• Published 6th Nov 2020
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A New Beginning Sunsets Second Chance - Drekoswordhunter

After everything she's done. She believes she deserve all the pain she has . Until her new friends and family show her how wrong she is.

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Chapter 7 Counseling

Pinkie pie and Rarity were in there fourth period English class, when vice principal Luna came by and wanted to speak to them both. They got out of there desk and joined the vice principal in the hallway.

"What is it you wanted to speak with us about?" asked Rarity politely.

"The principal and I were hoping to get your assistance with Sunset," explained Luna.

"Of course! We'd do anything to help Sunset!" said Pinkie happily.

"What did you have in mind?"

"Pinkie, when will you start putting up the Halloween decorations around the school? asked Luna.

"Next week." Pinkie said excitingly

"And Rarity have you started making the costumes for the drama clubs Halloween play?"

" I'm going to start designing them this weekend. " Rarity said proudly.

" And do ether of you mind having Sunset help you? "

"We'd be happy for the help, right Pinkie?"

" Right. "Pinkie said shaky her head with a big smile," It's going to be so much fun! "

" Thank you girls so much, " Luna said proudly.

Luna then sends them back to class, but as she turns leave Rarity calls out to her.

"Vice principal Luna."

"Yes." Luna turns to face her

"How is Sunset doing?" Rarity asked worryingly. "The girls and I have been worried about her after what happened in the cafeteria."

" She doing alright thanks to Fluttershy. And thanks for letting me know what happened. "

"No problem I care a lot about her. The girls do too." said Rarity before she returned to class.


Sunset continued to sit in detention working on the work her teachers sent for her to do. Not long before the fourth and last period of the day ended, vice principal Luna came and got Sunset. Sunset was confused as to why the vice principal wanted to see her. As they walked down the quiet halls of the school Sunset asked the vice principal what was on her mind.

"Am I in trouble for something?" She asked worried at what her answer might be.

" No, but I understand why you would think that. " Luna answered with a warm smile, "I figured I'd save you from having to deal the other student anymore today."

" Thanks," Sunset said appreciating the vice principals kindness.

" Plus principal Celestia wants to see you before I take you home."

"Are you sure I'm not in trouble again for something?" asked Sunset again.

Luna giggles, "Yes I'm sure."

A few minutes later the arrive at the main office. Luna sends Sunset to Celestia office and Sunset notices Luna was heading to her own office.

"Your not coming too," Sunset asked worryingly.

"No not this time," Luna notices the worried look on Sunset's face, " But don't worry my sister won't bite. Unless you have so cake on you. Then you might want to run away. "

"I heard that!" Came Celestia's voice from her office.

Sunset laughs at the two sister principals. "Thanks." Sunset says before walking into Celestia office.

"Please close the door," Celestia asks.

Sunset closes the door as the bell marking the end of the day rings. She then sits in the same chair she was in earlier that morning.

"Sooo what was you wanted to see me about?" asked Sunset

"First, would you like some tea? I just finished making a fresh pot." Celestia asked gesturing to teapot on a portable hot plate sitting on a small file cabinet next to her desk.


Celestia pulls out two cups from her desk drawer and fills them before passing one of the cups to Sunset. They both have taste of there tea before they continue the conversation.

"I was going to wait till tomorrow to do this, but after what happened earlier today I decided it couldn't wait till then." Celestia said getting straight to the point but In a caring tone. " I am going to give some personal counseling. "

"You think I need counseling?" Questioned Sunset.

" I do, but I'm not going to force you to tell me anything unless you want to. I'm not a shrink. For now I just what to give you a safe place here at the school away from everything else going on. P!ease try to think of me less as your principal or consular and more like a friend. We can talk about anything you want, " Celestia said trying to make Sunset feel more comfortable with her.

"Ummm I don't know what I should talk about. "

"And thats ok. For now if you want we can just sit here and drink tea . "

An ok from Sunset was the last thing said for a few minutes while she pondered in thought. Then she realized that there was something that had been on her mind the last couple of day that she wanted a second opinion on.

"Actually there is something that's been on my mind recently."

"And what's that?" Celestia asked happy that Sunsets opening up to her.

"First off, did the vice principal tell you about were I live?"

" Yes and I agree with her that you need a better place to live. "

"Well, she offered to find a me better place to live."

" She told me that too. But you sound like your unsure about it. "

Sunset takes a deep breath and the tells the principal what's on her mind. "It just that I don't think I'll be better off if I'm still living on my own anymore, even if it's a better p!ace then I'm at now."

Tears began to form in Sunset's eyes, "I grew up in an orphanage and there were so many other young ponies there that I never really connected with anyone. I just kept to myself and practiced my magic. Then when I was old enough, I tried to get into magic school. My scores were so high that it got the attention of the princess and she took me on as her personal student.

"I looked up to her and wanted to be like her. Things were great at first and she was the closest thing to a family ever had. But I got greedy and in my need for power and to prove myself, she pushed me away," Sunset began to cry loudly without even realizing it, "She told to make friends but I didn't understand why. I went against her wishes and she expelled from the castle and as her student. I ran away after that and thats how I got stuck here for the last 2 and a half years alone.


Sunset and Celestia ware both surprised at her outburst. Celestia got up and walk around her desk to try to comfort her. As the principal wrapped her in a hug to comfort her, Sunset felt like a great weight had come off her shoulders that she never knew was there. The principal pulled away and lifted Sunset's head so she was looking at her.

"Sunset I promise you wont have to worry about being alone again. I know the place Luna has in mind for you and you won't have to worry about being alone there because she be there ever step of the way to help you." Celestia said as she got a tissue from the tissue box on her desk and handed it to Sunset.

"Thank you principal Celestia ." Sunset said before whipping her eyes.

Then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Celestia called out

The door opens Luna asks with out showing her face. "Are you ready to go Sunset?"

"Ya I'll be there in a minute."

Luna says ok before closing the door.

Sunset finishes her cup of tea and pick up her stuff. Before walking out the door she turns to her principal and speaks to her one last time before leaving.

"Thank you principal Celestia and guess I do need so cousuling. You know the two are the same yet different at the same time. Your more kinder than her too."

"I'm the same as who?" Celestia asked curiously who she was being compared to.

"My teacher princess Celestia and I'm glad you're not the same as her."

As Sunset walked out of the room, Celestia walked back to to chair and thought about what Sunset had to though with her other self.

****A few minutes ago******

Luna walked to her sister office to see if Sunset was ready to go home yet. Just as she about to knock on the door she hears the young girl cry out loud. She heard everything from her being in the orphanage to her admitting she did want to be alone anymore. When Luna heard all this she began to cry for the young girl. She know she was alone but it was worst then she thought. She tries to compose her self before knocking on the door. When her sister answers she opens the door just enough to speak so they wouldn't see her tear covered face. Once she closes the door after getting her answer she walks back into her office and cleans herself up before Sunset sees her face. She walks back out of her office at the same time as Sunset.

"So are you ready to go? " asks Luna.

"Yep!" Sunset answers.

As they make the way to Luna's car, Luna decided she going to try again to convince Sunset. They reached the car a few minutes later and got in. Before Luna started the car, Sunset spoke up.

"Uh I can I ask you a question?"

"Sure ask away."

"Can you find me a place where I don't have to be alone all the time? "

"Douse that mean you are accepting my offer to help?" Luna ask surprised and hopeful at the same time.

"Yes. Thanks to you, principal Celestia and even Fluttershy I realized can't keep doing this on my own anymore. So yes, I want to find a better place on the stipulation that I don't have live alone anymore. At least for right now."

" I have just the place in mind. That is if don't mind living with me in my house. "

"Really are you sure?"

" Yes I'm sure. In fact I decided I wanted you to come live with me the moment I saw your home. I was worried you weren't going to let me help you. "

"I'm sorry for making you worry and thank you for helping me."

" So are you ready to go your new home? "Luna said as she started the car.

" Yes. Yes I am. " Sunset said as they left the school.