• Published 6th Nov 2020
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A New Beginning Sunsets Second Chance - Drekoswordhunter

After everything she's done. She believes she deserve all the pain she has . Until her new friends and family show her how wrong she is.

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Chapter 10 The Check Up

Sunset arrived in the main office at the start of 4th period and she is greeted by Mrs. Inkwell.

"Hello Sunset."

"Hello Mrs. Inkwell. Is principal Celestia in, she's expecting me."

"She's still in a meeting right now," Mrs. Inkwell explained, "But you can wait for her in her office or you can help me out."

"What about vice principal Luna?"

"She's in the same meeting."

"Ok. Then I guess I'll help you out. What are you doing?"

"Putting this months school newsletter into envelopes to send out in the mail," She said showing her the newsletters and envelopes.

"Ok, how can I help?"

Sunset helps Mrs. Inkwell with the newsletters by putting labels with the students addresses on them as well as stamps on the envelopes. She didn't have to worry about the return address because it was already printed on the envelopes. They were almost done when the principals returned. They immediately notice Sunset helping Mrs. Inkwell.

" I see you found a way to put her to work," said Luna teasingly.

"Ya, she been a big help."

"Well Sunset you can come to my office when ever your ready," said Celestia.

"I will once I finish helping Mrs. Inkwell."

"That's ok Sunset. I can handle the rest."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes and thank you for your help," Mrs. Inkwell said gratefully, " Go ahead and take a newsletter with you. "

"Thanks," Sunset said taking a newsletter, "And I'm glad I could help," Sunset said as she heads to Celestia office

She walks in shuts the door behind her. She is surprised to see that Luna is here too. Sunset sits down in the chair in front of Celestia desk.

"First before we start our session," Celestia said smiling, "I have some good news for you."

"What good news?"

"My friend Discord finished getting you into the system."

"Really! That was fast. How did he do it."

"He is a really good hacker. He douse some freelance hacking as well as some hacking for the government." explained Celestia.

"His hacking skills had even help Tempest and myself before," said Luna.

"So now it's up to Tempest to get copies of your new birth certificate and social security number. As well as the guardianship papers for you and Luna to sign." said Celestia.

"She can do that?" asked Sunset.

"Yep! She's a social worker as well as a lawyer who helps kids like you who have nobody else to help them," explained Luna.


"It will still be a few days before you can sign the papers." said Celestia.

"Ok. I can't wait!"

"Discord also found some information about this worlds Sunset."

"What did he find out?"

"That she lives in Europe. So theres a good chance you won't ever meet her."

" Ok"

"Also the landscapers will be here on Thursday to fix the hole in front of the school and a construction company will be here Monday to start fixing the wall."

" I guess I'll have to help out with that too, right? " asked Sunset.

Celestia was quick to answer her, " No. They wouldn't allow that. So you don't have to worry about it. "

"Why?" Sunset curiously.

"Insurance policy as well as it being a commercial job. There very strict about the rules and how things are done."

"Ok," said Sunset feeling relief.

"Well then I think I'll be heading back to my office to finish some paper work," said Luna as heads for the door.

"Wait!" Sunset called out, "before you go I have something to tell you both too."

The both look at her a little worried about she was going to say.

"I told Fluttershy everything about what has happened since the fall formal," Sunset was worried about how they'll react, "I know I probably should have talked to you first about telling her but I wanted to tell her. No, I needed to her."

"It's true we should have talked about this," said Celestia.

"But were not mad." Luna explained, "We're happy that you have someone you want to talk to about what happens outside of school."

"But for future reference we should talk before telling anyone else."

"Ok and I told her not to tell anyone else too."

After that, Luna went to her office and Sunset spent the time telling Celestia about her day. She told her about the time she spent with Fluttershy and Applejack. It was just about time for the day to end when Celestia had something else to tell Sunset.

"Sunset what would you think about tutoring another student?" asked Celestia .

"I don't know. Do you really think I can do it?"

Celestia smiled brightly saying, "Sunset your one of the smartest students in this school. So yes I believe you can do it"

"Ok sure,when do I start?"

"You will meet with the them tomorrow after school."

"Ok who is-," was all Sunset managed to say before the bell rings.

"Well that's the end of today's session I'll see you tomorrow Sunset."

"Ok, see you tomorrow." Sunset says completely forgetting what she was about to say before the bell rang.

Sunset left Celestia's office with her stuff and went to Luna office to see if she was ready. When she arrives she finds Luna getting her stuff together too.

Luna sees Sunset and says,"You ready to go? "


They left the office and made there way to faculty parking lot. They found Fluttershy there waiting for them. Sunset and Fluttershy hugged and said there goodbyes before parting ways. Sunset and Luna got in to the car and left the school.


Sunset and Luna arrive at the Crystal Nova Clinic for Sunset's check up. The doctors; Chrysalis and Potion Nova greeted them when they walked in.

"Hey Luna. Hey Sunset. How are doing?" Greeted Nova.

"Good. " they both said.

"Well Sunset are you ready?" asked Chrysalis.

"Sure. "

Sunset followed Chrysalis to the back room. Sunset had found hard to believe that it had only been a few days since she was last in this room.
Sunset sat down in the patient chair as Chrysalis check her over.

"So how have you been feeling the last few days?"

"A lot better now. "

"That's good. How's school been."

"Some good things happened and some bad things. Oh and I met your son Pharynx the other day."

"Yes, he told me about what happened the other day."

"He was really nice and checked my head to make sure I hadn't busted my stitches."

"Well I'm glad he was there for you," Chrysalis said smiling, "Now can you lift your shirt up, please?"

"Ok."Sunset says as she lifts her shirt up

Chrysalis was surprised to see that her back was already healed. Thou there was still scars from were the wounds were.


"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing. It appears your all healed up and a lot quicker than a normal wound like this would have heal. Besides that your good to go."

"Thanks again," Sunset says getting up.

"Wait before you go, how are feeling mentally? Do you still think badly about yourself?" Chrysalis asked in a serious tone.

Sunset sits back down, "Yes. I'm still coming to terms with what I've done. But I have friends like Fluttershy now who have forgiven me and friends like your son who don't care about what I've done."

Sunset starts to cry, " And Luna and Tempest welcomed me into there home and there already taking care of me like I was there own child. It's more than I could ever ask for.

Chrysalis smiles and hands Sunset a tissue from the counter.

"Sounds like you are happier now then when you came here a few days ago."

"I am." Sunset says as finishes using the tissue and throws it away.

Sunset gets up and follows Chrysalis back to the front of the Clinic.


While Sunset was with Chrysalis, Luna updated Nova on everything that has happened the last few days.

"Sounds like things are going pretty well."

" Yes, but I have to wonder if things are moving too fast. "

"What do you mean?" asked Nova.

"It hasn't even been a week since the fall formal and she already living with me. And we'll soon have the guardianship papers too," said Luna frustrated, "It feels like everythings going too good too fast. I just keep wonder when the other shoes going drop. "

"I think your just over thinking things."

"Shes also been opening up more to Celestia and her friend Fluttershy than she is with me. I worry I'm not really helping her at all."

"You can't possibly believe that," Nova said making her points clear and precise, "She may not have to gone to you for emotional support yet, but you been there to support her physically. It was you brought her to us when she was injured, you who welcomed her into your home, and you who comforted her after she had a nightmare. So don't sell yourself short."

"Your right," Luna said felling better, "Thanks Nova I needed that."

"And if your still worried about it, you should tell Sunset how you feel. "

Chrysalis and Sunset returned.

"So how is she?" asked Luna.

"Everythings good. She's all healed up. But the wounds left permanent scars on her back," Chrysalis reported.

"Really? She's healed already?" asked Nova.

"Yep and I don't have the slightest idea how she healed so fast."

"Actually," Sunset says as everyone turns to look at her, " I think I might know the reason. "

"What?" They asked.

"Magic," Sunset said plain and simple.

"But I thought Twilight took all the magic with her when she left with her crown," said Luna.

"Well I was a unicorn in my world and I possessed Twilight's crown for a short time, so maybe there was still some residual magic in me that helped me recover," Sunset explained.

"Well I guess makes since," said Nova.

" In any case your all better now and that's what matters most right now," Chrysalis said.

Sunset and Luna thank them again, said there goodbyes and went on home.


Sunset returned to her room after filling her stomach up with another great meal made by Tempest. She had just finished talking a shower and was getting ready for bed, when Tempest stopped by her room.

"Hey Sunset can you come to my room for a few minutes?"

"Sure." Sunset says before following Tempest to her room across the room.

Tempests room was also the master bedroom. She had large king size bed with purple sheets. A large dresser on one side of the room near a walk in closet.

"Wow," Sunset said amazed, "How did you talk Luna into giving you the biggest bedroom?"

" I have my ways, " Tempest said winking.

Sunset thought for a moment before realizing what she meant. "Ooh."

"Plus she usual sleeps in here with me anyways," Tempest explained, "Now on come over here."

Tempest had Sunset follow her to the dresser. On top of the dresser was a cage and in the cage was a hedgehog. Tempest opened up the cage and picked up the hedgehog.

"Sunset, I'd like to introduce you to Grubber my pet hedgehog," Tempest said holding him in the palms of her hands.

He took one look at Sunset and immediately curled up in to a ball. Sunset had look of dejection at the hedgehogs reaction to her, so Tempest trys to reassure her.

"Don't worry he's just shy," Tempest explained, "It will take a lot more time for him to get use to you than it did for Tantabus."

"Oh ok."

"Would you like to try holding him?"


"Pick up that towel next to his cage. It has his scent on it. You will need it to hold him until he gets use to you."

"Ok," Sunset says as she follows her instructions.

Once Sunset was ready, Tempest placed Grubber in Sunset towel cover hands. Once there he uncurled himself and start to smell the towel.

A smile came across Sunsets face as she watches him. "He's kind of cute."

"Well I'm glad you like him." Tempest says as she takes him and puts him back in his cage.

"It will be good for you to get acquainted Grubber and Tantabus," said Luna, who was watching the whole time from the door way, "We may need you to take care of them from time to time, so we will show you how to feed them later."

Sunset turned to see Luna in the door way with a big smile on her face. "Ok."

"Now it time for you to go on to bed," said Luna.

"Ok. Goodnight," Sunset said as gave them both a hug before she returned to her room for the night.


Sunset woke up the next morning well rested and she was up before Luna again, so Tempest showed Sunset how to use the coffee maker before they both went back up stairs to try and wake up Luna. Luna was giving them a hard time about waking up. Tempest showed Sunset what to do when she's like this. She gets a squirt bottle filled with water and starts to spray Luna in the face with it. After a few squirts she finally gets up, looking angry. Sunset was worried if they had made her mad but Tempest trys to reassures her that was not the case.

"She's like this most mourning," Tempest explained, "She not really a mourning person. She's more of a night owl. So she'll be back to her usual self after she has her coffee.

They all went down stairs and had breakfast. Once Luna had a couple cups of she finally noticed Sunsets downed expression.

"Sunset what's wrong?"

"You looked so mad when we woke you up this morning."

" I'm sorry Sunset, " Luna said feeling bad, "I'm not mad. I'm just grumpy in the morning. Thats my fault for not warning you ahead of time."

" I tried to tell her that. " replied Tempest.

"I know you did, but I was still worried anyways. The last thing I want to do is make you mad after all the kindness you've shown me."

"Well I promise you I'm not mad. Ok"

"Ok." Sunset said feeling a little better


Sunset was spending the morning before school with Fluttershy agian. Sunset was telling her about Tantabus and Grubber.

"Awww, they sound so adorable!" Fluttershy said gleefully, "I love all kinds animals."

"Have you ever had a ferret or hedgehog before?" asked Sunset.

"No. But the animal shelter has a few," Fluttershy said before she suddenly got an idea, "Sunset why don't you come help me out at the animal shelter sometime. They can probably give you some tips and you can get use to a lot different types of animals."

" I don't know? Do you really think that's necessary? "

"Maybe not now. But you might want a pet of your own one day. Plus the girls and I all have different pets," Fluttershy explained.

"Really? Like what?"

"Well you already know I have a pet rabbit named Angel," Fluttershy said, as she opens her backpack so that Angel can pop his head out, "Applejack has a dog named Winona, Rarity has cat named Opalescence, Rainbow Dash has a turtle named Tank, and Pinkie Pie has stuffed alligator named Gummy."

"Wow that's a --wait minute Pinkie has a stuff alligator as a pet?"

" Yep, I sure do! " said Pinkie standing next to Sunset.

Sunset jumped at the sound of Pinkie's voice and her sudden appearance seemingly out of nowhere.

"Morning Pinkie." said Fluttershy as if Pinkie's sudden appearance was a normal thing.

"Morning Fluttershy! Morning Sunset!" greeted Pinkie, "Fluttershy's right helping out at the animal shelter is fun. Thou I'm not allowed to anymore."

"Why's that?" asked Sunset.

"She thought it would be fun to let all the animals out at the same time. It was pure chaos," explained Fluttershy, " It took weeks to get everything back to normal again. "

"Why did you let them all out? "

"Well I wanted to throw them all a birthday party. If I had try to give them each a separate party, it would have taken forever. So tried to give them all one at the same time. Which did not go over so well."

"And the stuffed alligator?"

"Later that same year, I was begging my parents for a pet alligator. But both my parents and Santa said I'd have to settle for a stuffed alligator for a pet after what happened at the animal shelter. Well that and you probably can't legally have an alligator as a pet," Pinkie explained joyfully , "And I've had him ever since!"

"So what are you doing here aren't you usually with the other girls in the morning?" Sunset asked changing the subject.

"I was dropping by to let the principals know that the Halloween decorations will be delivered on Friday," Pinkie said, " I can't wait to start putting them up! "

Then the bell rings and Fluttershy heads to class. Sunset and Pinkie walk into Celestia office. Pinkie tells Celestia about the decorations and then heads off to class too. Celestia sends Sunset to help Mrs. Chreeliee and Granny Smith again today.

Sunset helped Mrs. Chreeilee with changing what books were on display and putting out new magazines on the shelf. After that she helped Granny Smith the same way she did yesterday. But instead of Applejack helping out, it was her big brother Big Macintosh. He seemed like he was being cautious of her at first and they didn't talk much while they worked but by the end of it, he seemed like he was more friendlier to her.


Sunset was with Celestia during fourth period again. Sunset was telling her about what happened this morning.

"Ahh. So you met Grumby Luna this morning," said Celestia.

"Ya, it's not something I was expecting," Sunset explained, "She always so kind and caring that I was shock to see her like that."

"Well like Tempest told you she always been that way, " Celestia explained, "It will take so getting use to it thou. It probably won't be the only time she surprise you."

"Like what?"

You'll have to find out for yourself, " Celestia teased.

Before Sunset could try to pry anymore information out of her, the bell rings. Celestia then tells Sunset about the tutoring session. She tells her what room she is meet the student in, as well as what subjects they need help with. She also tells her the Mrs. Williams will be there too, in case there are any problems.

On the way to the tutoring session, She realizes Celestia still never told her who she was tutoring. A few minutes later, she arrives at the classroom for the tutoring session and opens the door. Sunset is surprised to discover who she is tutoring.

"What are you doing here?" asked a rainbow haired girl angrily.