you going to eat?"

"Don't worry about me ," Fluttershy said reaches back in to her backpack as Angel hop out to pull a container of carrots out, "I always carry some carrots with me for when Angel gets hungry."

Fluttershy opens the container and gives Angel a carrot and takes one out for herself before returning the container back to her backpack. Sunset couldn't hold back the tears anymore as she ate the plate of food Fluttershy was kind enough to give her.

When they finished eating Fluttershy says, " I'm sorry. "

"What for?" Sunset asked once again confused by the her words .

"For waiting this long to approach you. I wanted to talk to you when I saw you this morning but you looked so stressed by what everyone was saying about you. I was worried I was going to push you way if I approached you to soon but that was wrong. I should gone ahead and talked to you then and maybe things may not have turned out the way they did," Fluttershy said sadly.

"There's no way you could have known that was going to happen. So its ok. I'm just happy that theres someone who wants to forgive me and be my friend. Thank you Fluttershy. "

Fluttershy smiled before she gave her a hug and Sunset hugged her back.They end the hug as they hear someone frantically walking down the hall towards them. Angel quickly jumps back into Fluttershys backpack. A moment later the vice principal appears and runs towards the two girls.

"Sunset are you ok? " Luna asked worryingly, "The girls told me what happened. "

"Thanks to Fluttershy, I'm ok." Sunset said happily.

Luna turns to Fluttershy, " Thank you for looking out for her. "

"That's what friends are for!" Fluttershy said smiling brightly.

The bell rings for third period so Luna escorts the two girls back to class and detention. Sunset walks back into detention and sits back down at her desk. Snips, Snails,and Pharynx had changed seats so that they were sitting closer to Sunset. Snips and Snails were on each side of her and Pharynx was in front of her.

"Hey are you ok Sunset?" asked Snips.

" We saw what happened and were worried about you, " said Snails.

"Thanks guys, but I'm ok," answered Sunset.

Pharynx turns around in his chair and asks Sunset,"How's your head?"

" Ok I guess. Why do you ask? " Sunset asked.

" I should introduce myself. My name is Pharynx. My mother Chrysalis fixed you up a few days ago," he explained.

"Oh I didn't know she had any kids."

"Ya I'm the oldest of her three kids. She tault me a few thangs so I could help take care of myself, my brother, and my sister. So do mind if I check your head? "

"Sure." she said leaning up so he could check

After a couple of minutes he gave his report, "Everything looks good. "

"Thanks for making sure I'm ok."

"No problem. What they did to you was wrong. So I'm happy that your alright. "

"Thanks you guys," Said Sunset happy she was able to make a few friends today.

Author's Note:

I hope you like this longer chapter.I really enjoyed writing it. Hope every one has a happy Thanksgiving.